Thursday, April 11, 2024

Donnie Updates!

Last Friday night Donnie attended the Celtics game with his son Elijah, Kevin Colfield, Patrick Petty, Victor Popovic and others. Donnie posted this on his Instagram stories on Friday: 

Then he flew back to St Charles for the weekend: 

When he is not filming Blue Bloods, Donnie has been working on the Magic Summer tour! Last weekend he had choreographer Kevin Maher at his house to help prepare for it. On Monday, they took a break to watch the eclipse and make a cute video, which Donnie posted on Instagram: 

Donnie responded to a comment and mentioned that he and Jenny are developing new shows, but probably not reality shows: 

Donnie and Jenny had a date night last weekend and they painted each other: 

Then he flew back to New York to film Blue Bloods on Monday night. 

Here are some new photos of Donnie shooting episode 12 from this week: 

Speaking of Blue Bloods, check out some more new photos of Donnie found on Instagram... 

This is from one the actors in last week's episode, Alexandre Huynh

See a video as well on his post!

Here is one from Randall Trang who was also in last week's episode: 

This one is from a young actress named Adriella Goncalves. She will be guest starring in episode 11: 

This one is also from a guest star MC Mel (I think this is from episode 11 as well):

Jenny has been doing some press and TV shows lately for the Masked Singer, and she talked a bit about Donnie in these clips: 

US Weekly: "Jenny McCarthy Says Donnie Wahlberg is an 'NKOTB' Hoarder"

The Kelly Clarkson Show: Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg Reveals Favorite NKOTB Growing Up — It Wasn't Donnie!

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