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Jonathan Knight interviews with HGTV and Heavy

HGTV posted an article on their website in which they talk to Jonathan about Farmhouse Fixer!

Here's How Jonathan Knight Went From NKOTB Member to 'Farmhouse Fixer'

His love of homes began long before he became a teen heartthrob.

July 13, 2022

When most people hear the name Jonathan Knight, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic ‘80s and ‘90s boy band, New Kids on the Block. Because of this — and especially for folks who didn’t know what one of Jon’s biggest passions was before he became a fawned-over heartthrob — his show, Farmhouse Fixer, may come as a bit of a surprise.

But here’s the kicker: Jonathan has been in love with construction and home design for longer than you might think. So long, in fact, that his love affair with all things home remodeling predates his time with New Kids. Farmhouse Fixer, shows Jon’s step-by-step process for restoring centuries-old New England farmhouses.

“My dad — he’s retired now — was a contractor,” Jonathan tells HGTV. “When I was a teenager, he dragged me to work with him … well, he dragged me in the beginning, and then I just loved doing it.”

His parents divorced when he was around 15 years old, and he became the handyman of the house. “It was even to the point where I went up on a three-story roof to patch a leak and ended up falling two stories,” he recalls, chuckling. “But it didn’t dissuade me. It just gave me more ambition to make sure it was really fixed.”

His dad wasn’t the only one involved in construction, though.

“My grandpa was also very handy,” he tells HGTV. “He built my family’s summer cottage in Canada and both of my uncles have always been into home repair, so it kind of runs in my blood.”

As much as he loved working alongside his dad when New Kids took off, construction and remodeling took a backseat.

“When we [the members of the band] were kids, we would perform at nursing homes and at a jail; we did birthday parties, and really our goal was just to make enough money to buy scooters. That was our biggest thing … So when we got on tour with Tiffany and things just started picking up, it just got crazy, so that took me away from the construction,” he admits.

The silver lining? While getting to travel the world with his band, he held his first love — of houses — near and dear, ogling all the different types of architecture from England to Japan.

“I was still mentally there with the love of houses, even while I was traveling [with NKOTB],” he recalls.

Thanks to his musical career, when Jonathan was 20 years old, he bought a 20-acre farm in his hometown, and then, just a few years later, in 1994, New Kids disbanded and he had to take a close look at his life.

“I was like, I peaked; I had this amazing career and now it’s over,” he recalls. “I kind of had to reinvent myself. I didn’t really know what I was going to do next and I felt the pressure of having to be as successful and make as much money as I did with New Kids.”

To kick things off, he set a goal of trying to make $100,000 a year and take it from there. He teamed up with his friend, a Boston police officer, to flip houses — something he didn't even fully understand at the time.

After joining forces, he and his friend worked together to renovate homes in their neighborhood. “People would walk by and they would thank us, [and say] ‘Thank you so much for fixing up this house. You’ve improved the neighborhood; it was such an eyesore.' That just got me feeling really good. Not only was it a passion, it was doing something for the community,” he shares.

Eventually, the pair's company made a transition from their neighborhood to creating condos in the city and subdivisions throughout New England.

“It got to a point where I was tired of doing all these brand-new construction houses; you know, there was really nothing special about them,” he admits, noting that the realization led him to disband the company.

Fortunately, in 2008 (coinciding with “New Kids 2.0”), he started working with another partner, only this time to renovate old houses. “We started working on stuff and then I got dragged away [with] New Kids,” he tells HGTV. “Luckily, we tour every other year, so I have a year off, I work a year, a year off. So, we’ve been able to make it work.”

And by “been able to make it work,” what he really means is that, while touring with his iconic band, he’s still been able to renovate more than 200 houses over the past few decades. To many it may seem like being overworked, but for Jonathan it’s the dream.

“As long as I’m working on something, I’m happy,” he says.

As for New Kids on the Block: “I’ve known these guys since kindergarten on the playground,” Jonathan tells HGTV. “It’s funny because we did a couple TV shows and there were like 12 seats in this room and we all piled on the couch together. The host of the show was like ‘I’ve never seen a group still close together after all these years’ — we have to be with each other. It’s really … It's a great family atmosphere. Back in our heyday we were teenagers and we all had egos and we all would fight and argue and it was a mess. Luckily, we were able to separate from each other for a long while and be able to grow up and come into our own. So coming back together has just been the best thing ever. All day long we have group texts — ‘What’re you doing and how’s this and that’ — and it’s really special.”

Good news! Season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer premieres on Wednesday, August 24th on HGTV, discovery+. In the meantime, follow Jonathan Knight on Instagram @jonathanrknight for more updates on what's coming in store.

Here's another interview from the website "Heavy" with Jonathan from March of 2021 that I had been saving for a possible "Better Late Than Never Series" post...

Catching Up with Jonathan Knight

You’ve followed him “Step by Step” over the years, but did you know that this “New Kid” was a master at home renovation? Jonathan Knight has teamed up with HGTV and has come out with an instant hit – the show Farmhouse Fixer. With the help of his friend, designer Kristina Crestin, Knight restores old farmhouses to their glory and beyond.

And, Knight is everything you’d hope he’d be … kind, caring, funny, talented, deep … just a great guy who likes the simple things in life.

HEAVY: So, I see you’ve been doing a lot of work in Massachusetts on Farmhouse Fixer?

Knight: Ha, yeah. New England is the best! I would never leave New England.

HEAVY: Well, what’s it like to be able to live out your passion of renovation on HGTV there?

Knight: It’s been amazing. It’s so funny. I think back to New Kids days and I never thought New Kids on the Block was going to be what we turned out to be. Six years ago when I was talking to producers about doing a show, I never thought it would even come on air … It’s still so surreal. I mean, the other night I went to bed at 7 in the morning because I just kept watching it over and over. Like, it’s not real, but it’s real!

HEAVY: It’s very real and the show is very awesome! How is it showing this side of yourself to fans since it’s so different from being onstage with NKOTB?

Knight: I just think that since Instagram came along, it’s been really cool that I’ve gotten to post pictures here and there, behind the scenes. But, to bring it to life on TV and for people to really go through the process, from meeting the clients, to the demo, to reconstructing it, to decorating it and having the clients come back in … It’s just so much more rewarding for people to see that.

I think a lot of people think I’m just a boy-bander and this is just some other type of celebrity show. In reality, in 1994, when the New Kids disbanded, this became my full-time job and then we got back together in 2008. So now, I’m able to juggle both of these passions and I’m just loving every minute of it.

HEAVY: So, one thing I really like about the show is you really champion to keep the integrity of the house and to bring it back to life. What’s the most exciting part for you?

Knight: Oh, goodness. Everything! Everything’s so exciting … just going and scouting houses and seeing them. When you walk up to a house, you just get this feeling in your heart, of love … There’s also a lot of times when people will come along and remodel a house and just do a crappy job. (He laughs.) We just bought a 1760s house and in the 1970s, they just made a mess of it. So, we’re just taking things out and putting back in historically appropriate design.

HEAVY: Now, what is it about the American farmhouse that just speaks to you personally, more than other styles?

Knight: I think it’s really just the way of life. You know, when I was 20 years old, I moved out of the city, up to the country and had the most ridiculous animals. I had this guy who would rent my field and he would bring in these longhorn Texas cattle to graze my field for a week … I had a zebra-donkey crossed animal. I had chickens and all of that stuff.

I think being in my twenties, in the hayday of the New Kids, just being able to get back home and not be worried about people peering in my windows and that kind of stuff … Just the whole relaxing element that comes with living on the land. You know, I see, especially with the pandemic, so many people are moving out of the city, to just get back to a slower-paced life … to just enjoy smelling grass, seeing birds and planting some tomatoes in their backyard.

HEAVY: Absolutely … I mean, so everyone has their thing, right? For one, I’m really into antique doors. And I’ve seen you’re really into the ends of staircase banisters. (Laughs.) What’s that about?

Knight: I think front doors and banisters in a front hall … It really sets the tone for what’s beyond those rooms.

HEAVY: So, does a love of houses and home renovation run in the family? I know your brother [Jordan Knight] and your mom are briefly on your show.

Knight: Well, it runs in my family but I think I’m the only one that got it in this generation. My dad was a contractor and when I was a kid, at 15, I’d go work with him on the weekends. My parents moved us from this really small commuter town outside of Boston. We moved to the city, into Dorchester, which is full of old Victorian houses. So, just growing up, we were in this mammoth of a house, with stained glass windows and our staircase was amazing. The fireplaces were all tiled with these brilliant, cool tiles.

My grandfather, he was also very into building. He built our family cottage. So, there’s always been construction in my blood. My mom is just a big history buff, but more so a big house lover as well. When I was a kid, I remember I would get in the car with my mother and we would just drive through neighborhoods and just look at houses, just look in awe.

HEAVY: Yeah! That’s actually what my husband and I have been doing in the pandemic with our toddler to keep sane. (Laughs.)

Knight: Yeah, exactly! (Chuckles.)

HEAVY: (Continues laughing.) One thing that really cracks me up actually on your show is how Kristina likes to work in some of your New Kids song lyrics into situations.

Knight: It’s so funny. (He laughs.) A lot of times, it happens so organically. On last night’s episode, the muralist goes, “Oh I’m just going step by step.” Kristina and I look at each other and the muralist was like 22 years old and she’s like, “What?! What’s so funny?” Then we had to explain to her that it was one of the big New Kids songs back in the day and then she started laughing. It was just a good moment.

HEAVY: Yeah, I think it just adds some personality to the show. So, with old houses, you don’t know what you’re going to get sometimes when you start to renovate. Have there ever been any crazy obstacles or issues you’ve had to deal with?

Knight: I mean, there’s always obstacles. But, there are houses that my partner and I have looked at, that have sat on the market for years because people walk in and they’re just horrified. But, there’s a fix for everything. There’s also a budget for everything too. So, I think that’s really the obstacle … It’s working with people and not knowing what’s behind the walls.

HEAVY: Right. Well, the show is awesome and it just started. Would you be open to doing more episodes?

Knight: Yes! We are plugging away. The ratings are good. It’s been a really well-received show. So, hopefully the ratings just keep getting better and better. Luckily this year, we are not touring with the New Kids. So, I have this whole summer to go renovate about 6 to 8 more houses.

HEAVY: Wow. That’s a packed summer!

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NKOTB News for July 29

ET Canada posted a new video with some clips from an old interview with the New Kids on the Block!

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?
Speaking of ET, it looks like Jonathan will be featured on the show soon! He posted a photo of himself with Lauren Zima from Entertainment Tonight!

Here are some other highlights from Jonathan's Instagram: Jonathan and Kristina recently read a new book by Farmhouse Fixer client Belle Liang and he shared some other summer photos.

Joey shared some of his thoughts on his Instagram: 

Donnie shared what his first Instagram post was (and it included Lumpy), he reminisced about the opening of Wahlburgers in St. Charles (yesterday was the 2 year anniversary), and shared a screenshot of his Facetime with Jenny :

He also shared this video clip of himself just loving life!

Did you know that tickets are still available for all three Hawaii shows and you can still get a meet and greet upgrade? You can buy any regular priced ticket and add the meet and greet! Click here to get yours!

Another unreleased NKOTB song

I came across this in my saved files… guessing it was a song that was recorded for “The Block” 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

NKOTB News for July 27

Donnie posted on Instagram today that his beloved dog, Lumpy passed away in May. Here is his tribute: 

So many of you asked me about my constant sidekick, Lumpy, during the Mix Tape Tour. His usual playful presence, by my side, was clearly missed by all. Night after night, I was asked. Night after night, I uncomfortably avoided the conversation. I did so in order to allow our time together at meet & greet (and at the concerts) to be a time of joy, happiness and love. Three things that we all needed so desperately after the last few years of sadness, heartache and struggle.

So it is with great difficulty that I inform you all now, that on May 18th (on one of the rare days off during the tour) my beloved dog Lumpy, was laid to rest.

I know how much Lumpy meant to so many of you. He had become a special member of our Blockhead family. He was also a very special and beloved member of my family. His loss was a devastating blow to us all. Especially to me and my son Elijah. Since the day Elijah convinced me (12 years ago) that I needed a four legged Frenchie friend to keep me company during my time away from home, while shooting Blue Bloods, Lumpy has been by my side — on set, on tour, on planes, trains, boats and automobiles. Even on snowplows! He’s been a constant loving companion and a loyal friend to me and so many of you who got to know him. To some, Lumpy was a tv star, a rock star and a source of joy. For me — he was all of that and more. He was my best buddy. My family and I will miss him tremendously, as I know you all will too.  

As someone who always tries to find gratitude, even in the most heartbreaking of times, this situation is no different for me. So today, despite the many tears shed while writing this, my broken heart is replaced by a thankful heart. A heart filled with gratitude and love for having been blessed with the best friend a guy could ever ask for. I don’t mourn Lumpy today — instead, I celebrate his memory. I invite you to do the same.

Thanks for the kindness that you all showed Lumpy through the years. He truly was — and will always be — the best!

Francis “Lumpy” Wahlberg


The R&B Showcase Radio Show recently aired a tribute to The Delfonics singer William Hart. It's really short (and it might be from an old interview?), but they interviewed Jordan about his experiences with meeting William Hart and The Delfonics. Jordan's part starts about 49 minutes in.

Here are some highlights that Jonathan shared on his Instagram over his first 2 days back on the farm:

Here are some other Instagram highlights from Donnie: 

Sketch from Matt Vaillancourt (husband to BH Kimberly)

NKOTB Cruise 2022 themes announced

For those going on the New Kids on the Block cruise, or if you're considering going on the cruise (there are still a few cabins available!), here are the themes!


We haven’t been at sea together for a very long time.  At long last, it’s time for a formal opening night party like no other!  So what better than a party that celebrates LOVE!  Dress to impress, but add some red (or a little pink), as long as it celebrates the eternal magic of BLOCKHEAD LOVE!  


Sure, we’ve done the 80’s before.  But not like this!  We had soooo much fun making the video for Bring Back The Time, that we want to keep the fun going with our Blockhead Family!  Salute your favorite 80’s song, artist, celebrity, music video, gadget, gizmo, TV show, movie — whatever!  From the Rubiks Cube to MTV on the tube!  Just make it 80’s and make it BIG! 


Just off the shores of Half Moon Cay, we will celebrate the Halloween Holiday!  Dress up in whatever you want — just as long as you take it there!  Tricks and treats of all kinds are welcome!  From scary, to sexy!  Fun, to funky!  You can even spruce up some old NKOTB swag and be a kid again, or take advantage of that “roaring 20’s” outfit you made but doesn’t have a home anymore!  


To coin a phrase from the MixtapeTour 2022 “we missed you soooo much”.  We missed you so much that we want to see you and celebrate you!  Represent your hometown, home city or home country — however you want and like NEVER before!  This is always a special night, but after all these years, let’s make it even more special!  Fly those flags high, on GPS NIGHT we celebrate you! 

In case you missed it, here's Donnie's short video that NKOTB posted yesterday teasing the themes were coming...

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Danny Wood's Caldo Verde

In this week's Wood Works episode Danny shares his recipe for "Caldo Verde", a Portuguese soup was a tradition on his mother's side of the family!

Monday, July 25, 2022

NKOTB News for July 25

It seemed to go so fast, but the Mixtape Tour 2022 is over! Here's a group photo with everyone, including all the people who worked behind the scenes to make the tour happen!

I don't know if any of the guys or the people that where a part of the tour ever visit this website, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for putting an amazing tour together! I can't imagine how physically and mentally challenging it is to do 56 shows in just over 2 months, being away from your loved ones, all while traveling and sleeping on a bus! You all are amazing and this tour has been a joy for so many!

The guys took a moment to thank everyone behind the scenes at the final Mixtape concert in Washington DC:

Video courtesy of Angie Schneider

There are some new photos published of Donnie while he was on the set of Blue Bloods last week! Check them out here!

Bridget Moynahan posted a short video clip of her and Donnie on the set:

Minnesota's Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan is a fan of NKOTB and she shared some backstage photos with some of the guys!

From Peggy: "The last day of the #NKOTBMixTapeTour was the medicine I needed. I’m so thankful for these guys - bringing moments of joy in a time that feels heavy for so many of us. They are a gift and I’m unabashedly a #Blockhead for life."

In case you missed it, here are some recent posts from their social media:

Danny shared a heartfelt message on his Instagram post yesterday: 

I woke up this morning feeling so proud and happy! #nkotbmixtapetour was the best adventure! All I did during the tour was feed off of the energy of the #bhfamily I am headed home and I will continue to embrace my #blessed life! So #thankful for all of you, our tour mates, our crew, my family, my friends, and my 4 band mates!

Here's Donnie's end of tour thoughts from his Instagram post

Feels like we just started the #MixTapeTour2022! Can’t put my thoughts into words yet, so I’m just sharing some moments. Love you all my Blockhead Family — you will always be part of my life and I’m eternally grateful to you. I thank you so much for coming out and celebrating love with us every night! I promised myself to live & love each moment of this tour like it’s my last — though I try to do that every day of my life — looking at these moments I’d say: mission accomplished. 🤖❤️♾💫

Jonathan posted the big group photo posted above and wrote this touching message: 

Tonight I leave family behind, but will cherish the memories and friendships created forever! Thank you to our amazing crew that slept minimal hours every night, yet brought this show to the stage daily!! To our supporting acts that made this tour so entertaining and fun! To my brothers NKOTB that lifted me up when I felt deflated and kept me going through our most aggressive tour schedule ever! To my Farmhouse Fixer family that I got to see almost every NKOTB day off. Thank you for dealing with a very tired and grumpy me!!! And most importantly, a big thanks to our amazing fans that show up night after night!!! I’m almost home and can’t wait to sleep for a few days to catch up and reset back into normal life. What an amazing run we had together this summer! Xxoo J

Donnie's posted a selfie with the barstool group in DC... note the mention of "next tour"!

Speaking of selfies, Danny shared some of his favorite selfies from the tour:

Check out Jonathan's custom ear pieces with a tractor and chicken:
From Jon: "Show 56…. It’s been a great summer. Can’t thank you all enough!!!"

Check out Joey's "namaste" moment while in Washington, DC and some other IG story highlights:

Here are some more moments from Donnie:

Harley shared this clip of Jonathan's bus arriving in Massachusetts:

Here is some other miscellaneous content found online:

Marcella Precise shared this photo with Donnie and Ryan Lane: 

From Marcella: "THESE TWO.. are awesome, talented, hilarious, generous - and my favorite word for them: kind. I am grateful for them. Have a fun AMAZING #MixtapeTour2022 show tonight @iamryanlane and @donniewahlberg Thank you always for spreading Love with your gifts."

Steve Ford, who is the host of "Home Again with the Fords" on HGTV shared a photo of him with Jonathan backstage in Pittsburgh: 

Check out some photos of the concert in Raleigh here!

Check out some of Rhona's (En Vogue) backstage footage: 

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NKOTB News for July 22

In case you missed it, season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer starts August 24 and Joey did a TV interview yesterday! 

Griffin and Joey went live on Instagram last night!

Donnie was still on the set of Blue Bloods yesterday and then he had to fly back to Hershey to make it in time for the concert! 

Jonathan is having some last minute road trip fun with his best friend Angela. 

Think Danny knows when he’s being recorded?