Friday, June 30, 2023

NKOTB concert at the Yaamava Casino

The New Kids on the Block played their first of two shows at the Yaamava' Casino in Highland, CA last night! Here are some videos of the show courtesy of Blockheads Unite!

The ones above are pretty much the full show, but here are some other accounts that went live last night:

hayleyrose5800artzgal78nkotbmeowmeowcrewsharonteaches, and ellenooch.

Thanks to everyone who shared their videos!

Here is the set list: 


Block Party

My Favorite Girl

Dirty Dancing


Cover girl 

The Right Stuff

The Remix 


The Whisper 

(set featuring Jordan on the piano)

Baby I Believe in You 

I Remember When 

Funny Feeling

I need you 

I wanna be loved by you 

Keep on smilin'


80’s mix from Mixtape Tour 

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind

Valentine girl 

If you go away 

Please don’t go girl 

Step by step 

I’ll be loving you forever 

Hangin Tough 

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Catching up with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie flew out to California on Monday morning, and he shared this photo on his Insta-stories: 

He was most likely heading there to prepare for their shows at Yaamava tonight and tomorrow.  It appears the guys are taking care of some other business while they are there.  Joey posted a photo of several shoes with the hashtag "#photoshoot" and tagged "@nkotb"

Then all five of the guys were briefly shown in this Instagram reel from Donnie (I'm guessing for the photoshoot): 

Note: I *think* Jonathan's comment on Donnie's post about the snake bite is a joke since Donnie and others were using laughing and winky emojis. But if he really was bitten, I wish him a speedy recovery!

In other Donnie news, it looks like he may be making an appearance at the Wahlburgers in St. Charles on July 28 for their third anniversary party!

On Father's day Donnie went golfing with Jenny, Jenny's son Evan, her Sister Lynette, and her dad Macky: 

Last weekend Donnie and Jenny threw a birthday party for Evan, and Donnie put his Lido deck emcee skills to the test in their backyard. Watch the videos that Evan posted here (swipe to #4 and 5 see the videos). 

And before heading to California, he was able to spend time with all his puppies. He shared this photo that Chair Chatter made with each of their names:

And here are some more puppy posts 🐶🧡: 

Catching up with Jonathan Knight

Jon has been sharing some posts over at his Instagram: Here are a few of the most recent ones in case you missed them. 

Here are some of his recent Insta-stories: 

Jon appeared in a promotional video for Season 4 of Unsellable Houses!

Jon and Kristina attended a fundraiser to raise money to renovate and restore Bakers Island Light Station on June 22. Here is a video clip from that event from ThoseBlockheadChicks.

Kristina posted a few photos about the event in her insta-stories as well: 

She posted this photo earlier today her and Jonathan on the set of "The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge" with Veronica Valencia - Hughes and Tommy Rouse (Veronica's new HGTV show, "Revealed" debuts tonight at 9PM): 

Jonathan was quoted in a recent article from Rolling Stone:

For New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight, such fan interactions supersede performing — something he never expected to say. “As kids, we’d walk in to meet radio winners and it was chaos. There was always a fight about who would fulfill that part of our job because we hated it,” says Knight. “Now, we happily do it. There’s an interaction onstage, but it’s not the same as walking around our cruise, stopping to say hi, and finding out about a fan’s life. For me, being onstage is now secondary to the human component of getting to know fans. They’re family.”

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Joey McIntyre on KJ TODAY

Joey was a guest on this week's episode of the "KJ TODAY" show! He talks about "Dawn", his upcoming solo tour and more! Listen to his interview below: 

Joey's interview with 90's to Now with Gerry Strauss

Joey was interviewed by 90's to Now with Gerry Strauss about Lifetime's "VC Andrews' Dawn" miniseries. He was also asked if he is making a solo album, will the New Kids be touring in the UK, the NKOTB cruise, some protentional news about "Drag the Musical" going to the UK, and more!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Monday, June 26, 2023

Joey McIntyre updates

Looks like Joey will be doing some more interviews soon! He will be on the "Takin a Walk Podcast" this week. Here is a preview clip: 

Also, "90's to Now" is looking for some questions to ask Joey, and he will be on KJ TODAY on Wednesday

Santi DeOleo from "Ashlee and the JAM'N Morning Show" did a short interview with Joey:

Joey wished Funko a happy birthday:

Here are a few videos from Joey's Frosted Tips interview

In case you missed them, here are some highlights from Joey's recent stories while he was in Europe:

Joey is starring in the Lifetime TV limited series "Dawn" starting on July 8. 

Here are a few clips about the show from the Lifetime TV Instagram page