Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Greetings from one of the best cities in the world! Just enjoyed a day
off in London. Can we just stay here? I’m getting so tired of packing
and unpacking everyday. Its all your fault, but I thank you for this
one misery I have to suffer (LOL). Watson got sent home on the first
plane to America this morning. I found his behavior to be a bit erratic
lately. I hear he was the cause of our continued economic downfall
Monday morning. The majority of you were not up to full working
capabilities due to staying up half the night waiting for some video to
be posted on the web. I wasn’t at that show and haven’t seen the video.
I did hear something about his a** being all over YouTube though.
Hopefully some upcoming time off will do him good. He told me he is
feeling extremely tired and home sick. The cold and rainy weather,
constant air travel, and being in a different time zone is sure taking
its toll on the poor guy! We all now he is no spring chicken these days
and damp weather is hard on the arthritis! Good thing he loves what he
does, so he will be just fine! In the mean time, I am here by myself
and will fill in for him during his absence. He said he can’t wait to
join me again sometime soon. I’m not sure when he will be back because
he shows up at really random times. He said something about a cruise in
May, not sure if he was talking about the cruise that I will be on with
some of you……I guess we will have to wait and see!


ps. You can now blog about my multiple personalities PH
pss. Operation squirrel, not gonna happen!
psss. Travelin Jon needs a plastic surgeon. What’s up with that nose?
pssss. Jessica Jones needs a vacation, what a girl! If I was the
president you’d be my press secretary
psssss. Starbucks in Europe needs half and half its just not right with
plain milk
pssssss. Hi Mom
psssssss. Wow its 5:48 and I have to be on a bus in a few hours
pssssssss. Good night!


Unknown said...

lol jon i love your blogs..you are very funny and you are a true night owl ;) well i live in spain and i am a night owl too, better said i am a knight owl too ;P

i am very happy meeting you in london and i want to say that your hugs are the best ;)

i am at home now missing you guys and your concerts..you are the best!!!! i loooove you


Anonymous said...

Dear nice and handsome Men on the old Block,
it was really great seeing you in Düsseldorf last night. To see you "grown up" and sometimes self-ironic was fun while each one of your fans could enjoy the nostalgic touch and make some party. Do each one of you or all of you together have plans for the time after TOURING---I`m excited to hear about the "the after party on the BLOCK" :-) hugs and kisses

Mandimariec said...

I highly doubt that you will read this. I am not in denial about the fact that you have many fans. Now I have been one of those fans over the years, but I am not one of those psychotic fans. I have been in the same place as you have been in regards to the anxiety. You are definitely the quite one and I love that about you. I live in Montana which I know is quite a ways away from where you are preforming. Just know that I think about what you are going through when you are up there singing your heart out. I feel for what you are feeling. Just know that there is a fan out there that is truly thinking about your well being. You are loved

from Montana