Tuesday, May 31, 2022

NKOTB on Entertainment Tonight

The New Kids on the Block were interviewed by Entertainment Tonight!  They talk about performing the old choreography for The Right Stuff, still performing after all these years, the Celtics, and more.  Check out the video below! (Note, it takes a few seconds to load)

Danny Wood's Roasted Turkey Legs

Danny shared his recipe for Roasted Turkey Legs in this week's episode of The Wood Works! Plus, stay tuned until the end to see a clip of Danny backstage at the show in Dallas!

Click here for the recipe!

NKOTB News for May 31

Update: A brand new season of Very Scary People hosted by Donnie Wahlberg premieres Sunday night at 9 ET/PT on HLN. It takes a look at the Canadian True Crime case of a couple who became known as "The Ken and Barbie Killers." Click here for a preview! 

The New Kids were very happy that the Boston Celtics advanced to the next round of the NBA playoffs!  Donnie shared this short clip of them celebrating!

You'll notice Joey was not in the video because he was a little superstitious and didn't watch the game! 

Joey talked about his plan not to watch, betting on the game in Las Vegas, and his thoughts about Celtics player Jayson Tatum wearing a Laker's purple armband (in honor of Kobe Bryant). 

New Kids on the Block will be on Entertainment Tonight today! ET Canada shared an article reviewing the show in Anaheim and highlighting when a fan got a surprise proposal from her boyfriend at the show. Click here to view the article (*warning contains spoilers about the tour*), or if you just want to see the proposal, click here

HLN also did a news segment about the show!

Some years ago, Donnie helped find a match for a fan in need of a kidney donation. Another fan that needs one attended a show recently and Donnie read her sign. Her sister is also in need of a kidney. To read more about her story, click here. If you want to see if you can help, click here!

@theresa141414 Thank you @nkotbofficial @mrs.wahlberg for helping me look for a donor on my journey #Blockhead #NKOTB #blockhead4life #kidney #donor #fyp ♬ Bring Back The Time - New Kids On The Block

Monday, May 30, 2022

NKOTB on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday!

Nischelle Turner from Entertainment Tonight posted this on her Instagram! 

About last night…with my favorite fellas @nkotb at Crypto.com arena! Listen, the love I have for these guys is sooo real! #blockheads did you love the #mixtapetour? My exclusive with the guys Tuesday on @entertainmenttonight @donniewahlberg @joeymcintyre @jonathanrknight @dannywoodofficial #jordanknight

Saturday, May 28, 2022

NKOTB News for May 28

Joey went live on Instagram earlier today! He reminisced about spending time in Anaheim in 1989 when New Kids on the Block were starting to get famous.  He remembered going to get cheeseburgers at the McDonalds across the street, so he decided to get lunch there again today.  

Joey was wondering where his slippers went. Turns out Donnie took them! (From Joey's Instagram stories at the Los Angeles show)

Joey's son Griffin made an appearance during the Illtown Sluggaz set at the San Diego and Los Angeles shows. Here is a video from mrsjoemac

Rattailnkotb also shared a video of Griffin here!

Since they are in California, they played “California Love”. Here’s a clip from ellenooch of them having fun dancing last night:

Friday, May 27, 2022

NKOTB News for May 27

Donnie took a moment to reflect before the show in San Diego last night and he went live on Instagram!

Donnie also met up with some of the CQ ("Club Quarantine") family in Phoenix the other day:

From Donnie on Instagram: CQ Family Reunion on #NKOTBMixTapeTour — so blessed to be together with @tuffybxnyc @johncopelandjr23 @mrs_copeland2016 @iamronwright2 @caramel_latte_03 #CQFOREVER

Did you have a meet and greet yesterday at the San Diego show? See if you can spot yourself in this video that Danny shared on his social media!

En Vogue member Cindy Herron-Braggs some behind the scenes videos from the Mixtape Tour 2022 on her Instagram recently:

How the spotlights work:

Setting up the stage:


Tour of En Vogue's bus

Salt from Salt N Pepa shared this video of them preparing to go onstage while NKOTB was performing "Step By Step". 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

NKOTB News for May 25

In Joey's latest Instagram video, he talked with a staff member from American Airlines Center in Dallas and showed us some graphics they put on the floor featuring photos of the New Kids on the Block's past performances at AAC. 

American Airlines Center also made a donation to Remember Betty!

The venue in Houston (Toyota Center) also gave the guys a gift: customized bowling balls!

Donnie made an appearance at Wahlburgers in Frisco, TX on Monday. 

Speaking of Wahlburgers, check out the new patio at the St. Charles location: 

Yesterday was travel day and Jonathan shared this video clip from the road:

Here are a couple other recent posts from his Instagram: 

6am fuel stop! Thank you to all our drivers that get us from city to city, and keep us safe. Now let’s talk about these bumpy roads that keep me awake all night. 🀦🏻‍♂️

It takes so many people to keep this tour going! Meet Jayde and Ivy who run our wardrobe department!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Vic shared a video on his Instagram of him and Jordan practicing their golf swings at a driving range:

Check out some photos and a review of the St. Louis show from Top Shelf Music Mag

NKOTB has a new photographer on this tour: Paris Visone. Here are some of her recent photos. Check out the New Kids on the Block's social media for more! 

From Danny - Click here for more!

From Donnie - Click here for more!

From NKOTB - Click here for more!

I haven't seen as many "quick change" videos, but here's a funny one where Jordan and Danny are caught off guard because they didn't realize it was time for the quick change broadcast:

There is a documentary in the works about fans of boy bands such as NKOTB. It's called "superfans: screaming. crying. throwing up." No word yet when it'll be released. Check out the article here