NKOTB on Social Media

Here's a list of all of the New Kids on the Block official social media channels! Unfortunately, I'm seeing lots of imposters out there!  If it's not on this list, it's not them!

NKOTB (the group)

Donnie Wahlberg
Facebook (no longer active) 
TikTok (no longer active) 

Danny Wood

Joey McIntyre

Jonathan Knight
Twitter (no longer active)

Jordan Knight
Currently has NO social media accounts!

Note: No member of NKOTB will ever ask for money!


Lori said...

Today, “Danny” asked me for my phone number on TikTok. Thank goodness I was smart enough to know it wasn’t him.

Anonymous said...

until now i never see my sweet jordan knight of the nkotb especially when i was in new york city on april th 20 2019 really i never meet my sweet jordan knight of the nkotb in person really,hello from italy from paola leonardi

Unknown said...

I found my happy place again didn't know the boys got back together but I'm happy I know now.... it makes me sad to find out about all these impostors discriminating against my favourite pop group.... Now I know all the official social media accounts I'm go to report every fake account I find... it may not make much difference But at least I tried...
💗love to all of you from Ellie Robinson in the UK 🇬🇧

Unknown said...

Someone pretending to be Jordan Knight on Facebook their Jordan Knight FansPage blogger they told me just recently that I had to get a VIP Fan membership ID that way he could definitely talk to me because of all the scammers online right now and I think that it’s a huge romance scam artist Forever. The Facebook account was online from 2022 then so I blocked it Forever.

Anonymous said...

Please beware of scammers. Someone close to me was scammed out of thousands of dollars by someone claiming to be Jordan Knight on social media. It made her feel so special that a celebrity wanted to be friends with her. Falling for the scam nearly destroyed everything that was good in her life. We thought we were finally past it all, but now have evidence that someone named "Donnie" is contacting her. These scammers have no shame!

News, Snippets, and Things Overheard in our Kitchen said...

I was messaged today by "Jordan". Very polite, even called me beautiful. After careful consideration, I have decided to engage. I will, however, only communicate referencing NKOTB song lyrics. Let's see just how "Jordan" this person is.
Game on

Nikki said...

Still to this day there are scammers flooding Facebook pretending to be Jordan Knight and the others. Something has to be done before they really get the real boys into heated territory with the law over something they have no control over. Isn’t there a way to fight back against the scammers? I mean not the fans pretending to be the real guys and go after the scammers themselves but something. I have read about the scam a fan had fallen for not knowing it wasn’t really Jordan and there was a message telling fans what to know who’s the real deal and who’s not. Scammers are just recreating more and more each and every single day. It’s sickening.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s was a new kids fan in particular the knight brothers then in 92 disapeared was not awarethey were back together until near the end of last year
When I stumbled on a post online.i also unknowingly stumbled across a scammer that suited me in the thing that did it was his uncanny resemblances it's only when I listened an interview and hear a sligt difference. Head the same shape white shin dark eyes black hair always looking back kept phoe close late ar night resulting in hazy Picture. When I compared the photos of his chest they were differen. But he also When I started to doubt brought in a guy who sounded like Joey who had slightly different colour hair still fuzz the stubble look. I had been listening to interviews
So the scammers are getting better and not just resorting to pictures.
That promise vip membership vip dinner and and time with the band. When he started to at that time mention divorce that was the final thing. It was a large portion of my mums inhaeatance and I kept saying that's what it was he talked alot about the importance of family and of health and God.

All I can say is karma is a batch and it's coming for you scammer.
Watch out don't become a victim like me

I still support the group and glade they are together i have no ill feeling about them they are amazing talented guys

He the imposter also got me to write a song for him and one for Joey which I still haveas they were written about the real them not the imposter

Dawn said...

I see in the post the Jordan knight has no media, but I just got a message the other day from Jordan Knight, asked him for a real time picture and he couldn't even do that. He keeps claiming it's actually him, but does he actually have a Instagram.account? Does anyone know? Just asking

Nikki said...

Hi Dawn no sorry Jordan is no where on social media.
Facebook doesn’t seem to have any interest in getting rid of the fake accounts, but when it comes to the real accounts fighting back they’re the ones who are shut down. I don’t know if scammers are using stolen credit cards and paying for their fake accounts but either way it’s not right that they’re stealing the identities of celebrities to scam innocent people.

Anonymous said...

I think that if JK was on social media then he would only be on Instagram with a Verified blue check ✔️ mark on his account and no pictures of himself because of all the scammers/imposters ruining his life and all the NKOTB members forever. Please don't believe everything that you read online right now? Most of it our scams too.