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Retro Rewind's interview with Joey

Joey's complete interview with Retro Rewind (he talks about his new EP):

Retro Rewind: A Conversation with Joey McIntyre from Retro Rewind with Dave Harris on Vimeo.

Articles about the House of Blues Concert

Here are some articles about the House of Blues Concert... Check out my Twitter page for links to videos from the show.

Article from




NEW YORK – New Kids on the Block brought the holiday cheer to a sold out crowd at Boston’s House of Blues during a special holiday show this past weekend to benefit great Boston’s Toys for Tots. The Boston boys sold out their show within minutes, and with all net proceeds from the event going directly to Toys for Tots, the group raised over 60k instantly. In addition to the monetary donations that poured in, fans filled FIVE plus truckloads of brand new toys to support the charity.

“We’ve said it before, but we can never say it enough, we have the most amazing fans in the world. It is their generosity and dedication that made this all possible,” said Donnie Wahlberg. “Thanks to them, we are able to do what we do and help to give back. 5 truckloads of brand new toys went to Toys for Tots last night!!! The trucks were brimming! It was truly the most incredible sight.”

“Santa who? The New Kids bring more toys than that guy!” exclaimed Sergeant Clint T Schibner of Greater Boston Toys for Tots. Going on, the Sergeant said, “We are absolutely amazed at the sincerity and generosity the New Kids have not only shown Toys for Tots, but more importantly the less fortunate children of the Boston area…their hometown! Marines pride themselves on taking care of their own. The New Kids can take pride in knowing their contribution, as well as their fans’ contributions, will affect the lives of tens of thousands of children in the communities where they grew up, thus, taking care of their own.”

Promising a fun night full of surprises, the group did not disappoint. NKOTB showed some fan appreciation performing hit after hit including classic NKOTB holiday songs that haven’t been performed live in over 15 years! The New Kids pulled out all the stops even bringing local legends Johnny Gill and Ricky Bell from New Edition on stage to sing their joint song “Full Service” from New Kids’ recent album, “The Block.” The Boston boys even debuted their brand new song, “Coming Home” which fans received as a free download when the pre-ordered the band’s upcoming DVD of the same name. Adding more local flavor, NKOTB invited local businessman Ernie Boch to open and even play with them on select songs with his band Ernie and the Automatics. With non-stop action and surprise after surprise, lucky NKOTB fans were certainly treated to a one of a kind evening.


One Song
Step by Step
Coming Home - First Ever Live Performance
Dirty Dancing
Full Service - w/ Johnny Gill and Ricky Bell of New Edition
Merry Christmas Intro
Funky Funky Christmas
Last Night I Saw Santa
Chestnuts Roasting
Oh Holy Night
This One’s for the Children
Toys for Tots Check Presentation
Right Stuff
Hangin’ Tough

For more information please visit

Article from Boston Globe:

Fanatical devotion greets New Kids’ holiday spectacle
By Jonathan Perry, Globe Correspondent December 22, 2009

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet - nor two canceled flights nor a seven-hour delay, for that matter - was going to keep Amy Stroud and Laurel Mahaney from seeing New Kids on the Block bring down the House of Blues on Sunday. “I said we can’t not do this - we’ve gotta support our boys,’’ said Stroud, 36, as she stood with her friend near the rear of the sold-out room, both of them happily singing along with Jordan Knight as he cavorted to “Dirty Dancing.’’ “I think they love us as much as we love them.’’

With that in mind, both friends, who met at a New Kids show back in the day, braved the weekend blizzard and flew into Boston from their home state of Oklahoma. It was a rough flight, they admitted, but worth every bump. Stroud, who lives in Tulsa, said it was the 20th time she’s caught a New Kids show (including four trips to Boston). “I’ve only seen them 12 times,’’ said Mahaney, 33, who lives in Tahlequah.

Such is the kind of fanatical devotion New Kids on the Block engender more than 20 years after their debut album and more than a year into a highly successful reunion and tour that brought the now-all-grown-up boy band to the House of Blues for a benefit show supporting Toys for Tots. And a show it was - as much glitzy, campy, holiday-themed spectacle (did you expect anything less?) as concert showcasing songs from the Kids’ ’08 comeback album, “The Block.’’

Of course, we got many of the monster hits that, along with NKOTB predecessors New Edition (whose Johnny Gill joined the Kids onstage), helped spawn a generation of boy bands. “Step by Step’’ (cue rapturous screams from the overwhelmingly female audience) and the show-closing “Tonight’’ (cue more rapturous screams) were two particularly giddy trips to the time-machine.

We also got all the preening and wooing, all the choreographed dancing and clowning around, all the cheesy buddy banter among Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, and Danny that’s always been at least as important as the music. And yes, they still looked sharp in their tailored suits as they paraded down the stage runway, taking solo turns to croon in the spotlight.

This being the season to be jolly, the boys pulled a handful of holiday nuggets (circa 1989’s “Merry, Merry Christmas’’) from their Santa goodie bag of a set list. De facto bad boy Donnie Wahlberg led a spirited rendition of “Funky, Funky Xmas’’ and jumped from a piano. Jordan, sporting a red and white Santa’s hat, unleashed his heart-melting falsetto on “The Christmas Song.’’ Joey McIntyre got off on the wrong key (“Jesus, you did not give me the right note tonight,’’ he said, gazing up at the rafters) before requesting a do-over and then making like an angelic American Idol on “O Holy Night.’’ The seven-piece gospel choir screamed sincerity. Joey’s sunglasses at night - indoors - did not.

Ernie and the Automatics opened with a set long on covers and genial bar-band blues-rock. Although the band is ostensibly led by auto titan and group namesake Ernie Boch Jr., the presence of guitarist Barry Goudreau and drummer Sib Hashian - both onetime members of the band Boston - was easily the outfit’s biggest selling point, as its medley of Boston hits made clear.

Article from Boston Herald:

New Kids bring holiday cheer to House of Blues
By Barry Thompson Monday, December 21, 2009 Music News

Photo by Kelvin Ma
The holidays are supposed to be about togetherness, presents, cookies and other warm, fuzzy things. Boy bands, on the other hand, are usually about searing aural agony and the mutual humiliation of both performer and listener. Usually, boy bands are not about fuzzy things. Boy bands are about hogwash.

That doesn’t mean the New Kids on the Block can’t use their evil power to spread cheer. Sixty dollars might seem like a steep price to see yet another reunion from the Boston quintet who served as the late 80s/early 90s equivalent of the Jonas Brothers. But net proceeds from Sunday night’s NKOTB concert went to Toys for Tots, and many revelers brought a toy to donate. NKOTB may be exploiting their fans’ nostalgia, but this time, it was to improve the holidays for some underprivileged youngsters. Perhaps NKOTB are on the path to redemption.

By now, some of NKOTB’s original devotees are pushing the age requirement for cougardom. But when the curtain rose on the matching black-suit-outfitted former teen idols, the sold-out room unleashed a collective shriek that could match any response Robert Pattinson’s gotten recently. During some good-natured banter - and after Joey McIntyre admitted to flubbing a verse - Donnie Wahlberg mentioned it was getting moist at the end of the platform into the crowd. He was probably only exaggerating a little.

Of course their music is hammy and dated, and their latest tune, “Coming Home,” is so close to elevator music it barely qualifies as a song. On the plus side, it was sort of cool when two members of New Edition made a surprise appearance. At worse, it was pretty entertaining to watch five guys histrionically prance around as if they were playing street toughs in a Broadway musical.

After the New Editioners ducked out, opening act Ernie and the Automatics backed NKOTB for the second half of the show. Faux snow fell from the ceiling as NKOTB offered up a number from their 1990 Christmas album. Then this Herald scribe scrambled off early to make deadline.

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McIntyre and mates look forward to House of Blues

Joey was interviewed by the Boston Globe:

Rockin’ with the Kids
McIntyre and mates look forward to House of Blues - and beyond
By Sarah Rodman, Globe Staff | December 18, 2009

Joey McIntyre is on the phone promising that the New Kids on the Block show on Sunday at the House of Blues will hew toward traditional New England holiday rituals. ‘‘We’re going to have a harp. We’re going to have bonnets on and muffs. It’s a Pilgrim Christmas,’’ he says with a chuckle. Of course, the youngest member of the recently reunited boy band is kidding. They may have rocked pegged pants in the ’80s, but there’s no way McIntyre, 36, and his brothers in synchronized choreography — Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight — would be caught dead in a muff. The sold-out show, a benefit for Toys for Tots, will be the last stand in the reunion for now as each Kid returns to solo pursuits. When we chatted with McIntyre, he was excited to talk about his new seven-song iTunes EP, an uptempo pop affair called ‘‘Here We Go Again,’’ but even more jazzed about the arrival of his second child, another son, born Sunday. After a few weeks on diaper duty with his wife, Barrett, McIntyre will return to the Hub on Jan. 14 for a solo show at the Paradise.

Q. So what’s the story with Sunday’s show?

A. We’re going to have a party; there’s no way around it. But there’s going to be a genuine performance too. Maybe do a couple of the hits and some Christmas songs and really just be together and have a good time and raise a lot of money for Toys for Tots.

Q. It’s been six months since the tour ended. With the benefit of a little hindsight, how do you feel the reunion went?

A. To just be a part of that experience was beyond any of our imaginations. It was amazing. Personally, I’m an intense guy so sometimes that was interesting. (Laughs.) You have five different personalities. I love these guys, they’re my brothers, but I am my own artist at the same time. So sometimes that was difficult to navigate for me. And I know it’s crazy because you think, Joe, what are you worried about? It’s nothing but success.

Q. I would imagine since you’re all grown men now with separate lives, coming back together for such a long stretch probably was great fun some days and probably felt like a big mistake on other days. And you all have actual brothers, too, so it’s not like you need more family.

A. Yeah, exactly. (Laughs.) And I’m the pipsqueak little brother. Everybody else gets along fine except for me. But that being said, we all have a great time and we get on the conference calls and we [chat] and have a lot of laughs and everything’s cool. And we’re thrilled about the stuff we get to do. We ordered up another cruise in May.

Q. Were you on the first one for the whole time or did you get whisked on and off by helicopter?

A. No, no, we were on it the whole time. You’d think, OK, 2,000 girls, where the hell are you going to go? But they didn’t feel the need to chase you around, because you were on the boat. So it was like, Hey, how you doing? See you on the lido deck in two hours. (Laughs.) It was all totally cool.

Q. When did you start thinking you wanted to do a solo thing again?

A. On the second or third leg of the New Kids tour when we were in Europe I started getting mad. I get mad because I hear all the nos: “No, you can’t do it because of this.’’ “Look at the state of the music business - who’s going to want it?’’ “You’re wasting your time.’’ “You’re not good enough.’’ All those cliché things. So I knew I was getting itchy, but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. As soon as I came off the road I went right into the studio, and I was lucky enough to team up with three guys, a production and songwriting team [Brent Paschke, Drew Ryan Scott, and Gabe Lopez]. We wrote all these songs, and I think that angst is in the music. “Here We Go Again’’ is about getting back in the fight and staying in there. It’s honest, but it’s cool at the same time, and that’s the idea, to be honest.

Q. For the solo tour will you have a full band or play to tracks?

A. It’s going to be a band; it’s going to be full-blown. I could’ve done seven songs to tracks with some dancers and signed some autographs, but I decided to rock and roll and do it the right way, or the way I think it should be done.

Q. Have you guys talked about making another record and keeping the New Kids reunion going?

A. I don’t think we’re going to be making music too soon. We’ve got a couple of things on the horizon. We want to do stuff that’s cool and that we’re excited about and that we think the fans would be excited about, like the House of Blues date and the cruise. What we were able to experience and have with the fans is really cool, so we’re not going to blow it.

Sarah Rodman can be reached at

Donnie interviewed by

Here are a couple videos from

Donnie talks about Twitter

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Donnie on Kiss 108

Donnie was on Kiss 108 in Boston this morning...

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Joey interviewed by Popeater

Joey interviewed by Popeater Joey McIntyre Talks New Baby, New EP 

Posted Tuesday 15 December 06:30 PM By: Brooke Tarnoff

Full disclosure: I was a 12-year-old girl when New Kids on the Block released their monster hit 'Hangin' Tough,' so you'd be wise to take me with a grain of salt when I say that Joey McIntyre was the dreamiest pop singer that ever graced the pages of Tiger Beat. They say you should never meet your heroes, and having chatted with McIntyre shortly before the birth of his new son Rhys Edward, I'm happy to say they're wrong. The one-time New Kid was every bit as charming and sweet as a 12-year-old could dream, and I was thrilled to get the inside scoop on McIntyre's brand-new album 'Here We Go Again,' his brand-new family addition, and how he feels about his career post-NKOTB. Read our exclusive interview after the jump.

I know you hear this on a daily basis, but I was a huge New Kids fan.


I think this is fairly sophisticated for a twelve-year-old: I was going to wait until you weren't popular anymore and five million screaming girls weren't competing for your attention, then make my move... even if it took decades. You ruined it by staying active in the industry for your entire adult life.

[Laughs] Wow. I never got too pathetic? You really schemed that out, like "I'll wait 'til no one wants him."

Good, right?

Really good. Hey, I was close. Here's the deal though, when I was pathetic, when I was unwanted, you were flying high.

Oh, I don't know.

Then, by the time you remembered to think, 'I wonder what Joe's doing,' I'd already come back.

Bad for me, good for you. But really, you have been working consistently for years, if not always where your original, mainstream audience could see you. So I think the choice to do 'Dancing With the Stars' in its first season was pretty bold. On network TV with no real idea of what to expect.

That's the risk. I had cold sweats about that, literally in bed going, "What am I doing?" Since New Kids, before ['DWTS'], I had a top ten single on my own, I had done a lot on MTV, I did a season on 'Boston Public' as a regular and I was on Broadway in 'Wicked' when it was huge. I did all these things, so that's why it was so hard for me to do a reality show. But it made me think - "It is music, it is dance. I'm going to learn from these peeople."

I was at a place where, I'd just come off Broadway, and I was antsy. In a perfect world, I would have been doing another TV show, but the situation came up. To be honest, it wasn't a decision where I was like, "Yeah! This is going to be cool!"

The show turned out to be a big deal. Are you glad you did it?

It's different now. Part of me wishes we had a results night - you know, it was six episodes. In that first season, you could kick ass on the third episode - but you weren't getting judged on the third episode. You were getting voted on the second show, the last show. It was really complicated, and you see the way it is now with the perfect format. I was able to go on a few tours with them and sing some songs - overall, it was a win situation.

So you would rather have done it during a later season?

Yeah. You don't get any points for being a leader. [Laughs] You don't hear Joey Fatone saying, "I want to thank Joe McIntyre for launching this show." But not to be corny - I like being a leader, I like to do things that are new and try things. It's great entertainment. It's great for the whole family, there's not a lot of TV like that. And those dancers are amazing.

Your wife is about to give birth - you must be over the moon.

Yes. Our son just turned two and he's the greatest. I just had to watch him get his first stitches yesterday. Oh man. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger - but that killed me. He's the best, and we're going to have two boys running around. I'm very, very, very fortunate.

Is there anything you're going to do differently with your new son?

I see my wife and how amazing she is, and how giving, how loving - it's just over the top. I watch that and go - "Can you imagine? You're going to have just as much love for someone else?" But you find the love. There's no end to finding the energy and the love. We're going to have a great time.

Given that you've been so active professionally - you have a new album out right now - I was pleasantly surprised that you chose to do a New Kids reunion. It's not something you see that often - Justin Timberlake isn't running back to hook up with 'N Sync. What went into that decision for you?

I think the process was tough at times for me. I am my own artist, we have five different strong personalities - very talented - but the cool thing is that when you have those five people with a lot to offer and you can communicate, great things happen. We were able to put together a really great reunion. All that being said, our fans stepped up before we even did anything. They made everything so much easier. The experience was awesome. The timing has to be right, and the timing was right for everybody. We definitely made the most of it.

We'd have pockets in the crowd of three or four teenage girls, and it would be hilarious. Sometimes they'd be, like, losing their sh-- like you did when you were 12.

I listened to your new single, 'Here We Go Again,' and it's very stylish, very rhythmic. Is this the sound for the whole EP?

Yeah. The direction started with an attitude. When I started to get itchy to write again, make some music, I heard a lot of no. No, you're wasting your time, look at the business, it's so hard, why do it, blah blah blah. All those things, and I think that angst and that energy drove the music. I think that's why it's very in-your-face and up tempo. I was able to find a producing and songwriting team that I wrote this music with, and we hit it off. We just wanted to kinda rock out and kick ass.

Possible NKOTB appearances this Friday and Saturday

Boston Globe speculates about possible NKOTB appearances this Friday and Saturday:

Two of the New Kids on the Block were in Norwood last night putting the finishing touches on the group’s sold-out benefit show for Toys for Tots, which will be held Sunday night at the House of Blues. Car magnate Ernie Boch, whose band Ernie and the Automatics will open Sunday’s show, gave his private hangar space at the airport to the New Kids so that they could practice their moves. The only Kids at the airport last night were Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight. Among the missing was Joey McIntyre, whose wife just had a baby a few days ago. There’s no official word on where the Kids will be between now and Sunday, but we have some guesses. Wahlberg’s protege, hip-hop artist Jimmy Marsh, has a gig at Vintage lounge on Broad Street on Friday night. The poster for the party says that Marsh will welcome a “special invited guest’’ during the event. It’s a good bet that Donnie is the special guest in question, right? The “Christmas With Jimmy Marsh’’ party starts at 11 p.m. Meanwhile, Rob Lewis, of MTV’s “Making His Band,’’ has a gig at 10 on Saturday night at Oliver’s at the Cask ’N Flagon. Lewis has been the keyboardist on the New Kids tour and advertises on the poster for his Saturday show that “surprise special guests have been invited.’’ Sounds promising.

Rehearsal footage for HOB Show

Here is some rehearsal footage of Jordan and Donnie with Ernie and the Automatics.

Donnie on CP 24

Here is an interview with Donnie on Canadian TV station CP 24

Youtube videos courtesy of MsJodi1977

Donnie on Canadian radio

Donnie was on a couple radio stations in Toronto last week, here are his interviews:

Chum FM wish breakfast, December, 11, 2009

Donnie on Z103.5:

Joey to perform in Ferndale, MI on Jan 19

Joey added another date to his solo shows: Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI on Jan 19, 2010.

Part 2 of Donnie on MTV Canada

Here is part 2 of Donnie on MTV Canada:

Youtube video courtesy of yikes77

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Coming Home Video has a music video featuring clips from the upcoming DVD "Coming Home", check it out below.

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Joey's new baby, Rhys

Congrats to the McIntyre's on the birth of their son, Rhys Edward McIntyre!

Here is an article from
Joey McIntyre Welcomes Second Son
By Sarah Michaud

Monday December 14, 2009 08:15 PM EST

Make way for another new kid on the block: Joey McIntyre has added a second boy to his brood.

Wife Barrett delivered son Rhys Edward McIntyre at 9 p.m. Sunday in Los Angeles, the singer's rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. "He and his mom are both rock stars," McIntyre, 36, Tweeted on Monday.

Rhys weighed in at 7 lbs., 10 oz.

McIntyre and Barrett, who announced the pregnancy in July, are already parents to elder son Griffin Thomas, 2.

Will the family continue to grow? "I think we have a deal to keep going until we have a girl," laughs McIntyre. "That's what my wife says."

Here We Go Again, McIntyre's latest solo work, is now available on iTunes. On Sunday, the singer will join the New Kids on the Block for a holiday concert in their Boston hometown.

• Reporting by MICHELLE TAN

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Article about Joey from OK Magazine:

Here is an article about Joey from OK Magazine:

Joey McIntyre & Wife Get Ready for Baby #2
December 8th, 2009 7:00 pm / Author: Valerie Nome

Joey McIntyre’s got a secret not even his blood relatives know.

The New Kids On The Block singer and wife Barrett are gearing up for the birth of their second son later this month, but they are keeping the name they’ve chosen private. Talk about infanticipating!

“We haven’t told anybody,” Joe, whose solo album Here We Go Again is digitally available now, tells me. “My sisters are mad at me. Some people go ‘yeah, her name’s gonna be blah-blah-blah.’ I think people are afraid of the reaction, good or bad. If you say a name, you’re very sensitive about the name, so you don’t want people to have that reaction and go [disparagingly] ‘mmmm’ whereas once the baby’s born, people are a little more inviting of that name.”

He chuckles, “God forbid we keep a couple secrets in this day and age.”

Meanwhile, their son Griffin, 2, can’t wait to be a big brother.

“My sister-in-law had a baby six months ago, so it was perfect timing,” he says. “Here is this beautiful little girl that he can be around and learn how to be gentle. He adores her. Hopefully it will be the same situation. It’s going to be fun to have a couple of boys around.”

Barrett enjoys the special treatment she gets from her hubby before the baby arrives.

“I give her back rubs,” Joey tells me. “Back rubs are good. It’s a good way to put her to sleep, but I don’t give her enough back rubs, and I don’t do enough for her. I don’t think I’ll ever feel I do enough for her, but we went to Disneyland this weekend to have some fun. We felt like we wanted to have one more special time with our son before we get another one coming along.”

Check out Joey’s latest EP, Here We Go Again, and catch him on his solo tour in January.

Donnie on MTV Canada

Donnie on MTV Canada:

Youtube video courtesy of yikes77

New DVD and song "Coming Home"

NKOTB "Coming Home" on DVD today at Get it now and own a piece of history!

After 15 years, THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK made a triumphant return to the world's stage. Coming Home, the DVD, will take you along the group's process and their many journeys as they toured the globe playing over 140 sold out arena concerts and performing to a million plus fans.

"Coming Home" also captures NKOTB and their dynamic live performances as they perform songs from the group's 2008 release, "The Block," as well as other fan favorites from their extensive hits catalog. Highlights include the singles "Summertime," "Single," "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Step by Step, "Hangin' Tough," and more! Plus each DVD comes with an un-released song "Coming Home" at the time of purchase.

"Coming Home," the new DVD from NKOTB comes packed with never-before-seen footage, extremely rare items and additional goodies:

- Over 90 minutes never-before-seen footage.
- 6 Live performances filmed during the group's world tour.
- Chance to receive 1 of 5 Golden Keys. The Golden Key provides LIFETIME tickets for you and a guest to official NKOTB shows anywhere in the world for 2010 and beyond.*
- EXTREMELY LIMITED edition authentic wardrobe swatch from Full Service tour outfits (yes, its REALLY from the guy's ACTUAL wardrobe). OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY!
- Limited edition NKOTB dog tags.
- Inside peek at NKOTB life on the road.
- Special Moments with the fans.
- Behind the scenes.
- Deluxe booklet with additional artwork.

AND the unreleased track "Coming Home" delivered digitally at time of purchase.

* certain rules and restrictions apply. keys are inserted into packaging at random.

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"Something Else" by Joe

I'm not sure why Joe's new album is not showing up on iTunes yet... In the mean time, here is a preview of another of his songs called "Something Else"

Youtube video courtesy of ximayi

Joe interviewed by the Boston Herald

Joe was interviewed by the Boston Herald:

New Kid Joey McIntyre flying solo
Here he goes again
By Jed Gottlieb / Music Tuesday, December 8, 2009 Music News

The Mac is back.

After the New Kids on the Block reunion last year, Joey McIntyre figured the pump was primed for a fresh solo album. Not that he’s leaving Boston’s most famous non-Aerosmith quintet: NKOTB play a sold-out Toys for Tots benefit at the House of Blues Dec. 20 and are planing a second-annual NKOTB cruise in May.

Calling from his home in Los Angeles, Joey Mac talked about his new EP, “Here We Go Again” - available online today - and a solo tour that kicks off at the Paradise on Jan. 14.

Herald: The first thing you notice on the title track on your new EP is the overdriven Auto-Tune effect. Your voice explodes and quivers like T-Pain.

McIntyre: (Laughs) If you want to get technical about it, when I sing that first part, (sings) “Here we go again,’‘ I sang so loud that the mike distorted. Normally, engineers will tell you to do a clean vocal, then they can artificially distort it. But my natural distortion, plus the Auto-Tune created that cool overdrive effect you’re talking about it.

The video for the song features a fight-club theme and has you shirtless and going Van Damme on some dudes in a basement brawl.

With this music, I was like (expletive), I was just feeling it. I couldn’t have a normal video. I’m doing this independently and I had to keep a tight budget. If I said I spent $200,000 on that video, you’d believe it. But we did it for nothing. People helped me do it because they were into the music. The producer of the song is a huge “Fight Club” fan, and it just dawned on me, the video’s got to be a fight club. There’s a little metaphor there about how in show business we love the abuse, we take a few shots and give a few back.

Why just a seven-song EP?

When you’re making a record you have this first burst of energy and everything’s cohesive and everybody’s feeling it. Then you get to a certain point and you go, “Oh, man, we’ve gotta write six more songs.” The wheels can come off at that point. And patience isn’t my strongest suit. I just wanted it out there so I could book some live dates and run with it.

You start those live dates at the Paradise. That’s a pretty small room for you.

Oh, yeah, I want the line to get in to be going right down to McDonald’s. I want the bathroom in McDonald’s to be overflowing with fans. (Laughs) No, listen, if I can fill the Paradise for the rest of my life, I’m a lucky man. The New Kids have played two Garden shows and the Comcast Center and it’s phenomenal. But on my own, the Paradise is a great venue. I just wish I could take that pole out in the middle, that big frickin’ pole. But it’s a great club.

You’re expecting a new baby with your wife soon, but you’ll be in Boston for the Toys for Tots gig, right?

We might have the live feed from Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. My wife hasn’t signed off on it, but in this day and age I think it’s only right to show the fans the birth. (Laughs) No, I’m kidding. If I can’t make it I’ll do something special for the fans. We thought of doing the show in L.A. because of my wife, but doing it in Boston was a no-brainer. Hey, I was 13 years old when we were opening for acts at 9 Lansdowne, so it’s cool to be back on Lansdowne after having to sneak into the clubs when we were 13 and 15.

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Donnie interview from myTelus

Donnie was interviewed by myTelus:

Donnie Wahlberg : He's Got It!
November 27, 2009

(bum) - In 2008, the New Kids on the Block got a taste of success again with the release of their first album in nearly 15 years, called The Block, which has topped several music charts. Although the popular boy band has reunited and has been working on joint projects, they also have had personal projects rolling along on the side. In particular, Donnie Wahlberg has been writing songs for fun. But to indulge his fans, he’s thinking of releasing a complete solo album. He signed on with Universal Music Canada and continues to be a popular name in music. His new single I Got It is now getting frequent air play on the radio and can be heard on iTunes.

What inspired you to create your single I Got It?

I don’t know! I just like making music! I was working on a movie and I had a lot of down time, and I just decided to go to the studio making songs, and I came up with that, and that was it.

But something specific surely inspired you to create your new songs, perhaps love, friendship…

Yeah, sure! I like to be in creative environments and I Got It, you know, I was in a studio writing music, and I just started that song. I’m friends with Aubrey O’Day, and we talked about doing a song together, and it just sort of developed into the song.

My other song is called Rise N Grind. I wrote that really based on twits that I wrote on Twitter to all of my fans. They were just inspirational twits and motivational twits, and I wrote a song based on those twits, and actually, a lot of the fans really love that record even more than I Got It.

When will you release your full length album?

Probably after the New Year. I have a lot to do now, because I’ve never intended to do a full length CD or anything. It really comes from the fan support of my song that I’m actually even thinking about doing a full length CD. When Universal Canada reacted to the fans’ reaction to the song, it kind of got me thinking that I may do it, but again, it was never my intention to be a solo artist. I was just sort of having fun!

I really enjoy watching the fans sort of make Canada the central location in the world for my record. My fans don’t even have to play it in their own country, they just go online and listen to the Canadian station and request it on Canadian stations. I think it’s awesome. The US fans, fans from Brazil… they call radio stations in Ottawa, Saskatoon, and request my record.

What are you and the other New Kids on the Block members working on right now?

We had a good time touring. It was great for many reasons on many levels, and now we’re working on a few projects for next year: a DVD project, another tour and different guys are working on a solo project as well. But everything is part of what we do, I mean, anything that leaves the group or anything like that. Our solo projects are coming one in a line after the other and are sort of all working in conjunction with each other. Boring but true!

We can hear your song Good Vibrations in a lot of popular movies such as Blades of Glory and Analyze This. Which one of your new songs would you love hearing in which movie?

Well, Good Vibrations is on my brother Mark’s record [actor Mark Wahlberg who was the leader of hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch], but I wrote the record and produced it, and I love hearing that record in movies because, you know, I wrote it! It’s an incredible accomplishment for me.

I really don’t know. I mean, as long as it’s in a good context or in a funny context, I don’t care. I don’t make music to play in movies; I just do it because I love it, and if it’s up in a movie, it’s great. I would like hearing one of my songs maybe… hmm… in the movie Do The Right Thing [directed by Spike Lee].

You’ve played in hot movies such as The Sixth Sense, and several films of the series Saw and Righteous Kill. Do you feel that being Mark Wahlberg’s brother somehow helped you have a movie career?

No, I don’t think it helped me at all. He never helped me get a part; I’ve never asked him for help. I’ve never really been given a job. I had to earn every job I’ve got by auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. Mark didn’t help me get the role in The Sixth Sense, and I’m the one who had to lose 40 pounds to do the part. That’s my hard work. I think, on the contrary, a lot of people didn’t think of me as an actor and didn’t take me seriously at first, and as a musician, a lot of people didn’t take Mark seriously at first.

What do you like the most about having a career in the music industry?

Hmm… I’d just say, you know, just meeting people, having fun with fans, performing for them, meeting them and seeing how happy people get. I love making people smile. I worked in a really dark household with nine kids, and a lot of them going into prison and stuff. I was sort of the one trying to make everyone laugh in the house and I still do that now.

Video of Joey and Jordan from Samaim

Here is a video of Joey and Jordan in the studio singing "Please don't go girl" in Feb. of 2008: (from Samaim). Also, Samaim says there will be a new album, but Donnie says "THERE IS MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO THIS (meaning Samaim's post) IS NOT ONE OF THEM ...YET Tho you will love whats next!" Hmmmm....

Joe on 97.5 Now FM

Joe was on 97.5 Now FM (Lansing, MI) yesterday...

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joey on Chum FM

Joey McIntyre was interviewed on Chum FM this morning!

Video courtesy of couthie

Joey's solo show schedule

Here are Joey's upcoming tour dates:

Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA
Thu, 01/14/10
9:00 PM

The Note - West Chester
West Chester, PA
Fri, 01/15/10
9:00 p.m.

HighLine Ballroom
New York, NY
Sat, 01/16/10
07:30 PM

Mod Club Theatre
Toronto, ON
Mon, 01/18/10
07:00 PM

Lincoln Hall
Chicago, IL
Wed. 01/20/10
8:00 PM