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2 in the Morning Video

Rumor going around is the video for "2 in the Morning" will be out on Feb. 23rd

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Order personalized NKOTB autographs

You can get personalized autographs and a video of them signing at Thanks to Bertha for the update.

Update: No longer available.

New concert: Richmond, Virginia

The guys will be performing at Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia on March 18. Tickets go on sale starting February 6th at 10:00 am. Thanks to Jeanine for the update.

Short blog from Jordan

It's so rare that we get a blog from Jordan, he didn't post at, but this was posted on his myspace site today:

Sooooo, I just tried to upload a song....MY song......that I wrote and Myspace blocks it from happening because of copyright infringement! HAHA! Reminds me of back in the day when i was on court TV....funny........

I'm bummed that myspace prevented this.

Also, when I met Jordan in Omaha last November I asked him if there is a chance that his songs from his unreleased solo album "Around the World" would ever be released (especially now that NKOTB is with Interscope - the same label that decided not to release his album!). Jordan's response was that maybe he could put the songs on his myspace page. Maybe this is what he was trying to add to his site!

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New Jon Blog

Check out Jon's latest blog at

Greetings from one of the best cities in the world! Just enjoyed a day
off in London. Can we just stay here? I’m getting so tired of packing
and unpacking everyday. Its all your fault, but I thank you for this
one misery I have to suffer (LOL). Watson got sent home on the first
plane to America this morning. I found his behavior to be a bit erratic
lately. I hear he was the cause of our continued economic downfall
Monday morning. The majority of you were not up to full working
capabilities due to staying up half the night waiting for some video to
be posted on the web. I wasn’t at that show and haven’t seen the video.
I did hear something about his a** being all over YouTube though.
Hopefully some upcoming time off will do him good. He told me he is
feeling extremely tired and home sick. The cold and rainy weather,
constant air travel, and being in a different time zone is sure taking
its toll on the poor guy! We all now he is no spring chicken these days
and damp weather is hard on the arthritis! Good thing he loves what he
does, so he will be just fine! In the mean time, I am here by myself
and will fill in for him during his absence. He said he can’t wait to
join me again sometime soon. I’m not sure when he will be back because
he shows up at really random times. He said something about a cruise in
May, not sure if he was talking about the cruise that I will be on with
some of you……I guess we will have to wait and see!


ps. You can now blog about my multiple personalities PH
pss. Operation squirrel, not gonna happen!
psss. Travelin Jon needs a plastic surgeon. What’s up with that nose?
pssss. Jessica Jones needs a vacation, what a girl! If I was the
president you’d be my press secretary
psssss. Starbucks in Europe needs half and half its just not right with
plain milk
pssssss. Hi Mom
psssssss. Wow its 5:48 and I have to be on a bus in a few hours
pssssssss. Good night!

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April tour dates!

Here are new tour dates from

Thu 4/2/09 Moline, IL—iWireless Center (10 a.m., Saturday Jan. 31)
Fri 4/3/09 Columbus, OH—Nationwide Center (10 a.m., Saturday Jan. 31)
Sat 4/4/09 Grand Rapids, MI—Van Andel Arena (10 a.m., Saturday Jan.
Sun 4/5/09 Champaign, IL—Assembly Hall (10 a.m., Saturday Jan. 31)
Mon 4/6/09 Des Moines, IA—Wells Fargo Arena (10 a.m., Saturday Jan.
Tue 4/7/09 Green Bay, WI—Resch Center (Noon, Saturday Jan. 31)
Thu 4/9/09 Winnipeg, MB—MTS Center (10 a.m., Saturday Jan. 31)
Sat 4/11/09 Saskatoon, SK—Credit Union Centre (Noon, Saturday Jan.
Mon 4/13/09 Kelowna, BC—Prospera Place (10 a.m., Saturday Jan. 31)
Tue 4/14/09 Victoria, BC—Sav-On Memorial Center (10 a.m., Saturday
Jan. 31st)
Thu 4/16/09 Reno, NV—Reno Events Center (TBD)
Fri 4/17/09 Santa Barbara, CA—Santa Barbara Bowl (11 a.m., Saturday
Jan. 31)
Sat 4/18/09 Los Angeles, CA—Palladium (10 a.m., Saturday)

Green Bay - April 7th

Here is another tour date 

Resch Center 
Green Bay, WI

Madison Magazine - Outtakes of the Interview with the New Kids

Here are some outtakes from the Madison Magazine interview:

New Kids: The Outtakes
26 January 2009 08:00

Often we journalists don’t get to use even half of an interview in a published piece. The New Kids article I wrote for madison was really about the relationship between the fans and the group—and I spoke to a lot of fans with great points to make—but that meant I didn’t get to include all of the quotes I got from my interview with the guys backstage in Philadelphia in November, 2008. However, since I have a soft spot for New Kids fans, I thought I’d share the outtakes from my interview with them here. Enjoy, ladies!

madison: Since you reunited, have you slipped back into the old roles that existed in the group, or have the relationships between you changed?
Danny Wood: They’re kind of the same, but just on a more mature level, definitely. We’re all grown up; we all have our own families. Everyone has their own responsibilities, so that kind of changes things. But you know, everyone is still kind of the same in a lot of ways.

madison: A lot of fans have told me that they’ve enjoyed coming back to see you live because they’re reconnecting with old friends and it reminds them of being young. Are you feeling that, too—like, “Oh, I feel 20 again!”
Jordan Knight: I do. Yeah. It just brings back a lot of memories, being up there on stage every night. It is a nostalgic thing for me. It’s also a brand new thing—new things we’re experiencing in life and within the group, and musically and everything else. But that nostalgic feeling is very much still there. All the girl, the energy, you know?

madison: Does it compare to the old days?
Jon Knight: I would say it’s right on par with back in the day. I think the only difference with the crowd’s energy now is, you know, back when we were in our 20s and our fans were in their 20s and younger, they were a little more hysterical about getting at you. Now that they’re grown up it’s not like they’re tying to claw your eyes out. They just want to get to say hi.
Jordan: I think it’s a sexually more mature energy.

madison: [laughing]
Jordan: Seriously.
Joe McIntyre: They’re smarter about going after their prey.
Jordan: And we are, too.

madison: They go straight for you?
Joe: Well, no they don’t go straight for you—
Danny: They say, “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” Which would never happen before.
Joe: They walk up to you and give you a compliment and before you know it, they’re [makes a cat rrrroaar sound, then shakes his head] No, no…
Jordan: The group is also more mature.
Danny [teasing Jordan]: And more sexual?
Jordan: Yes.
Danny: Yeah—sexual.
Donnie: A fan walked up to me at a meet and greet and said, “Hi, my name’s Heather.” I thought that was pretty cool. “Heather, how you doing?”
Jordan: Yeah, instead of just screaming in your face.

madison: So it’s more enjoyable for you because you get to have an exchange with the fans?
Joe: Yeah, it’s very cool. It’s different things. Like, when we were just announcing our reunion, I was on a train from Boston to New York and the whole time there was a really nice looking girl in her late 20s, a business woman, sitting nearby. We didn’t say a word the whole trip. And when we got into New York, she was like, “I’m really excited about you guys. Congratulations.” And I said, “Thanks”. Then as she walked away, she was like, “I’ll be waving to ya”—meaning she was going to the [Today Show] concert. So, that’s, like, hot to me! [everyone laughs] That’s, like, so cool—so cool! And that’s the difference. The other time you wouldn’t be able to sit that close. If you did, you’d be sweating bullets because you’d be so self-conscious about it.
Donnie: She’d have called 50 of her friends and they’d be waiting at the next stop. The train would have been turned upside down.

madison: What is it about New Kids that is so special? What are people connecting with?
Donnie: Uh… it’s hard to say.
Joe: I think it’s Jon’s dark hair.
Jon: [laughs at Joe] I don’t know. Some questions it’s hard to ask us—about what’s going on over on the other side. Because we’re not on the other side.

madison: Well, what do you see from your side?
Danny: What I see is the way we were brought up, our upbringings, our families, the way we went to school—four of us were bussed to all-black schools. I think the character of growing up in Boston has a lot to do with what separates us from some of the other groups. For me, that’s what I see every night on stage when I watch the fans do what they’re doing. The personalities. I love watching them do their thing every night.
Joe: Along those lines… we didn’t come from a nationwide search. And when you see those groups, they sort of exude that manufactured feel. And that’s not how we were put together. So maybe it’s because it feels real. Who we were was never manufactured. I mean, a lot of people said that because it got a little corporate and the merchandise got out of hand. It just got nuts. But from day one, it was just the five of us coming together and trying to entertain people.
Donnie: It was after us that the blueprint was made. It was like, “Oh yeah, we need the young cute guy and the bad boy and the shy guy and the tall, dark and handsome guy.” All that stuff came later. We just were who we were. It doesn’t matter how you’re in the band—you’re in the band. You just be yourself. There’s no script with us. You’re gonna get what you’re gonna get.

madison: What makes someone a Joe fan or a Danny fan or…
Jon: Jesus! [everyone laughs]
Danny: I can talk about Joe, because one of my daughters is a big Joe fan. Joe is her first crush.
Joe: I like the reason.
Jon: Who is this?
Danny: Chance. Jonas Brothers were her first crush and Joe completely eliminated them in one night.
Joe: Still taking on my role in bringing in the young fans!
Danny: She’s 10 years old and she recorded herself on her Mac saying, “Joe’s hot.” [Jon laughs loudly] I love his eyes. We have the same color eyes, the same color hair. You know what? If there’s anyone she’s gonna have a crush on, I’m glad it’s Joe.

madison: So that explains Joe. What makes people love Danny?
Joe: The reason why I’m a fan of Danny is because he works hard and he knows how to break dance. He can break dance real good! The thing about this group—I guess it’s that age-old thing—there’s something for everybody. And it doesn’t mean that just because you’re a Danny fan you can’t like Joe or Jordan or Jon...

madison: I’ve heard there’s been some switching.
Joe: Yeah. Donnie has taken a couple of Joe fans. And I couldn’t lose them to a better guy. He’s available.
Donnie: It’s easy to gain fans when you’re available.

madison: Yes, I’ve heard fans talking about how flirtatious you’ve been.
Joe: They still have a little piece of me. But they’re sleeping with Donnie. They’re writing me love notes but getting with him on the side. [laughing]
Donnie: Let me make one thing clear—
Joe: I was kidding! Quote-unquote.
Donnie: The first time around, it didn’t last forever with New Kids. And I can assure you this time around it definitely won’t last forever. I’m really, really appreciative of the fans. My goal is to give them everything I can, and to enjoy this to the fullest. And if that means kissing a few extra girls every night at meet and greets, then so be it. I’ll do it. If they ask, I’m saying yes. That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. I think we all are really cherishing this. And in different ways, we’re all finding ways to give back as much as we can to the fans. And that’s just my way. I’m a big love machine.

madison: Danny, I’ve heard from a lot of fans who are touched by the breast cancer-campaign—the T-shirts you’re selling. Even if they haven’t experienced breast cancer, they may have experienced loss and illness. Are you hearing a lot of those stories?
Danny: I hear it every night, in the meet and greets. Every night someone has a story to tell me, somebody comes in and they’re a survivor themselves, or their mom just passed away, or their aunt. It’s every day. I’m very, very proud of what we’ve done to help support the fight against breast cancer. And it’s great for my kids. It keeps my mother’s memory alive.

madison: How does this tour compare to what you’ve been doing? Are you missing what you were doing two or three years ago? Will you go back to what you were doing before?
Jordan: We were just home for a day and a half. And I didn’t want to leave home. It’s really great. You get to a point where… I’ve heard Donnie say this before. You get to a point where when you’re on the road you miss home and when you’re home you miss the road. That’s how it is right now, for me. But it doesn’t really get any better than that. A lot of times I do miss just hanging out on the couch with my sons—my wife—just watching TV. But there are sacrifices that we have to make to do this thing and it’s really worth it.

madison: Do you think there’ll be another tour after this one?
Joe: Australia, baby.
Donnie: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi oi oi.

madison: I was at your Sydney show in 1992.
Joe: Yeah, baby.
Jordan: Australia was amazing.
Joe: We should have went two years earlier than we did. It was like a big vacation.
Jon: Oh, it was so beautiful.
Danny: Amazing.
Jordan: Spread the word—spread the word for us. We’re dying to go.

By the way, the guys and their U.S. publicists told me they really do want to come to Australia and were (at the time) talking about April as a possibility. Nothing has been confirmed, but you can sign a petition to show your support for an Aussie tour here.

Winnipeg Concert

Here is a new date that appeared on today:

MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB
Thursday 04/09/09
07:30 PM

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Autographed original artwork by the guys being auctioned

The "No Surrender Charitable Trust" is holding a couple auctions. Below is the video:

Part 6 of Joey on Retro Rewind

Here is part 6 of Joey on Retro Rewind: Thanks to Trey and Joe for the head's up.

Youtube video courtesy of retrorewind

Back in Europe this fall?

I've seen some posts on the message boards that the guys said at last night's concert in London that they'd be back this fall.

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Opening act for concerts in March

According to a couple news sources (Centre Daily & Baltimore Sun), the dance group "JabbaWockeeZ" is opening for at least some of the concerts in the US/Canada tour this spring. Here is a video of them:

Youtube video courtesy of ezeditz 

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Donnie and Danny on TV3 in Ireland

This is an interview with Donnie and Danny on TV3 in Ireland.

YouTube video courtesy of Nykki72

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moline, IL is listing the following show:

i wireless Center
Moline, IL

Thu, 04/02/09
07:30 PM

on sale: Sat, 01/31/09
10:00 AM

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Single Remixed

Here is a remix of "Single" by VDJ EddieEye. Thanks to Mindie for the link.

Update on the Cruise tickets

The cruise is sold out, but you can still get on the waiting list. Check out to get on the waiting list. Thanks to Julie for the info. interview with Joey

Here is an article/interview with Joey from

Chips off the old block
They were the '80s pop phenomenon that created a genre and made girls

It's almost 25 years since hundreds of teenage boys in Boston auditioned for a place in what would eventually become one of the biggest selling boy bands in the world. Indeed, those young and cheesy New Kids on the Block started it all, paving the way for just about every popular boy band of the '90s.

Eighty million record sales, worldwide tours, merchandise that went beyond the ridiculous, and a legion of female fans who truly believed that Donnie, Jon, Joey, Jordan and Danny all had "oh, oh, oh-oh-oh the right stuff", made for one huge phenomenon that perhaps no amount of press clippings or video tapes will ever truly come close to describing.


In 1994, the boys bowed out of a limelight that had inevitably begun to dim.

Yet, as is the case with so many boy bands these days, precious memories just aren't enough, and it was announced early last year that the, erm, kids, were giving it another bash. And whaddya know? It's paying off.

All of a sudden, a more mature (yet still undeniably cheesy) NKOTB are once again selling out massive shows on the back of a brand new studio album entitled The Block.

The youngest kid on the block -- 36-year-old Joey McIntyre -- explains that it wasn't "some producer, or some manager, or some video station" calling for the comeback.

It was entirely their decision. However, while a couple of the guys had kept in touch, the five members hadn't been in the same room for more than 14 years. After a gap like that, it must be strange to be spending so much time together these days.

"There's a few milestones that give you chills," says Joey. "Like, the first time we're in a dance studio after 14 years and we start rehearsing and learning choreography.

"That was like 'wow, this is weird'. But it was great. Now, this is what we do and I think we do it well. We're performers and we're here to entertain and we're here to put on a good show, and I like the reality of that.


"The fact is we really do get along," he continues. "We've learned how not to piss each other off too much, you know what I mean? You've got five guys around, people are gonna be busting each other's chops, but we have a good time and we're grateful for the opportunity."

And, while the adoring teenage girls may have grown up, the overwhelming reaction to the comeback suggests they're still paying attention, and Joey insists that the atmosphere at the shows is as exciting as ever.

"For the majority of girls who came to see us, we were their first concert. Now, they've grown up and they've gotten jobs, and got out of college and had families and all that stuff and they're at a certain point where, ya know, they just have enough time where they want to do something good for themselves, you know what I mean?

"So now, here we come along, the reaction is very much the same . . . They feel 12 years old again. And you don't really get that feeling very often in life."

Over the past decade, McIntyre has branched out as an actor, performing both on stage and in front of the camera, while also consistently juggling a solo career in music.

Overall, he's kept himself in the spotlight, but was he not a little worried or heartbroken when the NKOTB journey first came to an end?

"We weren't heartbroken at all," he says. "I think we were excited to see what was on the other side of the rainbow, so to speak. I mean, we were going, going, going for five or six years."

Was there ever a point during that time where it all became a bit too much to deal with?

"Yeah, I mean, we were disappointed by the fact that there were way too many things out there with our faces on them," he recalls.

Who the hell was buying NKOTB marbles?

"Yeah, exactly," he replies. "We had all this shit out there and you're like 'what the hell is this?' I was the youngest in the group, so I really didn't mind that much, but the other guys were 18, 19, 20 -- they didn't want big slippers with their faces on them!

"We never really pointed the finger at managers or producers, I mean, it's just part of the animal, the nature of the beast, but the schedule was crazy.

"Luckily, we have good families," he continues. "I'm the youngest of nine kids so I never felt it too hard, and they were always there when they thought I was falling off the deep end, so it's just one of those things, and I think we're all lucky to come out of it with heads on our shoulders.

"And I think coming from Boston, really, it's a working class town and you can't get too big for your britches and I think that mentality helped us out and really kept us grounded."

Are you enjoying it more this time around? "Well, absolutely, I guess I'd have to say yes for a few reasons," he enthuses.

"I mean, mainly because this time around it's now, you know what I mean? There's nothing better than now. I think we're better performers, there's more time and space, because we've allowed that. Yet in so many ways, it's a lot like back in the day, ya know, it's an experience. . ."


With a few more lines on the face and a bit more stubble, I say, before asking if the comeback is a permanent deal.

"I really don't know," he ponders. "I know the door is wide open. It's going to be a challenge to figure out how to keep it fresh and cool because if it doesn't feel good to us, then we're not going to do it.

"I think what we've done, coming back like this, we've really written our own chapter and finished it the way we wanted to finish it, so if we're going to do something, it had better be damn good because why would you want to jeopardise what we've done?"

Finally, the Irish-American singer expresses his excitement about the group's long awaited debut show in Ireland this month.

"We never played in Ireland," says Joey. "And, being the Irish kid on the block, I was always very disappointed. I've been over to Ireland a couple of times -- my McIntyres are from Limerick.

"I haven't met any of them yet but it's amazing to go to the old country. And now to perform, it's going to be very, very special. And I'm not just propping myself up or anything like that," he finishes.

"But the Irish people are the most charming people in the world as far as I'm concerned, so it's a real treat to get over there."

Madison Magazine Article

Here is an article from Madison Magazine. Thanks to Diana for the scans. (Click on images for larger version).

Interview with Donnie from News of the World

Here is a new interview with Donnie from News of the World

NKOTB talk sex and drugs
Donnie Wahlberg tells all
By James Desborough, 19/01/2009

New Kids On The Block have done a Take That by reuniting and reliving the success they had in their heyday.
The five-piece original boy band is in the midst of a sell out world tour, twenty years after the lads dominated the world of pop.

The group, who sold a staggering 80 million records, are lapping up the praises and the thrown panties on the UK leg of their tour.

Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg became household names, while banking £80m each from six years in the charts. In 1990, they were Forbes highest paid entertainers – eclipsing Madonna and Prince.

Their hits like Cover Girl, Hangin’ Tough and Tonight bagged them a string of gongs around the globe.

In 1994 the lads called time on their boy band, and over the next 13 years resisted a string of attempts to reunite.

Last year Donnie convinced his old pals to return to the fray by writing a string of songs. After their new album New Kids On The Block hit the number one slot in the US, they decided to tour.

Donnie spoke to the News Of The World about their success second time around and the first time gives an insight into the wild times of the US act.

The album has a club feel, and seemed fun?

Donnie: “We didn’t set out to make a club album.

“We wanted to do core songs that were fun to perform

“The good thing was that making the album was very natural to us. “We didn’t want to just back together for the money

“We came together as a group again and it was such a good spirit between us.

“We weren’t locked in a studio without having fun – we didn’t want to do that all at?

“We wanted to make a good album first, and then see how things went on from there. We did it bit by bit. Our record label Universal was supportive of that, and it has paid off.

“The funny thing about being in a boy band is that in the beginning you are desperate to convince everyone you’re not a boy band and that you have talent – but you can’t.

“Only if you last long enough and you’re older, you prove it in other ways that you never thought of.

“You get respect with hard work and energy, and over time people realise what you have achieved without you telling them.

“You talk a lot when you’re younger; you do a lot when you’re older. I find that I taught myself.”

Donnie since the band split up you have a built a successful career as an actor.

You recently starred opposite Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Righteous Kill, and have big roles in TV shows like Boomtown and Band Of Brothers.

What made you return to NKOTB?

Donnie: “To be honest I never thought I would do this again.

“I thought my career had moved on from NKOTB.

“I didn’t want to take a step backwards – but it was something I wanted to do.

“We got back together because I wrote a song that inspired me that I wanted to record.

“My personal life was going through a lot of changes so music was my comfort. It was a great thing to go to the studio and write a song about your frustrations.

“It was an outlet for it, and reuniting with the New Kids seemed like the right time

“It wasn’t a problem getting back on stage and doing the routines as we put in the work.

“We didn’t want to slap together some moves and go out on stage to make money. We wanted to make the show great. It was a lot of hard work, creativity and preparation.

“What we didn’t account for was the reaction of the fans.

“It’s been especially amazing for us as the economy has been so bad and people are struggling, but so many of our fans have come out and had a chance to feel young again.

“There is more energy in the audience now than there used to be. The screams are as loud, the hysteria is as crazy, but there is an attitude from the fans and us, of how fortunate we all are to be doing this again.

“A lot of fans are nervous before seeing us; They want to go on this journey.

“Some people thought we’d show up and do our old classics and walk away. But with experience we have learned, and the shows are better than anyone would expect. We have taken it to another level.“

You and your band are almost 40-year-olds – how does it feel being in a boy band? Did you worry the comeback wouldn’t work.

Donnie: “I never thought about failure

“The words: ‘I can’t’ don’t enter my head. It sounds clichéd, but reforming and touring felt right.

“If I didn’t think we could do it at this higher level, then I wouldn’t waste my time doing it.

“There was never a discussion between the guys about our age. No-one said: “Can I still do it at my age?”

“The only thing was that I had to stop smoking, because the tour would take a lot out of me.

“The rehearsals were fine, and the show has been brilliant to play.”

In the last twenty years NKOTB have become viewed as the founding fathers of the modern boy band.

In your hey day from 1988 to 1992 you managed to achieve global success while remain the squeaky-clean boys next door.

Donnie: “I can’t say we were the cleanest living. I think we were smart.

“We were in a different era. We lived in a time where if you did stupid things it would end your career - nowadays if you get caught doing something you sell more records.

“There were plenty of women around, but we were at a time when HIV was a big thing, scaring everyone. “We were cautious. We had fun, and were young men, but at the same time there was a lot to lose and we respected that.

“We never went too far, and kept ourselves in check.

“It’s funny because you think we didn’t have scandals, but I was accused of lighting a hotel on fire!

“To me that was a big deal that was not some minor blip

“When the judge was saying I was going to jail for twenty years, that sh** was not minor.

“We weren’t the cleanest living I grew up in a house with drugs and alcohol and brothers in prison, NKOTB was my way out.

“I had enough examples in my life of what not to do.

“ I didn’t join a boy band to show how bad ass I could be.

“If someone wanted to start a fight with me, I would defend myself.”

We expect a sex, drugs and rock’n’roll lifestyle from our biggest acts today. Nothing was ever written about that hedonistic lifestyle when it came to NKOTB, so much was really going on behind the scenes?

Donnie: “It was fun. At times we made the most of it. We never did anything to excess.

“Did I have lot of sex – of course. That was not my motivation then, I was more interested in my work. It always came second.

““I would be quick to defy the record company or management. - I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me how to live my life

“Our code of conduct was set by the boys.

“If the guys said you were out of control, then you’d step back and evaluate that.

“If the record company or management I didn’t care. They were not in the circle.

“The guys in the group would tell you – ‘You are an ****hole’ if you stepped out of line. We were all defiant to a lot of things

What were the wildest things you can remember?

Donnie: “I didn’t do cocaine, crack or heroin – that’s for sure.

“To me I don’t look back and say ‘I can’t believe I did that.’

“We trashed a lot of hotels out of boredom and frustration at being trapped.

“It got to the stage where we couldn’t walk down the street without being stopped by a thousand people.

“Night after night we stayed at hotels, but at 20-years old you want to take on the world, so once in a while I took out my baseball bat to a TV set.

“We used to have target practice of the contents from the swimming pool.

“Once in Hawaii we were on about the 25th floor, so the pool looked like the size of a glass of water.

“We threw chairs, furniture, soda cans, televisions and books.

“Another time I got a $10,000 bill for breaking Ming vases and lamps.

“They sent me the bill, but I never broke the lamps.

“So I demanded to have them sent to me, and I took a baseball bat and smashed to pieces. “

Everywhere you went thousands of girls were desperate to get their hands on you. Jordan was considered the ‘best looking man' in pop, did that translate with his success rate with the ladies?

Donnie: “Danny was the killer with the ladies.

“He put the most time into it. Danny was the guy who got the most girls.

““I think when you averaged it out, it came to about one a night, If you took Monday and Tuesday off you might have three on Wednesday.

“On tour I took a recording studio with me, and I’d be there all night.

“I would have a girl waiting in my room, but by the time I got back she would have gone home with her friend.

“The fans would try and get to us by riding up elevators, climbing on tour bus roofs. Hiding under room service carts and Joe found some hiding in a closet.

“Sometimes when the guards would be holding fans I would tell them to let them through. It depended; I liked to spend time with them, so I went out to eat and I had her brought to dinner, and we would go from there.

“It was not that you got what you wanted, everybody wanted to.

“It was the greatest time ever. When you’re young, you have a lot of sexual drive and try it.

“Sometimes I look back and say thank God I am alive, thank God I didn’t catch anything or die. I don’t look back with much regret.

“I didn’t abuse or hurt people.

“Other than being naked in a room with six girls now and again I didn’t make my mother too embarrassed.

“A lot of bands brag about what they did, but I think they hate women, and I don’t: I love women. I don’t have to brag about my exploits.

“I don’t need to talk about how I did this and that, and had her sister and aunt at the same time. That doesn’t validate me.”

You had over 50 sold out shows in the US and Canada, how do the fans react these days

Donnie: “I have loved being on tour.

“I am a father with two kids, so I am not out be any sexual conqueror, but the fans are so much better, interesting and sexier – on every level it’s better the second time around.

“The amazing things now is that the fans are so sophisticated with the internet, they get their rooms in the hotel

“So I come back from a concert and they’ll be 10 fans on my floor. They don’t have to do it, but they want to.

“When you go down to the bar, there are the fans with their credit cards on the table. You go anywhere in the hotel and they are there.

“I dunno if any older bands get that. – I haven’t heard that

“They’ve got groupies backstage, but now our fans have greater access to us now than at any time in history.”

“Many of our fans are married, but they can be very aggressive.

“Married women will come and tell you: “My husband told me I will sleep with you tonight.’ It is freaky. I know what it feels like to be a husband in a break-up and you don’t want your wife sleeping a rock star.

“I would never go there, I am not gonna sleep with anyone’s wife – that’s just bad karma.

“When you’re younger you never think about dating fans. You party, mess around , but not to be serious.

“But now you’re older some of these women are beautiful, successful people.

“I find it more plausible that you could meet a fan and start a relationship.

“I am not sleeping around on tour though.

“It’s a different world. I am old fashioned.

“I could have a lot of crazy stuff appear on YouTube, but I am not ready for kids to see me having sex with three women on YouTube. “

NKOTB made a huge point of being anti-drugs. The government used the band to front campaigns to beat drug use in the US teen market. What made you feel that way?

Donnie : “I had brothers and sisters who were drug addicts. I tried drugs myself, but I learned from seeing my family destroyed by it, to not do it

“I tried it, and I realised that was not for me. I had an opportunity to make music so I just stopped

“Where I came from it’s not if you’re gonna smoke pot, or take cocaine – it’s just when.

“It’s not a question if you’re gonna steal a car, but when.

“I was in a stolen car at 11 with my one of my friends, and I smoked pot somewhere around that time.

“Realistically most guys where I come from smoked a joint by 13 – I guarantee I did. I didn’t enjoy getting high, so it wasn’t a problem to stop.

“My older brother was in jail as a direct result of drugs. I heeded the warning signs. I didn’t want to end up in jail.

“At an early age I didn’t want drugs because of the experience.

“My drill was that I had music. I was in the band aged 15, and had gigs to prepare for so I was focused on that.

“When we became famous nobody had any interest in drugs. Our time and energy was focused on the group. Drugs can’t match the feeling of performing live.

“I told people to say no to drugs because I had experience of them – I think that makes me a good person to talk about it.

“We saw the damage and destruction around us. “

Did you live the high life after making your millions?

Donnie: “Nobody bought a Ferrari, a mansion or snorted coke and blew their money. Nobody did that sh** We came from hard working families

“The best thing about being in the group we all kept ourselves in check.

“If someone turned up with a Ferrari, the other guys would say ‘You’re an ***hole’, so nobody brought one.

“We all had women, fun and drinks, now and again, but we all wanted to do something better with our lives.

“If I turned up drunk and stumbled on stage I would be kicked out the band.

“When we were a boy band we were criticised for not doing stupid stuff.

“If we would have done that – ravaged women, done drugs – we would’ve wasted our opportunities.

“We were all committed to being successful – it may sound boring, but 20 year later we are having the last laugh. “

How do you feel about Take That - they are riding high after a comeback three years ago?

Donnie : “I don't track boy bands if the band has a good song and I like it - I'll listen to it

"I don't think there is any competition. I know how hard it is to be successful; it's even harder a second timer.

“While I don't follow their progress I can only admire them for coming back.

"To have a member leave, become so successful and eclipse the group that should have been the end of the story, but the fact they’ve come back is an amazing accomplishment

"When Robbie left Take That it was supposed to be the nail in their coffin - but they didn't give up.

"It was the same with us. The critics can have their say, but we all knew that we were doing it for the right reasons. I feel lucky, but at the same time I worked my ass off.

"If you work hard you will be rewarded - it's the same for Take That."

New Kids On The Block are on a UK tour from Friday January 16 until January 29.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Retro Rewind Interview with Joey - Part 5

Here is part 5 of the Retro Rewind interview with Joey... Thanks to Trey for the update:

Updated Spring Tour Dates

I noticed there are a couple extra tour dates listed on that were not listed in the email they sent out. So here is the updated list with the 2 new ones in red

March 07: Hidalgo, TX Borderfest - Tickets On Sale 1-26-09 @ 10am
March 09: Tulsa, OK BOK Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 10: Bossier, City LA Century Tel Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 12: Ft. Myers, FL Germain Arena - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 13: Orlando, FL Amway Arena - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 16: Nashville, TN Sommet Center - Tickets on Sale 1-30-09 @ 10am
March 17: Greenville, SC Bi-Lo Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 19: Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 20: Hershey, PA Giant Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 22: Erie, PA Erie Civic Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 10am
March 24: State College, PA Bryce Jordan Center - Tickets on Sale TBD
March 25: Portland, ME Cumberland Country Civic Center - Tickets on Sale 1-24-09 @ 9am
March 26: Syracuse, NY OnCenter - Tickets on Sale TBD
March 28: Niagara Falls, NY Seneca Niagara Casino - Tickets on Sale 1-23-09 @ 10am
March 29: London, Canada John Labbatt Center - Tickets on Sale 1-23-09 @ 10am
March 30: Ottawa, Canada Scotiabank Arena - Tickets on Sale 1-23-09 @ 10am
March 31: Manchester, NH Verizon Arena - Tickets On Sale 1-23-09 @ 12pm

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rumor: Next album to be a collection of solo songs?

This doesn't really sound like the guys, but who knows.... Here is an article from The Daily Star, with some rumored information about a possible future album

NEW KIDS On The Block want to transform themselves into OutKast by releasing solo material as one entity.

Like the Hey Ya! duo, who record separately then put out the songs in one collection, the reformed manband are toying with the idea for the future.

Ahead of their UK tour opening in Manchester last night, Joey McIntyre told me: “We all want to make more music – my creative juices are flowing. Donnie was talking about solo albums and putting them together like OutKast.

“Whatever is it that we do after the tour has to be exciting for us.

“We’re not going to have a bunch of producers write songs and we simply sing them.”

Comeback album The Block has been hugely received by fans.

Now New Kids are set to give something back to their supporters by inviting them on a cruise.

The five-piece – Joey, Danny Wood, 39, brothers Jon, 40, and Jordan Knight, 38 and Donnie Walhberg, 39, will entertain on a jaunt from Florida to The Bahamas over May 15-18.

And fans from around the globe can buy tickets from their official website.

Joey explained: “We know our fans will like the idea of having us alone on a ship.

“It’s going to be the busiest time of our year – we’re going to be waiting on them fine people hand and foot. We’ll do two shows, have meet and greet and have aftershow parties.”

Sounds like the band won’t be getting a second of kip – a bit like their newly crowned superstar pal Lady GaGa, 22, above, who features on The Block’s saucy track Big Girl Now.

Joey, 35, said: “She had a lot of energy when we worked with her and she came on our US tour.

“I’m not surprised to see her blow up.

“She was very focused, really talented and fun.”

Friday, January 16, 2009

New vlog about the spring tour dates

Here is a new blog from AOL and

March tour dates announced!

Here are the new concert dates from (Click on image for larger version)

Tulsa March 9th

According to, the guys "will perform at 8 p.m. March 9 at the BOK Center in Tulsa. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. next Saturday, Jan. 24."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Niagara Falls concert?

Here is an unconfirmed concert announcement:

The Seneca Niagara Events Center at Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY

Sat, 03/28/09
08:00 PM

Thanks to Christina for the update.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UK National Lottery Video

Here is the video of NKOTB's performance of "2 in the Morning" on the National Lottery show in the UK. Thanks to Bertha and Susie for the link.

Youtube video courtesy of JordanKnightUK

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cruise details and where to order!

Here is the site where you'll be able to order your passes to the cruise (starting at 11AM EST tomorrow), as well as all the details!

Next single will be "2 in the morning"

I was too busy reading the cruise info, that I just now noticed the newsletter from says "Stay tuned for the new single/video "2 in the Morning"...!"

More cruise details

More details on the cruise from the mailing list:

Dear NKOTB fans:


MAY 15 - 18, 2009






NKOTB Cruise on May 15 - 18 confirmed!


Call them New Kids on the Boat. In this exclusive video for, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jonathan and Jordan Knight announce their plans to hit the high seas for a concert cruise from May 15-18.

Traveling from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to the Bahamas, NKOTB will entertain fans on board with special performances and meet and greets. Jokes McIntyre: "We're not going to be drinking pina coladas, we'll be serving them!"

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, Jan. 14. For more information, check out– Michelle Tan

Video courtesy of MICA3021

Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

UK National Lottery

The guys will be on the UK National Lottery on January 14th

Jonathan's latest blog

Here is Jonathan's latest blog at


“It’s 2 in the morning,” just spent a long day with the rest of the guys. Getting home now and going to wash the make-up off my face. Hope you like it!………Get ready Europe my bags are packed and we’re on our way!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Retro Rewind Part 3

Here is part 3 of Joey's Retro Rewind interview. Thanks to Trey for the update.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Runaway coming to DVD!

A couple years ago Donnie was on a TV series called "Runaway", unfortunately it was canceled after just a few episodes. According to, the show season - including those episodes that never aired - will be available on DVD on March 24th.

Videos from "Good Company" in Cleveland

Here are some videos from a showed called "Good Company" on a Cleveland TV station:

Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

New year's blog from Jon

Here is Jon's latest blog:

Happy New Year to you! Where does the time go? I can’t believe It was
one year ago that Jordan and I left home and went to stay with Donnie
to begin planning for our reunion! I hope this year was as great for
you as It was for me and the rest of the New Kids. It has been so much
fun traveling all over North America. This Is the best country ever. I
am glad I got to see It all over again.

I survived the trauma of turning forty……. of course I’ll still lie
about my age. I’ve been doing It for so long I can’t stop now. I had
the best birthday ever. Sitting around the Four Seasons In Punta Mita,
Mexico with a small group of friends. This hotel Is one of the best if
you want to get away from It all and relax. It did take me a good three
days to let go and be able to enjoy myself. I’m never one to sit around
and do nothing but I was so ready to do just that. Went snorkeling off
the coast on a tiny island wildlife refuge. The water was a bit murky
the day we all went. It makes It kind of creepy when you can’t see far
into the distance. At one point I saw some large black shadows circling
beneath us. Convinced it was a school of sharks. I told the people in
our group that there are some cool fish in the direction of the
shadows. Hey, I didn’t know these people and I’d rather watch them
become dinner and not my friends. Swimming back to the boat we found
out it was a school of stingrays and not some hungry sharks. These
things were amazing, they were as big as I. We also had the opportunity
of coming across a huge sea lion asleep on the beach.
Amazing sights… amazing times… amazing food… amazing service…
amazing friends!

So here I am, back out in Los Angeles. Although it’s not snowing like
back home, it’s freezing cold! I guess the warm weather in Mexico
spoiled me. We are getting ready to film our third video next week,
than off to Europe for another go round. It has been so great to have
this time off. I got to go back to work for a few days and experience
what I’ve been missing. As much as I love doing the New Kids thing I am
itching to get back to my company. If only I could work during the day
and commute to our concerts every night I would have the best of both
worlds. That is impossible as we all know, so for now my main focus
will remain with you!

Looking forward to seeing you all again this spring and summer.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Kids sold almost 300,000 tickets in the US and Canada

Here are some numbers about the amount of tickets sold for each US/Canadian venue from Wikipedia.

Venue City Tickets Sold / Available Gross Revenue
Bell Centre Montréal 11,510 / 11,510 (100%) $713,520
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale 11,784 / 11,784 (100%) $750,114
TD Banknorth Garden Boston 27,017 / 27,017 (100%) $1,783,505
Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville 6,835 / 7,593 (90%) $478,566
Allstate Arena Rosemont 13,387 / 13,387 (100%) $850,830
HP Pavilion at San Jose San Jose 12,792 / 12,792 (100%) $831,900
Mandalay Bay Events Center Las Vegas 7,312 / 8,265 (88%) $610,802 Arena Glendale 7,593 / 14,000 (54%) $460,538
Toyota Center Houston 9,405 / 10,402 (90%) $577,402
AT&T Center San Antonio 7,515 / 8,339 (90%) $464,714
New Orleans Arena New Orleans 9,149 / 12,914 (71%) $546,499
American Airlines Center Dallas 11,397 / 14,039 (81%) $738,310
Xcel Energy Center Minneapolis 10,889 / 14,529 (75%) $630,820
Bradley Center Milwaukee 7,757 / 10,086 (77%) $463,492
Palace of Auburn Hills Detroit 13,434 / 13,434 (100%) $837,434
Madison Square Garden New York City 14,031 / 14,031 (100%) $885,633
The Arena at Gwinnett Center Atlanta 10,400 / 10,400 (100%) $753,395
Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte 8,134 / 13,330 (61%) $431,975
BankAtlantic Center Ft. Lauderdale 9,786 / 13,488 (73%) $522,181
Wachovia Center Philadelphia 14,274 / 15,981 (89%) $959,333
Dunkin' Donuts Center Providence 7,575 / 8,848 (86%) $475,029
Scottrade Center St. Louis 10,617 / 14, 271 (74%) $540,471
Qwest Center Omaha Omaha 7,219 / 11,253 (64%) $357,621
Broomfield Event Center Denver 5,057 / 5,419 (93%) $315,100
The E Center of West Valley Salt Lake City 3,782 / 9,798 (39%) $219,255
Rexall Place Edmonton 7,878 / 12,154 (65%) $436,758
Tacoma Dome Seattle 9,788 / 14,591 (67%) $567,846
Cox Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego 6,637 / 9,766 (68%) $342,447
Nokia Theatre Los Angeles 6,870 / 6,870 (100%) $479,775

TOTAL 289,824 / 350,270 (83%) $18,025,265

Bunker Hill takes of Item Newsroom

Here is an article from Item Live about the Bunker Hill filming. Thanks to Bertha for the update.

TV stars, crew take over Item newsroom to film TNT's 'Bunker Hill' pilot show

By Robin Kaminski / The Daily Item

In a Hollywood minute, or over the course of about 12 hours, The Daily Item was transformed into a Boston Police Department Thursday for the set of the new TNT drama "Bunker Hill" starring Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan.

A hubbub of activity has swirled around The Item Building since Wednesday morning complete with celebrities, set directors, cameramen, stand-ins and a slew of other people as the newsroom and other rooms were altered to look like a police department set in the Charlestown section of Boston.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the pilot is centered on Wahlberg's character, Mike Moriarty, a Boston cop whose brother was shot in the line of duty.

Wahlberg's character reportedly comes back to Boston after serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan, one year after his brother was killed, to take his place on the force as a cop in Charlestown.
Associate producer Mark Hankey said one of the scenes filmed Thursday would be of Wahlberg's character meeting homicide detectives for the first time, and the other would be in the midst of an investigation.

Actress Jennifer Ferrin, who is playing the part of a district attorney, and Tony Curran will also be in the scenes.

Thursday's grueling 12-hour filming focused on Wahlberg's character searching through a police database and building a case against the main suspect for his first case.

Hesitant to divulge the exact details of the show, Hankey said the pilot is loosely based on the story of Charles Stuart, the Boston man who murdered his pregnant wife and inflamed racial tension by blaming a non-existent black suspect in 1989.

"There is a woman that is murdered on a bridge," he said. "But that's all I can say, I can't give it all away!"

Production designer Tracy Gallacher said The Item stood out amongst a number of architecturally suitable buildings fit for a Hollywood set.

"We were looking for an older, more grungy type of building, and we heard that Lynn was a very film-friendly city," she said. "So we sent a few scouts here and found a lot of great stuff in Lynn."

Throughout the newsroom, maps and photos of Lynn have been replaced with maps of Charlestown, and mug shots now line the walls where Item accolades hung for decades.

"All of the crew members had a lot of fun taking the fake mug shots," Gallacher quipped.

The vintage Item building did prove a brief liability during the 6 p.m. hour as the extra electrical burden of the filmmakers' equipment set off two separate fire alarms in the second-floor newsroom, halting filming.

The cast and crew, as well as Item staffers, were forced out on to the street. The Lynn fire department responded and electrical alterations by the film crew soon had the production back up and running.

Peter Berkrot, a stand-in for the pilot, who has appeared in Brotherhood, Caddyshack, and numerous other television and radio shows, said the shift at The Item has been far more luxurious than last week's icy cold filming on the Tobin Bridge.

"You have to be on set at all times and in earshot if they need you," he whispered in between takes. "On Sunday I worked from 8 a.m. to sundown and the wind was whipping. But you know, I had the hand warmers and the toe warmers."

Strikingly similar in appearance to Al Pacino, Berkrot said he has been in the business for over 30 years and worked with countless celebrities.

"Stand-ins can make $150 for eight hours, but more often that that, we're here longer than that," he said. "When you're a stand-in, you have to be able to jump right in and then get out of the way really fast."

Prior to filming at The Item, Gallacher said the crew shot scenes around Charlestown, including Pleasant Street and 40 steps, an area where Moynahan's character is supposed to live.

CNN Interview

Here is an interview with CNN:

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watch Retro Rewind for more Joey

Here is a note from Dave from Retro Rewind:

Just a note to remind you that Joey and NKOTB is artist of the month for Jan. We will be playing tons and tons of their music and some of Joey's solo stuff. We also have an exclusive interview with Joey that will air in parts throughout the month. The interview is over an hour long. You'll see many more video segments all month long. The show is LIVE every Saturday night and segments of the interview that won't be included in the video are going to air too.