Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transcript of Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough's Heat World Q&A

Here is a transcript of Joey and Howie's Twitter Chat with HeatWorld (edited for clarity).

@heatworld: Look who's here!

Isabelle Broom @Broomie29 Says:
NKOTB Joey just literally ERUPTED (with yelling) into the @heatworld office. We all just woke up! PS. Howie D is also here. He's quieter.
Joey McIntyre/Howie Dorough: @Broomie29 I'm sorry for being another arrogant american. forgive me. I offer you my dearest friend Howie D!!!!

Sabrina fitzpatrick @JoeNDubSnoflake asks:
Has father hood changed u guys?
JM/HD: @JoeNDubSnoflake  It's taken away a lot of needed sleep i used to have a life. LOL

DANIELLEonKHITS @RadioPrincessD asks:
Hey @heatworld this question is for @howie_d i'm the biggest backstreet fan ever.. Whats the greatest gift a fan gave you
JM/HD: @RadioPrincessD @howie_d got a balloon and some flowers today.

Tami Magalhães @tami_magalhaes asks:
Howie is no possibility of the tour Back to Me in south america?
JM/HD: @tami_magalhaes Hope to soon.

Post from HeatWorld:
Big scoop! Both groups are talking about new music. Stay tuned!

Melanie @meldiv75 says:
It's very appropriate that two hot guys @joeymcintyre @howie_d are at a place called heat world :)
JM/HD: @meldiv75 YEAH BABY!!!!!!!

L♥ve, Sarah (UK) @DonniesAngel asks:
Can we expect to see an interview in Heat mag? (along with torso of the week!!)
JM/HD: @DonniesAngel asked @heatworld if we're hot enough.

Criss Littrell @CrazyLittrell asks:
Are you going to burn a DVD of the show in London, 28th April?
JM/HD: @CrazyLittrell We are talking about it so hopefully it comes together.

SuSaN @joemacsleftboot asks:
would either band consider doing a cruise in europe? #lessbikinimorethermals
JM/HD: @joemacsleftboot We both would love too!!

jo jo @jojoknightuk asks:
Who would you duet with a British artist if so who?
JM/HD: @jojoknightuk would love to do a duet with Coldplay

Kathieleen @Kathieleen says:
Both of u are looking handsome as always!:)
JM/HD: @Kathieleen Thanks mamacita!!

jksdirtydancer @jksdirtydancer asks:
Hello from Ukraine! :) Any chances that we will see u here live?
JM/HD: @jksdirtydancer WHAT UP?? we heart Ukraine!!

Linda  @DonnieJoey77 says:
... I'm getting bored now..... hope they're a bit livelier in April ;) lol
JM/HD: @donniejoey77 Sorry...we got this guy here asking lame questions

Rachel @RachyRooo asks:
Would joey consider running the London Marathon?xx
JM/HD: @RachyRooo Boston Marathon first...then maybe London :)

Kelly Williams @Kellywilliams00 asks:
What's your favourite flavour cupcake?
JM/HD: @Kellywilliams00 Red Velvet- Howie d Vanilla with Chocolate frosting- Joey

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