NKOTB on Social Media

Here's a list of all of the New Kids on the Block official social media channels! Unfortunately I'm seeing lots of imposters out there!  If it's not on this list, it's not them!

NKOTB (the group)

Donnie Wahlberg
Facebook (no longer active) 

Danny Wood

Joey McIntyre

Jonathan Knight

Jordan Knight
Currently has NO social media accounts!

Note: No member of NKOTB will ever ask for money!

Please read this article: 

She was a victim of a 'New Kids on the Block' phone scam. Now she's being charged

Hackettstown police identified a Warren County woman as both a victim and perpetrator in a phone scam resulting in her passing a bogus check she was told came from a member of the vocal group New Kids on the Block.

Investigators determined {removed for privacy}, 42, of Mansfield received a phone call from someone she said introduced himself as Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

She told police he said he wanted to send her a $2,700 check to cash, and then send the money to a charity in Nigeria. Police say she received the check, cashed it at Anderson Cash Checking, deposited $2,000 into an account at a bank and purchased $700 in gift cards, which she sent back to him.

Alerted by the check-cashing company on Oct. 3, {---} was charged on Dec. 19 with a third-degree count of cashing a bad check and possession of a forged check. She was released pending a court appearance.

Sgt. Darren Tynan confirmed police recognize {---} as a scam victim, but she was charged because the check was cashed and the company has not recovered the money.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends never sending money to strangers. 


Lori said...

Today, “Danny” asked me for my phone number on TikTok. Thank goodness I was smart enough to know it wasn’t him.

Anonymous said...

until now i never see my sweet jordan knight of the nkotb especially when i was in new york city on april th 20 2019 really i never meet my sweet jordan knight of the nkotb in person really,hello from italy from paola leonardi