Friday, October 31, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre on Meredith Vieira

Joey made an appearance on the Meredith Vieira show yesterday to promote the McCarthys. Here is the video clip!

Video courtesy of yikes77

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre on Watch What Happens Live

Joey was a guest on Watch What Happens Live the other day. Here are the video clips from the show:

Joey McIntyre interview with CBS News

Joey was interviewed by CBS News' Lauren Moraski about his new sitcom The McCarthys, the New Kids on the Block cruise TV show, and more. Here is the clip:

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine interviewed Joey. They ask him what was the worst job he had, what did he want the be when he grew up, what he watches on TV, and does he think his character on the McCarthys will do any singing. Here is the clip:

Video courtesy of Susie Watson

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Listen to Joey McIntyre on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

Joey was interviewed by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show to talk about the McCarthys and more. Listen to the interview below:

Listen to Joey McIntyre's interview with CBS Sports Radio

Joey was interviewed by CBS Sports Radio. He talks about sports, The McCarthys, Joey growing up in a different neighborhood than the rest of the New Kids on the Block, getting the opportunity to reunite with the New Kids and more. 

Here is the summary of the interview from their website: 

You might know Joey McIntyre as a boy band star who rose to fame with New Kids on the Block, and maybe you followed him as he embarked on a successful solo career.

Well, McIntrye, 41, is now a regular on an upcoming CBS sitcom, The McCarthys, which will debut Thursday night at 9:30 ET. The series centers on a working-class Boston family obsessed with sports. The father of the family, Arthur, is a high school basketball coach who chooses his athletically challenged – and openly gay – son, Ronny, to serve as his assistant coach.

“We don’t care that he’s gay,” said McIntyre, who plays Gerard McCarthy, Ronny’s brother. “We’re trying to say the right thing, (but) we don’t know the lingo and we put our foot in our mouth and we learn from it. It’s actually kind of cool because sometimes we’re a little too PC now, which is fine. We want to be sensitive, but when we’re with friends and family, we open up about that. Whatever your thing is, we can joke about that, and I think we do that in a safe way on the show. It’s nice to do that. Hopefully we can be a part of that dialogue and and be a part of people’s families that way. But No. 1, we want to make you laugh. We got great writers and a great cast. We’re having a blast.”

Arthur is played by Jack McGee, Ronny is played by Tyler Ritter, and Marjorie – Arthur’s wife – is played by Laurie Metcalf, who is best known for her time on Roseanne.

McIntyre, meanwhile, is the rare performer who acts and sings – and he loves both.

“It’s tough to mess with Madison Square Garden, you know what I mean?” he said. “We’re lucky that we can do both. It’s a thrill. I grew up in community theater, so a crowd is a crowd. They say one person is a crowd. Whether you like it or not, you got to go on and perform, but the live studio audience and getting that reaction and just the sitcom experience is a blast.”

It’s been quite a career for McIntyre, who first came on the scene in 1985 as a 13-year-old kid with New Kids on the Block. McIntyre grew up in Manhattan, while the rest of the group grew up in Boston, and now are in Queens. Those boroughs are separated by only a few miles, but they are, in the words of McIntyre, “a world away.”

“Donnie (Wahlberg) kind of put his friends together from school . . . and they were looking for a younger kid,” McIntyre explained. “For a few years, we were just doing after-school stuff and talent shows and then we got a hit record. The rest is history.”

Most of the band members are now in their early-to-mid 40s and have wives and kids.
“It’s good,” McIntyre said. “The pace is much better, and we get to do what we love. We get to be rock stars and our fans get to be 13 again. It’s great.”

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre and McCarthys cast on "The Talk"

Here are a couple clips of Joey McIntyre and the cast of the McCarthys on "The Talk": 

Video courtesy of Shelly Lawrence

Watch Joey McIntyre on Live with Kelly and Michael

Here are the video clips of Joey on Live with Kelly and Michael from this morning:

Videos courtesy of jmulkey76

Watch Joey McIntyre on CBS This Morning

Joey was on CBS This Morning to promote The McCarthys - check out his interview below:

Video courtesy of shellylawrence8711

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with Huff Post Live

Joey did an interview with Huff Post Live today. Here are the video clips:

Videos courtesy of Shelly Lawrence

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Donnie Wahlberg on CBS This Morning

Here is a video clip of Donnie's appearance on "CBS This Morning":

CBS New York also did a short interview with him:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joey McIntyre's Upcoming TV appearances

Joey will be making several TV appearances next week to promote The McCarthy's which premieres on CBS next Thursday, October 30. Here are some of his scheduled appearances:

Tuesday, October 28: CBS This Morning (8AM ET/7AM CT)
Tuesday, October 28: LIVE with Kelly and Michael (Syndicated) 
Tuesday, October 28: The Talk (2PM ET 1PM PT/CT on CBS)
Tuesday, October 28: Huffington Post (12:40 PM)
Tuesday, October 28: Entertainment Tonight (Not sure if Joey will be on, but it says there will be a segment on The McCarthys)
Tuesday, October 28: Watch What Happens Live (11PM ET/10PM CT on Bravo)
Thursday, October 30: The Meredith Vieira Show (Syndicated) 

Donnie Wahlberg on "CBS This Morning" on Friday

According to TV Guide, Donnie will be on "CBS This Morning" tomorrow morning!

Watch Jordan Knight and Nick Carter's interview with Mix 106.1

Jordan and Nick were interviewed on Mix 106.1 in Philadelphia. They talk about performing songs from the 90's, how they came up the idea to tour and record together, what their wives think about them touring, what TV shows they watch, joking about the Ebola virus, some of their favorite songs on the radio now, cooking, and more.
Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here's some photos from that day: 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on Mix 105.1

Jordan and Nick were on Mix 105.1 in Orlando yesterday. Here are some clips from their interview:

Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?
Jay Edwards: You’re in Orlando, did you get to bring the kids with you or are they a little jealous right now that dad is here?

Jordan Knight: They’re a little jealous. They’re in school, they need to be in school. But it would have been fun to bring them down and take them to Disney. You know when you’re on tour, you’re in a city and then you’re out and that’s the reality of it so it’s kind of not conducive to having kids on the road.

Nick Carter: I thought he was talking about Kids On The Block.

JE: Jordan, can you check in at Universal or something and Dante see it and be like “Dad seriously? You’re riding Space Mountain without me?!”

JK: That’s why I don’t go on the rides.When I’m on tour I keep it really boring so my kids don’t bother me too much.

Dana Taylor: Well Nick I know that you…because we have the same wand…Voldemort’s wand…

NC: Yeah! I did go to Universal, me and my wife went. Diagon Alley, that was great.

JK: I saw that you were drinking Butter Beer. What is that?

NC: It is as amazing as they talked about. Really.

JK: What do they do, just mix butter and beer?

NC: It’s hard to explain. It’s a magical thing.

JE: How is married life? April…right?

NC: It is great.

JE: New “Nick and Knight” self-titled CD came out September 2nd, is it true that this whole thing happened when you were here recording…you were here with your brother and you happened to be in the studio next to each other?

NC: We just started writing and enjoyed each other, ya know and realized that we shared the same interests and when the NKTOBBSB tour happened, the talks continued and I think we even talked about doing a tour back then.

JK: Yeah over some music and some songs together, and then we toured again with our groups and were like “yeah, there’s something there, let’s put some music together and do a tour and that’s where it came about.

JE: Where in Florida were you?

NC: Here. We were in Orlando!

JE: Jordan, you told Huffington Post that you had doubts about “what my fans would think and what Nick’s fans would react” because you have such dedicated fans, but now you’re together on one stage…have you converted the Nick fans to Jordan fans?

JK: I think we’ve melted the fan base together for sure. I think all of our fans needed to see and hear was us blend on the songs and to see us on stage and to see how much fun we actually have and the chemistry on stage. There’s fans now that are like “I’m totally hooked now. I’m going to some more shows. I’m gonna meet you guys out on the west coast.” Now we have what we call repeat offenders where they come to one show and they want to keep going to one show and the next show.

JE: Yeah, you do have repeat offenders.

JK: Definitely have repeat offenders and you know both groups and both Nick and I have fans all across the world and they do come to see us and obvious Orlando is a great place to visit as well and not only see the Nick and Knight Show, but just to hang out.

JE: Let’s talk a little bit about the music, your first single “One More Time” followed by “Just The Two Of Us” you also have “Switch” on the new album, which you guys actually co-wrote with Bruno Mars right?

NC: It’s funny enough because that song was submitted to us, we didn’t write on that song, and then we recorded the song, and we found out that Bruno wrote on it and we were like “Oh that’s great!”

JK: This works to our advantage! We were like, “Why do we like this song so much? Oh! Maybe because Bruno Mars wrote it.” Actually it’s a fan favorite on the album and Bruno Mars happened to write it and actually the guitar lines you hear on the record are him and we found this out later on. It’s weird because the producer of the song didn’t mention to us that Bruno Mars co-wrote [the song.]

NC: You would think that he would use that as a selling point but he did not which, you know it was the song first and that’s how the entire album kind of is. We have a bar that we like to set our music to. Thankfully we come from groups that created memories and long lasting music and so we feel like we reached that bar on this album and we’ve created an album that will last a long time and our fans are going to be excited about for years to come.

JE: Is it possible in the recording process when one of you guys is in there and you say “Hold on. That’s a little too much BSB” or “that’s a little too much New Kids.”

JK: Actually…there was a song…

NC: I submitted a song and he did say…

JK: [interrupting] That was very very early on. You get a pass for that but there was also a song that sounded like “Bye Bye Bye” and I was gungho about the song.

NC: We actually didn’t even write that, it was a producer that came from that type of stuff.

JK: At first the song didn’t sound like that and then I put some backgrounds on it and then it really sounded like *Nsync, and Nick was like “what’s up with that song” and I was like “Dude, you don’t wanna hear it” and he was like “No! I love it! I love it!”

NC: [interjecting] … then I listened to it and was like “You’re right.”

When Nick Carter and Jordan Knight agreed to sit in on the Scott McKenzie and the Morning MIX show prior to their Nick and Knight tour stop at The Plaza LIVE, it’s doubtful they knew what they were in for. Jay Edwards had lined up a revealing game of “Would You Rather?” for them to play on the show. But the guys were great sports and came up with some truly surprising answers to the questions posed to them by Jay.

Here are the questions…and here are their answers!

Jay Edwards: Would you rather be able to fly or would you rather be able to read minds?

Jordan Knight: Read minds.

JE: Read minds? We’d be in a lot of trouble with a lot of ladies right now! Nick, would you rather be gossiped about or never be talked about again?

Nick Carter: It’s better to be talked about than to never be talked about.

JE: Jordan, would you rather lose every single time or never play in the first place?

JK: Lose every single time, cuz I’d just tell myself I won and still be able to play.

JE: Nick, would you rather give up your cell phone for an entire month, or snack food for an entire year?

NC: Snack food for a year.

JE: What IS your favorite snack food?

NC: Swiss cake rolls.

JK: He loves cupcakes. We’ve had cupcakes all tour.

NC: Don’t bring me cupcakes any more. Stop it!

JE: Jordan, would you rather look better in photographs than you do in person, or look better in person than you do in photographs?

JK: I say look better in person, because then if people see you in person they’d go, “Wow! You look so much better!”

JE: Nick, would you rather be naked in Antarctica or in a snow suit in the desert?

NC: Mmmmm…that’s really hard to answer. I’d rather not do either one. But I think naked in Antarctica because I’d like to let it all….never mind.

JE: Jordan…never brush your hair again or your teeth again?

JK: Hair. You gotta brush your teeth. That’s just not cool.

JE: Nick, would you rather have an extra mouth or a third arm?

NC: Mmmm…wow! I’m getting the hard ones here. I’d like to have an extra mmmmmm….mouth.

JE: Jordan, would you rather always laugh at sad things or always cry at funny things?

JK: What!?!? I’d probably laugh at sad things, but you’d look like a jerk though, laughing at sad things!

JE: Nick, would you rather give bad advice or get bad advice?

NC: I’d give it man. [Laughing] I’ll lead you down the wrong path!

JE: Jordan, would you rather live your life starting today as a woman for the rest of your life or start back over as a child.

JK: I would start back over as a child. Nothing against being a woman.

NC: Can I answer that too? I’d like to try a woman! It’d be crazy!

JE: Alright, Nick…would you rather share a toothbrush with a complete stranger on the street or be locked in a porta-potty for twelve straight hours?

NC: The toothbrush sharing, hands down.

JE: Jordan, would you rather be able to walk through walls or control the weather?

JK: Control the weather.

JE: Nick, would you rather age from the neck up only or the neck down only?

NC: Oh jeez. You’re just screwed either way man! I think from the neck up.

JE: One more each. Jordan, would you rather have three wishes granted ten years from now, or have one wish and one wish only granted right this second?

JK: One wish right this second. Yeah…I would wish for more wishes.

JE: And Nick…would you rather live next to a noisy neighbor or a nosy neighbor?

NC: Oooooh…it got quiet in here. I’d rather live next to a noisy neighbor.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Watch CBS 13's interview with Joey McIntyre

CBS 13 sat down to interview Joey recently. He talks about the The McCarthy’s, singing the national anthem before the patriots’ game last week, visiting Maine and more.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Jordan Knight and Nick Carter's interview with News 13

Jordan and Nick were interviewed by News 13 in Orlando. The edited text version of the interview and video are below:

We met up with Nick and Jordan on Tuesday morning after their media blitz with local radio stations. We talked about sexy dancing, a '90s medley, "I Heart Nick Carter," and why not playing huge arenas is the coolest thing ever.

ALLISON WALKER: So guys, we know that the "Magic Mike" sequel isn't out until next summer. But it's OK, because all we need to do is to go to your show and we'll be satisfied. You've got a lil' "Pony" by Ginuwine going on.

NICK CARTER: I see you've been researching. You've heard about it, right?

AW: Yeah, I've clicked on it. Maybe more than once.

JORDAN KNIGHT: We have a little "Magic Mike" moment in the show. We do a little segment of the show that's an ode to the '90s, and we do a lot of '90s music in the show, obviously. And one of the songs is "Pony." And, in one show, we spontaneously got on the ground and kind of dry-humped the stage.

NC: We just keep doing it.

JK: We can't stop.

NC: In that '90s section, I'm rapping. I do the entire Mase verse from "Feel So Good."

AW: (To Jordan) How is he as a rapper?

JK: He's great. I think a lot of fans — they don't know him as a rapper, and this show gets to showcase his rapping skills. And he's got skills.

NC: We just put it all out there and do whatever we want and people are really loving it.

AW: There's less dancing among boy bands these days. What's up with your dancing in "Nick & Knight?"

JK: There is a lot of choreography in the show, but there's just a lot of us just kinda freestyling on stage and doing our own thing and interacting with the crowd.

AW: What I love is that you're able to do the House of Blues-style shows now when you're used to 18,000 people in an arena screaming at you. Do you dig the intimacy of being right up in their grill?

NC: It's great. The last tours that we just did, which was just a couple of months ago, we were in arenas. We did this on purpose to be able to give our fans an opportunity to see us up close — to not be up in the nose bleeds. To be able to touch us, to be able to hear everything. It's just a great experience.

AW: In your new album, some tracks are Pharrell-ish and Maroon 5-ish. You kept your ideas and your songwriting pretty private, huh?

JK: We did. Intentionally. We wanted to keep it quiet and just kind of really surprise people. We were talking about how Beyonce kept her album quiet when she was making the whole thing and then she just announced it one night. There was this kind of explosion. We wanted to take our time, really, and just do really good music and not feel the pressure of, 'When's it coming out?! When's it coming out?!

Here's the video: 

Video courtesy of radiobsbspain

Watch Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on The Daily Buzz

Jordan and Nick were interviewed on The Daily Buzz. Here are some video clips from the show:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watch The Rhode Show's interview with Joey McIntyre

Joey was interviewed by The Rhode Show on WPRI 12. He talks about singing the National Anthem, The McCarthy's and more.

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with Phantom Gourmet

Joey was interviewed by Phantom Gourmet. He talks about football food, The McCarthy's, NKOTB's Star on the Walk of Fame and more.

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with WBZ

Here is a short clip of Joey's interview with WBZ-TV in Boston.

he also shared a morning message:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Watch Nick & Knight's full concert in Atlanta

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter's show at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Georgia (October 14th, 2014) was broadcasted by Yahoo! Here's the video of the full show:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre sing the National Anthem

Joey sang the National Anthem last night at the New England Patriot's game. Here is the video!

Video courtesy of April Carlson

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Listen to Joey McIntyre on AMP Radio 103.3

Joey was interviewed by The TJ Show on AMP Radio 103.3. He talks about running into people, meeting his wife, the McCarthys, singing the National Anthem and he answers some rapid fire questions.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with People Now

Donnie was interviewed by People Now. He talks about Kerig's new contest (where you can meet Donnie), getting married to Jenny McCarthy, Wahlburgers, NKOTB's star on the Walk of Fame, and more.

Listen to Joey McIntyre on Kiss 108

Joey was interviewed on Kiss 108 in Boston this morning. He talks about his son Rhys and the Mass Eye and Ear benefit, Hollywood Walk of Fame, The McCarthy's, and is singing the National Anthem at the Patriots game tomorrow night!

Listen to "Joey McIntyre Interview" on Spreaker.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch Nick & Knight on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live

Jordan and Nick were on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey. Here's a clip from the show!

Video courtesy of Ellie Lee

Watch Jordan Knight on I Heart Nick Carter

Click on the video of "I Heart Nick Carter" episode featuring Jordan Knight!

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here's a preview clip that has some highlights...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watch NKOTB receive their star on the Walk of Fame

Congrats to NKOTB on receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! Here is the video:

Video courtesy of Debra Palmer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter's interview with Chum FM

Jordan and Nick were recently interviewed by Chum FM. They talk about coming to Canada, takings photos with fans, and they participate in trivia game and more.

Watch "Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block" trailer

Here is a new preview of "Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block" on , which will debut on POP (aka TVGN) in early 2015.

Watch Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on CP24

Jordan and Nick were interviewed on "Live at Noon" on CP24 in Toronto recently to talk about their tour, doing music together and more.

Click here to watch!

Watch Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on The Social (Canada)

Video courtesy of yikes77

Watch Nick & Knight on the Wendy Williams Show

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter made an appearance on the Wendy Williams show today. They performed the song "Switch" and talked about their tour, Donnie's wedding and more. Here is the video clip (their part starts about 37 minutes in):

Video courtesy of The Wendy Archive

Monday, October 6, 2014

Watch Nick & Knight on The Marilyn Denis Show and E-Talk

Jordan and Nick were on The Marilyn Denis Show (in Canada) this morning. They performed "One More Time" and did an interview with Marilyn.

They were also on E-Talk this morning:


 Videos courtesy of yikes77

Behind the scenes videos from The McCarthys

Here are some new videos behind the scenes on the set of the set of "The McCarthys":

The McCarthys cast gets into character at their table reads.
Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

New Kids on the Block on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony info

NKOTB will get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday and the event will be live-streamed on Here is some more info from the Walk of Fame website:


Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood.

Emcee: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Leron Gubler

Guest speakers: Arsenio Hall

WHAT: 2,530th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of RECORDING

WHERE: 7072 Hollywood Boulevard

WHEN: Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. PDT

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that they will be honoring the multi-platinum selling, award-winning performers New Kids on The Block with the 2,530th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. The star will be located at 7072 Hollywood Boulevard. “Fans have been asking for quite a while now when the New Kids on The Block were going to get their star. We want to thank them for “Hangin’ Tough” for waiting patiently to hear the announcement of their favorite boy band star ceremony,” stated Ana Martinez, producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies. “Since then, fans from all over the United States and the world have been booking flights to get to Hollywood for this special day!” Helping Emcee and Hollywood Chamber President/CEO, Leron Gubler to unveil the star in the category of Recording will be Arsenio Hall.

New Kids on The Block was formed in 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts. Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood signed with Columbia Records and their first album entitled “New Kids on The Block” was released. Their popularity grew with the releases “Hanging Tough” and “Please Don’t Go Girl.” The following year the New Kids were touring the country and their songs were reaching the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts. In 1990, the group won two American Music Awards and earned a Grammy nomination. By 1994, the group disbanded and went their own ways. By that time, they had sold 80 million albums, shattered concert box office records playing an estimated 200 concerts a year worldwide and grossed more than one billion dollars. They achieved five platinum albums, ten top 10 singles, and five No. 1 singles.

After 15 years out of the spotlight, the 21st century saw the boys from Boston stage one of the biggest and most anticipated reunions of all time. In 2008, they officially revealed their return on The Today Show. An enormous crowd gathered at Rockefeller Center for their first comeback performance, and everything snowballed once again from that magical moment.

Their long-awaited fifth album, “The Block,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200. Galvanized with new tunes including hot collaborations with Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo and an undeniably impressive modern stage show, “the guys now,” as Wahlberg puts it, reclaimed their spot at the top of modern pop. It certainly would’ve been easy for the five-some to simply careen along on past glories.

New Kids on the Block have sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and dominated airwaves with a bevy of hits such as “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”, “Cover Girl,” “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time),” “Hangin’ Tough.” “I’ll Be Loving You.” “Step By Step,” and “Tonight.”

Not to mention, in the early ’90s, the band had smashed box office records performing 200 concerts per year at stadiums across the globe and were named “highest paid entertainers of 1990” by Forbes Magazine. However, they weren’t content to simply rest on their laurels in the '00s. Instead, they upped the ante immensely with a series of career firsts over two decades into their illustrious legacy.

Since reuniting, the band has gone on to tour to sold out arenas worldwide. One of those sold out tours even included a once in a lifetime stop at Fenway Park. The Boston pop icons brought their brainchild NKOTBSB to the famed stadium as part of the historic NKOTBSB Tour. Selling out 140 arena shows on their reunion jaunt and numerous co-headline dates, the Fenway Park gig remains a high watermark for the group.

In April 2013, New Kids released their sixth studio album 10, which debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart. Following the release, they co-headlined The Package Tour along with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. The wildly successful tour spanned nearly 50 shows across North America before concluding in August 2013. Most recently, NKOTB completed the New Kids On The Block After Dark, the exclusive four day engagement at The AXIS in Las Vegas from July 10-13. The four incredible shows were part of the ultimate Vegas weekend that included concerts, pool parties and after parties – and were the exclusive North American tour dates in 2014.

In the midst of it all, New Kids On The Block always find time to continually give back. In 2009, the guys and their fans started supporting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Since then, they’ve collectively raised in excess of $200,000 towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Fans continue to host fundraisers and jumpstart events like “Race for the Cure” and “3-Day for the Cure” teams furthering the cause. After losing his mother to the disease, Wood created “Remember Betty” to celebrate her memory. Their charitable pursuits extend even farther. Supporting Toys For Tots in 2010, they put on an intimate show at the Boston House of Blues, and the hometown gig sold out in a matter of minutes and raised over $60,000 for the charity.

There are even more firsts on the horizon for New Kids On The Block though, and they've still got "the right stuff" after all these years.

Jordan Knight on I Heart Nick Carter

Jordan will be appearing on this Wednesday's episode of "I Heart Nick Carter" on VH1.

Here is the episode synopsis from TV Guide:

I Heart Nick Carter Episode: "This Isn't the Nick Carter Show"
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: A thrilled Nick gets an opportunity to tour with fellow boy-band veteran Jordan Knight, yet the series of gigs would conflict with his wedding date. Meanwhile, Lauren works on a project.
Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with People's Choice

Joey was recently interviewed by People's Choice about the McCarthy's, The Heat and more.

Joey McIntyre is moving backward and forward at the same time. Now that’s talent.

The former New Kids on the Block member is simultaneously embracing a new role in TV and heading back to his hometown roots as McIntyre stars in the upcoming CBS comedy The McCarthys.

Revolving around an a old school, sports-crazed Irish Catholic family from Boston, McIntyre will make his small screen debut as Gerard McCarthy, one of the family’s four adult children. Inspired by series creator Brian Gallivan’s real-life Irish Catholic family, the show will reportedly tackle an array of issues, such as moving away from one’s close-knit family, in a comically politically incorrect manner.

McIntyre, who got a lot of buzz last year for his scene-stealing role in Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s The Heat, is excited to take his acting chops to the small-screen.

“Performing and the way I perform on stage as a singer or whether I’m acting, I just want to get a connection and somehow touch people,” McCarthy told People’s Choice. “That’s why a multi-cam [series] and having a live audience is great, you get that connection right away.”

As for whether or not he’d be game to star in a Heat sequel?

“It was a great, great movie to be apart of,” McCarthy said. “Who knows there might be another one down the line and I hope I’m there when they do it.”

As for his upcoming project, one thing is for sure — being a born and raised Boston boy, McIntyre won’t need to fake any accents as he costars alongside Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne, Desperate Housewives, and The Big Bang Theory) and Jack McGee (Common Law, Castle and Rescue Me).

Here’s hoping he can ‘hang tough’ with these TV vets.

Watch his interview below:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Jordan Knight's interview with Huffington Post Canada

Huffington Post Canada interviewed Jordan recently and talked about touring with Nick Carter, family life and more. Read the article below:

"If you want it, don't think about it."

Lyrical words of wisdom from Nick Carter and Jordan Knight for those still contemplating whether to head along and catch the Backstreet Boy and New Kid on the Block as their 38-stop North American tour hits Canada.

The boy band veterans debut their NKOTBSB spin-off act Nick and Knight at Montreal's Metropolis tonight, in a pop, soul, dance and R&B extravaganza which will have you singing along to your favorite BSB and NKOTB hits, grooving to an epic eighties set and shamelessly joining in their poptastic dance moves during their new duets.

While the duo already shared the stage together via the boy band dream that was NKOTBSB in 2011, the seeds of Nick and Knight were planted many moons ago when the pop stars got writing together in Florida.

"Jordan and I started this relationship way before NKOTBSB," says Nick, 34. "We had written music together and just got along. He's an amazing singer and great writer."

Keeping in touch, they rekindled their bromance while touring with NKOTBSB and with both having solo careers, decided it could be fun to tour together.

But why just share a tour bus when you can share a stage? The idea evolved into recording a joint album and plans to include solo songs were eclipsed by the musical chemistry which lead to the completed 10-track record comprising only duets.

Like the toe-tapping, summery first single "One More Time," with its catchy guitar riff and singalong-inducing ‘Woo hoo!’ chorus phrase. Then there’s poignant ballad "Halfway There," seductive "Switch" (co-written by Bruno Mars) and "Drive My Car," one of two songs penned by the pair after being enamoured by its eighties vibe.

"I love eighties music and I'm really corny when it comes to that kind of stuff," says Nick. "The producer played the track and I started singing this eighties sound. Jordan said, 'I think it’s great,' and we wrote the song together. It makes me think of Drive with Ryan Gosling – that era and time."

On stage, the twosome deliver everything fans could ask for, whether it’s belting out each other’s biggest BSB/NKOTB hits, getting the venue pumping with solo track mash-ups, hitting the keyboard and guitar for a captivating acoustic set and naturally, some grinding.

Want to see Nick rap? Done. “Lots of people know my brother [Aaron] was a rapper, but this time I do a little rapping.”

Fancy hearing Ginuwine and TLC covers? Sure. “TLC shocks people,” says Nick. “It's not something you’d think of us doing."

As for the rest, HuffPost Canada Music chatted to 44-year-old Jordan -– a Canadian citizen whose parents are from Dunnville and Meaford –- as he arrived at one of his favorite Canadian cities, Montreal.

How did you and Nick end up writing together in Florida years ago?

I was making music and Nick was visiting Aaron, who was at the same studio recording an album. We ended up in the same room to say “Hi” and Nick had a melodic idea which he started singing. I walked over to the piano, started playing some chords and his eyebrows perked up. Aaron was like, “That’s cool, keep going!”

We ended up writing a song for Aaron, which was my first time doing something musically with Nick. I’ve always gotten a good vibe from Nick. We’re kindred spirits, so it’s very natural and people can feel how comfortable we are performing and singing together.

Going into this collaboration, did you have any fears?

I had doubts about what my fans would think and how Nick’s fans would react, because we have such dedicated fans. We sang certain songs to our fans when they were at their most tender age and made such an impression that Nick Carter fans love Nick Carter. Some of them couldn’t care less about me and vice versa.

But when they hear us sing or see us on stage, they see that chemistry. There’s a connection that rubs off onto fans, so if a fan loves only me they see that Nick loves me, as well, and vice versa. They feel like part of the whole thing and want to come back to the show again and again.

When you think about what you offer as a duo that you don't as solo artists or with BSB/NKOTB, what song illustrates that best?

‘Halfway There’ –- a broken down, piano ballad, which shows our voices blend well together and that we’re putting our heart and soul into the song and the whole project. And also, ‘Take Me Home’ because Nick sings most of it and I’m fine with that! It shows the degree of trust in our collaboration –- I'm good with Nick taking that song, making it his own and being the star of that track. I still feel equally part of it. We’re not competing against each other.

You and Nick co-wrote ‘If You Want It’ –- how did the track evolve?

It was a groove we heard by the same producer who did "Drive My Car." It had an old-school, late-seventies/early-eighties, R&B, disco feel and we gravitated towards that. Nick and I love singing falsetto-style songs, so we started humming melodies, words popped out and it was written quickly.

Is there anything quirky you’ve learned about Nick on the road?

He’s a great impressionist, not only with voices but with sounds. He can do incredible things with his voice besides singing and to him it’s goofing around, but to me it’s like, "Wow."

Yesterday he was imitating being on the phone with AT&T. He's like, "Please wait a second, ticka-ticka-tick" – doing that sound you hear when you’re waiting for the processing of your request! He does quirky, funny little things, which really show his talent.

You’ve shared similar paths over the years with teen stardom, addiction and somewhat of a reluctance to grow up/ accept you can’t be young and carefree forever. When you and Nick became closer during NKOTBSB, it was right when he was making great progress in turning his life around –- as you did in your thirties. Did he ever turn to you for advice or have you talked about your shared struggles?

That’s the thing –- we have so much in common, with our joys and triumphs as well as our struggles. I am definitely at a point where I'm past my partying days. I have so many responsibilities that it would be impossible to go back to partying every night! Nick is past that as well.

It’s something you can easily fall into when you’re given a lot at a young age. You lose touch with reality and think, “I am who I am, so I have the right to be irresponsible, and opportunities will always come to me.”
You rest on your laurels and can easily lose self-discipline.

We’ve both learned from the past. Nick's a very determined guy and has learned tremendously from struggles he has been through with drugs, alcohol, partying and family.

Struggles are actually a blessing because of how much they teach you and the depth and degree to which they teach you, so I think we both look back and go, “Wow, what a tough run, but an incredible run it's been.”

Nick never wanted children, but he's now thinking about starting a family next year. As a father-of-two, what advice would you give him about juggling tour life with a family?

It's scary to think about being a dad, especially if you've come from a broken home or a bad experience. It may colour your perception of what it’s all about. It certainly did for me. I grew up thinking I would never have kids and now my kids are the greatest joys of my life. When you're young and a "rock star," you don’t think about settling down and having children. That’s the last thing you want to do, but we’re all human and we all have the instinct to do it. To me now, it's the greatest pleasure ever to have kids, so I would just say, "Trust yourself and trust that you’ll have good fatherly instincts."

NKOTB are getting their Walk of Fame star next week. How cool is it to get that recognition?

It's great to be recognized and be amongst all these talented artists. Most importantly it’s an awesome, fun moment to share with our fans –- who are the ones who petitioned the city to get us on the Walk of Fame. They prop us up and they're going to make us look great next week when we share that moment with them.

As the Nick and Knight tour moves to warmer locations like Florida and the West Coast, is there more likely to be a forecast for shirtlessness at some point during the show?

Did you just say “shirtlessness”?


Well, I’ve just started my push-up regimen today, so it may be coming soon! We have equipment strapped onto our waists under our shirts, which get in the way of the full view, so that’s the only thing holding me back from ripping my shirt off. I’m going to have to figure this shirtless thing out…

Watch Nick & Knight on Yahoo Screen on October 14

Jordan and Nick Carter's concert on October 14th in Atlanta will be broadcast live on Yahoo Screen. The show is at 9:00 pm Eastern and will replay for 24 hours.