Thursday, April 4, 2024

Catching up with Joey

The recent run of "Drag the Musical" wrapped up last weekend. Here's some photos of Joey from around social media (some of these might be back a bit because it's been a while since I have "caught up" with Joey). 

Joey also attended a cast/Easter party over the weekend. 

Check out Kayden's reel below with some photos from the party:

Here's a few recent Instagram stories from other cast members that included Joey:

Videos from Nick Adams, Spencer Liff, and Kayden Koshelev 

And you never know who will show up. Mario Lopez attended one of the performances of Drag and he got a photo with Joey: 

Joey did a meditation while at rehearsal at the Bourbon Room. Here's a video Joey shared on his Instagram and a video that Drag the Musical shared of him from another perspective. 

Here are some more highlights that Joey posted on his social media recently: 

Joey was driving around and wanted to wish his viewers a "Happy Sunday" (this was from March 24th)

I can't remember if he posted something that would have been considered an April Fools joke prior to posting this short video... but it sounded like someone (maybe Sean Thomas) was in the background playing some music. 

He did post the day before that Sean was at his house working on music...

He also thanked everyone who was a part of Drag the Musical: 

And he wished everyone a happy Easter: 

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