Magic Summer Tour Setlist


Summer love 

My favorite girl

Cover girl

Dirty dancing 


Right stuff 


—- (the above songs are the ones that have “Magic Seats” on stage) —-

Block party (in crowd)

Tonight (in crowd)

Where do I go from here

Treat Me Right

Call it what you want



Stay with me baby

Baby I believe in you

Never gonna fall in love again (mixed with Paradise City)

Happy Birthday 

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind

Valentine girl 

Please don’t go girl

Get down 

Dance with you

Pop (was only at the first show - I believe they since took it off the set list)

A Love like this

In the night

Long time coming 

Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince version


I’ll be loving you forever 

Step by step

Hangin Tough

Better Days 

Here are some videos from the show: 

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Anonymous said...

I so wish I could be in Clarkston Michigan tonight! That was the plan, but my husband had to have surgery last week. My birthday & anniversary are in 5 days & it was going to be our daughter's very 1st concert! Now we have 3 tickets as souvenirs for a concert we're missing. 😞 Fingers crossed for the next tour! 🤞🤞🤞