Monday, April 22, 2024

Donnie Wahlberg's weekend in St. Charles and Boston

Donnie had a busy weekend. In between prepping for the Magic Summer Tour with Kevin Maher, he stopped by Wahlburgers in St. Charles on Saturday and attended a Celtics game in Boston on Sunday! 

Here are some highlights from the "Blockhead Clubhouse":

Donnie and Vic perform "Ice Ice Baby" (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie leaves a message on the New Kids on the Block hotline (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie wishes bartender Alex a happy birthday (from click here to view!

More photos from Donnie's phone - click here to view!

Donnie got up early and flew to Boston to catch the Celtics play Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs! Here are some photos he shared: 

Joey was watching from home and saw Donnie on TV!

Donnie also stopped by an Italian restaurant "Strega by Nick Varano" after the game!

Speaking of the Celtics, Donnie also narrated this video for the team:

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