Monday, July 7, 2008

Updated New Kids on the Block Germany Schedule

Arrive in Munich
Tuesday, July 8

Filming at Trausnitz castle

Wednesday, July 9
International Press Conference, 11:00AM

Thursday, July 101LIVE (Cologne)
Time: 5PM German time - 11AM Eastern/10AM Central/9AM Mountain/8AM Pacific
(Listen live here)

Danach Radio RPR1 (Cologne)Time: unknown
(Listen live here)

Radio Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel)
Time: Sometime in the evening their time... but Kiel is 511 km away from Cologne (and the Cologne interview is at 5Pm their time), so I don't know if they'll be flying, driving or even if they'll be there live or maybe it'll just be some of the guys at each location... so I'd guess listen around mid-morning in the U.S.
(Listen live here)

Radio Nora (Kiel)Sometime in the evening their time... around mid-morning in the US
(Listen live here)

Meet & Greet
SHZ (Schleswig-Holsteiner Zeitung), Kiel

July 11
Radio Saw (Magdeburg)
(Joe, Jon and Jordan only)
Time: 3:30PM Germany time - 9:30AM Eastern/8:30AM Central/7:30 Mountain/6:30AM Pacific
(Listen Live here)

104.6 RTL (Berlin)
(Donnie & Danny)
Time: Unknown
(Listen Live here)


Update, July 9 - Click here for the most current schedule

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Shauna Walsh-Knight said...

AHHHHHHHHHh, I wish I knew german!!! Will see if I can listen to them on the sites given...THANKS!!!