Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Joey McIntyre's interview with ABC 10

Joey was interviewed by Your California Life on ABC 10 Sacramento about the upcoming and album! Check out the interview below: 

Jonathan Knight's interview with Page Six

Jonathan was interviewed by Page Six about Farmhouse Fixer, the new upcoming New Kids on the Block album and more! 

Here is bonus clip from them, where he is asked what New Kids on the Block songs match his mood.

Donnie Wahlberg's interview with Billy from Kiss 108

Donnie was on the "Billy and Lisa in the Morning" show on Kiss 108 this morning! He talked about how he makes his relationship with Jenny work, what his hobbies are, the upcoming tour, the future of Blue Bloods and more! Listen to the interview below (his part started at 33 minutes): 

Monday, April 29, 2024

Jonathan Knight's interview with Collider

Collider posted a new interview with Jonathan! They talked about the new season of Farmhouse Fixer and his passion for old homes!

TV Insider's interview with Jonathan and Kristina

TV Insider interviewed Jon and Kristina about Farmhouse Fixer!

HGTV ‘Farmhouse Fixer’: Jonathan Knight & Kristina Crestin on Season 3 Dramas, Ghosts & NKOTB

New Kids on the Block band member Jonathan Knight knows how to work a stage, but he is also pretty handy. That’s been shown on his hit HGTV series Farmhouse Fixer in which he stars with designer Kristina Crestin. The duo is back for Season 3, which premieres April 23, where they’ll work together to renovate New England farmhouses, many of which are 200-300 years old.

Knight and Crestin have built a solid foundation of satisfied clients with their show. So much so that Barbara and Chris, owners of the John Proctor house from Season 2, have called the pair to help again with their property connected with the Salem witch trials. After their bedroom and bathroom remodel project, they returned to find a pipe burst that caused costly damage in another area of the house and will require the removal of black mold.

When we caught up with the dynamic duo they delved into this and other challenging projects they face throughout the eight-episode season. Plus, Knight opens up about how he juggles NKOTB commitments and the farmhouse restoration venture.

How is it for you to see the success of the show? 

Jonathan Knight: I was thinking about this yesterday. As someone in my 20s, 30s, and 40s, I love waking up on Saturday mornings and watching HGTV. When I first thought about doing a show, I wasn’t even thinking about where it would land and what network. For HGTV to pick it up, and for me to be on HGTV, has been a dream. It’s something I still pinch myself all the time. Me and Kristina have a show on HGTV. I would have never imagined that 15, or 20 years ago. It has been super special.

What have you taken from past seasons? 

Kristina Crestin: For me, it’s understanding our role. I don’t come from an acting background or TV background, so being an interior designer is my world. For a couple of seasons, I was trying to understand what I was doing. Now here into Season 3, it was a light bulb going off in my head. Relating to producing a TV show, it was brilliant to come into the season and feel you are good at your job.

This season you’re going back to the John Proctor house. Sounds like something right out of Ghost Adventures. With all these old projects, do you ever have paranormal experiences? 

Jonathan: I’m not really a believer in the paranormal, but when you have so many people who have worked on the house tell you stories, I think you start to get in your head. A door doesn’t shut on its own. It could have been a breeze of the wind coming through the window, but you immediately go, “Oh sh*t, there is a ghost in this house.” You get goosebumps and really freaked out and don’t want to be the last person at that house.

Kristina: I stopped by one night at the Proctor’s house on my way home for something. It was just getting dark, and I was checking some measurements in the dining room and there was a noise going off in the basement. It could have been a furnace or something. I texted Barbara and she told me to go downstairs and hit the reset button. I was like I’m not going in the basement in the dark. Absolutely not.

Talk a bit about the weight on your shoulders to restore these properties by not only maintaining the integrity of their history but also within the budget.  Chris and Barbara talked about even dipping into their retirement for the work. 

Jonathan: It’s a thing with old houses. Once you start digging into it, you never know what’s behind the walls. I think it gets really scary when people have a budget of $50,000 to do something and start the work and find they have this rotting that will cost $14,000 to fix. That’s hard news to break to homeowners. At the same time, we don’t want to do a crappy job. We want to fix this so it’s not a problem for them in the future. Talking to homeowners about budgets, that’s one part of the job I hate. Renovations are expensive. I know how hard people work to save money and pay a mortgage. So that is a part of the job I hate.

Kristina: There is a pro in that people are forced to go through a preliminary design process and work with us. We learn the quality level they want, what they want. There are notes and sketches where we get to a solid price. Jon is right about the unforeseen circumstances when you open things up, but I think a lot of homeowners go into renovations without all the information. They get an estimate from a builder and start without going through everything. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that when people apply to our show they have to go through that process to make sure the budget is there.

This season you’re also helping a lighthouse keeper’s home on a remote island. What are some of the challenges you face with that one logistically? 

Jonathan: The lighthouse one was definitely a challenge. We would get up a seven in the morning and load everything on these boats, land on the beach that was all rock, and have to carry everything off the boat, off this big cliff. That was quite challenging. Another big challenge this season was renovating a working berry farm in New Hampshire. The couple couldn’t leave the property because they had animals, and farming duties to do so we had to work around renovating their house with them, living in a part of the house with the dust and noise, and three kids. Every day they would get up at six in the morning head out to the strawberry fields and continue their routines as we worked around them.

New Kids has their first studio album in 11 years coming out soon with a summer tour on the horizon. How do you find the time to work on these projects, Jon? 

Jonathan: This year I’m probably at my breaking point. This has been the most stressful year for as long as I remember. We’re preparing for a tour next month. We have a new album coming out May 17. I was running to New York, recording vocals in a hotel room as we did press for different things. Just juggling everything and managing my own personal farm. It has been a lot, but I’m always up for a challenge. As stressful as it is, I may shed a few tears of frustration. Then I’m over it and think about what I’m tackling next.

Out of everyone from your music circle, who do you think would be great on HGTV? 

Jonathan: You know who would be good? One of my bandmates Joey McIntyre. He has such great taste. I would love to see him on HGTV. I’ve seen him renovate his past two houses, and they’ve been amazing. I’d love to see him do that.

On top of Farmhouse Fixer, you two have also popped in elsewhere on the network. News came out earlier this year that you’ll be participating in 100 Day Hotel Challenge. How is it doing these types of shows? 

Kristina: I was excited about that. I have always wanted to work on a hotel. I wish were involved even more, but we had to fit in between Farmhouse Fixer. These shows are an interesting side hustle I never expected that ended up being so much more fun. When we got Season 3 of our show, we started casting in November 2022. So the season has been a long time coming.

These other shows are just fun.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are exhausting because they are long days, but Hotel was simple. You travel down together and be in a different design mindset and connect with other HGTV talent and learn from them and share stories. It was a really neat growing opportunity and a break from what we were doing. I love doing these things. This was a nice connection with pieces of what we do on our show about caring about the past and the family story and reusing things. So much actually applied to that hotel we were working on, but the color palette was different than what we’ve done. It was a bit out of our comfort zone.

Jonathan: I love doing these extra HGTV shows because there is so much to design, and when you’re asked to go into something like design hotels, your whole design process is different and expectations of what you have to deliver are different. It’s the same kind of artistry, but a different outlet… It’s like when we make new music and on stage and get to perform new music. It’s still the same but feels different and fresh.

New article: Jonathan Knight helps historic New England homes find the right stuff on ‘Farmhouse Fixer’

MSN posted a new article that was originally posted in the Boston Globe last week about Jonathan and Farmhouse Fixer: 

When historic farmhouses around New England look a little rough, homeowners can turn to a boy-band-member-turned-renovation-expert to help them hang tough.

New Kids on the Block star Jonathan Knight and designer Kristina Crestin are back for season three of “Farmhouse Fixer,” which kicks off Tuesday night on HGTV. The series follows the duo as they work to restore centuries-old properties across Massachusetts and New England.

Avid Blockheads may already know that Knight has a passion for real estate and renovating old homes that dates back to his childhood. He even started a business flipping properties after NKOTB split in 1994 and has since renovated hundreds of homes.

“As a kid, we moved to Dorchester from Westwood,” Knight, now 55, told the Globe in a phone interview Friday. “There are old houses in Westwood, but we lived in a 1960s raised ranch, and to move to Dorchester into a 17-room Victorian. I think that’s really when my love of old houses started.”

Proving to be a chip off the old block, Knight’s family, who make cameos from time to time on “Farmhouse Fixer,” was also a big influence. The singer recalls Sunday drives around the Boston neighborhood with his mother, Marlene, who would call attention to different properties to teach him design lessons.

“She’s very knowledgeable about all that, so she would explain like, this is a Stick Style Victorian, this is a Queen Anne, and point out details,” Knight said.

Meanwhile, his father, Allan, worked as a contractor when Knight was a kid and often enlisted him to help on jobs, doing manual labor like carrying shingles to roofs.

“I hated it, because I was kind of his grunt boy,” Knight said. “It wasn’t until many years later that I really appreciated the craft of building.”

Although Knight found success after NKOTB “flipping newer houses that were in disrepair,” working on homes heavy with modern designs started to bore him.

“It got to a point where I was tired of vinyl siding and stock kitchens,” Knight admitted. “I continued my business, but focused more on buying older houses that needed some love.”

Knight’s “Farmhouse Fixer” co-star Crestin, who made her TV debut on PBS’s “This Old House” in 2016, grew up close to, “but not exactly,” the South Shore. She graduated Endicott College in 2002 with a degree in interior design and “fell in love with the North Shore” before falling in love with her now-husband, Kirby.

“So I was never moving away after that,” said Crestin. She opened her firm, Kristina Crestin Design, in Manchester-by-the-Sea in 2009 and still lives on the North Shore. “Jon and I live in the same town.”

Knight doesn’t just help others fix up their farmhouses, as he’s been working on a “rural Shangri-La” in Essex for him and his family. Although Knight’s plans for his property caused a bit of a stir with the Trustees of Reservations, they have since come to an “amicable resolution,” according to a joint statement sent to the Globe last March and have moved forward.

Knight revealed he plans to add to the four houses he already has on the street, but the next build is “still a ways away” due to the upcoming NKOTB tour coinciding with the band’s new album, “Still Kids,” out May 17. “Hopefully, this fall, we’ll get it started under construction,” he added.

For the new season of “Farmhouse Fixer,” Knight and Crestin teased a trip to a lighthouse off the coast of Salem that proved to be a fun but challenging renovation. While the idea “sounded so dreamy,” according to Knight, the reality of lugging camera equipment and building supplies by boat wasn’t easy for the cast and crew. And for Knight, neither was making the long walk up the lighthouse.

“We did get Jon to the top of the lighthouse, who has a slight fear of heights, which will play well in the episode, I think,” Crestin said.

“It was only for Kristina,” Knight jokingly added. “I almost passed out and fell off a 100-foot-tall lighthouse and crashed onto the rock.”

The hosts also had a few tips for fans who need help with their farmhouse fixer or other home renovation. Crestin suggested taking as much time as you need to go over every choice and purchase to find the right options for your home and budget.

“I think people don’t plan enough,” said Crestin. “Especially with an older home, there’s a level of thoughtfulness you need to have. Take the time, do the planning. It pays off in the end.”

Knight added that homeowners should “let the house speak to you,” rather than turning it into “something it’s not” by relying on the latest trends for design inspiration.

“You’re going to have to change everything down the line when design fads change,” Knight said. He suggested having fun with easy-to-replace items like furniture, paint, and wallpaper, but being cautious with permanent fixtures.

“Keep your house as authentic as it can be,” Knight said.

The new season of “Farmhouse Fixer” premieres April 23 at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Catching up with Donnie

Even though I believe Donnie filmed Blue Bloods all last week, there haven't been any new photos published lately. However, Donnie did make some posts on social media, so let's catch up!

Donnie and Jenny will be making an appearance in Boston tomorrow. Donnie shared this in his stories last week: 

A few days ago there was a prompt on Instagram stories saying "When and where was your first NKOTB concert?", so Donnie reposted several of people's responses and then posted this video clip: 

On New Kids on the Block Day, the NKOTB account posted what would be the updated version of their 1990 People Magazine cover. Then Donnie posted this in response: 

So that prompted people to ask Donnie to prove that his nose was still pierced. He mentioned that he proved it in an episode of Wahlburgers a few years ago, and he posted this:

And he then followed by this video of him sticking one of Jenny’s earrings in the hole:

Here's some other highlights that he posted recently...

Joey McIntyre is filming and other Joey updates

Around 5:30 Eastern Joey posted this on his Instagram stories: 

He invited us to guess where he was, so I put on my NKOTB detective hat and determined he must be in the Eastern time zone since he referenced 5:30 am and he posted shortly after that time. This was where the strongest storms were about an hour after he posted this morning:  

Then he confirmed that Montreal was his most likely location because he posted this photo next. 

If you look at the back of the sweatshirt the lady is wearing, you see it reads "54th Division Gripping". So, I looked them up and sure enough, they are out of Montreal (click here to view their page): 

To further solidify his location, he posted a review to his stories: 

After putting some keywords into google, I found the review and it was for "Il Fornetto" out of Lachine, QC. 

So now that we know he is in Montreal, now the question is what is he filming there? 

Anyway, in other news, here are a couple of more social media posts from Joey since my last Joey update:

He also posted this video of him singing in his car:

Joey McIntyre on 25 Words or Less

If you remember Joey McIntyre's Instagram Live from last spring when he mentioned he was taping “25 Words or Less” with Meredith Vieira, well his episodes will finally air next week! It looks like he will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (May 1-3). Click here to see where it airs in your area.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Jonathan Knight's interview with Z103.5

Jonathan talked to Z103.5 in Toronto about Farmhouse Fixer and the spin off series "Camp Revamp", as well as the upcoming New Kids on the Block album and tour!

Jordan and Joey on CBS 8 San Diego

Jordan and Joey were interviewed by CBS 8 San Diego to talk about the upcoming album and tour!

Jordan Knight’s interview with 96.5 KOIT

Jordan was interviewed by Morris Knight on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco to talk about the Magic Summer Tour and more! 

Friday, April 26, 2024

Jonathan Knight's interview with Mix 104.1 (Boston)

Jonathan was interviewed by Kennedy from Mix104.1 in Boston. They talk about his memories of when Governor Dukakis originally declared April24, 1989 New Kids on the Block Day. He talks about how close the guys are and how they deal with any conflicts.  They also talk about the Magic Summer Tour and more!

New Blue Bloods episode tonight!

There is a new episode of Blue Bloods tonight! Here is the plot summary of the episode (titled "On the Rope") and some preview clips: 

Jamie works to bust a group of scammers who use artificial intelligence to defraud the elderly. Also, Danny and Baez investigate a series of mysterious deaths at a hospital; Anthony is determined to take down an attorney who exploits the law for his own financial gain; and Frank disapproves when he learns Gormley is planning to face off against fellow officers in a “smoker” boxing match. 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Joey McIntyre's interview with The Keith and Tony Podcast

Joey was interviewed by The Keith and Tony Podcast. He talked about the New Kids on the Block's longevity, his son Griffin in the entertainment industry, who his favorite boyband is, and more!

Messages from the guys on NKOTB Day

The guys all left messages on the hotline yesterday (1-806-NEW-KIDS), but if you missed them there is an Instagram account called nkotb_hotline that posts the audio for those that missed them or for those out of the country and it actually does cost some money. Here's the links to their messages:

Jonathan Knight's interview with Magic 106.7

Jonathan was interviewed by Morning MAGIC with David Sue & Kendra on Magic 106.7. He talked about the upcoming Magic Summer Tour, the songs on the albums "Still Kids", getting to know fans, what drives him to keep going, what we can expect to see in this season of Farmhouse Fixer, and more!

Update: Here is a video clip!

Donnie Wahlberg on NBC Sports Boston

Donnie joined NBC Sports Boston prior to last night's game to talk about what he thought the Celtics had to do to win game 2. Watch the clip below!

Click here to watch!

Joey McIntyre's interview with Strawberry and Lizette

Joey was interviewed by Strawberry and Lizette from radio stations in the Sacramento area. He was introduced to Strawberry's sister-in-law who happens to be a Blockhead. They talked about NKOTB Day, going out into the crowd during concerts, going on tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff, doing shows outside this summer, and more!

Danny Wood's interview with FOX 5

Danny was interviewed by Fox 5 DC about the Magic Summer Tour, "Still Kids", connecting with fans, staying together after all these years, and more!

Click here to watch!

Donnie's IG live on NKOTB day

Donnie went live on Instagram last night after he attended the Celtics game and he talked to a few Blockheads! Check out the video below: 

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

More interviews with Jordan Knight

Here are a few more Jordan interviews from the last couple of days!

We Are Austin

Rewind Columbus (audio only)

WISH 99.7 (audio only)

Jordan Knight's interview with Good Things Utah

Jordan was interviewed by Good Things Utah on ABC 4. He talked about the tour, what his kids think of New Kids on the Block's music, how he would describe the "Still Kids" album, 80/90's things that are now in style again, getting to know fans, and more!

Click here to watch!

Danny Wood's interview with WishTV

Danny was interviewed by WishTV in Indianapolis to talk about the upcoming tour, New Kids on the Block Day and more!

Click here to watch!

Jordan Knight talks to Indy Now

Jordan was interviewed by Indy Now to talk about the Magic Summer tour, still feeling like a kid, and more!

KISS 98.5's interview with Joey McIntyre

Joey was interviewed by KISS 98.5 in Buffalo to talk about the upcoming tour, being a dad, and more!

Danny Wood's interview with Fox 59

Danny was interviewed by Fox 59 in Indianapolis about New Kids on the Block Day, the upcoming tour, staying in shape, and more!

Jordan Knight's interview with Fox 2

Jordan was interviewed by Fox 2 in St. Louis to talk about the upcoming "Magic Summer Tour" and more! Check out their interview below:

Danny Wood's interview with Jared and Katie in the Morning

Josie and Matt from Jared and Katie in the Morning interviewed Danny and talked about the boy band life, life on the road, and what is the biggest difference from touring now compared to years ago? Listen to the interview below: 

Listen to Jordan Knight on Q102

Jordan was interviewed by Q102 in Cincinnati to talk about the upcoming tour and more! They talk about New Kids on the Block playing in Cincinnati back in the day, what Jordan thinks of today's music, they ask him what song on "Still Kids" is his favorite, and more.

Joey McIntyre on Beyond the Fame with Jason Fraley

Joey was interviewed by Jason Fraley for his "Beyond the Fame" podcast. Joey talks a bit about the Magic Summer Tour, what the origin story of the New Kids on the Block was, the song "Hangin Tough", deciding to reunite, the new generations of fans, what Joey thinks about each of the other guys and more!  Listen to it below! 

Listen to new song "A Love Like This" by New Kids on the Block

In honor of New Kids on the Block Day, the guys released another song from the upcoming album "Still Kids" (which comes out on May 17). This song is called "A Love Like This"! Check out their lyric video below: 

B101's interview with Jordan Knight

Jordan was interviewed by Jenn & Bill of B101 Philly to talk about New Kids on the Block Day, what we can expect for the band's 'Magic Summer Tour,' plus the evolution of boy bands. Watch the video below: 

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jonathan Knight's interview with New York Live

Jonathan was New York Live TV to talk about season 3 of Farmhouse Fixer, the upcoming NKOTB tour, and more!

Joey's interview with Q92.9 in Pittsburgh

Joey was interviewed by Erika Jay from Q92.9 FM in Pittsburgh about the Magic Summer Tour, New Kids on the Block day, and more! They even sing the “steps” in the song “Step By Step”! 

Dunkin' Music Lounge interview with Jordan Knight

Today has been a busy day with new interviews with 4 of the 5 guys - and now we have an interview with Jordan too! Check out this interview from KISS 95-7/KC101's Adam Rivers for the Dunkin' Music Lounge:

Danny Wood on Good Day Sacramento

Danny was interviewed by Good Day Sacramento to talk about the upcoming tour, the new album, the bond between the guys, and more!

Donnie Wahlberg on the Drew Barrymore Show

Donnie and Bridget Moynahan were interviewed on the The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about Blue Bloods and more!

Part 1 (see video below)

Click here for Part 2!

Watch Jonathan on Today's Hoda and Jenna

The video from Jonathan's appearance on Hoda and Jenna has been released! He talks about the newest season of Farmhouse Fixer and shares some easy DIY ways to create decorative moss balls, a butterfly sanctuary and more. And of course they also talk to him about the New Kids On The Block's The Magic Summer Tour! 

Watch Danny Wood's interview with WFSB 3

Danny was interviewed on "Great Day at 9a" on WFSB 3 to talk about New Kids on the Block Day, the upcoming tour, the new album, and more. He also mentioned that his son just welcomed twins! Congratulations to the Wood family!

Joey McIntyre interview with Q102 in Cleveland

Joey talked to Q102 in Cleveland about the Magic Summer Tour and more! Check out the interview below!

Monday, April 22, 2024

New Kids on the Block to release a new song on NKOTB Day

There is a new message from Joey on the New Kids on the Block's hotline with a preview clip of a song off the upcoming album "Still Kids". They will be releasing their song "A Love Like This" on Wednesday, April 24th in honor of the 35th anniversary of "New Kids on the Block day". 

If you were not able to catch it on the hotline, here is a recording of it: 

Donnie's interview with The Nerds of Color

Donnie was interviewed with The Nerds of Color to talk about Blue Bloods, what he thinks about the show possibly ending, and more! 

Jonathan Knight to appear on the Today Show tomorrow

In addition to Donnie on Drew Barrymore, here's another show to add to your DVR schedule: Jonathan will be on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna tomorrow!

New trailer for Farmhouse Fixer and Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp

People Magazine posted a new article and trailer for the new season of Farmhouse Fixer and the spin-off "Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp"! Click here to watch!

Jonathan Knight Reveals Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 'Is Going to Be a Bit Intense' in New Trailer (Exclusive)

The teaser also features his brother and fellow NKOTB bandmate Jordan Knight, who will appear with Jonathan in the summer special 'Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp'

From uncovering hidden underground wells to moving a fully-constructed home to a new location, Jonathan Knight has faced many challenges while restoring properties on the first two seasons of HGTV's Farmhouse Fixer. 

In a new trailer for season 3, premiering exclusively with PEOPLE, however, it appears his biggest challenges are still ahead. 

"Old homes are riddled with risk: risk of age, risk of crazy obstacles, risk of the unexpected, risk of blowing your budget. But without risk, there's no reward," Knight says in the video teasing the upcoming season, which follows him and his designer partner Kristina Crestin as they renovate historic houses around New England.  

The tricky renovations involve tackling one of their oldest houses (and uncovering "demon trap folklore") from the 1700s; returning to a home connected to the Salem witch trials after a broken pipe damaged their earlier work; and battling the elements to renovate a lighthouse keeper’s home on a remote island accessible only by boat.

"This year is gong to be a bit intense," says Knight, 55, of the eight episode season, which premieres Tuesday, April 23. But, he declares, "The biggest risk is not taking a risk at all." 

For Knight — who first catapulted to fame in the late '80s as a member of the New Kids on the Block with bandmates Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and younger brother Jordan — his home design life has become a family affair. 

The trailer also offers a preview of Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp, a special series premiering this summer that documents Knight's journey of buying and renovating a dilapidated cabin — and features brother Jordan, husband Harley Rodriguez and other members of his family.

In the clip above, viewers can see the brothers cautiously entering the rickety old cabin in the woods, knocking down shaky walls, and dealing with unexpected problems like dangerous black mold. "I'm starting to think to myself, 'What have I done?'" Jonathan says in the video.

This isn't the first time Jordan has appeared on the network with his older brother. Last year, the pair teamed up on Rock the Block's Kitchen Showdown and starred together on Farmhouse Fixer's second season during a renovation of a home owned by their family.

Although Jonathan is no stranger to working with members of his family — he and Jordan have been recording and performing together with NKOTB for decades — he told PEOPLE in 2022 that having them involved with his restoration and design work took some adjustment.

"It was a little weird at first," Jonathan, who first began renovating and flipping homes in 1994, told PEOPLE. "I'm so used to doing things that are New Kids related with my brother but then, all of a sudden, we're talking about kitchen sinks and stuff. But it was pretty cool to have him and the family on the show."

This summer, Jonathan will swap his hammer for a microphone as NKOTB hits the road for The Magic Summer 2024 Tour, a nostalgic nod to their record-breaking stadium tour in 1990. They will be joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Paula Abdul on a string of North American dates at mostly outdoor amphitheaters and venues, beginning at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on June 14 before wrapping up in Noblesville, Ind. on Aug. 25. 

Donnie Wahlberg's weekend in St. Charles and Boston

Donnie had a busy weekend. In between prepping for the Magic Summer Tour with Kevin Maher, he stopped by Wahlburgers in St. Charles on Saturday and attended a Celtics game in Boston on Sunday! 

Here are some highlights from the "Blockhead Clubhouse":

Donnie and Vic perform "Ice Ice Baby" (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie leaves a message on the New Kids on the Block hotline (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie wishes bartender Alex a happy birthday (from amber.xo.jm)- click here to view!

More photos from Donnie's phone - click here to view!

Donnie got up early and flew to Boston to catch the Celtics play Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs! Here are some photos he shared: 

Joey was watching from home and saw Donnie on TV!

Donnie also stopped by an Italian restaurant "Strega by Nick Varano" after the game!

Speaking of the Celtics, Donnie also narrated this video for the team: