Friday, April 19, 2024

Joey to guest star in a Chicago-based tv show and more!

Last Friday Joey posted this story on his Instagram saying he went to a performance of "Choir of Man" in Chicago. 

He later posted that one of the reasons he was in Chicago was because he was doing "a guest spot on one of those Chi-shows!". He didn't specify which one. I'm guessing it could be "Chicago Fire", "Chicago P.D.", or "Chicago Med"!

Joey just posted a new video sharing his initial thoughts about Taylor Swift's new album: 

It's been awhile, but Joey recently posted a little bit on Twitter after about 6 months off. I noticed he has since deleted some of his posts (including a poem he wrote about the "check"), but here's a photo he shared: 

Here are some other highlights from his Instagram stories: 

Joey also had an encounter with musician Aryk Crown. Here's a photo from Aryk's Instagram

Here is a compilation of some of Joey's video stories including a clip of Aryk playing a New Edition song, him and Griffin watching the Women's NCAA basketball championship game, and his thoughts about the eclipse. 

In case you missed it, here are some other recent posts about Joey since my last "catching up with" post:

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