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Creative Arts to Honor Donnie Wahlberg At the 30th Anniversary Hatter’s Ball reports that Donnie will be honored at the 30th Anniversary Hatter’s Ball on Friday, March 9. 

Here is the article:

Creative Arts to Honor Donnie Wahlberg
At the 30th Anniversary Hatter’s Ball
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
by Woman Around Town on Living Around 
I’m putting on my top hat,
Tying up my white tie,
Brushing off my tails.
Irving Berlin 
It’s time to don those hats! Show your creativity and you may win a prize. The Hatter’s Ball will be held on Friday, March 9, with the proceeds going to support scholarships for the Creative Arts Summer Camp. Donnie Wahlberg, who stars as a New York police detective on CBS TV’s Blue Bloods, will be honored with an award presented by Kevin Wade, Blue Bloods’s writer and executive producer. 
“This is a wonderful event and a great way to help a child this summer,” says Suzanne Clifton Walsh, director of Creative Arts and a former Woman Around Town. (Click on her name to read her profile). Walsh invites everyone to join in the festivities at the landmark Burden Mansion on Fifth Avenue “for an evening of incredible prizes for best hats, amazing silent auction items and a live band!” 
The evening’s emphasis is definitely on “creative,” with partygoers expected to arrive with elaborately decorated hats. Grand prize for the best hat will be a trip for two to Anguilla.
The top raffle prize will be $10,00 with only 300 tickets being sold. Silent auction items include a trip to Bermuda, fabulous dinners, and theater tickets. 
Tickets are still available. For more information go to the Creative Arts website.

Watch clip of Jordan Knight on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Don't forget Jordan will be on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show this evening (in Canada only). Here is a preview clip. He talks about being a "boyfriend" to his fans and his brother Jonathan dealing with being gay while most of the fans are woman.

Video courtesy of TheHour

Donnie Wahlberg at Bentley University in Waltham, MA

Donnie will be speaking tonight at Bentley University in MA. Donnie will also be tweeting from @bentleyu this evening.

Watch Jordan Knight's Tips for Hockey Dads

Here is a cute video clip of Jordan offering advice to hockey dads:

Video courtesy of TheHour

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough interview with EQ

Here is an interview Joey and Howie did with EQ! They talk about how they decided to do a joint tour, how well they get along, singing "Please Don't Go Girl", Howie's solo work, the history of boybands, and more.

Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough interview with

Joey and Howie talk about what they like about Amsterdam and more.

Entrevista com Howie no Show Nieuws - fev 2012 from on Vimeo.

Update: Here's a different interview I believe is based out of The Netherlands:

Video courtesy of Tez BlockHeart

Watch Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough on On Air with Mit Kai Below

Here is an interview Joey and Howie did with On Air with Mit Kai Below

Video courtesy of Tez BlockHeart

Monday, February 27, 2012

Listen to Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough on Heart 100.7 FM

Here is an audio clip of Joey and Howie on Heart 100.7 FM. Joey and Howie answer some 90's trivia questions.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joey McIntyre shares his advice to UK Boy Band One Direction

In this article from, Joey gives One Direction (a Boy Band from England) advice on how to make it in the US.

The X Factor youngsters were given some tough advice on how to crack the States by members of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block.

The 90s groups delivered their verdict on Simon Cowell’s doe-eyed lads when they touched down on our shores to promote their joint NKOTBSB British tour in April.

‘Even though the UK and England are big, it still sort of has a small town feel,’ 39-year-old New Kids singer Joey McIntyre told me.

‘That’s why you guys love your artists so much but boybands are so personality driven that sometimes it’s about connecting with that and if the American girls don’t connect with that swagger, it’s hard.’

He insisted that attitude would be the ‘biggest piece of the puzzle’ to crack for One Direction if the teenagers are to build on the impressive debut of What Makes You Beautiful in the US last week.

The band – Niall Horen, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – stand a good chance of riding the British wave but won’t be able to rely on their music like Coldplay and Adele have, he added.
‘Whereas if it’s rock music, if it’s Coldplay, it’s about the music.

‘But the boyband, it’s so much about the personality and energy and I think that’s big,’ he warned.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter will still make the group’s reunion tour after his sister, Leslie, died at the age of 25 earlier this month, reportedly from substance abuse.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to get Jimmy Marsh's new CD "Redemption"

To order Jimmy Marsh's new CD "Redemption" (featuring Donnie Wahlberg on 2 of the songs), send $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping/handling to, then email to confirm.

Update: According to @FLOSSYTHEBOSS on Twitter, it will also be available on iTunes next week.

Jimmy Marsh T-Shirts are also available. You can get the shirt and CD for $24.95 + $4.95 Shipping (use same paypal/email as above). Here is a photo:

Watch Video of Donnie Wahlberg at Jimmy Marsh Release Party

Here are some videos from the Jimmy Marsh release party at Mohegan Sun last night. Donnie and Jimmy perform Tipsy in video #3 about starting around 1:20.

Videos courtesy of yikes77

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clip of Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough on The Show Biz 411

Here is a quick interview Joey and Howie did with The Show Biz 411:

Video courtesy of itn

Jordan Knight Interview with Houston Press

Here is an interview Jordan did with Houston Press:

Last summer, the Houston Press reported (with embarrassing yet unapologetic enthusiasm) on '80s pop sensations the New Kids on the Block. The '80s boy-band was co-headlining an arena tour with their '90s incarnates, the Backstreet Boys.

This year, however, brings less boy-band baggage -- no New Kids, no Backstreet Boys (phew); just NKOTB heartthrob Jordan Knight. The group's former lead singer is currently embarked on a national tour in support of his sophomore solo album, Unfinished.

Rocks Off chatted with Knight about Unfinished, its recording and the tour during some downtime.

Rocks Off: I was a big New Kids on the Block fan in the '80s. I covered your concert here in Houston last summer, and had a blast.

Jordan Knight: Awesome! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

RO: Tell me about your new album, Unfinished.

JK: Unfinished is my solo album, comprised of songs I either wrote or was really touched by. There are a few ballads, but it's a "Top 40" album. It's kind of a "pet project" of mine.

Often times, when you don't put too much pressure on yourself, then good material pops out, and that was the case here. I didn't think, "I need to make a No. 1 single," or "I need to make a statement to the world." Instead, it was just me, making fun music.

RO: What were your goals approaching the album's writing and recording?

JK: When I make music, I look for the emotion in a song. If it doesn't bring out some kind of emotion, then it's not worth doing. I was imagining fans, at home, or in their cars, listening to the songs after they drop their kids off at school, and hopefully getting enjoyment out of it. So, it was really done for the fans.

RO: How will this tour differ from last year's NKOTBSB world arena tour?

JK: When I was on the NKOTBSB tour, Unfinished was out, so fans were able to give me feedback on its songs, and they were really demanding that I bring it live to the stage. (Laughs). So, this is a block of time I have to do just that.

I'm going across the country doing these shows on the weekends, which works out well with my family and schedule--and for the fans too, because it's not too fun going to a show on a Tuesday night and having to work early the next day.

RO: Tell us a little bit about your stage show. What can we expect?

JK: The show is really great! I've worked with a great choreographer, and used local Boston talent as my band -- they're kind of like The Roots -- like R&B/hip-hop fusion, so they fit well with my music.

There's also a part of the show where I sit down at the piano and serenade the crowd, and that's fun, because they get to relax, and it doesn't have to be such a rigid show; I can go off the cuff a bit. It's more intimate than an arena show.

RO: How does Unfinished compare to your 1999 solo self-titled debut, or to New Kids songs?

JK: This album is pretty similar, actually, but Unfinished has more upbeat songs than the '99 album. The first song (in '99, "Give It To You") was so upbeat and big, people assumed the rest of the album was like that too, but it wasn't--it had a lot of ballads. Unfinished is more upbeat.

RO: How about personally and/or artistically? How do you differ now, than where you were in 1999?

JK: As far as quality and where I am as far as "my game," I was at the top of my game, I believe, in '99, and I believe I'm at the top of my game again creatively, with Unfinished. I think it ranks even higher than my first solo album.

RO: You worked with your former NKOTB bandmate Donnie on the Unfinished track, "Stingy." What was it like to work with him again?

JK: Donnie rapped and did this cool chant part on "Stingy." Any time two New Kids are on any record, you know, there's just something magical about it! The song was great at first, but then I put Donnie on it, and he raised it to another level. Two New Kids on a great record is a great thing.

RO: So, the "Bad Boy" and the "Heartthrob" reunited?

JK (laughs): That's the beauty of Donnie and me; I have the image of a tender heartthrob, and his image is the Bad Boy with the swagger, you know what I mean? So, we compliment each other well. There's such a sweet melody to the record, but now it has such a cool vibe, as well, thanks to Donnie.

RO: Were your NKOTB nicknames fairly accurate?

JK: I think so, yeah. We do have those personas, for sure.

RO: You were so young when the New Kids formed. Did you ever want to pursue anything other than music? Could you see yourself doing anything else professionally?

JK: Yeah, I could see myself doing other things... But I don't want to do anything else, that's for sure! I have a lot of fun. Whatever level I do music at--as long as I'm doing it, and I'm doing it to the best of my ability -- I'm happy.

RO: What do you think of today's pop artists? Do you notice any similarities or differences in the modern pop world since the New Kids ruled it?

JK: I don't think much has changed. Social media has changed things, of course, but there's always going to be Justin Biebers coming out; there's always going to be the Cute Heartthrob, you know? Lady Gaga is kind of like today's Madonna, really.

Who knows if she'll stand the test of time like Madonna did? We'll see, but she's definitely talented. Lady Gaga has flipped everything; everyone is trying to do the weird shock value just like her, and she's messed with everyone's heads.

RO: Do you think these artists are producing anything innovative to music, or has it all been done before?

JK: People like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are awesome and have wonderful voices. Adele has that amazing, soulful voice... I think as people get older, they say, "Oh, the 'good 'ol days,' when there was great art," but I think there are always great artists out there.

I think in the past, though, we had one iconic artist from each genre, because there were only so many outlets. Now, there are so many cable channels, so many websites and outlets, that you can have tons of different artists.

Back in the day, there were iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna... there was one "boy band" at the time, and it was New Kids on the Block, you know? Now, we have three of four of them out there at a time.

RO: Music clearly dominates your life, but what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

JK: I like to hang at home with the kids. I have two kids, ages four and 12 -- Eric and Dante. My son is a hockey player, so I like to go to his games. My son Eric loves Kung Fu Panda, so he loves doing Kung Fu moves around the house. We like to play video games together, board games, go to the movies, go skating, go bowling... all that fun stuff.

RO: Do they have any idea of who their dad is in pop-music history?

JK: They get it, I think. They know The New Kids were the Justin Bieber of our time--well, my 12-year-old does; my 4-year-old hears me singing around the house, and he'll be like, "Dad--really, with the singing?" (Laughs) He actually says that to me, it's so funny!

RO: Tell us three words you'd use to describe yourself at this point in your life.

JK: Let's see. Open, disciplined, and... still somewhat quiet.

RO: Quiet?

JK: (Laughs) Yeah. I've always been kind of... reserved. "The strong, silent type!" But as I move forward, especially with this album and venturing out on my own, I do see myself opening up more, and that's fun and exciting, hence, "open."

RO: New Kids fans still love you to pieces. Do you have any special message for them?

JK: To the fans... Thanks for supporting my solo efforts, and I won't let you down. Come to the show, have a great time, and let's have some fun together.

Listen to Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough on Cool FM

Here is an interview Joey and Howie did with Cool FM:

Video courtesy of couthie

Watch Jordan Knight on KENS5

Here is the video of Jordan on KENS5 in San Antonio:

Video courtesy of New Kids News

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watch Jordan Knight on Entertainment Tonight Canada

Here is the video clip of Jordan on Entertainment Tonight Canada:

Video courtesy of yikes77

Listen to Jordan Knight on Q101.9

Here is an interview Jordan did with Q101.9 (San Antonio). He talks about his solo shows, the tour with NKOTBSB, balancing his home life and his career, would he want his kids go into the entertainment industry and more.

Video courtesy of couthie

More Joey McIntyre and Howie UK Media appearances posted a complete list of Joey and Howie's UK Media appearances:

Wednesday 22nd February
8:30am Live on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Harriet
8:00pm National Lottery

Thursday 23rd February
9:00am Magic Breakfast

2:00pm Radio
1400 – 1430: Metro Take Over - Newcastle
1430 – 1500: KMFM Take Over – London
1500 - 1515: Cool FM – Belfast
1515 – 1530: Juice Liverpool
1530 – 1545: In Demand - UK
1545 – 1600: The Hits - UK
1600 – 1615: Real Radio – Manchester and Liverpool
1615 – 1630: TFM - Newcastle
1630 – 1645: BRMB – Birmingham
1645 – 1700: Total Access – Birmingham
1700 - 1715: GMG

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with

Donnie answers some fan questions on He talks about Danny Reagan's character, Twitter, how he juggles all careers and more.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Transcript of Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough's Heat World Q&A

Here is a transcript of Joey and Howie's Twitter Chat with HeatWorld (edited for clarity).

@heatworld: Look who's here!

Isabelle Broom @Broomie29 Says:
NKOTB Joey just literally ERUPTED (with yelling) into the @heatworld office. We all just woke up! PS. Howie D is also here. He's quieter.
Joey McIntyre/Howie Dorough: @Broomie29 I'm sorry for being another arrogant american. forgive me. I offer you my dearest friend Howie D!!!!

Sabrina fitzpatrick @JoeNDubSnoflake asks:
Has father hood changed u guys?
JM/HD: @JoeNDubSnoflake  It's taken away a lot of needed sleep i used to have a life. LOL

DANIELLEonKHITS @RadioPrincessD asks:
Hey @heatworld this question is for @howie_d i'm the biggest backstreet fan ever.. Whats the greatest gift a fan gave you
JM/HD: @RadioPrincessD @howie_d got a balloon and some flowers today.

Tami Magalhães @tami_magalhaes asks:
Howie is no possibility of the tour Back to Me in south america?
JM/HD: @tami_magalhaes Hope to soon.

Post from HeatWorld:
Big scoop! Both groups are talking about new music. Stay tuned!

Melanie @meldiv75 says:
It's very appropriate that two hot guys @joeymcintyre @howie_d are at a place called heat world :)
JM/HD: @meldiv75 YEAH BABY!!!!!!!

L♥ve, Sarah (UK) @DonniesAngel asks:
Can we expect to see an interview in Heat mag? (along with torso of the week!!)
JM/HD: @DonniesAngel asked @heatworld if we're hot enough.

Criss Littrell @CrazyLittrell asks:
Are you going to burn a DVD of the show in London, 28th April?
JM/HD: @CrazyLittrell We are talking about it so hopefully it comes together.

SuSaN @joemacsleftboot asks:
would either band consider doing a cruise in europe? #lessbikinimorethermals
JM/HD: @joemacsleftboot We both would love too!!

jo jo @jojoknightuk asks:
Who would you duet with a British artist if so who?
JM/HD: @jojoknightuk would love to do a duet with Coldplay

Kathieleen @Kathieleen says:
Both of u are looking handsome as always!:)
JM/HD: @Kathieleen Thanks mamacita!!

jksdirtydancer @jksdirtydancer asks:
Hello from Ukraine! :) Any chances that we will see u here live?
JM/HD: @jksdirtydancer WHAT UP?? we heart Ukraine!!

Linda  @DonnieJoey77 says:
... I'm getting bored now..... hope they're a bit livelier in April ;) lol
JM/HD: @donniejoey77 Sorry...we got this guy here asking lame questions

Rachel @RachyRooo asks:
Would joey consider running the London Marathon?xx
JM/HD: @RachyRooo Boston Marathon first...then maybe London :)

Kelly Williams @Kellywilliams00 asks:
What's your favourite flavour cupcake?
JM/HD: @Kellywilliams00 Red Velvet- Howie d Vanilla with Chocolate frosting- Joey

Watch Joey McIntyre & Howie Dorough on Lorraine

Here is the video clip of Joey and Howie on Lorraine

Video courtesy of traceym1972

Monday, February 20, 2012

Joey McIntyre in the UK

Joey has arrived in the UK! Joey and Howie will be doing a Twitter chat with HeatWorld tomorrow at 5pm UK time (I think that's noon Eastern time?). Check out the schedule for the other appearances. If you know of any appearance that is missing, tweet @nkotbnews and I'll add it.

In other news, here are a few more articles about the half marathon Joey ran in yesterday..

Update: Links no longer active.

(Photo from Accidental Sexiness)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update on Joey McIntyre in the Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon

Joey finished the half marathon in 1 hour, 53 minutes and 41 seconds! Here are his results and a photo he tweeted earlier today of the medal he received:

Joey McIntyre in the Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon

Joey McIntyre is running in the Rock N Roll Pasadena 1/2 Marathon today to benefit CureMito.

Yesterday Joey stopped by the CureMito booth for a few minutes to learn about Mitochondrial Disease and here is a photo:

Photo from the CureMito Facebook page

Friday, February 17, 2012

Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough on National Lottery on February 22

Joey & Howie will be on National Lottery next Wednesday (February 22) at 10:35PM

Here is a quick video mentioning it:

Video courtesy of lilylush

Updates on upcoming NKOTB TV and radio appearances

Jordan's episode of The Strombo Show will air on February 29 11:05 p.m. on CBC Television.

Jordan recorded an interview with Kiss 92.5 in Toronto today. The interview will air during The Roz & Mocha Show on Tuesday morning (the show airs 5:30am-9am). 
Food Network is taping a segment at Jordan's concert in Toronto, Canada tonight. No word yet on when it airs.

Publicist Shoshanna Stone posted this tweet which gives to clues as to what shows Joey and Howie will be making appearances on next week.
Joey & Howie are in for a busy week #Lorraine #lottery #Loosewomen #heattwittertakeover #heartbfast #magicbfast #freshlysqueezed #nkotbsb

They'll be on Lorraine on February 21 and Loose Women on February 22. Also, they may be on "Daybreak" on February 21 (unconfirmed). The info for the other shows will be posted to the schedule as they are confirmed.

Preview clip of Jordan on The Strombo Show

Here is a preview clip of Jordan on The Strombo Show:

Video courtesy of The Hour

Donnie Wahlberg and Redd Hott

Donnie tweeted about working in the studio with singer/songwriter/producer Redd Hott
...I've been in the studio in between time. Oh! Did I say that? In the lab with the next new household name songwriter... Redd Hott! It's going to get fun again! Soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tickets for Donnie Wahlberg/Jimmy Marsh event go on sale at 9PM

Tickets go on sale for the Jimmy Marsh The Redemption CD Release Party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg tonight at 9PM EST.

Click here for tickets!

Here is some more info:

*Record Release Party* - Jimmy Marsh THE REDEMPTION CD hosted by DONNIE WAHLBERG
Ultra 88 Nightclub
Uncasville, CT

Friday February 24th, 2012
ULTRA 88 NightClub
at Mohegan Sun Casino
1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard
Uncasville, CT. 06382

11PM - THE REDEMPTION CD - Record Release Party ONLY ULTRA 88

B. $ 99 - PLATINUM Package
9PM Pre-party Meet & Greet
10PM JTV Screening in the Ballroom - details will be emailed.
11PM Admission to Record Release Party at ULTRA 88

C. $ 199 - PARTY BUS Package - ALL INCLUSIVE Package !
Platinum Package Includes:
a.) 1 ROUNDTRIP VIP "PARTY BUS" - Ride with DONNIE! from NYC to CT
Departs NYC to CT - 5pm Friday Night
Departs CT to return to NYC at 3am
b.) 9PM PRE-PARTY Meet and Greet
c.) 10PM Admission to JTV SCREENING OF TV's Hottest Friday Night Show
d.) 11PM THE REDEMPTION CD - Record Release Party at ULTRA 88 NightClub

Donnie Wahlberg working with Naughty by Nature

Treach from Naughty by Nature was interviewed by Metro and said:
"And just know that we were in the studio the other night doing a little project with Donnie from New Kids on the Block, so we’ve still got love for the Bean"

Jordan Knight makes chocolates with Entertainment Tonight Canada

Entertainment Tonight Canada taped a segment with Jordan in which he helped make some chocolates with Natalie Deane and Kim D'Eon.

Here are some photos from Kim and Natalie.

Donnie Wahlberg in TV Guide

There is an article about Donnie in the February 20th issue of TV Guide, here is a color photo from @772DIVA.

And here is a black and white version from @pagirl1 with easier to read text (click on image for larger version).

Listen to Jordan Knight on Chum FM (February 16, 2012)

Jordan did an interview on CHUM FM this morning. He talks about Whitney Houston, writing songs and more.

Video courtesy of couthie

Jordan Knight on CP 24 Breakfast

Here is a video clip of Jordan on CP 24 Breakfast

Video courtesy of yikes77

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Donnie's February 24 appearance

According to Donnie's latest Tweet, it looks like the February 24 party will be at the Ultra 88 Night Club in the Mohegan Sun Casino in Montville, CT

NKOTB News for February 15

Jordan will be on CP24 Breakfast in Toronto, Canada tomorrow morning. The show airs from 6-9AM.

Jordan will also on The Strombo Show tomorrow. Edit: looks like it may air next week sometime. The show airs 11:05 p.m. weeknights on CBC Television.

According to Zap2It, Donnie will be on "Live with Kelly" on March 2. 

Jordan Knight will have a Post Show VIP Brunch on Saturday from 11AM-1PM in Toronto. Tickets go on Sale this Friday @ 10am EST!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg and Jimmy Marsh Event February 24

Looks like Donnie and Jimmy Marsh will be hosting some sort of party on February 24th on the east coast. Here are his tweets:

Friday February 24th... SAVE THE DATE! Will be a night to remember! #DDUBJMARSHtakeover! Get your party shoes on!
Takeover Part 1 east coast! Takeover Part 2 west coast!

In other news, Jimmy was asked on Twitter if Donnie will be on any of the songs on his upcoming album, "Redemption", and Jimmy replied that "he sings on Tipsy and I Don't give a Fuck".

Here is a video of Donnie and Jimmy performing "I Don't give a Fuck" at the Donnie D productions launch party in 2009:

Video courtesy of insearchofnkotb

Jordan Knight interview with Fusion Radio

Here is an interview Jordan did with Fusion Radio:

Pop singer Jordan Knight has been breaking hearts since the boy band New Kids on the Block hit it big.

He worked the reality show circuit on the Surreal Life for VH1 for a few different projects.

Jordan’s solo career reached the top ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 with single “Give It to You.”

His third solo album Unfinished hit number eight on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.

We talked to him before his recent show in Joliet.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jordan. The fans have been outside since ten in the morning.

Jordan Knight: I feel for them.

JN: There is going to be about 900 people in this space tonight.

JK: That will be crazy! It will be jamming.

JN: We are the same age. What age did you start singing?

JK: I started singing really young, five or six years old. I started in choirs and singing around the house. We would go to church and I would hear the choir sing. I would sing all the songs after church. I begged my mother to get me in the church choir.

JN: How did you get into the music business?

JK: I got into the business through the New Kids on the Block. Donnie Wahlberg gave me a call. I knew him from elementary school. A music producer had already heard about him because he used to rap. He put on little shows of his own. The producer wanted to start a group with Donnie then recruited me because he knew I was singer. We just went from there.

JN: From what I have read you wanted to learn to write music and taught yourself growing up.

JK: I always had a keyboard in my room. I would listen to Beatles music. I would listen to whatever was on the radio and try to pluck it out or play it on the piano. I have been doing that since I was really young. I always had a natural liking to music.

JN: When NKOTB blew up the merchandise was everywhere. Was there a point where it was too much?

JK: It got to be a little much. It was in demand that was why they were making it. A merchandise company wouldn’t press up a bunch of dolls to have them sit on the shelf. There definitely was a demand for them.

I don’t know how good it did for us image wise. At a certain it was too much.

JN: I played the single “Give It to You” all the time.

JK: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

JN: How rewarding was it for you to take out on your own and do your own thing?

JK: It is always rewarding to do your own thing. It is also rewarding to do it inside of a group too. When you have done it on your own then you know you did alone and called all the shots. Sometimes you just want to control the whole situation. That is very satisfying and rewarding.

JN: With the new album being on an independent label there must be even more control.

JK: Yes, it is on my label along with another producer from Boston. It is independently released and distributed through eOne. They are a big company but still an independent label.

That is another great thing about this album is that I control the whole release and helped produce every song on the record.

JN: Why is the album called Unfinished? Does it still feel unfinished?

JK: No. It is called Unfinished because when I was making it ideas kept coming and coming. It could have been always unfinished. I could have and still do make music. It is a statement about life. Life keeps moving and growing as long as you are open and positive great new things will come to you. You can always learn new and exciting things.

JN: What is the track “Rockstar” about? Is it about a specific person?

JK: It is not about a specific person. I wanted to write an inspiring song for the fans. It is a song about their dreaming of being a rock star, walking down a runway or whatever it may be. Even if they are driving in their car with their kids in the backseat they can dream about themselves being a rock star!

JN: When I interviewed Charo she told me she felt tricked getting into The Surreal Life. She thought it was going to be a music show and it was different after she singed on. It was called a different title even. Did you have the same experience?

JK: A little bit. Those shows always trick you. They will tell you one thing and then it turns into something else. For example Celebrity Wife Swap got in touch with me recently and wanted me to do the show.

JN: Really? What happened?

JK: I said no. Their pitch was we will make it really light and with celebrities there is no drama. Then I saw one of the shows and it was totally drama. They wouldn’t put it on TV if it were not dramatic. I did The Surreal Life so I am all set on the celebrity reality thing.

JN: Being over 40 what else do you want to do this year?

JK: I don’t know. I feel better than ever at the age I am at. If someone told me 20 years ago that I would still be doing this and going strong with it, I wouldn’t have believed them. Because when you are 20 then 40 feels old.

JN: (laughs) It does! I thought I would be retired.

JK: Exactly. You know it gets better and better, that is my statement.

JN: I appreciate you doing this interview. Being on an independent label I think it is important to do that.

JK: Well, you are master of your destiny. I have been in the business for a long time to know what is good for my project and what is not. Why have someone else call the shots on that? I call the shots now. That is what I like about it.

JN: Debbie Gibson told me to tell you “hi!” I know you did a song together.

JK: She is cool. She is energetic.

JN: She looks great for her age too, speaking of that we are all the same age!

JK: She does look great.

JN: You have a show tonight here in Joliet and then another one in Lincolnshire tomorrow.

JK: I am hitting all the suburbs.

JN: It has to be a change from the big arenas.

JK: Yes, for sure.

JN: More New Kids stuff coming out?

JK: We are going to do an album this year and put it out next year. Then do the arenas all over again!

Until then “Hang Tough” and keep up with more of this tour and music at

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shit Blockheads Say

Here is a cute video about NKOTB fans from @BlancoDiddy, @Coachvolleyball and @meeshface based on the "Shit ___ Say" videos that are popular lately.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jordan Knight in San Francisco

Jordan's San Francisco show will be Sunday, March 11th at Yoshi's. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 10am PST!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

NKOTB News for February 9

Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough will be on "Lorraine" on February 21 and "Loose Women" on February 22nd in the UK. Tickets for "Loose Women" might still be available by going to

Jordan will be announcing details about his San Francisco concert tomorrow. The show will be on Sunday, March 11 (not the 9th as previously reported). Watch @massappealdl's Twitter page for the announcement. Also, according to the #liveunfinished Twitter page, Jordan has "something special in the works for Friday [March 9], City TBD!"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NKOTB News for February 7

E! News has a quick interview with Donnie in which he talks about the entertainment at the Super Bowl (starting at 2:08):

Donnie is bummed about the Giant's parade in New York in his latest Twit Vid:

Update: videos above have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?
Photographer Stewart Smith posted some photos from the Dancing for Hope event.

Monday, February 6, 2012

NKOTB News for February 6

Joey McIntyre and Howie D will be in the UK the week of February 20 to do promotion for the upcoming NKOTBSB tour! (From Shoshanna Stone).

Donnie is mentioned briefly in an article on the Indy Star website:
New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg was spotted strolling along the Patriots' sideline and chatting with reporters, including Biff Henderson (stage manager for "The Late Show with David Letterman") just before kickoff. "The Hoosiers have been great," said Wahlberg, a Boston native. "Hoosier hospitality is amazing."

So maybe this interview will be shown on an upcoming Late Show with David Letterman show?

There will be a Jordan Knight Post Show VIP Sunday Brunch in Louisville. Tickets go on sale 10am EST Tomorrow!

There are some photos of Jordan at the Third Annual Dancing For Hope 2012 fundraiser on their Facebook page.

The NKOTB and Us book will be released in October 2012. Exact date to come soon.

Jonathan attended Nick Carter's show tonight with his sister Sharon, his nephew Matthew, and @NKOTBandUs writer Nikki Van Noy.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg at Super Bowl XLVI

Here are some photos of Donnie at the Super Bowl:

Photo from Actor Donnie Wahlberg watches the teams warm up on the field before the NFL Super Bowl XLVI football game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Photo from @T_Harryy

Photo from Boston Globe, Donnie Wahlberg with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Photo from @MsShaunRobinson

Friday, February 3, 2012

LA and Las Vegas Jordan Knight Shows on sale tomorrow/VIP's for other shows

Here are some on sale times for LA and Las Vegas Jordan Knight shows:

Regular tickets 10am PST Saturday, February 4:
LA House of Blues 3/8
Las Vegas House of Blues 3/10

VIP Tickets on sale times for Saturday, February 4:
Philly VIP 10AM EST,
Pittsburgh VIP 12PM EST
Cleveland VIP 1PM EST
San Antonio VIP 1PM CST/2PM EST,
Nashville VIP 3PM CST/4PM EST,
Toronto(16th) VIP 5PM EST

Look for links to buy tickets on or the LiveUnfinished Twitter site

More Donnie Wahlberg Interviews

Here is an interview that Donnie did with WREG Morning News in which he talks about gun safety and Blue Bloods.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

 Here is his interview with Local 12 in Cincinnati:

Video courtesy of New Kids News

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on News Channel 5 in Nashville

Donnie talks about memories of Nashville, the transition from music too acting, what attracted him to the role of Danny Reagan and more.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Donnie Wahlberg on AP News

Here is a quick video clip of Donnie from AP news. He explains why thinks some members of the Blue Bloods cast and crew will be wearing Tom Brady shirts next week:

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview on WJZ 13 in Baltimore

WJZ 13 in Baltimore did an interview with Donnie Wahlberg. He talks about football, Blue Bloods and more.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's Interview with WTKR News Channel 3

Here is a short interview Donnie Wahlberg did with WTKR News Channel 3. The interviewer (whose name is Laila) requested that he sing, so he sang a bit of "Layla" by Eric Clapton.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on CBS This Morning

Here is an interview with Donnie on CBS This Morning.

Video courtesy of yikes77

Snakkle's interview with Joey McIntyre

Snakkle interviewed Joey McIntrye at the New Year's Eve premiere last month and asked about his desire to act more, a possible guest appearance with Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods, what celebrity he'd like to kiss on New Year's Eve and more!

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on WBZ Boston

WBZ Channel 4 in Boston talks with Donnie about the Patriots and Giants in the Superbowl.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with WKRC Cincinnati

Donnie talks about Blue Bloods and more in this interview on Local 12 WKRC Cincinnati.

Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with WFSB Channel 3

Here is Donnie Wahlberg's interview with WFSB Channel 3 (Hartford, CT). He talks about Blue Bloods success despite the Friday night time slot, and this week's episode.

Video courtesy of NKOTBPERU

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview on CBS Atlanta

Here is Donnie's interview with CBS Atlanta. He talks about Blue Bloods, Mark Wahlberg's recent controversial comments and more.

Video courtesy of NKOTBPeru

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with Great Day St. Louis

Here is Donnie's interview with Great Day St. Louis on KMOV. He talks about his early days of acting, gun safety, and this week's episode of Blue Bloods.

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's Interview with CBS-19 in Cleveland

Donnie Wahlberg talks to Chris Van Vliet from CBS-19 in Cleveland about NKOTB fans, his character on Blue Bloods, possibly co-starring in a project with Mark Wahlberg, and a possible New Kids on the Block event near Cleveland this summer.

Video courtesy of chrisvanvlietDOTtv

Watch Donnie Wahlberg Interview with 8 News Now

Anchor Dave McCann and Dayna Roselli talked with Donnie Wahlberg about the upcoming episode Blue Bloods and his tour with New Kids On The Block!

Video courtesy of klastv

More Donnie Wahlberg on TV

Donnie posted this on Twitter:

Going LIVE, promoting Blue Bloods, on CBS in MEMPHIS, HARTFORD, ST LOUIS, TAMPA & CHICAHO all in the next 2 hours! Check you local CBS news!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg on TV tomorrow

Donnie will be doing some interviews with CBS affialiates tommorrow morning including:

19 Action News WOIO, Cleveland, OH News Channel 3, Memphis, TN (9am hour)
KFMB-TV Morning, San Diego (11am show?) / KLAS-TV Channel 8, Las Vegas

There may be others, so leave a comment if you hear about him doing an interview for your local CBS station.