Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rumor: Next album to be a collection of solo songs?

This doesn't really sound like the guys, but who knows.... Here is an article from The Daily Star, with some rumored information about a possible future album

NEW KIDS On The Block want to transform themselves into OutKast by releasing solo material as one entity.

Like the Hey Ya! duo, who record separately then put out the songs in one collection, the reformed manband are toying with the idea for the future.

Ahead of their UK tour opening in Manchester last night, Joey McIntyre told me: “We all want to make more music – my creative juices are flowing. Donnie was talking about solo albums and putting them together like OutKast.

“Whatever is it that we do after the tour has to be exciting for us.

“We’re not going to have a bunch of producers write songs and we simply sing them.”

Comeback album The Block has been hugely received by fans.

Now New Kids are set to give something back to their supporters by inviting them on a cruise.

The five-piece – Joey, Danny Wood, 39, brothers Jon, 40, and Jordan Knight, 38 and Donnie Walhberg, 39, will entertain on a jaunt from Florida to The Bahamas over May 15-18.

And fans from around the globe can buy tickets from their official website.

Joey explained: “We know our fans will like the idea of having us alone on a ship.

“It’s going to be the busiest time of our year – we’re going to be waiting on them fine people hand and foot. We’ll do two shows, have meet and greet and have aftershow parties.”

Sounds like the band won’t be getting a second of kip – a bit like their newly crowned superstar pal Lady GaGa, 22, above, who features on The Block’s saucy track Big Girl Now.

Joey, 35, said: “She had a lot of energy when we worked with her and she came on our US tour.

“I’m not surprised to see her blow up.

“She was very focused, really talented and fun.”


Anonymous said...

solo songs? i don't think i'm really crazy about that idea... but if you think of their songs from back in the day ALOT of them were sung by just one person... either jordan or joe or donnie and even danny had some but calling them "solo songs" just gives me a wierd feeling :S

Anonymous said...

cruise seems 100% sold out, not that i had any doubt that would happen.

Anonymous said...

What is with Jon? A Solo sung by him? C´mon he won´t do that. *sigh* ...the good news is that they think about a next album *thud*

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the next album!!


Anonymous said...

as much as id want him to, i know jon might not be up for it =( but i can still dream