Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NKOTB News for July 31

Here is the video clip of NKOTB on "15 Awesomest Boybands" that aired on E! last week.

Video courtesy of iloveJBbsb

Here is a longer video clip of some of Jordan's performance at the Club Old Navy Funnovation event and the presentation of the $10,000 check to the Brigade Boys and Girls Club.

Video courtesy of PennieLea

Joey McIntyre was "Tracked Down" by the Boston Herald on the set of the movie "The Heat":
NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre back in Boston for a role in Sandra Bullock’s cop flick, “The Heat,” that has set up shop at Denny’s on Endicott Street in Danvers, and is stationed near the Liberty Tree Mall
TV Fanatic reports that Sebastian Sozzi will be a new character on this season's Blue Bloods. He will play Jamie Reagan’s new partner.

Monday, July 30, 2012

NKOTB News for July 30

Donnie and Jennifer Esposito were taped while on the set of Blue Bloods. You can't hear the audio, but it is a nice video of what goes one between takes.

Here is another video of Donnie taping a scene for Blue Bloods from MiyaPark:

Michael Madsen will play guest role on Blue Bloods. Check out the article on Digital Spy (contains minor plot spoilers).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coverage of Jordan Knight at Funnovation from Carolina Mom Blogger

Carolina Mom Blogger posted some highlights of an interview she did with Jordan on her blog (Jordan talks about staying fit and healthy) and she talked to him about autism and how she educates him own kids about children with special needs on her other blog Autism Learning Felt.

Here are some videos she captured of Jordan being interviewed on stage, and his rehearsal and sound check.

Jordan Knight on WECT 6

WECT 6 did a news segment about Jordan's appearance in Wilmington, NC yesterday and Jordan is interviewed briefly. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jordan Knight talks about benefits of community organizations

Jordan Knight was at Wilmington's Brigade Boys and Girls Club today to perform for Old Navy’s Funnovation Nation tour party. In an article from WWAY 3, Jordan talks about what a community organization like Boys and Girls Club had done for him when he was a kid.
“They provided us with a place to dance.  There was actually a lot of artistic kids in the center. A lot of rappers, a lot of singers, a lot of dancers, and that's what drew me to the place. It was just a good place to mix it up with other kids that were like me and stay away from the streets.”

Jordan Knight talks about NKOTB's new album at Funnovation performance

Here is a video clip from JORDANs_VAgirl of Jordan at Old Navy's Funnovation event in North Carolina today. He talks about NKOTB's plans in the short term future. He bascially says they are taking a rest, then they will head into the studio in late summer/early fall. He says they are pretty quick in the studio, and he doesn't want to say "soon" but "it's coming" (I'm not sure if he means the album or a new tour here - I'm guessing both!)

There are more videos of the performance as well as some photos on JORDANs_VAgirl's Twitter page as well.

Friday, July 27, 2012

NKOTB News for July 27

The mustache photo is still making news - even offline!  Here is a clipping from People Magazine (scan from TwistedMacSista)

According to On Location Vacations, Blue Bloods is filming around 60th St and 41st Dr in Queens on Monday.

If you're going to the Funnovation event with Jordan Knight tomorrow in Wilmington, The Boys & Girls Club is having a school supply drive. You can also donate online here.

Jordan was out shopping and found out these are now available at Forever 21.

Photo from @JordanKnight

Here are some recent photos of the guys found on Twitter...

Someone sat on Donnie's favorite pair of glasses.

Photo from @DonnieWahlberg

Jennifer Esposito tweeted some photos of her and Donnie on the set of Blue Bloods.

And Kirstie Alley ‏tweeted a photo of Jonathan sleeping.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NKOTB News for July 26

On Location Vacations posted on their Twitter that Blue Bloods is filming around Wall and Williams St in NYC and Worth and Centre in NYC tomorrow.

Here are some updates on "The Heat"...
From Joey:
I just spent the day shooting a scene sitting at a table with 8 of the funniest ppl everrr!! Hard trying to keep a straight face. #Hilarious
From Jordan:
Down at the movie set with @joeymcintyre ... This is gonna one funny flick!!

Jonathan is spending some time in Maine with his good friend Kirstie Alley.  Here are some photos:

(Photos from Kirstie Alley on Twitter)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joey McIntyre working on new movie 'The Heat' in Boston!

Joey McIntyre tweeted that he is in Boston working on a movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. After some investigation, it appears he is talking about the movie "The Heat" which is due to be released on April 5, 2013.  The movie is being directed and produced by Paul Feig who has worked on such movies as  "Bridesmaids" and "Knocked Up".  The plot according to celebrity-gossip.net is "Miss Bullock is taking on the role of an FBI agent who teams up with a Boston police officer (McCarthy) to take down a Russian mobster."

Win a free advance reading copy of the upcoming NKOTB book

Here is the cover art for New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters, which will be released on October 2, 2012. The book is written by Nikki Van Noy and is an authorized biography featuring stories from NKOTB and their fans. If you "like" the cover on their Facebook page, you could be randomly selected to win one of 5 free advance reading copies!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

E!'s 15 Awesomest Boy Bands Update

NKOTB was on 15 Awesomest Boy Bands special on E! tonight at #3. There was some old interview footage of Joey from 2001 and Jordan from 2005, but otherwise it was mostly stock photos and videos.  I will post video later if it becomes available online.

Jordan Knight to make appearance in Wilmington, NC on Saturday

Jordan will be making an appearance at Old Navy's Funnovation event in Wilmington, NC this Saturday, July 28 from 1 to 4!

Brigade Boys & Girls Club
2759 Vance Street,
Wilmington, NC 28412

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fan videos from the Blue Bloods set

Here is some recent footage from MiyaPark of Donnie taping third season of Blue Bloods.

I didn't spot Donnie or any of the cast members in this one, but here's another behind the scenes home video of Blue Bloods on location in Forest Hills .

Video courtesy of Ben7seven7

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NKOTB News for July 19

Joey McIntyre will be attending the 2012 Sense-ation! Gala again this year. It takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Tuesday, October 16, 2012.  Check out their website for more information.

Here is the latest update about the new upcoming NKOTB album from Gabe Lopez
"In with @brentpaschke working on this @NKOTB song. @joeymcintyre will be here later. Loving this song! And all you BHs will, too!"
Apparently growing a mustache and taking a photo with your shirt off is what gets you in the news lately, even though Donnie posted a similar photo back on May 21.

(The first photo from May 21)

(Photo Donnie posted yesterday)

If you want to read the news articles about the mustache photo, here are the links to just come of them:)

Glamour - And Here's Some New Kids on the Block Eye Candy (Then and Now) to Get You Through the Day!

OK Magazine - Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless Photo of NKOTB

E! Online - Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless New Kids on the Block Group Photo

Boston Globe - Kids no more: New Kids on the Block members show off 'staches

Yahoo! - The New Kids’ mustache mania

NY Daily News - New Kids on the Block members pose shirtless with mustaches in Twitter photo posted by Donnie Wahlberg 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NKOTB News for July 18

It is the first day of taping for Blue Bloods, and Donnie had to shave his mustache.

I'm guessing there is a good chance that NKOTB will at least be mentioned on the upcoming "E! Entertainment Special: 15 Awesomest Boy Bands" which debuts on July 24 at 9 PM ET/PT On E!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NKOTB News for July 17

The cast of Blue Bloods did a photo shoot for CBS Watch! Magazine.  You can subscribe to the magazine digitally for free.  

Photo from CBS Watch! Magazine

Here is a video of Donnie Wahlberg in Times Square having fun with Papa Smurf

Video courtesy of Cande

Monday, July 16, 2012

NKOTB News for July 16

Jordan made a stop by Fit World in Cranston, RI.  Here is a photo from their Facebook page.

I haven't heard anything more about Donnie working on the movie "Home", but according to their Facebook page, they finished taping this weekend.

Here is the second part to to "Shit Blockheads Say" from BlancoDiddy, CoachVolleyball and Meeshface:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New blog from Joey McIntyre

Joey posted a new blog post on his website about his 2+ months on the road with NKOTBSB

07/13/2012 - Been a long time, been a long time, been a ...
Around the world for sure. I don't have the energy to tell you about each amazing city we played to on our 2 and a half month tour this spring/summer 2012, but it was blissful. I tweeted about me buying a bike in Liverpool and riding it all over Europe. Best 75 pounds I ever spent in my life. What a way to get around. The Uk and Europe are very bike friendly. To be able to dash from the hotel at a moments notice or glide away from yet another arena and literally see the world was just so tickle-my-fancy-thrilling. (Yes, I have to go there to "get the picture"). I have travelled a lot but I'd never seen Geneva...never mind Lake Geneva like this. Just spectacular. And I've always loved Hamburg, Germany but I never saw it up close and so personal. All handed to me on a bike. We are just so bless. Everyday with the New Kids is really such a celebration. Sure after 2 and a half months together, we were ready for a break. But I felt a new sense of pride for us after finishing up this tour. We ended (for now) the special collaboration of NKOTBSB. Something so sweet a surprise, we left each other wholeheartedly open to doing it again, if its meant to be. Those guys are our cousins now. We wish them the very best. The laughs were many. Memories that are just too much to really articulate in a couple of sentences, when asked "how was it?" Australia had waited for us for far too long, but it was worth it. For all of us. Gosh, Oz really lives up to the hype- and in such a laid back, confident, gracious way. My whole fam came over, which made it even more special (and broke up the tour and being away from them for too long). We had a blast. And the people are such class people. Then off to Jakarta and the Philippines. We felt so taken care of there and so welcome and appreciated. It really floors you to hear a country, a people, half way across the world sing your songs louder than you've ever heard. I went right back to the Knights basement as a kid and thought, 'wow, a bunch of kids from Boston, and then all this..." We said goodbye to The Boys and went right to the cruise- WHICH NEEDS IT OWN BLOG. Holy frickin' crap (is putting it lightly). How do they keep getting better??!! The love on that boat this year could have conquered the world! And it did! Getting off that boat after 4 amazing, life changing days, takes a lot of decompression (and depression), getting back to the (not so) real world. Next year can't come soon enough. And then the 5 brothers ended a whirlwind tour in South America. And again we were so taken care of by these great countries. Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! It was a little strange at first to be doing shows again with just us 5, but it made it fresh and exciting to do it again on our own. Bottom line is we are so blessed to do what we do and we strive to keep it as special as it ever was. And we feel the same kind of energy from all of you. To think after all these years, we are thinking, "I wonder what amazing thing is gonna happen next." The balance we have between ourselves and our fans and how we want to keep surprising, keep reaching, keep exploring, willing to go places that we haven't gone is becoming zen-like... Wax on, wax off, baby. xoxo -jm

Friday, July 13, 2012

NKOTB News for July 13

There is a lot of great NKOTB cruise videos at MiyaPark's Youtube page. Here are a few picks from the "Up Close the Cuddly" night...

NKOTB dance to "Freak Me" by Silk

Jonathan signs autographs and Danny crowd surfs

"I'll Be Loving You Forever" accapella and a performance of "Stingy"

Jonathan kisses a fan

Jonathan sings a bit of "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany

Jonathan rips his shirt off

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Music Update from Joey McIntyre

Here is another Twitter update from Joey about his time in the recording studio:

2 songs in...w/ @DrewRyanScott @BrentPaschke @GabeLopezSongs - killer stuff. Hopefully for @NKOTB :)

Gabe also posted a photo of Brent and Joey listening to a new song.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NKOTB News for July 11

There is finally some New Kids on the Block news again.  Here is the latest...
  • The season premiere Blue Bloods for season 3 will be Friday, September 28! And according to Amy Carlson, they start filming next week. 
  • It looks like Joey is working with singer/songwriter Gabe Lopez.  Gabe posted this on his Twitter today: "@joeymcintyre is badass on this new song. This is such a cool little smooth funky sexy cool tune. Bam!!"
  • Want to be a part of a birthday surprise for Donnie?  Check out this site to participate!
  • Yikes77 put together a blog to help answer some FAQ's about the Mixtape Festival

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New NKOTB album in the works

Just a quick update to share Joey's latest Tweet... Sounds like they are starting to work on some new music!

Bout to start crackin' on sum new music for next @nkotb record. Hope I/they/you/we like it :) No doubt!!

Wahlburgers News

Wahlburgers has announced they have a new CEO and plans to expand! Here is an article from PR Newswire:

Wahlberg Brothers, Paul, Mark and Donnie, Name New CEO to Lead Expansion of Wahlburgers

HINGHAM, Mass., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wahlberg brothers have named Rick Vanzura Chief Executive Officer of Wahlburgers to lead the expansion of this burger restaurant concept with its flagship location in Hingham, MA, just 15 miles south of Boston. Wahlburgers debuted last October following the successful launch in June 2010 of the brothers' first venture, Alma Nove, a fine dining waterfront restaurant named for their mother and nine siblings.

Formerly Executive Vice President and co-Chief Operating Officer of Panera, LLC, Vanzura will focus on growing the Wahlburgers brand with plans to open more nationwide beginning in the Boston area. "I'm extremely impressed by the Wahlbergs' commitment to build a world-class concept offering extraordinary food," said Vanzura. "This is not just another celebrity-driven restaurant. Paul is an exceptional chef, and his commitment to quality shows up in the restaurant every day."

According to Vanzura, Wahlburgers is a hometown Boston brand inspired by memories of the Wahlberg brothers' pre-celebrity days growing up in their Dorchester neighborhood. "We hope to share a little bit of our childhood times with our guests," explains Paul. "Our family has had some humble beginnings and some amazing success, but at Wahlburgers, it's all about the food."

"Mark and I are pleased to pair a proven executive like Rick with an outstanding chef like Paul to continue to develop Wahlburgers and grow our family business," said Donnie Wahlberg.

Wahlburgers menu features fresh ground beef burgers made from an exclusive blend of chuck, brisket and short rib, as well as turkey burgers, salmon burgers, all beef hot dogs, crispy fries, onion rings, tater tots, signature ice cream frappes, house made desserts and more. With full liquor service, Wahlburgers serves enticing adult frappes, cocktails and brews including the Wahlbrewski, unfiltered Pale Ale made by Harpoon especially for Wahlburgers.

Wahlburgers is located at 19 Shipyard Drive at the Launch at the Hingham Shipyard, in Hingham, MA. Lunch and dinner are served daily from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. For more information call 781-749-2110, or visit www.wahlburgers.com.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jordan Knight's Old Navy Summer Catalog Clips

Here are slightly longer versions of Jordan's "Old Navy Summer Catalog"

Mix and Match Bikinis

Flip Flops

Shorts - video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Update: Here is a longer clip: 

Jordan Knight Infomercial from miki magasiva on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joey McIntyre and AJ McLean BBQ

Joey McIntyre spent part of his July 4th holiday BBQing with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. AJ shared a video clip of them by SocialCam.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Win an autographed NKOTB hoodie signed by Danny Wood

Team Betty Canada is doing a drawing to win an autographed New Kids on the Block hoodie signed by Danny Wood. To enter, make a donation of $2 or more to one of the Team Betty affiliates listed here. (Update: Contest has ended)

And speaking of Remember Betty, they posted this on their Twitter page:
The BHs have raised over $73,000 this year and it's only July! Our Spring teams did an AMAZING job fundraising! Fall teams, it's your turn!