Monday, June 30, 2008

Europe Fans: Win a chance to be in movie with NKOTB

Europe Fans: Win a chance to be in movie with NKOTB
YOU have the chance to win to stand in front of a movie camera with NKOTB
Til Schweiger desperately wanted Jordan, Danny, Jon, Joey and Donnie to become a part of his new movie “1 ½ Knights — In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde” (Movie in theatres on HollyEve 2008). A big wish, NKOTB were happy to make it come true for him. In a guestrole the band will be performing in a midevil club. YOU have the chance to be standing in front of the movie-cameras, too. Be there when NKOTB film their performance, heating up the audience in the club, because we raffle off one supernumerary role in the movie for this scene. Click here to apply for the role on
Here it is in German
Du hast die Chance, mit New Kids On The Block vor der Kamera zu stehen!Til Schweiger wollte Jordan, Danny, Jon, Joey und Donnie unbedingt in seinem neuen Kinofilm “1 ½ Ritter – Auf der Suche nach der hinrei├čenden Herzelinde” (Filmstart: Heiligabend 2008) dabei haben. Ein Wunsch, dem NKOTB liebend gern gefolgt sind. In einer Gastrolle werden sie nun in einem mittelalterlichen Club auftreten. DU kannst vor den Filmkameras stehen und dabei sein, wenn NKOTB Euch, dem Publikum im Club, richtig einheizen, denn wir verlosen eine Komparsenrolle. Klicke hier um Dich zu bewerben

Friday, June 27, 2008

Win a chance to attend a NKOTB CD preview party & performance in LA

Kiss 108 is doing a contest where you can go to LA to attend the New Kids CD preview party, watch an intimate perfomance from the group and ask them questions. Go here for more details.

2nd Atlantic City Show Added

A 2nd Atlantic City show has been added

Borgata Hotel and Casino
November 7, 2008
Atlantic City, NJ
Public On-sale July 5 at 10am local time

Albuquerque Show Announced

NKOTB have added another date to their tour:

October 14, 2008
Tingley Arena
Albuquerque, NM
Public on-sale July 18 at 10am local time

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Charlotte, NC show officially announced

Charlotte, NC Show officially announced at
OCTOBER 30, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Danny on G105

Danny was on Bob & the Showgram on G105 in Raleigh, NC this morning. Click here to listen (it starts about 3 minutes into it).

More from Donnie

Here is another blog from Donnie:

What’s up all?

I just saw this video on YouTube and thought it was pretty funny. I don’t know who the father and daughter are… But I love ya for this. Good times.

~donnie w

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Blog from Donnie

Donnie has a new blog posted at

Monday, June 23rd, 2008
Donnie says…
Hey All-
Mixing the album- HOT!

Rehearsing for the tour- HOT!
Meeting many fans new and old- HOT!
Temperature in L.A.- CRAZY HOT!!!!!
Celtics won the Championship- SIZZLIN’(Maybe that’s why its so hot in L.A.????)
Much Music Video Awards- HOT & WET!
Rihanna in her catsuit- STEAMING HOT!!
Three months til the jump off- SSSSS!
Get ready!
Last thing- all fans be forewarned!!!! I ain’t hiding in my hotel on this tour! I am coming to, and I will, FIND YOU!!! I expect to meet you, speak with you, and get some face time with as many of you as possible. That’s my word!
Let’s have some fun!!
My Love-

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teddy Riley working on new NKOTB album

According to PCD World, Teddy Riley is working on the new NKOTB album. He is the message he left on that site:

I wanna thank you for all of your love and support…God is so awesome…I want all of you to look forward to the music coming soon and you’ll be the first to know where Blackstreet or I will be. I’ve been working with New Kids on the block, Pussycat Dolls, John Legend, music for film such as Rick James (SuperFreak), and more.
Get ready for the New New Jack Swing….I’m Back!!!!!!!
One love…Teddy wit da 1 2 Checka.

More on German Movie 1½ Knight

Here is an another article about that German movie from Again, just roughly translated.

New kids on The block to guest star in a Til Schweiger Movie

It is currently the most celebrated return... With the announcement of the New Kids On The Block reunion after more than 14 years, the new single and a world tour (U. S. and Canada concerts sold out within 4 minutes ) are Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan & Jonathan Knight! Among other things, the band's website is getting a lot of traffic. And now there are yet more reasons to be happy: The News kids On The block will come to Germany in beginning of July for the filming of "1 ½ knight" will perform a song with Til Schweiger in a medieval club!

In fact, two of the New kids have the surname "Knight". When the group heard about Til Schweigers inquiry they were thrilled. Above all Donnie, who has a great Hollywood career, recognized the name Til Schweiger. A short telephone call between both sealed the extraordinary collaboration of the group with Til Schweiger.

Filming for the adventure comedy "1 ½ knight" started in Mid-May. It will film exclusively in Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria and Berlin. The script comes of Oliver Ziegenbalg and Oliver Philipp. Schweiger produced it together with his long-time partner Tom Zickler, for its label "Barefoot Films/Warner Bros. Pictures

Germany brings "1 ½ knight" into the German movie theaters. Contents: The time of the Knights has amazing parallels to the present: brand armor, gecastete minstrel, Ride-ins and flextime for the serfs. The noble knight lance (Til Schweiger) and the Turkish Kleinganove and wannabe knight Erdal (Rick Kavanian) have to find the kidnapped daughter of King Gunther. (Thomas Gottschalk) to liberate and experience is a Middle Ages - and the New Kids On The Block -- how it has never been seen!

The Comeback Single "Summertime" will be available on the 29th of August.


New Kids in a German Movie?

A German website is saying the New Kids will be in a new movie. Here is a rough translation:

Who wants star with the "New Kids On The Block" in the new-Til Schweiger film "1 1/2 RitterAuf der Suche nach der hinrei├čenden Herzelinde"? The Boygroup who had a surprisingly great comeback have announced that they will perform in a medieval club. And you can be there: makes it possible.

In early July, Jordan (38), Danny (39), Jon (39), Joey (35) and Donnie (38) of "New Kids On The Block" from the U.S. to travel to Germany.

They'll go there with the personal invitation of movie theater star Til Schweiger (44) and this Middle Ages Film will be in movie theaters on the 24th of December 2008.

If you want to be there on the July 8th at the Trausnitz castle and be in the movie with the "News kids On The block", write us e-mail to

Send us a photo of itself and write us why you are the largest "New kids On The block" - fans and why must win.

Hotel and transportation included. And you'll have a personal meeting with the guys.

Here is what "UnsuspectedVisitor " posted a few days ago at
NKOTB signed on to star in Til Schweiger's upcoming movie, a medieval comedy. They are set to perform a song at a medieval club. Filming starts on July 8th.Movie premiere will be on February 19th 2009.


Here is how Summertime is doing on the charts this week:

American Top 40: #25 (up from #28)

Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40: #24 (up from #24)

Radio & Records: #21 (up from #22)

Mediabase Top 40: #19 (up from #21)

Billboard Hot 100: #42 (up from #63)

VH1 Video Countdown: #1!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog from Joey

Joey posted a new blog over at

So Toronto was off the chain as you heard from Danny. Personally, I think we were a little more loose (if that’s possible) north of the border because we were in another country. Seems like Canada is so close, so you might not think its a big difference from the U.S. if you haven’t been there, but it is.Some of the cliches are true. Canadians are much more laid back than us. They are much less affected by all the craziness we surround ourselves with in the States. In short, I think the love flows a little easier up there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be an American, I just think we could learn something from O’ Canada.
So anyway, we had a great time at the Much Music Awards…once again it rained on our performance. I think we’re gonna start worrying if it doesn’t rain on show days now. It’s always fun to be around other bands and artists, hanging out, checking out the different vibes. Rihanna is stunn-ing. Sum 41, who are the favorite sons of Canada, wore vintage New Kids t-shirts. They saw an interview we did the day before where I said that they were gonna be our back up band because we didn’t have our band. They got the joke. Their reaction was very Canadian to me. (Wow, I think I might move there. No Sa!)
So check it…we are leaving sound check and this girl stops Jordan and says, “will you take a picture with my dog?” And Jordan obliges her. As the girl is taking the shot, she says, “Jordan, over here. Over here!” So Jordan’s like, “I’m looking.” And she says, “no, I’m talking to the dog. His name is Jordan.” AAHGADOOJH!!!! She named her dog after her fave New Kid. Not the craziest thing we’ve ever heard, but worthy of notice.
SO THEN… I’m at an party that night before the show and I meet two sisters. One points out that her sister was a huge fan of mine and so she named her hampster after me. Strange, but again at this point, we’ve kinda heard it all. But then it went over the top when I bumped into them later and the sister said, “Oh, when little Joey died, it was baaaad, real bad. She was….” And before she could go into the details of her sister’s trauma of losing her little hampster Joe, the other mortified sister cut her off abruptly and pulled her away. I wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed because she was talking about something personal or that it was kind of morbid to say I had died? Naming your pets after your favorite New Kids, is that a Toronto thing?

New Blog from Danny

Danny posted at yesterday:

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008NEW blog from DANNY!Wow!!!! We just did The MuchMusic Video awards in Toronto. The show went off without a hitch, in the rain again. The slippery stage was almost irrelevant and the crowd reaction was awesome. The fan support has been so unbelievable and I am so grateful. At every turn on this ride, new and amazing things are happening. Most of all, the fun we are having is beyond anything I anticipated. Every aspect of what we are doing this time is better.
Now the real work begins. Time to go into lock down tour rehearsals. We are determined to put together a great show. I am. Looking forward to the challenge. We have to match how intensely you guys have supported us
Thanks again!

Also, had a new photo on the site for about a day, but for some reason they removed it. So if you missed it, here it is:

New Kids on the Block interview with E-Talk Friday Night

Click here to read an article about how Lainey from E-Talk got an opportunity to interview the New Kids. The interview will air Friday night at 9pm EST on Star in Canada.
Update: Sorry, I originally said tonight, but it is actually tomorrow night... I kept thinking today was Friday already!

Donnie and Danny were interviewed by 680 News

Donnie and Danny were interviewed by 680 News. Click here to watch.

Donnie Interviewed by WEEI after Game 6

Donnie Interviewed by WEEI after Game 6:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New Reebook Ad Featuring Donnie Wahlberg

Here is the new Reebook Ad featuring Donnie:

MuchMusic backstage with NKOTB

A stressed out Trevor Boris runs into the New Kids On The Block, backstage at the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards.

Charlotte, NC

It has not been officially announced yet, but I heard a few rumors that that New Kids have added another date to their tour:

Charlotte, NC
October 30th
Bobcats Arena

Donnie in another Reebook Commercial

Photographer Greg MacKay has a photo of Donnie on the set of a new Reebook commercial

Here is what the caption says:

Donnie Wahlberg Shooting a Commercial on a Bench in Faneuil Hall Boston, MA.... Reebok will film a star-studded NBA-themed TV spot today [6/16] at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where celebs like David Ortiz will be shot sitting next to the bronze statue of Red Auerbach smoking cigars.

By the way, here is the first commercial from last fall:

Thanks to the fan who left the comment about this!

Donnie and Joey Interview After the Celtics Win the NBA Championship

Donnie and Joey were at last night's Celtics game and were interviewed by WCVB in Boston. Click on the image below to watch it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another E-Talk Video

Here is another e-Talk video featuring the New Kids:
Video courtesy of yikes77

E-Talk covers the New Kids performance at the MMVA's

E-Talk has a video about the MMVA's and it features an interview with the New Kids. Click here to watch it.

Review of MMVA performance from The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press reviewed the New Kids' MMVA performance (unfortunately it wasn't very positive). Here is the video.

Joey and Rainn Wilson

Here is some gossip from Perez Hilton:

We met Joey Mac and the rest of the New Kids on the Block, who, sources tell us had some drama with Rainn Wilson.

No one would tell us exactly what happened but there appeared to be some "drama" that went down between them backstage.

By all accounts, The Office star, Wilson, was being quite difficult.


Summertime was #28 on both "American Top 40" and the "Rick Dees Weekly Top 40" countdowns this weekend. On the American Top 40 it was the biggest mover of the week - up 11 spots from last week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Kids on the Block radio interview with Z 103.5

Z103.5 posted the interview from this morning here.

Article: 'New Kids' fans still screaming, 15 years later

Here is an article from

'New Kids' fans still screaming, 15 years later

Sheri Block, Entertainment

New Kids on the Block's fans may have matured into adults, but it didn't stop many of them from screaming out the name of their favourite boy band member backstage at the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs).

Performing at their first major live event in more than 15 years, the Boston-based group who achieved massive success in the late 80s and early 90s for their pop songs and choreographed dance moves, had the ladies screeching "Donnie!" or "Joey!" at the top of their lungs once more.

"(It's) evolved into a respectful healthy mature adult sort of screaming," said Donnie Wahlberg with a laugh, noting that many of their fans have since grown up to have families and careers.

"It's kind of a chance for them to just let their hair down and kind of be kids again, be free again. While we have a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibility putting this together, I think it's a chance for us to do that as well. I don't think we're having mid-life crises or anything but you know, we're having fun and we're getting to do something we haven't done in a long time and I think it's the same for the fans," he said.

It doesn't hurt that the fans are now legal drinking age, said Joey McIntyre.

"Back in the day they scream because they didn't know what else to do. (They had) feelings they couldn't really act upon so they screamed. Now they scream because they can drink and they get a little tipsy."

It has been a year of comebacks for many boy/girl groups from the 90s and Melanie C of the Spice Girls, who reunited for a world tour earlier this year, said when a group gets back together you have to give the fans something of quality or it's not worth doing.

"I don't think you should go out there just to make money, I think you should go out there for the fans. And people can criticize you for coming back but you know what? ... The people want to see it," said Mel C, who presented an award at the MMVAs.

"Sporty Spice" is now concentrating on her solo career -- she just released her fourth album -- and said there will be no more Spice Girls reunions in the future.

"We toured in January, February and that really was our goodbye. We have no plans to do anything else in the future but then we never ever thought we would (reunite again)."

The success that groups like New Kids on the Block and the Spice Girls have enjoyed is a level reality TV girl group Girlicious can only hope to attain one day.

The four-member group that was formed from 'The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious' told reporters backstage they look up to these groups and want to stay together forever so they don't have to reunite.

But when it comes to sustaining their musical longevity, manager Robin Antin and judge on the reality series, was quick to jump in.

"We have an incredible label, Interscope, Geffen, A&M, that have supported us through the whole process. My partner, Jimmy Iovine, and Rob Fair, are so supportive ... I know as far as longevity, between all of us, we have an incredible backbone supporting this.

"It's real," continued Antin. "It's not just some reality show thing where they go away tomorrow. It's something I've put my heart and soul into and I hope 15 years later, I can be sitting here doing the same thing."

"Even though we came from a reality TV show we worked just as hard if not harder than every other artist out there," added group member Natalie Mejia.

Radio Interviews from Chum FM and Mix 99.9

Here are the links to listen to the radio interviews from Chum FM and Mix 99.9:

Chum FM (Interview starts about 6 minutes into it).

99.9 Mix FM

New Kids on EZ Rock

Click here to listen to this morning's interview on EZ Rock (with Jordan, Joe and Jon).

By the way, I'm waiting to see if Chum, 99.9 Mix and Z103.5 put the other interviews on their respective websites. I did record Chum and Mix (unfortunately, I couldn't get the Z103.5 player to work), so if for some reason they don't post them on their websites, then I'll post them later today.

MMVA Uncut Interview

update: here's another interview!

Update on this morning's radio interviews

They just finished Chum FM, and they are now heading over to 99.9 Mix fm (You can listen online at I also heard they'll be on and this morning (not sure on the order)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Much Music Awards - Video of New Kids on the Block Medley

Here is a video of the New Kids performing at the MMVA's!

MMVA photo

Here is a photo of their performance from ... There are a few more in the slideshow here

Another MMVA rehearsal video

I haven't seen a video of tonight's performance yet, but here is another sound check video!...

Here is a brief clip of Donnie saying hi to the fans...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chris Brown working on New Kids on the Block album

Click here to watch an interview with Chris Brown in which he says he is working with the New Kids on the Block.

And speaking of musicians working with them, Nasri posted this new photo on his myspace website

New Kids On The Block rehearsing for the Much Music Video Awards

Here are some videos courtesy of Chele75 of the New Kids rehearsing for the Much Music Awards

Also, Chum FM will be broadcasting the audio from the show tomorrow night starting at 9PM Eastern

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summertime on the Charts

Summertime is up to # 22 on the Radio & Records chart this week. It had an additional 240 plays this week!

Summertime is also # 30 (up from #36 last week) on the Billboard "Pop 100" chart

NKOTB coming to Providence, RI on November 6th

The New Kids On the Block have added another show:

November 06, 08
Providence, RI
Dunkin' Donuts Center
On-Sale 6/27 at 10am

New Kids on the Radio on Monday

New Kids on the Radio on Monday

Chum FM (7am Eastern)Listen Live at:

Mix99.9 (8am Eastern)
Listen Live at:

Donnie Wahlberg Interview with ESPN

Donnie did an interview with ESPN!

No doubt about it, The Gang Green has invaded LA, and Angelenos aren't too happy about it. I was at Staples Center's "Home Court Advantage"—where Lakers fans go to watch road playoff games on the Jumbotron—for Game 2 where I spotted not one, but three ugly altercations, with Celtics fans in full C's regalia as victims. There was less ugliness at Game 3 two days later, but still plenty of green-inspired finger wagging and obscenities that'd make even a Bostonian blush. Which begs the question: In an environment such as this, why would a celebrity like Donnie Wahlberg, a man looking to work in an industry overrun by purple-and-gold Suits—and a man who owns a home here in Laker Nation, no less—show up wearing a Paul Pierce jersey to a Lakers Party?

We'll let the NKOTBer-turned-actor and perhaps the C's most vocal supporter, explain why the C's will be fine, LA is soft, and the refs aren't kind … to the Celitcs. You've got guts wearing that jersey to a Lakers home game. Do you feel safe?

Donnie Wahlberg: (Laughs) Safe? Who's going to hurt me in LA?

Well, are you telling me you're not feeling any heat?

Heat from who? What are they going to do? (Laughs) No, but you understand what I'm saying?

I think I do. You can kick some ass?

Well, cheerleaders may give me a hard time out here, and that's about it. I'm not worried about anyone else. This is LA.

What's going wrong for the Celtics?

Actually, I think they're doing everything right. We knew there'd be an emotional lift from the fans and the calls would swing to the Lakers favor in LA. But the Celtics are weathering the storm. We're in perfect position.

I'd say. So, what's the going rate for referees? How much did you pay them for Games 1 and 2?

Let me tell you about the refs: We were outshot by Atlanta by 20 free-throws a night. That happened because the Celtics took them lightly and didn't go to the hole. And that's what LA didn't do in the first two games. They didn't go to hole, so they weren't getting foul calls. The refs aren't going to call fouls when Kobe's pulling up for 3's and shooting jumpers all over the place.

I have a theory: Unlike their 80s counterparts, the current Lakers don't hate the Celtics. Not enough, anyway. On the other hand, I think the Celtics hate the Lakers bad.

I keep saying that the Lakers need someone to step up and do what McHale did to Rambis. They need someone to clothesline someone else. But if they do it, then what happens? Who's going to step up and fight for the Lakers? That's their problem.

They don't have any tough guys, do they?
Farmar's got some toughness. He's a superstar in the making. But no, no tough guys. The Cetlics got a few tough guys.

Is there anyone on the Lakers you wouldn't want to meet in an alley?

I think they'd all try to pick me up if I met them in an alley. (Laughs)

How about Turiaf? He looks half-crazy. Sasha looks a bit nuts, too. He might scratch your eyes out.

Turiaf's a gentle giant. He's a sweetheart. They're all nice guys. I like the Lakers players. I hate the team, but those guys are nice.

We know about New Kids. What else you got going on?

I may do a sports movie. But it's too early. I don't want to start talking about a project that's in the works, that's not official yet. Because the producers are all Lakers fans I gotta watch myself.

You sure do. After this interview, will you still be sticking around LA?

I'll be at Game Four, but I got a show on Sunday. I got a house out here, so it's easy.

Can I get the address? I won't share with the Lakers fans. Promise.

I know, right? Now that I talked so much trash, they'll throw rocks at my house.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miscellaneous NKOTB News for June 11

Here are a few New Kids tidbits:

Mark Wahlberg says he used to bully the New Kids on their tour

Lady Gaga is a huge New Kids fan and will be featured on the New Kids' song "Big Boy/Big Girl"

Chris Brown and is hoping to work with New Kids on the Block.

The New England Patriots perform "The Right Stuff" at a charity event

Lance Bass thinks the New Kids reunion is amazing

Summertime International Digital Release

SUMMERTIME digital release internationally is Monday - the song will be serviced around the world to radio next week. Some markets (only the UK for now) have gone earlier (this week.) Australia will go June 30th.

New Kids to attend Game 4 of the NBA playoffs

Here is a short paragraph from the Boston Globe:

At the risk of sounding overconfident, New Kid Joey McIntyre says he can't see LA beating Boston. "Tell me how are they going to do it?" Joey Mac said yesterday on his way to rehearsal with his bandmates. "Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol? They're nice players, but they're soft. They're pushovers." McIntyre was MIA last night, but told us that he and Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight will all be at Game 4. Asked about the New Kids' fall tour, McIntyre said the preparations are exhausting. "We want to put on a kick-[butt] show," he said, "and that takes a lot of work."

Game 4 is at 9PM/8PM Central this Thursday on ABC

In the mean time here are some photos of Donnie from Games 2 and 3:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summertime on the top 40 charts

Summertime was #39 on American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest and #31 (highest debut of the week) on Rick Dees top 40 (you can listen to his countdown online here).

Monday, June 9, 2008

Danny Wood on Chum FM

Danny was on Chum FM in Toronto On the "Roger, Rick & Marilyn Show" this morning. You can listen to it here (download it to your computer and fast forward to 20 minutes into it).

Joey McIntyre's Interview with Open House Party

Click here to listen to Joey McIntyre's Interview on Open House Party.

Donnie at Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Here is a photo of Donnie at the NBA Finals from The Boston Globe

New Kids on the Block Article from featured an article on the guys:

Reunited New Kids On The Block ignite passions
06/08/2008 4:48 PM, Reuters

On the set of NBC's "Today" show, fans screeched the names of their favorites: "Joey!" "Jordan!" "Donnie!"

The New Kids on the Block are trying their hand at a comeback. So far, all signs say go. Sixty hours before the "Today" show concert even started, and despite the rain, fans started lining up outside the studios at Rockefeller Plaza, hoping to catch a glimpse of the former teen idols.
By the time the boy-band-turned-man-band took to a wet and slippery stage, the crowd had swelled to several thousand; mostly casually dressed women in their 20s and 30s who wept, sang along lustily and held doll-size versions of the band members aloft.

"The 'Today' show turned out to be a 90-minute infomercial for the band," says Jared Paul of AGP, the New Kids' manager.

In the wake of the May 16 taping, the band's single "Summertime" debuted at No. 57 on the Billboard Hot 100 before sliding to No. 83 the following week.

Obviously, a connection is still being made with fans of group -- five Boston boys who exploded in the late '80s and ruled the charts into the early '90s. "Hangin' Tough" was certified platinum eight times over, and "Step by Step" went triple platinum. The band also had three No. 1 singles, and its members' faces were slapped on everything from lunchboxes to sleeping bags. By 1994, however, the New Kids' star had waned, and after their "Face the Music" album sold poorly, shifting only 138,000 copies, the boys called it quits.

In the intervening 14 years, the five members dabbled in solo albums, acting and real estate, and kept in touch as friends.

The decision to make 2008 their comeback year was based mostly on timing, according to Jordan Knight. "We were finally in a place where we could create the space in our lives to make music and go back on the road," he says.

According to Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg was the driving force behind the initial reunion plans. "Donnie got us all together to work on a song called 'Click Click Click,' and something, well, clicked," he says. "We all started to get really excited."

The New Kids' currently untitled album will reach stores on September 8. Among the target demos are teen girls, who were mere infants when the band was first breaking.

The band will launch a North American tour on September 18 in Toronto, and initial dates are sold out, according to Live Nation senior VP of touring Brad Wavra.

New Kids on the Block to perform at the MuchMusic Awards June 15th

The New Kids on the Block will be performing on the MuchMusic Video Awards (in Canada) on June 15th.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Watch the "Summertime" music video

The video for the New Kids on the Block song “Summertime” is now out! 

Joey on Open House Party

Joe is supposed to be on "Open House Party" coming up in a few minutes. You can listen here

Friday, June 6, 2008

Donnie on Q102 in Cincinnati

Donnie was on Q102 in Cincinnati this afternoon. Here's the link to listen to it:

Click here to listen to the Summertime remix they played on Q102 (and part 2 of Donnie's interview).

By the way, Donnie said they're going to try to get the CD out in August instead of September!

Donnie and Joe at Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

Donnie and Joe were at Game 1 of the NBA playoffs last night. They were interviewed briefly in this video from Fox 25.

Making for Summertime Part 3 has posted the third and final video from the making of the Summertime video!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summertime played 2,288 times on the radio last week

Summertime is up to #25 (from #32) on Radio & Records chart. It was the 5th most added song and radio played it a total of 2,288 times last week!

Access Hollywood on the set of the Summertime Video

Access Hollywood was on the set of the new "Summertime" video and they have some behind the scenes footage and interviews with the guys!

Date and Venue Change for San Diego

There has been a date and venue change for San Diego NKOTB show... here is the updated info:

November 25, 2008
San Diego, CA
On-Sale 6/14 at 10am
Pre-Sale 6/11 at 10am (AMEX)

NKOTB Private Party in Toronto on June 15th

Fluid Lounge in Toronto is going to have a "New Kids on the Block private party" on June 15th. Here are some more details from Club Zone:




Hosted by: Donnie Wahlberg

Fluid Lounge – 217 Richmond st west

Music by: Christopher Michaels

MC: Devo Brown

Doors open at: 10 PM

Dress code: strict

Tickets: limited - $20.00 @ the door

For more information and to get on the guest list, go here

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

B 93.7 Radio interview with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie did a radio interview today with B 93.7 in South Carolina. Click here to listen.

Donnie will also be on Q102 Cincinnati this Friday. You can listen online here.

Clip of the Summertime video on VH1

VH1 posted a short clip of the Summertime video here (for some reason it doesn't have sound).

Monday, June 2, 2008

Radio Interviews with Joey McIntyre

Here are the links to listen to today's Joey McIntyre radio interviews:

CHUM FM (Toronto): Click here
KRBE (Houston, TX): Click here
102.5 WIOG (Michigan): Click here

Third Toronto Show Scheduled for September 18th

New date just added:

September 18, 08
Toronto ON Canada
On-Sale NOW

Behind the scenes of the Summertime video!

Part 1 of the behind the scenes of the Summertime video is now available!

New Blog from Jordan Knight

Jordan posted a new blog at (I think it's a little different than the one that got deleted though, so I guess we'll never get to read that one.)

June 2nd, 2008 NEW BLOG from JORDAN!

FOLKS!!! Whats the good word!!!! First I wanna say sorry for not putting up a blog yet but you know me….I like to lay in the cut. Anyway, I just finished watching the Celtics win over the Pistons and now I’m sitting here in my living room writing this note.

I’d like to tell you all how amazed, surprised, excited, and grateful I am to see such a response and outpouring of support for this reunion. It’s really mind boggling! I mean, I thought we could do good work and get a buzz going about this project but WOW!!! It makes me feel we have to work even harder to reciprocate the love we’ve been getting.

A lot of people in the very beginning were asking…”well why are you doing it”? I really wouldn’t say much back (typical me behavior I guess) cuz deep down inside I knew that trying to explain in words just never cuts it. People now say “man aren’t you glad you chose to do it”!!!! I think to myself well “I didn’t choose as much as…it chose me” I really feel doing this is a calling, NOT a career move or a business decision. For a while now people have been asking in increasing intensity about a reunion. Whether it be a casual remark like “you talk to the other guys much?” or straight up “When are you guys gonna reunite”. So, I kinda felt it would be a good time, but more importantly it was a good time for me personally, and thank god for the other guys as well. Its not easy being in a group or a family or on a team but I believe its where you reap the most rewards and benefits. I think as long as you hang in there with each other through the inevitable friction you raise each others energy up and up and up to a point where it would have never gotten if you were alone. Good stuff!!! I needed it! I got it! Through being back with my homies from Boston and our fans across the world my life feels richer, more exciting, challenging, and a lot more whole, ……so THANK YOU!!! I REALLY, REALLY mean it!!!

I love you all,…… see you on tour!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Joey McIntyre on WIOG

There is a rumor that Joe will be calling in to WIOG in Michigan tomorrow morning. You can listen online at

Also, don't forget, he is also supposed to be on KRBE tomorrow as well.

New Kids on the Block coming to New Orleans on Oct 18th?

According to, there is a New Kids show in New Orleans on October 18th

Here's the info they gave:

Saturday, 10/18/08
New Orleans Arena
New Orleans, LA
More Info Coming Soon

Premiere of Summertime video next weekend

Stay tuned for the 'SUMMERTIME' VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE this weekend, ONLY on VH1 and! Check local listings for information.

Saturday, June 7 - SNEAK PEAK @ VH1 TOP 20 COUNTDOWN
Sunday, June 8 - VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE @ 2 PM on VH1 and online @

Summertime is this week's "Breakout" on the American Top 40 Countdown

Summertime was played on the "American top 40 with Ryan Seacrest" this week. I don't think it was officially in the top 40 because the song before it was #19 and the song after it was #18, and they called it this week's "breakout". So maybe it'll officially be on the countdown next week. Click here to listen to guest host Steve Carroll introducing the song.

Update: 9:01pm - Thanks to the person who left a comment that "Summertime" was this week's "Sure Shot" on the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 (I didn't know he was still doing a countdown!). Anyway, you can listen to him playing the song here (it's within the first minute, this link will probably expire by next week).