Monday, January 1, 2024

Joey's birthday and new year's celebrations

Since yesterday was Joey's birthday, let's catch up on some of his social media posts!

He posted these to his stories on Christmas: 

And celebrated a Patriots win:

He posted some of his thoughts about the past year: 

Last week he posed a "namaste" moment from his living room:

Then yesterday he posted a story of him on his Peloton bike (no calendars in the background this time): 

Then he celebrated his birthday and rang in the new year at home with his family and some friends: 

And he even went live on Instagram just before midnight to share the moment with his followers: 

In other news, Debbie Gibson had a chance to present Joey with her handwritten score for “All The Way” which she performed with him in Las Vegas and at Carnegie Hall!

En Vogue member Rhona Bennett shared this clip of Joey telling her how much he likes her book: 

Update Joey posted some more photos from his birthday:

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