Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jordan to be on "Fox and Friends" tomorrow

Jordan will be on "Fox and Friends" tomorrow. It airs on the FOX News channel at 6AM EST.

Win Danny Wood's Motorcycle and Trip to New York to see NKOTBSB

Danny is raffling away his Harley Davidson Heritage motorcycle and a trip to New York to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys on July 31. Proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Update: contest is over, removed outdated link

CBS Watch Article on Blue Bloods

CBS Watch Magazine as an article on Blue Bloods. To read the rest of the article including info on the other cast members, go here. Here is Donnie's section:


ONE OF NEW YORK’S FINEST ISN’T FEELING SO FINE AT THE MOMENT. “I have a sore throat,” Donnie Wahlberg says between coughs. “I haven’t really been getting much sleep.”

That’s the price a guy pays for having not one but two full-time careers. While Wahlberg clocks long hours on the Blue Bloods set daily, he often spends nights and weekends rehearsing for a summer reunion tour with New Kids on the Block. ­­­

­­ Still, the double-threat insists he’s hangin’ tough. “I love being busy,” he says. “With acting, I’m an employee, and with New Kids, I’m sort of my own boss. To go back and forth, it’s a great balance”—one he felt confident he could maintain. That’s why, despite the inevitable lack of ZZZs, Wahlberg didn’t waffle when he was offered the part of Danny Reagan, the tightly wound detective who’ll do whatever it takes—even shove a perp’s head in a toilet—to solve a case. “There was a certain fluidity to the way he was written,” says the actor. “While he was a serious and intense character, he read to me like he was gonna be a lot of fun to play.”

But it was the pilot’s family dinner scene—which reminded Wahlberg of his own Boston-bred brood that included nine kids, including fellow actor Mark—that really sold him. “It was reminiscent of my life as a kid and the conversations we had,” says the entertainer, who himself is now the father of two sons, ages 17 and 9. “I was more the peacekeeper in my real life, trying to avoid arguments. But I know there’s always that sibling like Danny who will go a little too far.”

Wahlberg’s insight convinced producers that he had the right stuff for the gig and that, after a number of failed series, he’d finally found a perfect fit. Says executive producer Leonard Goldberg: “Remember how many pilots George Clooney did before ER? Then when he did [that show], you went, ‘Well, of course he’s a star.’ I think that’s what Blue Bloods is [for] Donnie.”

Whatever the benefits, Wahlberg believes he wouldn’t have been ready for them before. “I think it took my whole career to be in position to play this guy,” says the actor, who previously turned in critically acclaimed performances in The Sixth Sense and the short-lived TV drama Boomtown. “I think I’m a better actor now, because I have a better sense of confidence.I have a good grasp of playing the character and not letting the character play me.

“There have been a few moments in life where I look at where my career is and wouldn’t change a thing,” he continues. “This is one of those times. I’m in the sweet spot.” Being bicoastal continues to be an adjustment. “The work is very consuming so when I’m in New York, I miss my family but when I’m in L.A., I miss the show,” he admits. “And when I come back [to the set], I go, ‘Who is this guy I’m playing?’ because I’ve been away two weeks. But those things will smooth out as time goes on.”

And make no mistake: Selleck would like to be racking up frequent-flier miles for many years to come. “Frank is a role I’ll always love,” he says. “I think the character has a limitless ability to grow and change and get more interesting, so I hope I can play him for a long time.”

As Blue prepares to wrap up its remarkable first season, the rest of the ensemble is feeling similarly gratified by its success. “Hit shows don’t come along every day,” Wahlberg says. “We all know we’ve got something pretty special here.”

Jordan Knight on the Today Show

Here is a video clip of Jordan on the Today Show:

Video courtesy of jkOhSnap

Unfinished by Jordan Knight now available!

Amazon is offering the MP3 version of Jordan's album "Unfinished" for $3.99 for today only: Click here to order!

Also, it is now available on iTunes, and that version has an extra song "Never Alone":
Click here to order!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on Jonathan Knight

Jonathan had to sit out the last few concerts in Buffalo, Baltimore and Uncasville, CT due to injuring his leg, and according to a tweet sent in reply to Kirstie Alley it'll be a few more shows:

@kirstiealley its getting better. Just a few more missed shows! Then I'll be back at it!

Update: Here's another Tweet sent by Jonathan:
Seeing the doctor in the morning I am confident I will be back on stage with the guys this Friday! I thank everyone for your understanding!

But, he is making an appearance at each of the shows he misses. He came out during "Step by Step" at the Buffalo show, and during "Tonight" at last night's show. He is also still participating in the I Love All Access meet and greets.

Here is a video clip of Jonathan at the Baltimore concert singing "Tonight":

Video courtesy of KMS830

Donnie Wahlberg Interview With Gold Derby

Donnie did an interview with Gold Derby. He talks about his character on Blue Bloods, his favorite episodes, working with different directors, how he'd feel if he was nominated for an Emmy, his relationship with Tom Selleck, and more:

Untitled from Tom O'Neil on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

After Party with Donnie Monday in Uncasville, CT

Ultra 88 Nightclub
Uncasville, CT

Location: ULTRA 88 Nightclub
at the Mohegan Sun Casino
1 Mohegan Sun Blvd
Uncasville, CT. 06382

Date : MONDAY MAY 30TH, 2011
Ticket Price : $ 40 GENERAL ADMISSION
Time: 10pm-1am

Click here to get tickets!

Boston Herald Article: "Opening Knight"

Jordan was interviewed by the Boston Herald:

Opening Knight
A New Kid’s ‘Unfinished’ business
By Lauren Carter

Strolling down Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge last week, New Kids on the Block superstar Jordan Knight seems less like a heartthrob in one of the world’s biggest boy bands and more like, well, a regular person.

His fourth solo album, “Unfinished,” drops Tuesday and a scream-worthy joint tour with NKOTB and fellow pop idols the Backstreet Boys kicks off this week (hitting Mohegan Sun Arena tomorrow and Thursday, TD Garden on Saturday and Fenway Park [map] on June 11). But you’d never know it by talking to the unassuming crooner. When asked how he stays humble amid the hoopla, Knight revealed for the first time his struggles with alcoholism.

“I stopped drinking about six years ago,” Knight said outside of the Dance Complex in Central Square, his rehearsal spot for his recent solo performance at the Kiss-108 Concert. “I was physically addicted to it. And I was like, ‘I gotta cut this out, this is ridiculous.’ I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was walking around like death, so I had to stop. It progressed and got worse and worse, and that happens without you even thinking about it or knowing it. It just happens to you. That’s what alcohol does — so I quit, thank God.”

Knight, 41, said he originally turned to alcohol because he had trouble embracing the responsibilities of adulthood. What started as a weekend habit before the birth of his first son, 11-year-old Dante Jordan, progressed to full-fledged physical dependency. Knight said he kicked drinking cold turkey after waking up with a particularly bad hangover, and hasn’t touched it since.

“That’s why I think this album is a whole lot better than anything else I’ve done besides my first album (1999’s ‘Jordan Knight’), by far,” he said. “Obviously if you’re not drinking all the time, your game is gonna be better, from your voice and your thought to your creative process.”

In addition to a newfound focus, Knight says “Unfinished” brings a danceable, age-appropriate pop/r&b mix. Lead single “Let’s Go Higher” seems to have nailed the club-ready formula while separating Knight from pop newbies.

“My whole thing was, it’s gotta be natural and it’s gotta be grown and sexy,” Knight said. “And it can’t be like I’m trying too hard. It can’t be like I’m trying to be young, and it can’t be some adult-contemporary-sounding, older stuff either. So it’s gotta be right down the middle, perfect for me, in that sweet spot.”

The title, Knight said, refers to the ability to bounce back and keep going, whether in the limelight or behind closed doors.

“ ‘Unfinished’ is kind of how I’ve been feeling over the past several years,” Knight said. “I believe that no matter how old you are, no matter how many people count you out, no matter how many hits you take along the way, your life is always unfinished in the sense that it can keep getting better, it can keep unfolding. New things can come into your life as long as you stay positive and stay open.”

NKOTBSB, with Jordin Sparks, at Mohegan Sun Arena, Monday and Thursday. Tickets: $75-$95. At TD Garden, Saturday. Tickets: $30-$90; 617-931-2000. At Fenway Park, June 11. Tickets: $34.50-$135; 1-800-514-ETIX.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jonathan Knight Injures Knee

Jonathan injured his knee. Here is what he said on Twitter:

Looks like the cats out of the bag! Sprained my knee and bruised my femur bone! Need to take it easy for a while! Don't wanna miss this tour.
My apologies to everyone coming to the show tonight! Either way, its an amazing show and I hope you all enjoy it!

NKOTBSB Bonus Footage DVD

Wal-mart has bonus footage from the recording sessions, rehearsal and photo shoot with the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Watch the video below:

Video courtesy of Kay G

Friday, May 27, 2011

Update about Jordan on the Today Show

It's been confirmed that Jordan will be on the Today Show on May 31st. He will indoors during the 10AM hour.

Also, don't forget NKOTBSB will be on the show June 3rd.

Fox 17 report on Donnie helping a fan get a kidney transplant

WZTV FOX17 did a special report about Donnie helping a fan find a kidney transplant donor.

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NKOTBSB on the Insider

Here is the video clip of NKOTBSB on tonight's The Insider

Youtube video courtesy of yikes77

NKOTBSB Opening Night Set List, Photos, and Video Links

Here are some spoilers from the opening night of the NKOTBSB tour:

Here  is the NKOTBSB set list from Oh No They Didn't

Single / The One (Mash-up) – NKOTBSB

Summertime – NKOTB

The Call – BSB

Dirty Dancing – NKOTB

Bye Bye Love – BSB

The Right Stuff – NKOTB

Larger Than Life – NKOTBSB

Blow Your Mind – NKOTB

Valentine Girl – NKOTB

If You Go Away – NKOTB

Please Don’t Go Girl – NKOTB

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely – BSB

10,000 Promises – BSB

I’ll Never Break Your Heart – BSB

Inconsolable – BSB

Drowning – BSB

Incomplete – BSB

Step By Step – NKOTB

Cover Girl – NKOTB

My Favorite Girl – NKOTB

Games – NKOTB

Click Click Click – NKOTB

Tonight – NKOTB 

Shape of My Heart – BSB

As Long As You Love Me – BSB

All I Have To Give – BSB

If You Stay – BSB

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) –BSB

I’ll Be Loving You Forever – NKOTB

I Want It That Way – BSB

Don’t Turn Out the Lights – NKOTBSB


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – BSB

Hangin’ Tough / We Will Rock You (Mash-up) – NKOTB

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) / Hangin’ Tough (Mash-up) - NKOTBSB

Visit these YouTube channels for videos from the show!




NKOTBSB on Entertainment Tonight

Here is a video from Entertainment Tonight featuring Joey and AJ giving a tour of the wardrobe, and a brief interview with all 9 guys.

Video courtesy of AddictedToJoeMac

Video courtesy of TheDarkSideBSB

NKOTBSB to be on "The Insider" tonight

The TV show "The Insider" will have some behind the scenes with NKOTBSB tonight.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Video of NKOTBSB in recording studio from music.com

Music.com has some footage of NKOTBSB in the recording studio:

Video courtesy of Kaygrego

AOL Video: Behind the scenes of a NKOTBSB photo shoot

AOL has posted a behind the scenes of the NKOTBSB photo shoot:

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

NKOTBSB Album now on iTunes

The NKOTBSB album is now available on iTunes. The deluxe version has bonus videos as well!

Click here to download the NKOTBSB album!

Also, the CD version is now on sale for $9.99 at Amazon.com.

NKOTBSB Rehearsal Video Footage from MSN

MSN posted a video of the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in rehearsals from a few weeks ago.

Video courtesy of PeruivanBSBFans

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jordan Knight event with Mix 106.1 in Philly

Mix 106.1 in Philly is having an album release party for Jordan on June 1st.  If you don't win you can watch it live online on the Mix 106.1 website on Wednesday, June 1st beginning at 3:30pm!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jordan's performance at Kiss 108 concert

Here is Jordan's performance from today's Kiss 108 concert:

Youtube video courtesy of ameeliu15

Jordan Knight Interview At the Kiss 108 Concert

Here is an interview with Jordan Knight at the Kiss 108 Concert:

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys on E! - May20

E! News had NKOTBSB on the show again last night. Here is the clip:

Youtube video courtesy of BlancoDiddy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NKOTBSB in Entertainment Weekly

NKOTBSB is also featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly! Click on the image for larger version!

Update: here is a video too!
Video courtesy of brianlittrellonline1

New Kids on the Block on E! News (May 19)

E! News did a segment about the NKOTB Cruise today:

Update: Video has been deleted.

NKOTBSB in People Magazine

NKOTBSB is featuring in this week's issue of People Magazine (it has Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver on the cover). People also has an iPad version with extra photos and video.

Click on the image dor a larger version! 

Listen to Jordan Knight's Interview with Fun 107

Here is Jordan Knight's interview with Fun 107:

Youtube video courtesy of couthie

Update: Here's a video clip of an event he did with the station

Video courtesy of KG Gregory

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Listen to clip of new NKOTBSB song "All In My Head"

NKOTBSB song "All In My Head" will be available for download on May 23 on amazon.com and they have a preview:

Click here to listen!

Donnie Wahlberg Interview With Rolling Stone

Donnie did an interview with Rolling Stone. Here is the summary and video of the interview:

Peter Travers sat down with Donnie Wahlberg to discuss the performer's unusual career trajectory from pop stardom as a member of New Kids on the Block to becoming a respected actor in the CBS cop drama Blue Bloods. In this lively conversation, Wahlberg clears up the misconception that he is the basis for the character Johnny Drama on his brother Mark's show Entourage, explains how his upbringing in Boston attracted him to the writing on Blue Bloods and why he and other New Kids never felt threatened by his summer tourmates the Backstreet Boys when they blew up in the late Nineties. Plus, Wahlberg shares a recording of himself rapping during a radio interview in 1989!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New blog from Joey - "Speechless (sort of)"

Here is Joey's latest blog update:

05/17/2011 - Speechless (sort of)
How many of you have no voice from the cruise? Thank Gawd we have a week before the tour so I can rest mine. I dont have the energy to go in to every detail about another amazing experience at sea- short shorts, pink tights, togas and tuxes. Broadway Joe. Jon Knight always putting an exclamation on things. D-Dub up til dawn on the Lido. JK's diabolical warp speed rapping. D Wood's b-day and Pink celebration. It will take some time to process, but safe to say, we did "go higher". Yes, we might have laid back on that last night for JUST couple minutes here and there, but we definitely finished strong. I was so so lucky to be able to do a show for you guys. It was so much fun and Rob Lewis was his normal ridiculously talented self. And what a treat to have Sasha Allen sing As Long As Your Mine from WICKED with me. I got to sing Sililoquy from Carousel- a song about a guy who just finds out that his wife is pregnant. The lyrics in that song were at time too much to convey, but it felt so good to go through it all with you. In the song, he sings about a son but then realizes it could be a girl...and then basically turns to mush and suddenly is determined to do everything he can to make sure she has all that she deserves in life. A very powerful resolution to a great song. I always wanted to sing it while I was expecting a girl, and sure enough the Big Director in the Sky set it all up for me. And then after I sang that song in the shows, I was ready to tell everyone that in deed I am going to be the daddy of a little girl. Being able to do that in front of so many revelers on the cruise was for me a perfect ending to it all. The reaction was so cool. And so now comes the waiting game. Barrett doesn't think the baby is gonna come this week and so that means I will be rushing home from the tour. Hopefully, it will be on a day off. I am not gonna miss a show. Daddy's got a job and he's blessed to have one. My little girl is gonna come when she is supposed to and I just have to roll with it. Lord knows I'm never gonna be able to control her, so why should I start out thinking I can now? oxoxox See ya on the road! -jm

NKOTBSB adds Glee's Matthew Morrison as opener

Matthew Morrison has been added as an opening act for the NKOTBSB tour.

Here's an article from USA Today:

Matthew Morrison to join the Kids and the Boys on tour

Maybe they'll need to change the name to NKOTBSBMM.

With school nearly out for summer and all, Matthew Morrison is dropping his teacher shtick and hanging with the Kids and the Boys. Mr. Schue is joining the boy band extravaganza of the summer -- the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys tour, a k a the NKOTBSB tour -- as a special guest starting July 6 in Anaheim, Calif., according to BroadwayWorld.com.

"This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up," said the Glee star, whose self-titled debut album dropped last week. "I am so appreciative of my fans and I'm planning to give them a great show."

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Happy 41st Birthday to Jordan!

Monday, May 16, 2011

NKOTB Cruise 2011 Videos

Some videos from the 2011 NKOTB Cruise are starting to be posted. I'll keep adding more to this list as I find them:


Celebritweets Theater NKOTB Cartoon

MSN Wonderwall did a spoof based off a tweet from Jordan. Here's the summary and video clip:

In this week's Celebritweets Theater, Jordan Knight gets a stern talking-to from Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg before their New Kids on the Block tour.

Video courtesy of xLove_Sarahx

Joey announces they are having a girl

Joey announced on the cruise last night that he and Barrett will are having a girl.  She is due May 31. Here is a short article from E! Online.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zookeeper to be released on July 8

The movie "Zookeeper" featuring Donnie Wahlberg will be released on July 8! 

Here is the trailer:

Youtube video courtesy of DanceOn

Donnie Wahlberg on Entertainment Tonight.

Here is another part of Donnie's interview with Entertainment Tonight that aired on yesterday's show:

Youtube video courtesy of BlancoDIddy

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Danny Wood

Happy birthday to Danny who turns 42 today!

Jordan Event with Fun 107

Fun 107 (Fairhaven, MA) is giving away passes to private concert with Jordan Knight at the Catwalk Bar & Grill! It's open to winners only, so you'll have to listen to win.

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 NKOTB Cruise Updates

I've heard the cruise has gone well so far - Last night they did a game show based on Double Dare, and it was a 80's night. Today they had a show on Half Moon Cay as well as some games like last year.

Update: deleted links to photos because they were all hosted on websites that no longer exist (TwitPic, TwitVid, Lockerz, etc)

Here is a video from Jordan as the guys arrived at the Sail Away party:

Donnie interview with People Magazine

Donnie did an interview with People Magazine. He talks his relationships with the Blue Bloods cast, and the food causing him to stink up the set.

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Donnie Wahlberg's Entertainment Tonight Interview

Donnie did an interview with Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight. He talks about balancing Blue Bloods with the New Kids on the Block, touring with the Backstreet Boys and more.

Donnie Wahlberg on NKOTBSB and 'Blue Bloods': 'I Worked my Whole Career' to be Here


Donnie Wahlberg is having a fantastic year. At 41, he just wrapped his first season of CBS' "Blue Bloods," and in a little more than a week he will embark on the epic NKOTBSB tour. He sat down with ET's Mary Hart to talk about his new TV role, and discuss the origins of the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys union.

Donnie says the initial collaboration of the two bands started with the desire to "do something really special for our fans." New Kids on the Block was performing at Radio City Music Hall, and the Backstreet Boys happened to be in the city on the same week, so it became a "goal" to have the Backstreet Boys come out on stage while the New Kids sang their cover. The reaction was so favorable, a 52 city, North American tour was born.

Wahlberg is awaiting official word about a second season of his CBS show "Blue Bloods," for which he plays a cop in a family of cops, which includes the legendary Tom Selleck. Donnie says the show's "true to life" dialogue is what attracted him to the project in the first place, reminding him of his own family life with his brothers and sisters.

Watch the video to hear even more from Donnie about his new TV role, and upcoming tour.

Video courtesy of BlancoDiddy

NKOTBSB on E! News

Last night E! News did a segment on NKOTB and BSB recording together. Here is the clip:

Youtube video courtesy of BlancoDIddy

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jordan Knight to perform at the Kiss Concert

Kiss 108 announced that Jordan will be performing at the Kiss Concert 2011. It's on May 21 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA from 3 to 11PM.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Listen for a Jordan Knight announcement tomorrow on Kiss 108

Kiss 108 sent out the following tweet today:

Hey Jordan Knight fans! Tune into Matty at 7:10 a.m. Thursday for a major announcement! ; ) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blue Bloods season finale preview clip

Here is a preview clip of the Blue Bloods season finale "The Blue Templar":

Update: the original video has been deleted, but here’s a couple videos from this episode!

Youtube videos courtesy of Jamko4Ever

Monday, May 9, 2011

Track listing and preview of "Unfinished" by Jordan Knight

iTunes has the track listing and previews of the songs on Jordan's new album "Unfinished". Click here to listen (then click on the "View in iTunes" button to listen to the previews).

Here are the tracks:

1 Let's Go Higher
2 Unfinished
3 Like A Wave
4 One More Night
5 Stingy
6 Kiss It Away
7 Inside
8 O-Face
9 Rockstar
10 Up N Down
11 Believe
12 Never Alone (Bonus Track)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More DVDs featuring Donnie Wahlberg available

When viewing the Blue Bloods DVD page, I noticed there are a couple more DVDs featuring Donnie Wahlberg you may be interested in:

The DVD for season one of Rizzoli and Isles is also coming soon (the release date is June 28, 2011). Donnie appeared on 2 episodes ("Sympathy for the Devil" and "Boston Strangler Redux"). You can pre-order the DVD here.

Also, the DVD for season 3 of "In Plain Sight" in which Donnie appeared in one episode ("Father Goes West") is also available. Click here to order that DVD.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

NKOTB Rehearsal Bubble Tweets

Here are a couple videos of the New Kids having fun at rehearsals...

Videos courtesy of New Kids News

Watch Jordan and Jonathan Knight on When I was 17

Here is video of Jordan and Jonathan on MTV's "When I was 17":

I found a short clip: Click here to watch!

Update: here is a longer clip: 

MTV posted this article: 

It's hard enough to balance school work, extracurricular activities and a social life in high school, but it's even harder when you throw superstardom into the mix. Just ask Jordan Knight.

On the latest episode of "When I Was 17," which airs Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on MTV, the pop star recalls balancing school grades with his teen fame as the lead singer of New Kids on the Block.

"When I was 17, me and rest of the New Kids, we would do shows on the weekends," he says on the episode. "We'd be up late at night and be like 'I don't want to go to school.' We'd come in late, so I was kind of getting bad grades."

As all moms do, Knight's mother, Marlene, offers a softer perspective on the singer's lackluster school efforts, saying, "Jordan was an average student. I don't think he had the time to excel."

Knight's not-so-good grades hit a new low when the pop star began failing science class, which would have cost him a diploma. Luckily, he struck a deal with his teacher to do a report in exchange for a passing grade.

Even with his second chance, Knight just couldn't find it in him to do the assignment, so he looked to a fellow classmate to get the job done. "There was a girl in my class, and I was like, 'Can you give me a report so I can forge it?' So, she's like, 'Yeah, yeah, I can do that,' " he tells MTV.

With a looming due date, Jordan explains that when he reached out to his classmate, he was met with some disappointing news.

"It was in the back of my head. I'm like 'Damn, I got to do this report,' because it was a Friday. The last day to hand it in was Monday," the 40-year-old recalls. "So I called her up, and she's like, 'Oh my God. I was going to give to it you. It's in my car, and it got towed.' "

Here is an excerpt from an article about the show from ew.com: 

MTV just aired the latest edition of When I Was 17, an opportunity to discover what some of our favorite pop stars were doing when they were just shy of being legal. This go around, Jordan Knight (right) of New Kids on the Block fame, 90210 actor Tristan Wilds, and Nikita actor Shane West all confessed their teen sins and embarrassments. Check out the highlights below.

Jordan Knight (17 from 1987-88)

Hi hair – “My hair was kind of short on the side, big on the top,” Knight explained. “But I had, like, a rat tail.” “I remember the day he cut it off my mother kept it,” his brother Jonathon recalls. “So it’s sitting around in a box somewhere. “

Cheaters prosper? – As a senior in high school and burgeoning pop star, Knight didn’t have the time to do homework and almost didn’t graduate. Thank goodness a classmate gave him her science report. He then re-typed it in an attempt to make it more authentic. “I passed it in that Monday morning,” Knight remembers. “The teacher’s like, ‘Jordan Knight… congratulations. You have graduated high school.’” Victory, and a diploma, was his.

Favorite album: Al B. Sure!’s In Effect Mode

Favorite movie: Coming to America

Random: “I was a ping-pong fiend.”

Friday, May 6, 2011

NKOTB Cruise 2011 Itinerary

The cruise intineraries were sent out today, here is the schedule!

NKOTB Cruise 2011 Itinerary

Day One: Thursday, May 12th, 2011

12:00PM - 2:30PM Arrival Onboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Destiny

3:30PM - 4:30PM Mandatory Emergency Boat Drill

4:45PM Sail Away Party with NKOTB on Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10

6:00PM Doors Open Group B* Palladium Lounge (Event is Assigned Seating)

6:00PM Dinner Group A* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

6:30PM Game Show Group B

8:15PM Dinner Group B* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

9:30PM Doors Open Group A* Palladium Lounge (Event is Assigned Seating)

10:00PM Game Show Group A

11:30PM Deck Party Groups A&B Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10

12:00AM - 1:00AM

Cocktail Party Open Bar Groups A&B Lido Deck 10

Tonight’s Theme is "Totally 80's Night"

Day Two: Friday, May 13th, 2011

9:30AM Silver Gold & Pink Wristbands meet in Palladium Lounge to board the tenders

10:00AM Orange Wristbands meet in Criterion Lounge

11:30AM - 1:30PM Lunch is served at Half Moon Cay.

You will be able to purchase soda & alcoholic beverages via your sail & sign card. Don't forget to bring your picture ID, Sail & Sign Card & plenty of sun screen. All other wristband colors, times and locations will be announced onboard. You are welcome to eat or wait on Lido until your wristband color is called.

1:30PM Concert on Half Moon Cay Beach

Guests with priority seating, Silver Gold, Pink and Cabana wristbands, will be admitted to a reserved section. All other guests will have standing room general admission.

3:00PM Beach Games - Medals will be awarded

6:00PM Dinner Group A* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

7:00PM Last Tender Departs Half Moon Cay

8:15PM Dinner Group B* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

10:00PM Blue Bloods Screening with Donnie- Event is General Admission- Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10

11:15PM Deck Party Groups A&B with DJ Lido Deck 9 & Spa Deck 10

Tonight’s Theme is "Pajama Jam & Toga Party"

Day Three: Saturday, May 14th, 2011

9:00AM Nassau

5:15 PM Doors Open for Group B * Palladium Lounge (Event is Assigned Seating)
5:45PM Acoustic Wood & The Joe Show Group B Palladium

6:00PM Dinner Group A* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

8:15PM Dinner Group B* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

11:00PM Dance for the Cure- Make your $10 donation in the Carnival Formality Shop to participate Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10

12:00AM Deck Party Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10

Tonight’s Theme is "Pink Night"

Day Four: Sunday, May 15th, 2011

6:30AM Must be back onboard Destiny

10:00AM Poker Tournament in the Casino Promenade Deck 5

The 90 Selected Players Names will be posted in the casino and the hospitality desk in the Downbeat Lounge Deck 5.

10:30AM Photo Session Group A (groups of 10) Criterion Lounge

12:00PM Photo Session Group B (groups of 10) Criterion Lounge

3:30PM Stretchify with Jordan Knight- Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10
This Event is General Admission- Bring your yoga mat from home

3:30PM DDub Back Rub- Criterion Lounge Promenade Deck 5
This Event is General Admission- Space is limited

5:00PM NKOTB*I*N*G*O- Lido Deck 9 & SPA Deck 10
This Event is General Admission

6:00PM Dinner Group A* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

7:45PM Doors Open Group A * Palladium Lounge (Event is Assigned Seating)

8:15PM Acoustic Wood & The Joe Show Group A Palladium

8:15PM Dinner Group B* (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

11:00PM Poker Tournament Final Table in the Casino with Donnie Wahlberg

11:00PM Deck Party Groups A&B with DJ

Tonight’s Theme is "RED CARPET"

Day Five: Monday, May 16th, 2011

Day of Debarkation

8:00AM Arrive at Miami Cruise Terminal

Additional Information
The NKOTB Concert will be held on Half Moon Cay. All guests with preferred seating will be admitted into a reserved section. Only guests with Silver, Gold, Pink and cabana wristbands will be admitted to this section. Any guest that attempts to enter the reserved section without a proper wristband will be removed. All other guests will have general admission for the show. Please respect your fellow guests during the concert. The concert is standing only. VIDEO IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE CONCERT! There will be limited shade during the concert. Please remember sunscreen, hats and drink plenty of water.

Stretchify with Jordan Knight
If you would like to participate with Jordan, please bring your yoga mat from home.

Guests with Early Dining are in Group A. (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

Guests with Late Dining are in Group B. (Galaxy Dining Room or Universe Dining Room Lobby Deck 3 & Atlantic Deck 4)

You will receive your dining room assignment at check in. Seating in the dining rooms is open. Please arrive at assigned dining room with your party, the Maitre D’ will seat you. Other options for dinner are 24 hour room service, dinner buffet on Lido Deck or the 24 hour Pizzeria.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NKOTBSB to appear on Today Show on June 3rd

According to Zap2It.com, The New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys will be performing on the Today show on June 3rd!

Jordan Knight's Album Release Party

Jordan will have an Official Album Release Party for his album "Unfinished" on May 31st in New York. Here are some details:

Mass Appeal Entertainment & JK Music Present:
Jordan Knight "Unfinished" The Official Album Release Party
featuring Special Guest Kat DeLuna
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 8:30 PM EDT (7:30 PM Doors)
Canal Room, New York, NY
21 years and over

Donnie Wahlberg on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow

Donnie did an interview with Mary Hart which will air on tomorrow's episode of Entertainment Tonight. Time and channel varies by location, you can find when it airs in your city on the Entertainment Tonight website.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Bloods Coming to DVD

Blue Bloods season 1 is coming to DVD! There has not been a release date yet, but you can pre-order it here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Danny Wood Interview with USA Today

Danny was interviewed by USA Today about raising money for breast cancer research and the upcoming tour:

Attention New Kids on the Block fans: It's time to dust off your favorite NKOTB T's (if you still have them). The chart-topping boy band is gearing up once again for a world tour this summer.

New to the line-up? Well, for one, they've got a couple of new singles out with that other popular boy band -- The Backstreet Boys -- which is coming along for the ride this summer.

But what caught my eye is the band's commitment to raising money to fight breast cancer this time around, thanks to band member Danny Wood's insistence that the band partner with ticketing website Tickets-for-Charity to do it.

As you may recall from a previous Kindness post, Tickets-for-Charity works like any other online ticket seller except that, each time you purchase a ticket, part of the ticket sale goes to the performer's charity of choice (in NKOTB's case, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure) and another part goes to your charity of choice from this list of Tickets-for-Charity's non-profit partners. The company also takes an industry-standard service fee to operate the platform and manage donations. So a win-win for all.

I caught up with Wood last week to learn more about the tour and why this cause is so important to him.

Kindness: Tell us more about the upcoming tour. Did you ever think the NKOTB would be touring again?

Danny Wood: Our upcoming tour will feature NKOTB and Backstreet Boys. We have formed a new super group. I am super excited to be on tour with bsb, because they carried the torch for us after we broke up in 1995. BSB took the boy band concept to new levels and now we get to raise the bar again together.
I never thought that NKOTB would reunite. I was content with being a single dad with 4 kids living in Miami. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to this all again a second time.

Kindness: What can your fans expect from the tour? Is there any new material?

Wood: Fans can expect a high energy show full of hit record. Between the two groups there are many hits. We also have a new single with BSB called "Don't turn out the Lights" NKOTBSB and another new song we did together called "All in my Head" which will be featured on the combines greatest hits album from NKOTBSB coming out May 24th.

Kindness: How did the your partnership with Tickets for Charity come together?Were you surprised to learn that a ticket sales model like this existed?

Wood: Carrie Glasscock from the Komen foundation brought it to my attention. Carrie facilitates all of the charity work I do with Komen. She told me about it, and I insisted we need to work with Tickets for Charity and make all the money raised go to Komen. I was not surprised, but very happy that fans could purchase tickets to our shows and help Komen.

Kindness: For fans that aren't aware of Tickets-for-Charity's model: How does it work?

Wood: Fans can purchase tickets for our upcoming tour through www.ticketsforcharity.com. Tickets are sold at face value plus a fixed donation amount to charity (ranging from $15 - $50 depending on the city and seat location) that automatically benefits Komen for the Cure and its work to help find a cure and save lives.

Kindness: Why did you choose Susan G. Komen as the charity to receive these funds?

Wood: My mother, Betty Wood, passed away from breast cancer 11 years ago. When NKOTB reunited, I knew this was a chance to keep her memory alive and raise money. Komen was a natural partner, being they are the leader in raising money for breast cancer research. I have a website that keeps all the fans connected and fight breast cancer together www.rememberbetty.com

Kindness: Are you and/or the band doing anything else to support this charity (or any other charities) during the tour?

Wood: During the tour I will be raffling off my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It will travel with us on the road and be displayed in all the arenas. It is currently undergoing a custom paint job with pink ribbons on the bike. All proceed will go to the Komen foundation. All info on the raffle will be up on www.rememberbetty.com soon.

In related charity news, member Donnie Wahlberg made recent waves on Twitter by turning to his 100k+ followers on the social media site to help find a kidney for an ailing fan from Nashville, Tenn.

To keep up with the latest in philanthropy, follow Kindness on Twitter @USATKindness.

NKOTB on Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal Footage

Here is a video clip of the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys doing a rehearsal for their performance on Dancing With the Stars:

Youtube video courtesy of WetpaintTV

Poughkeepsie Journal: Jordan Knight answers questions from the fans

Sean Mcmann from the Poughkeepsie Journal had the opportunity to interview Jordan. Here are some of the questions and answers from his column:

Jordan Knight answered YOUR questions!!!
Posted on May 3, 2011 by seanmcmann
Leading up to K104′s annual KFest concert at Dutchess Stadium, set for June 5 at Dutchess Stadium, I interviewed headliner Jordan Knight about everything from his local appearance here, his new solo CD “Unfinished,” the latest New Kids On The Block news and more! I spoke to Jordan less than 72 hours after his New Kids and the Backstreet Boys — you might know them as NKOTBSB — took to the stage for a pair of nationally televised performances on ABC’s hit show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

My interview also came just a couple hours before Jordan and his people actually finished “Unfinished,” mastering the tracks on the CD that is set to drop later this month. Even with his busy schedule, Jordan answered a bunch of my questions, including a few that “Sean’s Space” readers e-mailed me for consideration.

In less than 24 hours between when I reached out to fans for questions and when Jordan called me, I got dozens of questions for JK from everywhere from Georgia and Ohio, to Germany, Spain and England, where I suspect fans like Samantha were waiting for the royal wedding to begin. Instead of posing one reader-submitted question for Jordan, as promised, I asked three of your questions to JK, and here are his answers…

Christine from Germantown, NY: Your “Jordan Knight” CD (seen here) came out the same year (1999) your first child was born. Do you find it harder now to juggle touring and family responsibilities?
Jordan Knight: I think as you get a little older and have more on your plate, you have to clear your plate to put more on your plate. You do a little less partying. You conserve your energy. (Life) is more fast-paced — in fact, it’s pretty fast-paced — but I’m more than happy to do it.

Jenny from Old Bridge, NJ: Your past few TV appearances and interviews have showcased the happiest, “smiliest” Jordan K I’ve ever seen. Is this because you’re finally calling the shots musically for yourself?
Jordan Knight: I think it’s kind of a more of a return to me being focused and doing the music I love to do. It was all about me being focused. I’ve really come home, honed in and not listened to music executives. I’m just getting back to making good music.

Jason from Methuen, Mass.: Will the New Kids On The Block be doing another album/tour by themselves again?
Jordan Knight: There’s a great chance of that happening. There’s an audience there, obviously, and we love what we’re doing. I don’t see why not.

Again, Jordan was great to talk to and he really took his time thinking of each answer and giving thoughtful answers, and this is just a small sampling of our conversation. He and his people were great to work with, and I appreciated all their efforts. Thanks, too, to everyone who e-mailed a question for Jordan, and I hope Christine, Jenny and Jason got the answers they hoped for!

Look for my full story about Jordan’s appearance at KFest in the June 3 issue of the Poughkeepsie Journal and on our website. I’ll also be covering the show and hopefully catching up with JK before or after his set at the concert, so stay tuned here to “Sean’s Space”…

Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview with Jordan from the Edmonton Journal

Here is an article/interview with Jordan from the Edmonton Journal. He talks about 2 more songs from his upcoming album: "Make It Loud" and "Alone", doing an album on his own label, the NKOTBSB tour and more:

EDMONTON - A week before he flew across the country to begin tour rehearsals in Los Angeles, Jordan Knight was at home in Boston, watching CNN and thinking about taking his 11-year-old son to hockey tryouts later that night.

“He’s got a little Canadian streak in him,” Knight joked.

It’s hard to believe this New Kid on the Block has kids of his own.

In two weeks, Knight will turn 41, but time otherwise seems to be standing still.

On Tuesday, he releases his latest solo album, Unfinished, a “very melodic and rhythmic and sexy” collection that comes on the heels of lead single Let’s Go Higher, a dance number striving to land somewhere between Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

The music video for the song features Knight in a club, alternately dancing with a girl and breaking it down with two backup dancers.

At the end of the month, he will embark on a North American tour with the rest of the New Kids and their successors, the Backstreet Boys. Knight’s summer will be spent singing the hits that set teenage hearts aflutter more than two decades ago. They stop at Rexall Place in Edmonton on July 12.

“I didn’t think this would happen,” said Knight. That he’s still singing songs peppered with ‘ooh babies’ seems surreal, but then again, those words don’t have quite the same effect as they used to.

“I guess it is a little bit calmer,” Knight said. “All the girls aren’t acting on such high doses of hormone. Well, maybe they are, I don’t know. Everyone’s a little more mature now.”

At the height of their fame, the New Kids packed arenas with screaming, often crying, girls smitten with their good looks, catchy songs, and slick choreography. There was significantly less crying on the band’s 2008 reunion tour and the fire for the NKOTBSB supergroup might better be described as embers, stoked by nostalgia.

Knight, however, sees this as a good thing. “I think we’re able to soak in more, like we’re able to soak in the love from the crowd a little more. And I think the fans are able to soak us in more because they’re not blinded by this new thing, the newness of it all, the overwhelming emotion of it all. They’re able to deal with their emotions a little better so they’re able to actually hear what we’re saying.”

Even as he prepares for a throwback tour, Knight is looking forward, hoping to revive his solo career at the same time. A little more than a decade ago, it looked like Knight might emerge from boyband-dom unscathed — he’d scored a major hit with Give It To You, the single that helped send his self-titled debut album to gold in the United States. But all three albums that came afterward failed to chart. Now, almost five years since his last EMI release Love Songs, he’s issuing Unfinished on his own label, JK Music.

“It means that I’m making my own decisions, I’m using my own money to do it. Of course, then you reap more of the benefits obviously. It’s showing that I control my own destiny. Instead of a record label, a major record label, saying, ‘Yeah, we’ll put your record out and we’ll see what happens,’ it’s like, ‘no, I want to be on the front lines with it and I really want to make sure everything goes right’.”

While a major label might treat his work “like a piece of meat,” Knight feels he can give Unfinished the “best shot possible” on his own imprint.

A collaborative effort between Knight and writers and producers who have worked with Chris Brown, the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga, the album is primarily an uptempo mix, in line with Top 40 trends. “Songs like Let’s Go Higher — it’s kinda a fad. It’s in right now,” he said. “I didn’t do it just because of the trend but that kind of music is infectious and I like it.”

As he talks about the record, Knight keeps an eye on the television, tuned to CNN. Many of his songs, he said, were inspired by current events. Make It Loud, a “big, anthem-y kinda song” was written in response to turmoil in the Middle East. Another, called Alone, was written as Knight followed the story of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, who jumped off New Jersey’s George Washington Bridge in September after his roommate secretly recorded and posted a sex tape of him with another man on the Internet. “It’s kinda telling people, ‘If no one is your friend, I’ll be your friend and you’re never alone’.”

Writing music based on the news, Knight said, “makes the music relatable. It makes it current.”

As far as boybands go, ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake may be the only one who has successfully transitioned into a solo star. For most others, a past in manufactured pop is an instant black mark. But Knight embraces his New Kid label. “At this point in time, I still think of myself more as a New Kid. I’m not trying to make a statement like, ‘I’m solo. I’m leaving. I’m branching off.’ It’s more like I’m a New Kid and I also do solo stuff.”

Being a forever young New Kid can help.

“More people hear my solo work because I am a New Kid. So that really outweighs any negative. People might pigeonhole me because of ‘He’s a boybander; He’s a New Kid, blah blah blah.’ But you always have to prove yourself. And I think the material’s the most important thing. If the song’s good, then you really don’t have to do much for it.”

For Knight, Unfinished is “already successful. It’s already a success because I like it, I think the music on it is great and because the fans are all picking it up and pre-ordering it and they’re going to hear it. That to me is successful.”

Another opening act for the NKOTBSB Tour Announced

Ashlyne Huff will be joining New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys on tour on select dates. 

Listen to "Inside" a new song from Jordan Knight!

Donnie Wahlberg debuted the a new song called "Inside" from Jordan Knight's upcoming "Unfinished" album on last night's "Back Rub" on Cherry Tree Radio. 

The original video has been deleted, but here’s “Inside” by Jordan Knight: