Thursday, June 29, 2023

Catching up with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie flew out to California on Monday morning, and he shared this photo on his Insta-stories: 

He was most likely heading there to prepare for their shows at Yaamava tonight and tomorrow.  It appears the guys are taking care of some other business while they are there.  Joey posted a photo of several shoes with the hashtag "#photoshoot" and tagged "@nkotb"

Then all five of the guys were briefly shown in this Instagram reel from Donnie (I'm guessing for the photoshoot): 

Note: I *think* Jonathan's comment on Donnie's post about the snake bite is a joke since Donnie and others were using laughing and winky emojis. But if he really was bitten, I wish him a speedy recovery!

In other Donnie news, it looks like he may be making an appearance at the Wahlburgers in St. Charles on July 28 for their third anniversary party!

On Father's day Donnie went golfing with Jenny, Jenny's son Evan, her Sister Lynette, and her dad Macky: 

Last weekend Donnie and Jenny threw a birthday party for Evan, and Donnie put his Lido deck emcee skills to the test in their backyard. Watch the videos that Evan posted here (swipe to #4 and 5 see the videos). 

And before heading to California, he was able to spend time with all his puppies. He shared this photo that Chair Chatter made with each of their names:

And here are some more puppy posts 🐶🧡: 

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