Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Catching up with Joey McIntyre

A few days ago, Joey shared this Instagram story telling his followers that he missed them, and he had "lots to talk about but he couldn't fit it in this post". 

There is a new poll out on Instagram Stories asking people to share what they think are the best songs from each of Joey's solo albums. Joey saw them and said "Wow. (Kinda diggin' these choices). Also, kind of encouragement that I need to write my next album."

He tried to post his own favorites, but unfortunately, he had trouble with Instagram. 

Joey was watching the Detroit Lions game last weekend and he felt bad that they lost.

Griffin did a photo dump on Instagram, including this photo of the family at Disney last month: 

This is from last summer but was only recently posted (Thanks stephandthenewkids!). Joey talks about a song he wrote called "Thanks for the Call". It's about a guy who gets a call from an old flame. He said he'd get it out "soon".

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Catching up with Donnie (January 30)

Donnie has been spending the last few days in Boston. He ate dinner at Kowloon Restaurant over the weekend:

Then he was spotted at the Celtics game last night. 

Here is a photo of him congratulating Jaylen Brown on the Celtics win after the game:

In other Donnie news, he shared these short behind the scenes videos on the set of Blue Bloods: 

He also picked out his favorite songs from each New Kids on the Block album (and mentioned the upcoming new album)!

Donnie sang "happy birthday" to a fan's mom!

Monday, January 29, 2024

Jordan and Jonathan Knight on the Sibling Revelry Podcast

Jonathan and Jordan were interviewed by the Sibling Revelry Podcast with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson! They talked about their childhood and dealing with foster kids, racism, and their parents' divorce. They also talked about starting out in New Kids on the Block and then dealing with transitioning from the height of their fame, to when the group broke up, and then deciding to reunite. Jon talks about dealing with anxiety. They were asked how to describe each other and what song reminds them of each other.  Another question they were asked was what quality they would like to emulate about each other and what they would alleviate for each other. Jordan also told a story about being arrested with Donnie as a kid. Check out the interview below! 

Update: Jonathan posted a short video clip highlighting the interview:

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Friday, January 26, 2024

Better Late Than Never Series: Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram Live (2020)

Like Danny, during the early days of the pandemic, Donnie went on Instagram to talk with people and share some of his life during the quarantine. He even shared a game of bingo and Uno with his family and friends that were staying with them at the time. Some of Donnie's guests include Joey, Danny and Jon! Some of these videos are from Jenny, but since Donnie is featured, I'll also include them here as well. Check out some of the replays below!

Videos courtesy of bhlovenkotb

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Better Late Than Never Series: Danny Wood on Instagram live

Danny went live on Instagram a few times during the spring of 2020. He mentioned a few times that he was working on some solo music and in one of the videos he said he had about 23 songs.  Hopefully he will release them some day!  Check out some of the videos below!

Videos courtesy of bhlovenkotb

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Joey McIntyre Updates for January 23

Besides the Q&A, a bit more footage from the premiere screening of the Adam Ray documentary about Carnegie has surfaced....

Here is a video clip of Joey and Adam's intro from stephandthenewkids

She also posted a clip from another angle when they talked to Griffin during the question and answer session: 

Charlene shared her experience about the premiere in the current episode of the "My So-Called Whatever Podcast" (her summary starts about 15 minutes in):


My So-Called Whatever also has some of her video footage in their story highlights on their Instagram page.

Speaking of Adam Ray, Joey went to his comedy show last week at The Comedy Store and he took a photo with Adam dressed up as "Dr. Phil". 

In other news, Joey was recording more new music last week! He shared this photo in his stories