Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New England/New York football rivalry on the set of Blue Bloods

The Boston Herald posted a new article about the New England/New York football rivalry on the set of Blue Bloods.
Actor Donnie Wahlberg loves the Patriots. Everyone he works with — not so much.
So when the possibility of a Patriots/Giants Super Bowl rematch became a reality, the natural rivalries on the New York-based set of his CBS show “Blue Bloods” (Friday at 10 p.m. on WBZ, Ch. 4) cranked up.
“It’s already out of control,” the Dorchester native said. “It’s great, though, everybody has a great rapport down here, but everyone is a Giants or a Jets fan. Football season is absolutely insane.”
The ribbing and pranks are all in good fun, but Wahlberg makes no secret of his devotion to the hometown teams.
“Everyone knows I love my Boston teams,” he said. “So I go into my dressing room, and there are Eli Manning posters on the wall. I show up on set, and everyone is wearing Giants jerseys.
“It’s great and a lot of fun. The idea of a Pats-Giants Super Bowl has the whole set buzzing. I know it’s going to be the greatest time around.”

Monday, January 30, 2012

Joey McIntyre on Today Show Australia

Joey McIntyre was on the Australian version of the Today Show. Here is the video:

Video courtesy of sweetieknight. Thanks to Anna for the link.

Second NKOTBSB Show in Melbourne

NKOTBSB has added a 2nd show at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on May 18th 2012!

Here are the on sale times from Check out nkotb.com:

The Block Nation presales for Melbourne will be as follows:
Block Nation Full Service Presale: 9am Melbourne time on Wednesday, February 1st
Block Nation Premium Presale: 9:30am Melbourne time on Wednesday, February 1st
Block Nation Full Service VIP Nation Presale: 9am Melbourne time on Wednesday, February 1st
Block Nation Premium VIP Nation Presale: 9:30am Melbourne time on Wednesday, February 1st

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boston Herald Talks to Donnie Wahlberg

The Boston Herald did an article/interview with Donnie about this week's episode of Blue Bloods. He also his brother Mark and Twitter.

Donnie Wahlberg was surprised when he got his first look at the script for this week’s episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” (Friday at 10 p.m. on WBZ, Ch. 4).

“There’s this very intense situation where (his character) Danny and his wife and kids come across a violent crime on the way home,” the Dorchester actor/singer said from the set in New York. “That was jarring enough, but then the episode takes a turn.”

Instead of Danny Reagan — the cop on the warpath doing things his way — viewers get an emotional look at how a police officer prepares his family for the potential of violence.

“It’s an inevitable moment for any cop who keeps a firearm in the house,” Wahlberg said. “He has to discuss it with his wife and kids — and for me, doing that scene was powerful.”

The episode, and the family element to the plot, left Wahlberg with a new “profound respect” for police officers.

“He has to slow down and take care of his children, who are very affected by this violent encounter,” Wahlberg said. “In doing so, he has to teach his kids and show them his gun. It really struck me — my initial reaction was, ‘I’m not sure I want to do this.’ But that’s Donnie speaking. I never dealt with guns. We didn’t have guns in the house when I was a child.”

Recently, his brother, actor Mark Wahlberg (“Contraband”), made some ill-considered remarks about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, leaving him red-faced and remorseful.

“I haven’t spoken to (Mark),” Wahlberg said just after the blowback from the quotes started to take hold. “But I think he said it all in his apology. It was in-appropriate. I don’t know the context of the quote or how the subject came up in the interview, but I’m concerned for him. He apologized, and I think he did the right thing in apologizing.”

Anyone curious about Wahlberg’s thoughts on how things are going on the set of “Blue Bloods,” opinions on certain episodes or even the possibility of a Patriots [team stats] Super Bowl win need only to check out the actor’s blazing Twitter account (@DonnieWahlberg).

“It’s something that didn’t exist in the music business in the late ’80s and early ’90s,” he said. “If I wanted to connect like I do now, I’d have to write 500,000 letters, get 500,000 stamps, send them out and wait for them all to come back. This stuff is instantaneous. I can see if someone is having a bad day and send them a smiley face and have an effect on them. It’s fun, but it’s also a very powerful thing.”

When does the 42-year-old actor finally stop tweeting? When the camera starts rolling.

“I tweet from the set,” he said, and then laughed. “Fans are waiting to see if I ‘twug’ (Twitter hug) them, and I’m just waiting for the director to say ‘action.’ ”

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jordan Knight Interview with 96.5 KISS FM in Cleveland

Here is an interview Jordan did with 96.5 KISS FM in Cleveland. Recording courtesy of @jordans1baby.

Video courtesy of couthie

Jordan Knight interview with ABC 7 in Chicago

Here is an interview with Jordan from ABC 7 in Chicago. He talks about his solo shows, how does he feel when he remembers the early New Kids days and more.
Update: interview has been deleted

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chicago Tribune Interview: New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight pictures life as a teenage boy band in 2012

Here is an interview Jordan did with the Chicago Tribune about the differences between touring now and back in the late 80's/early 90's.

Imagine if the five members of New Kids on the Block — who sold more than 80 million records in the 1980s and ‘90s thanks to their hits “Hangin’ Tough” and “Step By Step” — were coming up in today’s music industry rather than in 1984, which is when they were assembled in Boston. 
Would the boy band have an easier time getting its big break these days? Would the guys find life as pop stars in the TMZ era more challenging? And what would the band members once known for their acid-wash jeans and rat-tail hairstyles look like as teenagers now? 
Here is what New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight — who is touring on his own in between NKOTB tours, including a solo show at Mojoes in Joliet Friday and Viper Alley in Lincolnshire Saturday — described when asked to picture life as a teenage boy band in 2012:
Social media would have made life easier: “Back in the day, we tried starting our own grassroots fan club in Boston,” Knight said. “We figured we could start having parties at one of the fan club leaders’ houses and perform at high schools and grow from there. It never worked. It would have been a lot easier to do that with Facebook and Twitter. And now you can get on Youtube. Justin Bieber got discovered on Youtube.” 
Camera phones would have made life harder: “(Tabloids) were around then like National Enquirer and ‘Inside Edition.’ And you’d go to the Roxbury on the Sunset Strip and the paparazzi would be there. But it wasn’t as easy to get a video of you, like of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong or Beyonce falling (during a concert). I wiped out on stage once running down a ramp signing ‘Right Stuff.’ Busted my (butt). Luckily, there was no YouTube or camera phones back then.” 
The public is now more open to boy bands: “If you’ve got the chops, people these days are more accepting of you,” Knight said. “Like Justin Timberlake with ‘N Sync. They were extremely pop. They liked loud, fun colors. I think it now comes down to whether you have the skills or not. We had more of a struggle.” 
Tour buses have come a long way …: “We toured back in the day with all five of us on the same bus with bodyguards and a tutor,” Knight said. “We were like sardines — nine dudes on a tour bus. Now I have a shower on my tour bus and satellite and Wi-Fi. We didn’t have that. We had Nintendo in the back of the bus. Later on when we started doing stadium tours, it got a little better.” 
… And so have celeb gift suites: “When you go to awards shows these days, you can walk through a room and they give you everything for free: sunglasses, guitars, stuff for the wife,” said Knight when asked to name what he feels the band most missed out on. 
Endorsement deals are no longer as frowned upon: “Back in the day, if you did any commercials or were affiliated with a company you were a sellout. Now it’s kind of normal to do that,” said Knight, whose band endorsed Coca-Cola. “We didn’t take any heat for Coke, but we did for the merchandise and the 1-900 numbers where you would hear recordings …”
Tattoos might have been unavoidable: “We would look like the teenagers out there,” Knight said. “When we came up, we hit the scene with stripes in our hair, rat-tails and rope earrings. We would have all the different fashion statements you see these days.” Cyrus, Bieber and fellow pop star Demi Lovato have tattoos, and Knight believes some of his band members might have followed the trend as well had they been teenagers in this era. “A couple of us would probably rock tattoos,” Knight said. “Not me, but Donnie (Wahlberg) for sure.”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight on KTU

Jordan was on KTU in New York this morning to announce his upcoming show on March 31. Here is the interview.

Video courtesy of couthie

Jordan Knight's interview with Chicago Daily Herald

Here is an interview Jordan did with The Chicago Daily Herald:

Jordan Knight will always be a New Kid. But he's also a married father of two, a solo artist and an occasional TV star.

On Saturday, the New Kids on the Block lead singer brings his “Live and Unfinished” solo tour to Lincolnshire's Viper Alley for an intimate, 500-capacity show.

Taking a break from rehearsals in the Boston area, Knight, 41, spoke to the Daily Herald by phone recently about why he loves touring on his own, and how it's different from what he does with the New Kids.

Q. Your latest solo effort, “Unfinished,” came out in May. What are you looking forward to about finally touring on it?

A. It came out, like, right before the New Kids went on tour with the Backstreet Boys. So when you go on an arena tour with two mega-groups like that, you bring a whole bunch of people out and it's more than just the real die-hard dedicated fans. It's kind of the general public. You have to sing the hits. You have to sing the songs on the radio, and all the songs that were extremely popular. So I wasn't able to sing the songs on “Unfinished” because it's more of a fan-driven album.

Q. How do the performance and choreography differ from New Kids?

A. The choreography is a little more intricate. I sit down at the keyboard and sing a few songs from my past albums and that's really cool. You can't really sit down and settle into the crowd and relax and tell little jokes and stuff like that when you're in an arena. With this, I've kind of hand-picked all the places I'm doing in a way where I can be really up-close and personal. It's almost like just kind of hanging out with the fans.

Q. Do you mix in New Kids material?

A. It's pretty much all my own. I'm not trying to break out of the New Kids whatsoever. This is like a spinoff, and I'll always be a New Kid for the rest of my life. New Kids comes first, and I want to save that material for the New Kids. That being said — every once in a while, just to throw people off — I hit them with a New Kids song.

Q. How do you manage life on the road with two young sons and a wife at home?

A. When I'm on tour, I'm on tour. But when I'm home, I'm really home. My friends are my family. I don't hang out. I don't go to clubs. Having a Boston-based team really helps out because I can go to rehearsal and come back by dinnertime, instead of, “Oh baby, I've got to go to L.A. for two weeks to rehearse for my upcoming tour.” I kind of just want to make sure that I don't push myself too much and go off balance. I don't want to put too much stress on them.

Q. Has having children changed your approach to making music? You were a kid yourself when you started.

A. I think it probably keeps me fresh. I listen to what they listen to, and they listen to what I listen to. When I was in my 20s, I wanted to prove myself too much. But I'm an entertainer. That's my job. I should entertain other people — not try to have them think I'm cool or approve of me. When I was in my 20s, I really wanted to impress people. But now it's like my main goal is to entertain people and try to make them feel good when they come to one of our shows. It's really just to help them get away from everyday life.

Q. Your shows are physically demanding. How have you managed to keep up?

A. I don't live a hard life. I don't drink or smoke. I eat pretty healthy. And I try to exercise every day. A lot of people ask me, “How do you stay slim?” If you had a job where you needed to get onstage in front of millions of people, it would give you so much motivation. It's not like I'm some fitness guru or I'm naturally slim and healthy.

Q. Every year, you and the New Kids offer cruise packages to fans who essentially spend their vacations with you. What's that like? Got any crazy stories?

A. It's madness. We had a toga party last year, and it was pretty wild. We dressed in togas and all the girls dressed in togas and it was a very windy night, so I'll just let your imagination fly with that one. The girls, they come and they're like, “We want to get away from our kids, our bills, our husbands, our jobs and we want to hang out with the guys we fell in love with when we were 12 or 13 years old.” So it's like, let's have fun. We do the cruise. We do a show on the beach. All the girls will be drinking and wading in the water, and we'll be performing. We do theme events every night. We'll play games like “Family Feud.” It will be like the New Kids against five fans. We just do fun stuff, you know?

Q. What should fans expect coming up?

A. Besides the “Live and Unfinished” tour, which is going across the country really, the New Kids are going to get back in the studio. It's been about four years since we recorded. We're really due for some new songs and we want to put a new show together for North America in 2013.

More Jordan Knight concerts announced

Here are the latest Jordan Knight concert dates announced by Jordan's liveunfinished Twitter page:

San Antonio 2/23
LA 3/8
San Fran 3/9
Vegas 3/10
Cleveland 3/22
Pittsburgh 3/23
DC 3/25
NYC 3/31

More Jordan Knight concerts for LA, Vegas, San Fran, and San Antonio to be announced today

Marcus DL Siskind posted on his Twitter page yesterday that they will be officially announcing Jordan Knight dates for NYC, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, DC, LA, Vegas, San Fran, San Antonio today. He also said San Antonio will be on February 23.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jordan Knight coming to New York and Washington DC

Live Nation has a couple more Jordan Knight shows listed: New York and Washington DC! Tickets go on sale on 10AM on Friday. Here are the dates and venues:

Silver Spring, MD (Near Washington DC)
The Fillmore Silver Spring
Silver Spring, MD
Sun, Mar 25, 2012 8:00 PM

New York
Irving Plaza powered by Klipsch
New York, NY
Sat, Mar 31, 2012 7:00 PM

Jonathan Knight on Day 23 of 100 Days of Dance

Jonathan is featured in Kirstie Alley's latest 100 Days of Dance video! 

Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jordan Knight interview with TwinCities.com

Here is an interview Jordan did with TwinCities.com - He says the New Kids would like to release a new album in late 2012 or early 2013!

Middle-age New Kid Jordan Knight by day: A stay-at-home-dad

By day, 41-year-old Jordan Knight is your typical stay-at-home father.

"I'm a hockey dad," he said during a phone interview last week. "Actually, today, I'm a basketball dad. I get up with the kids, get them dressed, take them to school. All that good, fun stuff. That's what life is about, the little moments."

But by night, he deals with a different breed of kids as leader of the reunited boy band New Kids on the Block. It's a lucrative business, too, as NKOTB drew about 13,000 fans to Xcel Energy Center in 2008 and a similar number to Target Center last summer on a joint tour with the Backstreet Boys.

Thursday, Knight kicks off his own tour at the Cabooze in support of his third solo album, "Unfinished." He initially hoped to hit the road last fall but, like most stay-at-home dads, he took another gig as a judge on a Canadian "American Idol"-style TV show.

Here's what else Knight had to share about life as a middle-age New Kid:

On the joint New Kids/Backstreet tour, which earned surprisingly glowing reviews:

"It was fun to do. I guess I can say it's probably maturity. When you get a little older, you're not as worried about what people think. You're able to be a little freer. The same thing goes with the crowd. We all just want to get away from our troubles and have some fun, reliving great moments from when we were kids."

On his social media-driven relationship with fans:

"(In the early New Kids days) we didn't even do meet-and-greets. They were unheard of. We'd go into a city and the crowd was just one big blank mass. Now, it feels a lot different and a lot more personal. We know the people in the audience personally - or at least we know their Twitter names. That's why I'm doing the solo tour. The fans were asking for it on Twitter."

On what makes his solo work different from NKOTB:

"I don't have to put as much pressure on myself, to make every song commercial and to watch what I say. With the New Kids, there's a certain responsibility there. (On my own), I just kind of imagine what the fans really want, not what a record company wants. I didn't have to put the latest rapper on there, or try to do something that would appeal to both a 40-year-old and a 14-year-old. I directed it to a target audience, right to our fans."

On what to expect from his solo performance:

"Honestly, it's like a scaled-down New Kids show. There will be some good choreography, a full band and a lot of moments with the crowd. I'll be playing the keyboard and singing and pulling a few fans on stage here and there. In an arena, you have to do all the hits and it's harder to relax and look people in the eye. Here, it's a more intimate level and I can do more obscure songs for the more dedicated fans."

On what's next for the New Kids:

"We haven't recorded in almost four years, so we need to get back to the studio. We will be recording another album, creating new visuals, new videos, new numbers on stage, all that stuff. I would think possibly a late 2012 or early 2013 album release."

On what his sons, Dante (12) and Eric (4), think about his job:

"They're used to it. My 4-year-old thinks it's silly to see dad messing around and making noise. My 12-year-old saw the whole reunion thing happen and he was awestruck, I'd say. I pulled him onstage at one show and his eyes bugged out of his head. I could tell he was really proud."

Pop music critic Ross Raihala can be reached at 651-228-5553. Follow him at Twitter.com/RossRaihala.

Who: Jordan Knight

When: 7 p.m. Thursday

Where: Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis

Tickets: $40-$35

Call: 612-338-6425

Updates to NKOTB.com

NKOTB.com has been updated with a new design and news that you can redeem your points for prizes such as:

Signed and framed NKOTB poster
Twitter shout out from @NKOTB
Skype call with your favorite New Kid
3 Month BlockNation membership extension
Pair of MG Pass to a show near you
Photo pass to a show near you

Jordan Knight in Cleveland March 22

From Twitter:
@ChrisVanVliet: JUST ANNOUNCED: Jordan Knight
Thursday, March 22 at @HOBCleveland... Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday!

Jordan Knight concert in Pittsburgh on March 23

Here is a new Jordan Knight show for Pittsburgh:

Fri, March 23, 2012

Altar Bar
1620 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

All Ages

Saturday, January 21, 2012

NKOTB Members in NYC

The New Kids on the Block had a meeting in New York City today. No word yet about what they discussed, but here is a photo Jordan shared on Twitter (according to Joey, Danny was with them "digitally")...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight on Mix 106 in Philadelphia

Mix 106 Philadelphia did an interview with Jordan Knight. Listen to it below!

Jordan Knight concert in Philadelphia on March 30

Jordan will be doing a concert in Philadelphia on March 30. Pre sale tickets go on sale this morning at 10am with the password jordanlovesmix1061.

Jordan also said on his interview with Mix 106 that the New Kids have plans to record new music soon and go on tour this summer!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight on GRLZ Radio

Here is the interview Jordan did with GRLZ radio today. He talks about his solo tour, growing up in Boston, the Dancing For Hope fundraising event and more.

Video courtesy of JKsChewy Neave

Jordan Knight to perform at Dancing For Hope

Jordan Knight will be performing at the "Dancing For Hope" event on February 4, 2012 at The Estate in Boston.

Update: contest is closed
Also, they have a raffle for passes to the NKOTB Cruise which you can purchase here!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another video of Jonathan and Kirstie Alley dancing

Jonathan is on day 14 of Kirstie Alley's 100 days of dance!  Jonathan and Kirstie get a dance lesson from Serge Onik.

Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight on Kiss 108 1/13/12

Jordan was on Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108 yesterday! Listen to the interview below:

Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Jonathan Knight joins Kirstie Alley in 100 Days of Dance

Jonathan was a guest on yesterday's "100 Day of Dance" video series that Kirstie Alley is doing to promote a healthy lifestyle. They danced to "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal and danced a waltz:

Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jordan to add Philly, New York, Ohio, the West Coast and Las Vegas concert dates

In this article from MTV, Jordan says he will be doing about 20 total dates on this solo tour including Philly, New York, Ohio, the West Coast, and Vegas.

Earlier this week, the world’s collective boo, Jordan Knight, announced his plans to hit the road for a solo tour. The jaunt kicks off later this month, and in anticipation of what we are sure will be the greatest night of your life, the New Kid himself hopped on the phone with us to preview his tour plans.

“I have a full band; I have two dancers, so they’ll be some good choreography. It’ll be a real show. It’s not me just kind of going around taking up my time,” he teased. “And, it’s a real deal thing: a band, dancers, full-length show, a lot of excitement, a lot of crowd participation, singing a bunch of songs from the album Unfinished and also other solo songs as well from the past.”

Given the fact that Jordan has been busy touring with his boys in the New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys, it would seem like he might want to chill out for a bit, but that’s not the case. At all. “I think I had to do it because I did an album and I never got the chance to go out and actually perform the songs. I did it at after parties, but that was just off-the-cuff,” he said. “I wanted to do a real show because I put so much into the album and the songs I believe are so great and I got such a great response from the fans, so it's the fans [who] really kind of cheered me on to do it. They really wanted me to do it.”

With several dates already on the docket, Jordan does want to expand it a bit more before his spring European tour with NKOTBSB. “I plan on doing Philly, New York, Ohio, the West Coast, Vegas. It’ll be like a 20-city run. I’m gonna hit a lot of places,” he said. “I wanted to do 40 dates, but I didn’t have the time. Maybe next fall I’ll pick up again.”

Jordan Knight interview with The Single Woman

Here is an interview Jordan did with TheSingleWoman.net:

He’s mysterious. He’s a bit of an enigma. We think we have him figured out one minute, and the next, we’re just trying to keep up. He sings passionate love songs…yet we rarely hear much about his personal life. He’s a firecracker on stage…yet sometimes shy and reserved face-to-face. He’s the object of desire for legions of women across the world…but he’s happily married. And he laughs when you call him a romantic…swears he’s not, even…but the very next minute he’s telling you a story about the song he wrote about a girl he used to see on the subway at age 14 who he fell in love with from afar but never quite got the nerve to talk to.

Just who IS Jordan Knight?

A few days ago, I asked my readers and followers to submit their most burning questions they wanted the male perspective on…without telling them that Jordan would be the male perspective.

Since the only thing possibly MORE mysterious than Jordan is the male mind itself, it seemed to make sense that by asking Jordan to weigh in on some of things that puzzle women most about men, perhaps the other mystery – Jordan himself – would be solved.

Sometimes you peek behind the curtain of a magic show, or a band, or even a person or a relationship…and you’re disappointed.

But every once in awhile, you peek behind the curtain, and the person you see standing there shines just as bright with the spotlight nowhere in sight.

That person is Jordan Knight.

* * * * * *

My phone rings promptly at the time Jordan and I had agreed upon for the interview (a rarity in the business.) It’s snowing in Boston, he says. “My son thinks he made it snow,” he continues. “He told me this morning, ‘Daddy, I wished for snow last night and it snowed!’” He laughs, sounding less like the lead singer of one of the most successful boybands of all time and platinum solo artist and more like a proud papa.

He’s on his way to rehearsal for his upcoming solo tour, “Jordan Knight: Live & Unfinished,” which will be hitting a series of handpicked cities across North America over the next couple of months. After a wildly successful summer tour with NKOTB, where they teamed up with Backstreet Boys to create supergroup NKOTBSB, Jordan says as much as he loves his band of brothers, he’s excited, if a little nervous, to fly solo again.

“With solo shows, there’s a self satisfaction,” he explains. “You feel really accomplished, like ‘Man, I’m doing this by myself!’ With a group, you feel like you’re part of something a lot bigger. It feels like a brotherhood. For me, both are necessary.”

With an overwhelmingly female audience, it’s not unusual to think that Jordan might have picked up a word of wisdom or two along the way for the fairer sex. What is unusual was the candor and genuineness with which he spoke. Within minutes I felt like I was getting advice from one of my guy friends rather than interviewing Jordan Knight.

The popularity of the book and the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” (which Jordan hasn’t seen but is familiar with the concept) has left many a woman scratching her head, wondering: Are relationships and love REALLY as black and white as they seem?

It was time to find out.

TheSW: As women, society and our moms and friends and the movies always teach us that guys only “pick on girls they like.” Is this true, or is it actually the opposite?

JK: I think there’s truth to that. Sometimes when two people are fighting, it’s kind of like there’s some kind of tension there. Why would somebody really even care to fight with you or pick on you if they didn’t care? I think if they didn’t pick at you, it means they’re not interested in you. Sometimes you try to get a person’s attention by being an irritant.

TheSW: Well, then, that aside…how does a girl know if a guy is REALLY into her?

JK: Little things. Like, is he asking about your life? Is he in tune with your life? Does he really genuinely take time to talk about your life? If you’re spending time trying to make him care, then he isn’t into you. He’s into himself. I think all ladies need to know the secret, though. The way to make somebody into you is to stop trying to get them to be into you. If they’re not into you, do your own thing. Hang out with your friends. Everybody wants what they can’t get.

TheSW: So there’s truth to the whole “hard to get” theory. Men like it when women play hard to get?

JK: If you’re always trying to pull something out of the guy, you create exactly what you don’t want. You’re going to get exactly what you see wrong with that person. It’s human nature. Women don’t like guys who do that, either. If a guy’s always nagging you or being jealous or checking in on you and acting insecure, you’re not gonna want anything to do with that guy. You want a guy who has his own thing going on. It’s not a man or woman thing. It’s a human thing. We all want what we can’t get. Don’t want what you can’t get. Let the other person want what he CAN’T get. Be ungettable and you shall get.

TheSW: That said, who should be the one to initiate the date – the man or the woman? Do men like it when a woman asks them out, or does it take away the “thrill of the chase?”

JK: I think it’s great when a girl asks a guy out. I don’t see any problem with that. I don’t think guys do, either. Women think “I could never do that. He might think I’m too forward.” But I think a girl can ask a guy out, as long as you’re not overly serious about it, like “It has to happen. There has to be a positive outcome.” Don’t be too hung up on the outcome. Don’t be serious with it. If it’s you just casually calling “Hey, I’m gonna be here with some friends. Join us if you want.” Keep it light and you can initiate the meet-up.

TheSW: Speaking of “the thrill of the chase,” why does it seem like as soon as a guy “catches” a girl, he loses interest?

JK: It goes back to everybody wants what they can’t get. You should always make yourself a little unattainable. Of course, at some point that has to come to an end. But if you think love and a man is going to provide you with everlasting happiness, that’s not the greatest attitude. If a man sees that without him, you’re gonna be fine and you’re gonna live a happy life, I think that’s attractive. Don’t just sit at home waiting for the guy. You have to have your own thing going on, not wait on somebody else to provide you happiness in your life. You’ve gotta provide happiness for yourself first, and then other people are going to want to join the party.

TheSW: So what’s sexier for the woman to wear to the party? Jeans and a t-shirt, or a LBD?

JK: Both. Don’t be looking ragged ladies, don’t do it! (Laughs) Men like women who are put together. No doubt about that. But you can still have it going on and have it together in a t-shirt and jeans. That is very sexy. If you can rock both, that’s great.

TheSW: So let’s say at this party, a guy asks for a girl’s number but never calls. What does this mean?

JK: He could have lost the number, he could have been interested at the time but now he’s distracted…there are many different things. Maybe he’s scared or nervous to call. Or he could be just not that into you. There is truth to the “just not that into you” phenomenon. The more you accept that, the better off you are. Move on. Don’t think of striking out as a failure, or somebody not calling you as a failure…it’s just another step in finding somebody. Don’t fear rejection. Don’t put so much emphasis on it. It just may not be the right time or the right person. So what?

TheSW: What about the serial texters, who never call, but always text?

JK: If a guy’s into you, I would think he would wanna hear your voice and enjoy talking to you. You can only get so much out of texting. Plus, is he only texting you at 2:30 in the morning on a Friday night? If you’re only getting booty calls, you have to decide if that’s enough for you.

TheSW: Is chivalry dead?

JK: I don’t think chivalry is dead. I do think you teach people how to treat you. You carry yourself in a certain way, people are going to treat you a certain way. Holding a door for a woman, little things like that…I don’t think that’s dead. I like doing that kind of stuff just because it makes me feel good, and it shows my wife that I love her.

TheSW: A lot of ladies asked “How do you know when you’ve met The One?” How did you know?

JK: It’s kinda like…you just know. It’s almost like if you have to ask the question, maybe you haven’t met the one. In my case, I just felt like I could be myself. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about down the road…does this person like me for frivolous reasons or because I have money or because I’m famous? I didn’t have to worry about all of that. It’s just an intuition…how do you feel around that person? I felt calm and safe. If you’re always on edge and you’re always worried, then that’s probably a good sign that it’s not ‘The One.’

TheSW: Do you believe in love at first sight?

JK: I believe in love at first sight, sure…but love over time has to be nurtured. You have to grow with that person, you have to grow yourself, and your love will grow. It’s not as easy as love at first sight if you wanna go long term. It’s not gonna be as easy as ‘The Honeymoon Stage’ for the rest of your life. There are gonna be challenges for sure. There is no eternal bliss in love. To have a long-lasting loving relationship, you have to look at yourself and you have to see where you’re going wrong instead of trying to change the other person. I think that’s the only way to have a relationship. Don’t overestimate your ability to change another person and don’t underestimate your ability to change yourself. If you’re always focusing on changing yourself, the relationship will keep getting better. If you’re focusing on changing the other person, the relationship will stay stuck.

TheSW: Well, let’s say the couple doesn’t make it past the Honeymoon Stage. In that case, do you think it’s possible to be friends with an ex?

JK: I guess anything’s possible, but ask yourself the question: Why are you trying to be friends with your ex? Let’s be honest, folks. Are you just trying to get the ex back? Let’s not lie to ourselves. If you have a boyfriend and you’re telling your boyfriend “My ex is just my friend,” just make a choice between the two and go one way or the other. (Laughing) Why torture all of us?

TheSW: That begs the question: Can men and women ever be “just friends”?

JK: I don’t think so. I think to a certain degree, yes, but when there’s a guy and a girl saying, “No, we’re just friend, we’re just friends,” one of the two is interested in the other one. They guy might be saying “We’re just friends” but the girl might be hoping it’s more than that, or vice versa. Any time any of my friends say “I’m just friends with that girl,” I’m thinking “Well, YOU may think so.” (Laughs)

TheSW: Women dream of the perfect “fairytale ending.” Do men have similar thoughts about love?

JK: If you think of a “fairytale wedding”…it’s really just a moment in time. It’s like getting an award and thinking: “My life will be perfect once I get this award.” There’s so much more than just that one little moment in life. You have to live your LIFE. Once you hit that moment, it’s not going to make you happy for the rest of your life. Happiness is in everyday life. That’s why I titled my album “Unfinished.” It’s not about the end. It’s about the process. Did you do it the best way you knew how at the time? Don’t just think about the platinum award hanging on your wall. Think about whether or not you had fun doing it. Life is a work in progress and people are a work in progress. It’s a journey, not a destination.

TheSW: Any final words of wisdom for single women?

JK: When I was in the 8th grade, I would take the train to school, and for the whole school year, there was a girl that got off the train before I did…so I would see her on the train for like 4 stops. I always thought she was really gorgeous. I would fantasize about us being on the train alone and talking, lovey dovey kind of fantasies. I never got up the courage to talk to her. I wrote a song about it called “I Wish.” So there are guys who are shy. Don’t be afraid to initiate. It’s a scary thing because we all fear rejection…but you can take the rejection. It’s not the worst thing in the world. You can’t worry about what the other person is going to think of you, how nervous you are, or if you’ll look like a fool. It’s better to make a fool of yourself than to always wonder. Bottom line, if you love and respect yourself, love’s gonna chase you. It’s gonna follow you. Loving and accepting yourself comes first. Men will see that and know it instinctually, and they’ll wanna be a part of that. They’ll wanna be a part of that party.

* * * * * *

Jordan Knight is currently touring the U.S. on his “Live & Unfinished” tour. To learn more about the man behind the answers and to see if he’s coming to a city near you, visit www.JordanKnight.com.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on The View

Here is the video clip of Donnie on The View:

Jordan Knight concert in Boston on April 1

Jordan will be performing at Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxboro MA April 1st! Tickets on sale Mon Jan 16th 10am. Here is the link to win tickets from Kiss 108!

Thanks to @magicboo for the tip!

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on Jimmy Fallon

Here is the video clip of Donnie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night:

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NKOTB News for January 11

Here are some videos Jordan did with MusicChoice.com. Click on the title to watch:

NKOTB's Jordan Knight explains his top five choices for singers with awesome voices.

How has NKOTB's dynamic changed over the years?

What's the craziest thing a fan asked you to sign?

What artist would you like to work with?

What is your guilty pleasure song?

Videos courtesy of blacam0628 

 The Boston Globe included Wahlburgers in its review of Boston's Best New Restaurants of 2011.

Chef Paul Wahlberg, brother of Mark and Donnie, follows his upscale Alma Nove with this buzzy Hingham exemplar of the burger renaissance. It offers everything you’d want – a variety of patties, including turkey and veggie, fries and onion rings, boozy shakes – all served up with a side of celebrity. You’ll know the place by the line out the door.

Don't forget - Donnie is on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight and on The View tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NKOTB News for January 10

MTV posted a new article about Jordan's solo tour:
Consider our tickets bought! Jordan Knight has announced plans for a solo tour this month.

The New Kid on the Block will kick off the 10-date excursion on January 26 in Minneapolis before taking the act to such lucky cities as Atlanta, Nashville and Toronto, to name a few. Billed as “Jordan Knight: Live & Unfinished,” the singer opened up about the trek in a statement.

“I am very proud and excited to tell you that Jordan Knight Live & Unfinished will be hitting hand-picked cities across North America for an intimate evening of Music, Fun, and More! After the amazing NKOTBSB Arena Tour this past year, I feel truly blessed that I now have the time to get up close and personal with you, my fans, and sing these songs that mean so much to me!” he said. “You've all played such a big part in making this album a success so I can't think of a better way of saying THANK YOU, than to give you what you have asked for - Jordan Knight: Live & Unfinished!!”

Last year, the falsetto-loving Jordan released his solo album, Unfinished, and later this spring he’ll hit the road again with all his pals in NKOTBSB for all those lucky folks who live abroad. Did we mention we’ve also bought our plane tickets so that we can hit up the guys’ European tour?

Here's a short clip of Joey talking about AIDS awareness:

Video courtesy of LIFEbeatUSA

Mark Wahlberg says his daughter likes to listen to New Kids on the Block in his interview with CBS This Morning:

Kirstie Alley says Jonathan Knight is going to dance with her for one of her 100 Days of Dance (from People.com)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joey McIntyre interview with The Examiner

The LA Music Examiner did an interview with Joey McIntyre while he was attending a party for Boyz II Men who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More details about Jordan Knight VIP tickets

The links to buy VIP tickets for Jordan's show are now up at jordanknight.com:

Here is what VIP includes:

Price: $215

VIP Pre Party: Join JK before the show and hang behind the scenes as he prepares to take the stage.

VIP Afterparty: Hang out with JK after his performance and take part in some games and special giveaways!

**Ticket also includes a one on one picture with JK. Photo will be posted on a photo sharing website within 48 hours after the event.

**Limit 2 VIP tickets per purchase.

**This Ticket is ONLY an upgrade. You MUST also purchase a General Admission ticket to have access to the show. Ticket holders who only have VIP Upgrade Tickets and do not have General Admission tickets will NOT be allowed entrance to the show. You MUST purchase BOTH!

Here are the on sale time today (times are EST):

Minneapolis 10a
Joliet 11a
Atlanta 12p
Nashville 1p
Louisville 2p
Toronto (Fri) 3p
Toronto (Thur) 4p
Houston 5p

Jordan also set up a special Twitter page for FAQs about the tour.

Donnie Wahlberg appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on January 11

Donnie Wahlberg will be on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC on January 11. I'm not sure if tickets are still available, but you can check out The Jimmy Fallon Website for information about tickets to the show.

Friday, January 6, 2012

NKOTB News for January 6

Boyz II Men got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and Joey was there for support. Here are some photos.

Here are some videos Donnie shared while on the set of Blue Bloods today:

Update: videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

Jordan Knight VIP tickets on sale times

VIP for Jordan Knight's shows go on sale this Saturday (ALL Times EST). You need to have previously purchased regular tickets to upgrade to VIP. Links will be posted on jordanknight.com

Minneapolis 10a
Joliet 11a
Atlanta 12p
Nashville 1p
Louisville 2p
Toronto (Fri) 3p
Toronto (Thur) 4p
Houston 5p

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Donnie to be on "The View" on January 12

According to Examiner.com, Donnie will be on "The View" on Thursday, January 12.

NKOTB News for January 5

Team Betty Boston has an auction for a signed Danny Wood photograph from "New Kids by Lynn Goldsmith" book. 

VIP's for Jordan's shows go on sale on Saturday. Jordan says "Mid-morning start time. It looks like 10 am first one. All VIP on sales will be EST and each show will go on sale hourly." In the mean time he is "Working hard at rehearsal":

Here is a photo of Joey with the Backstreet Boys at AJ McLean's wedding from OK UK Magazine.

Scan from bsbmediaupdates.

 Here is a photo of Danny, his daughters, and their Christmas gift - a Fox Terrier puppy named "Ripley"

CBS posted some photos from this Friday's episode of "Blue Bloods":

Jonathan is still enjoying his vacation and is "three sheets to the wind"...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NKOTB News for January 4

Donnie shaves off his mustashe now that he is back on the Blue Bloods set:

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here is a photo from KeithSilva21 of Jordan and his dancers rehearsing:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NKOTB News for January 1

Danny posted an update about how much money Team Betty raised for breast cancer charities in 2011 on the Remember Betty message board:

Well, our fundraising for 2011 is done! Our total for the year is $263,118 and the total since 2008 is $743,749!! There were 81 active teams this year. That's 4x the number of teams from '09, and almost 3x the number of teams from last year. With the way TEAM BETTY is growing, we will play a big part in finding a cure to breast cancer.

Highlights for 2011-
* Over $99,000 from the Harley Davidson raffle
* Over $23,000 raised by Miami Team Betty
* Over $23,000 raised by Team Betty Canada
* Over $16,000 from Pink Night (should we do it again?)
* An additional $11,000 + from the Cruisers donations
* Over $15,000 raised by the Boston 3 Day team
* 3 Day teams in Boston, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle (most ever 3 Day teams, but 2012 will have even more!)
* Over $9,000 raised by Batting For Betty in Boston
* First ever teams in Chile, Panama, Greece, Germany, South Korea, UK, and The Netherlands
* 600+ Team Betty walkers
* Cat's 200+ mile bike ride for Remember Betty
2011 was an incredible year. But let’s make 2012 the biggest yet. Let’s get past $1,000,000 raised in the fight against breast cancer. We can do it!
I want to thank all of you for all your hard work. I also am so grateful for all the sentimental gifts you give me. Pictures of my mom, videos, interviews, etc. I will never be able to thank you enough for the bond you have created between my children and Nana Betty Wood. They know who she is, what she stood for, and how much she loved me. This is because all of you continue to share your special memories of Betty with my children and me. I am proud beyond words to know my mother’s memory has influenced so many. Everything I am and continue to be I owe to Betty Wood. She shines down on all of us everyday.

Mom, I love you and miss you.

Here is a photo Danny shared of his kids out to dinner on New Year's Eve:

And speaking of kids, click here to watch Donnie's latest "Bubble Tweet" with his son Elijah. Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Kirstie Alley says Jonathan is going to help her dance for 100 days, but for now he's still on vacation...

Photo from Jonathan Knight on WhoSay