Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zap To It interviews Donnie Wahlberg

Zap To It interviewed Donnie recently and he talks about working on "Boston's Finest" and more:

Friday nights on CBS, Donnie Wahlberg patrols the streets of Gotham as a member of the NYPD on the police drama "Blue Bloods." But the New Kids on the Block singer-turned-actor and producer has his roots in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, six square miles with a diverse population ranging from long-established descendants of many immigrant groups to newly arrived hipsters.

But starting Wednesday, Feb. 27, on TNT, Wahlberg returns home as executive producer of "Boston's Finest," an unscripted eight-episode series that follows the beat officers, detectives, SWAT, fugitive, special task forces and gang unit of the Boston Police Department -- which is not unfamiliar with the extended Wahlberg clan.

"That was one of my agendas with the show," Wahlberg tells Zap2it, "to get them to love my family, because they arrested half of them my whole childhood. I had very few [run-ins]; I was the good egg. The family name is in the police blotter; there are a lot of mug shots in the Boston Police Department files."

(He had at least one run-in, since a mug shot of Wahlberg was -- for a time -- the avatar for his Twitter account.)

"I hope to earn some of their respect," Wahlberg continues. "They certainly earned mine."

"Boston's Finest" will air right before TNT's critically acclaimed scripted police drama "Southland," which focuses on the LAPD. Wahlberg knows he has a high bar to clear.

"I'm doing a very realistic reality show," he says. "A, this is, to me, a very prestigious network to do a reality show for. It's a prestigious show to do. And B, if I'm going to enter this realm, I'm glad it was with this and not remaking the boy band or anything.

"From the outside looking in, to do the first reality show -- not a game show or stuff like that -- for a network like TNT, and for it to be a cop show ... only one person got that slot, and it was me. I've got to live up to a lot. I think of the other people who are producing shows who could have gotten that slot. I feel very fortunate."

As to whether playing a police officer on "Blue Bloods" informs how he's producing "Boston's Finest," Wahlberg says, "What it informs is just bottom-line stuff. I've played enough cops and been around enough cops to know what's important. When I first started playing cops and talked to cops, the thing they say is, the most important thing is to get home safe.

"It informs my storytelling, being on scripted shows. It helps me think as a storyteller when I'm shooting this. It's hard to find that through-line sometimes."

Apparently, when Wahlberg's camera crews hit the streets of Boston, the city was going through the exact opposite of a crime wave.

"We can't make the bad guys rob a 7-Eleven, right?" he says. "You get what they give. We literally drove around for a few weeks, going, 'This is great, the cops are awesome, but we have no crime' - which is good, because the city's crime statistics are spectacular.

"But the drama part gets a little dicey if you don't have any crime going down. Then crime jumped off, and it got better. But the personal stuff is really what makes it special, makes it different."

Unlike the iconic police departments of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, most Americans probably don't have a clear image of what sets the Boston PD apart.

"Right," Wahlberg says. "Well, when I met with Mayor Tom Menino, which was my first order of business, he gave me his blessing, but he said, 'I want this to be a good promotional vehicle. I want to show how good we are, and I want kids to see this and say, "I want to be a cop." '

"That became part of the mandate right there for me, because to get his blessing, he showed a lot of trust in me and the team I put together. I didn't want to let him down. From there, it became meeting the officers and the trust they gave me.

"Boston has its share of crime, but they've done a good job. The gangs were really, really bad; now they've been proactive, trying to keep these kids from doing it before they do it. Don't show up after someone's shot; show up before."

As for how the NYPD feels about him moonlighting with the home team, Wahlberg says, "They know I owed it to Boston. I've been hitting the stump for New York for the last three years, and I think Boston was getting a little fed up.

"New York said, 'Go ahead, the Giants won the Super Bowl; go do something for Boston, cheer their spirits up.' So they cut me some slack."

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on the Today Show

Donnie was on the Today Show to talk about "Boston's Finest" and more.

Video courtesy of yikes77

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NKOTB News for February 26

Donnie recently did a photo shoot for CBS's Watch Magazine. Here are some photos:

The Boston Globe has posted a short article about Jordan's involvement with Dancing For Hope:

New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight helped raise $95,000 for St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children in Dorchester at the fourth annual Dancing for Hope benefit over the weekend. The party, which drew about 500 guests (including City Councilor Tito Jackson, who helped emcee), was held at Club Royale and was chaired by Evelyn Knight and Jill Hayes. 

Here is a short video of Jordan on stage at the event:

Video courtesy of Justinsgirl3284

The Boston Globe also posted a short article about Donnie about his busy week:

It’s been a busy week for multi-tasker Donnie Wahlberg. The star of CBS’s “Blue Bloods” — who’s also executive producing TNT’s new drama “Boston’s Finest” and preparing for a summer tour with New Kids on the Block — was in town over the weekend for a photo shoot at XV Beacon (below) that will appear in CBS Watch magazine. He was joined for the shoot by Heidi, the Bernese mountain dog that belongs to XV Beacon’s general manager, Amy Finsilver. By Monday, Wahlberg was already back in New York. He tweeted Monday afternoon, “Wrapped #BlueBloods for the day! Off to . . . brainstorm for #ThePackageTour. Then to @TheDailyShow with Jon Stewart!” The guy is productive.

The Boston Herald also posted an article about Donnie's Watch photo shoot.

‘Blue Bloods’ star Donnie Wahlberg suited up in Ralph Lauren’s fancy-shmancy Black Label collection at XV Beacon the other day for a fashion spread for ‘CBS Watch!’ maggie. Joining the TV cop for the shoot for the September mag were editor Jeremy Murphy and Heidi, the Bernese mountain dog, whose mistress is the hotel’s GM Amy Finsilver. File Under: Boston’s Finest 

Donnie, Seth Jarret and Julie Jarrett and some of the real life Boston Police Officers were interviewed by Dirty Water TV at the premiere of Boston's Finest.  Here is the video clip:

More reviews for "Boston's Finest"

In case you missed it... Other news from today:

Tomorrow is the premiere of Boston's Finest on TNT, and Donnie will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

Watch behind the scenes clip from the "Remix (I Like The)" video

NKOTB posted a behind the scenes video of the making of "Remix (I Like The)" music video. Check out the video below.

Video courtesy of NKOTB

Watch Style Boston's interview with Donnie Wahlberg

Style Boston interviewed Donnie at the premiere of Boston's Finest. Here is the interview clip:

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Here is a video clip of Donnie on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He talks about Boston sports, "Boston's Finest" and more.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?
Video courtesy of yikes77

Monday, February 25, 2013

Watch USA Today's interview with Donnie Wahlberg

USA Today interviewed Donnie while on location for Blue Bloods. He talks about his role on Blue Bloods, juggling his acting career with the New Kids and he also does a couple raps about New York

Click here to watch!

Win passes for the NKOTB cruise

Donnie and Danny have set up a raffle to win tickets for the New Kids on the Block cruise!

Update: Contest has ended

Here are some more details:

Tickets are Just $2.00 Each (Minimum Purchase of 5 Tickets)

Entry Deadline: 11:00 AM ET on Friday, May 10, 2013
Drawing Date: Friday, May 10, 2013

Grand Prize:
Winner will receive 2 tickets to the NKOTB Cruise on the Carnival Victory Cruise ship departing Saturday, May 18, 2013 from the port of Miami, Fl and traveling to Nassau, Bahamas (return date May 22, 2013)
Winner will meet and take photos with Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg
Winner will receive 4 nights accommodations on the crew/band deck onboard the Carnival Victory with all meals and snacks included and full use of the ships facilities
Winner will receive a travel allowance of up to $2,000 (if needed, if used) to put towards airfare for winner and guest
Winner will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of $2,660.00 to mitigate the Winner's tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($2,240.00) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($420.00). The actual amount awarded may be adjusted proportionally based on the value of the actual prizes received.
Proceeds Benefit: Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Donnie Wahlberg's interview with interviewed Donnie recently. He talks about his instincts when playing a cop, filming in NY, and Package Tour with New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men.

Click here to watch!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's Blue Bloods spoof

The Talk has been spoofing CBS TV shows this week and Donnie and Julie Chen did a spoof about Blue Bloods on today's show. 

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

More news and media about Boston's Finest

Donnie attended the premiere of "Boston's Finest" at the Revere Hotel in Boston last night.  Here are some news and media links about the event and also some reviews of the show. Thanks to yikes77 helping find these links.

View photos from the premiere from North End Water Front

Boston Globe interview with Donnie Wahlberg about Boston's Finest

The Boston Globe interviewed Donnie about Boston's Finest.  Here is his interview followed by a video clip of him at the premiere.

PASADENA, Calif. — When Donnie Wahlberg met with TV executives about producing a potential reality show set in Boston, he heard a lot of ideas as bad as actually trying to park your car in Harvard Yard.

“Every network I met with was like ‘We want car thieves from Southie.’ ‘We want drunk housewives in Charlestown.’ ‘Let’s make a show called “Chowderheads”,’ ” says Wahlberg with a laugh and a sigh.

Instead, the “Blue Bloods” star and New Kid on the Block sold TNT on the idea of training a spotlight on the Boston Police Department. The eight-episode series “Boston’s Finest” premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m.

“Everyone’s zeroing in on Boston to exploit what they think Boston is about from the outside,” says Wahlberg, chatting in the lobby bar in the midst of a day of press for the show. “But from the inside we know that’s not what Boston is. So, for me, I’m really proud amidst all the buzz swirling around all these different exploitative reality shows in Boston that this one is cutting through and finding the light.”

Q. The series looks very in-depth, following several types of cops, not just on the beat but at home.

A. We have access that has never been given to anyone, on the job and off with these officers. I give all the credit really to the powers that be in the city and the officers themselves. They put a lot of trust [in us]. We had to earn it — “Ride with us and we’ll see.” Every day we’d cross a new barrier where they’d trust us a little more and give us a little more access. There’s a lot on the line for the city itself and the officers. Boston’s a tricky political city, not the kind of city where people always want to have a camera in their face.

Q. Were you surprised the police and the city were so accommodating?

A. I think in life, or at least in the business I’m in, I have to believe the impossible is possible. And I typically do. So am I surprised? Looking back at the process, yes, I’m very surprised. But in the moment I was [confident]. Ignorance is bliss. (Laughs.) I thought, I’ve met the mayor enough times, I got enough keys to the city, he’ll let me do this! It’s a miracle he let me do it. Being a Boston boy and someone who takes great pride in the city, I think that certainly went a long way. A big part of my sell [to the city] was that it was with TNT because they weren’t looking for a bunch of cowboy cops. They were looking for real human beings trying to make a difference.

Q. Is every episode structured the same way? Around a single crime?

A. We follow different units. We ride with the gang unit a lot, the fugitive task force, patrolmen, and the SWAT team as well. Different people from those units stepped forward and became the central people that we focused on. We structure it like a regular TV series with an A story and a B story and sometimes a C story. Our pilot, for example, focuses on the gang unit. A suspect shot out at the cops while they were in a foot chase and their whole mission for a few weeks was to find this guy and we follow that story in the show. But we also follow two patrolmen as the C story and the fugitive task force chasing down a guy in Charlestown and how they go about the cat-and-mouse game of finding him, the tactics they use. It’s a lot of waiting around and a lot of really strategic chess playing, but when you see it come together it’s pretty awesome. Then the second episode we’re building it around no crime per se. It follows the gang unit and there’s a shooting that occurs with one of the kids in the neighborhood that they are trying to keep on the straight and narrow and, true story, he ends up getting killed and they spend the next two weeks trying to keep a gang war from erupting. It’s very emotional. And these two gang unit officers grew up in the same neighborhood where the shooting takes place and were both an inch away from being gang members themselves.

Q. Do you already have the green light from the police department for a season two if TNT wants it?

A. Yes, it’s the type of thing, in success, we would love to do again in Boston and potentially something we could explore in other cities as well. But for me, it’s all about Boston. Nothing would make me prouder than to see this show do well and see these officers shone in a light that I think is rarely shined on them.

Q. Did you do any ride-alongs?

A. Not too much. It’s enough pressure on the officers to have the cameras and crew and sound guys chasing them around, but to have me in the car? I think it would be a little much. I went by different stations and got to know a lot of the officers. One guy got arrested by the fugitive task force and he was like “What are all these cameras?” And they said, “They’re doing a reality show for Donnie Wahlberg.” And he said in his Boston accent “[expletive] Donnie Wahlberg!” And the producer said, “OK, but will you sign a release?” And he said, “Sure!” (Laughs.)

Watch Jordan Knight on WHDH

WHDH channel 7 did a news segment about Jordan working out with his trainer, Mike Boyle to prepare for the upcoming tour with New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. Here is the video clip:

Video courtesy of Shannon Goode

Donnie on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this Monday

Donnie will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday, February 25 at 11pm EST. Thanks to @megspptc for letting me know!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Donnie talks about Boston's Finest and watch first 5 minutes of the show

Euroweb posted a short audio clip of Donnie talking about Boston's Finest.

Update: Original video was deleted, and I'm not sure if this is the video that was originally posted, but it's still a good video: 

Video courtesy of Bellavi81

Donnie Wahlberg on The Today Show next Wednesday

According to Broadway World, Donnie is scheduled to be on The Today Show next Wednesday morning during the 10AM hour.

Behind The Scenes Of The “Remix (I Like The)” Video Shoot

VH1 posted a behind the scenes video of the “Remix (I Like The)” video shoot with New Kids On The Block.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved? Here's another behind the scenes video from

Joey McIntyre cast in CBS TV pilot

According to a report from, Joey has been cast in a pilot for a tv show called The McCarthys. Here is the article.

EXCLUSIVE: Actor-singer Joey McIntyre has been cast in CBS/Sony TV single-camera comedy pilot The McCarthys. Also added to the pilot, written by Brian Gallivan, directed by Fred Savage and executive produced by Will Gluck, is Jessica Chaffin, joining previously cast Jacki Weaver, Jake Lacy and Jack McGee. The McCarthys revolves around an Irish-Catholic, sports-crazed Boston clan and the gay son (Lacy) whose greatest sin is not his sexuality but his desire to spend less time with his family. McIntyre will play Gerard McCarthy, the one short guy in the family who is mad about it. Chaffin plays his sister Jackie, who swings wildly from overconfidence to insecurity, and is completely unaware that she’s her mother’s (Weaver) least favorite. This marks McIntyre’s first regular series gig since David E. Kelley’s Boston Public. At CBS, he is joining fellow former New Kids On The Block bandmate Donnie Wahlberg, who co-stars on Blue Bloods. McIntyre, repped by Domain and KLWGN, will next be seen in Paul Feig’s The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

Photos and Video of Donnie Wahlberg at Boston's Finest Premiere

Donnie attended the premiere for Boston's Finest last night.  Here's a photo from the event!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Donnie Wahlberg at Boston's Finest premiere

The Boston Herald reports that Donnie will be at the Boston's Finest premiere tonight in Boston.
Donnie Wahlberg, Mayor Tom Menino and the “Boston Finest” cops will walk the red carpet tonight at the Revere Hotel for the reveal of the first two episodes of the TNT docudrama series about BPD cops. The series, which begins next Wednesday at 10 p.m. after “Southland,” follows members of the department’s fugitive, SWAT, patrol and gang units. Arresting stuff!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NKOTB at Fenway DVD to be released as part of deluxe box set will be selling a "deluxe" version of "10" which will include a DVD of New Kids on the Block's performance at Fenway Park, a photo book with pictures of them making the album and more.

Here are the details from
Limited edition collectible deluxe box set, with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity. Box includes an exclusive piece of the "NKOTB" banner that hung over the Green Monster at Fenway Park on June 11, 2011.
Deluxe box set includes:
  • "10" CD
  • "Live From Fenway Park" DVD featuring performances by New Kids on the Block- Available exclusively in the deluxe box set, will not be for sale separately.
  • 48 page photo book including exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the album
Ordering information and more details will be made available shortly.
Due to the nature of the contents of the deluxe box set, supplies will be limited.

Photos of Joey McIntyre running half marathon

Getty Images posted some photos of Joey McIntyre running the Rock 'N' Roll Pasadena half marathon on Sunday.

Click here to view!

The Boston Globe also posted an article and this photo of Joey with Andrea Barber and Sean Astin:

Donnie Wahlberg re-visits his childhood home

Donnie tours the house he grew up in and shares some memories from his childhood in this clip from TNT's Boston's Finest.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pre-Order 10 on iTunes and get instant download of "We Own Tonight"

New Kids on the Block's new album "10" will be available for pre-order on on iTunes starting at midnight tonight. If you pre-order the album, you will get an instant download of "We Own Tonight"! You will also get an exclusive song from the album on the day of the release.

Click here to pre-order!

Here is a clip of the song.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Joey McIntyre in the Pasadena Run Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon

Joey ran in the Pasadena Run Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon this morning. Here is a photo he shared on Twitter:

His results were:
Finished In: 01:47:29
Overall: 570 out of 4940
Division: 64 out of 402
Gender: 465 out of 2229
Pace: 8:12
He also wrote a bit about running the race in his Marathon blog.

Watch Joey McIntyre's scenes from 90210

Here are some highlights of Joey McIntyre guest-starring on 90210.

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Listen to Joey McIntyre on Virgin Radio 95.3

Joey McIntyre was interviewed on Virgin Radio 95.3 in Vancouver. He talks about the tour, the music video for "Remix" and his plans for Valentine's day.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch preview clip of Blue Bloods episode "Warriors"

Here is a preview clip for tonight's episode of Blue Bloods:

Video courtesy of televisionpromos

When a 10-year-old boy is the victim of an incident in the projects, Danny's heated approach to the case lands him in anger management class. Meanwhile, Frank navigates the politics of the State Department and the Turkish Government in order to help a young Turkish woman avoid persecution.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More dates added to the Package Tour

Here are some new tour dates for the NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men tour!

Tuesday, May 28
Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun Arena

Monday, Jun 24, 2013
KFC Yum Center
Louisville, Kentucky

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013
Summerfest - Marcus Amphitheatre
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wednesday, July 10
Vancouver, BC at Rogers Arena

Sunday , July 14
Phoenix, AZ at Arena

Sunday, Jul 21, 2013
Sprint Center
Kansas City, Missouri

Thursday, Jul 25, 2013
3:16 PM Verizon Wireless Arena
Manchester, New Hampshire

Friday, Jul 26, 2013
Trump Taj Mahal
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Thursday, Aug 1, 2013
Times Union Center
Albany, New York

Friday, Aug 2, 2013
First Niagara Center
Buffalo, New York

Saturday, Aug 3, 2013
Schottenstein Center
Columbus, Ohio

Sunday, Aug 4, 2013
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, Indiana

Update from
Block Nation presales for all newly announced dates with the exception of Vancouver will begin on Monday, February 18th.

Block Nation presale for Vancouver is today 2/14 at 10am local time. Visit this page for presale instructions.

Public onsales for all dates with the exception of Vancouver and Atlantic City, NJ will begin on Saturday, February 23rd at 10am local venue times.

Public onsale for Vancouver will begin Monday, February 18th at 10am local venue time.

Public onsale for Atlantic City, NJ will begin Friday, February 22nd at 10am local venue time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Listen to preview clips of NKOTB's new album "10"

AllMusic has posted previews for We Own Tonight, Remix (I Like the), Miss You More, The Whisper, Jealous (Blue), Back to Life, Now or Never, Survive You/Let's Go Out With a Bang, and Block Party here

Here is the updated track listing:

We Own Tonight
J.B. Gill / Lars Halvor Jensen / Johannes Joergensen / Daniel Klein

Remix (I Like the)
Lars Halvor Jensen / Johannes Joergensen / Lemare Obika

Take My Breath Away
James Fauntleroy / Johannes Joergensen / Oritsé Williams

Wasted On You
Thomas Andersson / Tim McEwan

Fighting Gravity
Jess Cates / Lars Halvor Jensen / Johannes Joergensen

Miss You More
Lars Halvor Jensen / Johannes Joergensen / Donnie Wahlberg

The Whisper
Johannes Joergensen / Andy Love / Marcus Winther-John

Jealous (Blue)
Lars Halvor Jensen / Martin Michael Larsson / Jamie Scott

Marlin "Hookman" Bonds / Lars Halvor Jensen / Martin Michael Larsson

Back To Life
Gabe Lopez / Joey McIntyre / Brent Paschke / Drew Ryan Scott

Now or Never
Gabe Lopez / Joey McIntyre / Brent Paschke / Drew Ryan Scott

Survive You/Let's Go Out With a Bang [Hidden Track]

Block Party
Gabe Lopez / Joey McIntyre / Brent Paschke / Drew Ryan Scott / Donnie Wahlberg

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen to Joey McIntyre on Mix 104.1

Joey was interviewed on Mix 104.1 while at the GRAMMYS.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview on KIIS FM

Joey McIntyre was interviewed on 102.7 KIIS FM. Here is the video.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Listen to Joey McIntyre on the Dave and Jimmy Show

Joey McIntyre was interviewed on the Dave and Jimmy Show. Here is the audio:

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Watch a Sneak Peek of Joey McIntyre on 90210

Joey McIntyre is guest starring on 90210 tonight. Here is a preview clip of one of his scenes:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

EW interviews Joey McIntyre

Joey talked to Entertainment Weekly about his role on 90210 and more. Here is the article.

Joey McIntyre talks ’90210′ role, possible NKOTB reunion on ‘Blue Bloods’

Image Credit: Scott Humbert/The CW
Joey McIntyre has portrayed an inner city English teacher on Boston Public, a police officer on Psych, and a shady gunshot victim on CSI: NY, but for his guest role on tonight’s 90210, the New Kids on the Block triple threat has chosen a role that hits a little closer to home. He plays Rand Gunn, a music manager called in to help Dixon (Tristan Wilds). “He’s kind of a guy that comes in to save the day,” says McIntyre.
But this is 90210, so naturally things don’t go entirely to plan. “There’s a real reveal toward the end of the episode with one of the main characters that kind of scares him away,” teases McIntyre. But, he hadds, “Who knows? I might get called back to save the day again.” If nothing else, he’s made a friend on set in Wilds, who got his break on The Wire. “We were talking about how young he was on that show,” McIntyre recalls. “I was very famous as a teenager and going through a lot at that age, too, so we kind of [connected] on that.”
Having been in the music biz for nearly 30 years, McIntyre had plenty of inspirations to shape his performance. One in particular: New Kids’ manager Jared Paul. “He’s a young guy, he’s really smart,” says McIntyre. “He’s got a lot of analogies and, like, puns that he uses. I tried to work in a couple of puns… and used his energy a little bit.”
Looking forward, McIntyre has eyes on another role — guest starring with NKOTB bandmate Donnie Wahlberg on his CBS drama Blue Bloods. Before the show starts filming again, McIntyre and Wahlberg will tour alongside 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in this summer’s The Package Tour. McIntyre admits he hasn’t wasted a minute talking up his first on-screen collabo with Wahlberg. “He’s actually going to be flying back and forth [from the tour] toward the beginning of next season,” he says. “I wrote him an e-mail recently — I was just busting his chops — saying, ‘It’s going to be tough for us flying back and forth when I’m the first guest star.’ He’s, like, ‘I’m going to get on it right now!’”
Catch McIntyre as the New Kid on 90210‘s block tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with MYFM

Joey McIntyre was backstage at the GRAMMYs and did an interview with MYFM. Here is the video clip:

Joey McIntyre's Marathon Blog

Joey started a new blog and he wrote his first post yesterday:

BLoGston Marathon: Day 1

So I have decided to train for the Boston Marathon. Notice I said train for the Boston Marathon, cuz I ain’t running it until I’m in Hopkington on April 15th this year. Lots of things can happen from now til then, so I’m gonna try to take it one day at a time. I have done a couple half marathons but nothing over 13 miles. I am thrilled to say I do have a trainer. Her name is Lizzie and she went to college with my wife and she is amazing. Every time I doubt myself, I get an email or a text from her with all this really interesting info on how to do this whole thing right, and that gives me a little more faith in the process. Lizzie just ran a 50 mile race. 50!!! So she knows what she is talking about! And I keep talking to God- keep asking him if I’m crazy trying to fit this into my schedule in this hectic but blessed time in my life… No lightning bolts yet, so I’m gonna keep on runnin’. And if you don’t mind, I’ll keep you posted. Cuz I think I can do this without you, but I’d rather not. -jm

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Joey McIntyre at GRAMMY awards events

Festivities for The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards have started and last night Joey McIntyre was backstage at The GRAMMYs Dial Global Radio Remotes and also at the 102.7 KIIS FM/Star 98.7 celebrity and artist lounge at ESPN Zone. Here are some photos of him and Joey Fatone.

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with The Ralphie Show

New Kids on The Block singer Joey McIntyre chats with "The Ralphie Show" Backstage at The GRAMMYS about the origins of the name for the new NKOTB/98 Degrees/Boyz II Men tour: "The Package."

Friday, February 8, 2013

Watch Joey McIntyre on Newsreaders

Here are some clips of Joey on Newsreaders:

Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

Donnie Wahlberg talks to Channel Guide Magazine

Channel Guide Magazine talked to Donnie Wahlberg about his upcoming TV show "Boston’s Finest" on TNT. Here is their article:

Boston’s Finest on TNT — Donnie Wahlberg salutes his hometown police force in new unscripted offering

Donnie Walhberg knows a thing or two about playing a cop on TV and in the movies, having embodied more than a dozen lawmen since he parlayed his New Kids on the Block fame into a successful acting career in the mid ’90s. But when Wahlberg, who currently stars as Detective Danny Reagan in the hit CBS cop drama Blue Bloods, decided to produce a law enforcement show of his own, he knew exactly whom he wanted for his stars — the real men and women of Boston’s police force. The result is TNT’s new unscripted series, Boston’s Finest, which premieres Feb 27.

“It’s my hometown,” Wahlberg says. “And the Boston Police Department works in a way that’s very different from most police departments. They’re very much about preventative law enforcement as opposed to responsive law enforcement, so they work really hard at keeping things from happening in the first place, as opposed to reacting when they do happen.”

Wahlberg credits his work on Blue Bloods for giving him a new level of respect for and understanding of folks entrusted with the safety of the very neighborhoods in which they grew up. And it’s that personal side of the patrolmen that he wants to convey over the door-busting and head-bashing of other police-related reality shows. “If you know how passionate a police officer is and what his upbringing is and why he’s so motivated to do the job he does, you can see him in a lot less dangerous a situation and still care that much more for him,” Wahlberg says. “It’s not just some guy in a blue uniform who’s supposed to be a superhero — he’s a human being with a family and vulnerabilities and responsibilities. You can actually heighten the drama by knowing more about the person.”

Wahlberg cites an episode featuring a member of Boston’s gang unit. “He’s talking to gangbangers on the most dangerous streets in Boston — and all the while there’s a huge amount of tension because a gangbanger was killed and now there’s a war ready to break out. We get to know more about him and how he came very close to being in one of these gangs himself, but now he’s working the other side of it. And when the funeral of the gangbanger passes by at the end and there hasn’t been any violence erupting, you see just how much it means to this police officer and how determined he is to keep these kids from taking each other’s lives. It’s really, really powerful.”

As powerful as Wahlberg’s drive to do the best job possible showcasing the force and the metropolis that entrusted him to tell its stories.

“To take on a job like this and a challenge like this, there has to be a tremendous amount of respect for the city and for the police department and the way things work there,” he explains. “Sort of ‘honoring the code,’ I guess you could say. For me that’s the No. 1 priority — to honor what the city needs from me and what the police department needs from me and not honor the TV show first.

“My success is only true success if I honor the mandates set forth by the city,” Wahlberg surmises. “If I don’t do that and the show has huge ratings, then I’ve only done a service to myself. And I can’t do that. I’m a Boston boy! I want to make the city proud!”

Boston’s Finest premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27 on TNT

Listen to Jordan Knight on 105.7 WROR

Jordan did an interview on 105.7 WROR. He talks about The Package Tour and he hints there may be an international tour next year, he also talks about who is the cleanest and dirtiest on the tour and which of the guys are the biggest "divas".

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Remix (I Like The) Official Lyric Video

Here is the Official Lyric Video for Remix (I Like The).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joey McIntyre on Newsreaders tonight

Joey will be on Newsreaders tonight (not in March as previously reported).  It airs on AdultSwim/Cartoon Network - check your local listings for details.

New Kids On The Block 'Returned To Our Roots' For New Album

Donnie talks about the new NKOTB album in this article from MTV News:

Step by step, the New Kids on the Block are inching closer to the release of their brand-new studio album, 10.

Fans have already gotten a taste of what the April 2 release will sound like, thanks to its lead throwback single, "Remix (I Like the)." And while it's not completely indicative of 10's groove from beginning to end, it certainly does give the right idea of what the guys have in mind.

"Sonically, ['Remix' is] sort of out there; it's more a fun song," Donnie Wahlberg told MTV News. "It's a little more retro [and] it kicks the doors open. We haven't put an album out in five years, so we wanted to come back with something that had a lot of energy and spirit and while it is sort of a unique sound to the album, what's not unique about it and what's consistent throughout the whole album is our passion and commitment to the song."

That means fans of the group's ear-catching harmonies just might fall in love with 10. "We really, really worked hard, every guy in the group vocally, and sort of returned to our roots," Wahlberg continued. "We're spilling our guts with our singing. We really went back to our vocal roots. Everybody sang and everybody's a part of it. It's more of a traditional vocal group record."

On Wednesday, the guys dropped the 11-song track list for the release. In addition to giving fans all new music in the coming months, NKOTB are also prepping to hit the road this summer on the Package Tour, which includes tourmates 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.

But on this tour, don't expect too much band crossover like when the guys toured with the Backstreet Boys.

"Boyz II Men have not done an arena tour," Wahlberg said. "98 Degrees is doing their first show together in 12 years, so it's a big deal. We're doing our first tour with just us [without Backstreet Boys] in three years, so we are going to put on our show, and they are going to put on theirs."

The full tracklist for NKOTB's 10 standard issue is:
»"We Own Tonight"
»"Remix (I Like The)"
»"Take My Breath Away"
»"Wasted On You"
»"Fighting Gravity"
»"Miss You More"
»"The Whisper"
»"Jealous (Blue)"
»"Back To Life"
»"Now Or Never Survive You"

Listen to Jordan Knight on Kiss 108

Jordan was on Kiss 108 to talk about Dancing for Hope this morning! Check out the interview below:

Video courtesy of Megz237

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch full episode of "Motive"

Here is the full episode of "Motive" with Joey McIntyre. If you just want to see Joey's parts, go to this post.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here's the synopsis from CTV (thanks to @citygal28 for the link)

On the series premiere of “Motive," a beloved ‘80s teen heartthrob plays the first victim.

New Kids on the Block’s own Joey McIntyre portrays a karaoke-singing high school teacher who gets killed by one of his students, a serial thief known as “The Creeper.”

“I wasn’t personally a teenage girl so I didn’t really like the New Kids on the Block all that much but he was amazing,” says executive producer Rob Merilees with a laugh.

“He is playing a school teacher who would rap to his kids and make science interesting through making up these little songs.”

McIntyre does get a chance to show off his vocal chops during the episode, but sorry New Kids fans, it won’t be with a rendition of “Step by Step.”

“He didn’t like our lyrics (to the song) at all – he was like, ‘How am I supposed to sing all this science?’ So he just re-wrote it and wrote this amazing little pop tune to the tune of ‘Hit Me with your Best Shot,’” says Merilees.

Through a series of flashbacks, we get to see what drove the student to kill his teacher as detectives Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira) try to piece together the clues themselves.

According to executive producer and show-runner James Thorpe, the first episode of “Motive,” titled “Creeping Tom,” gives viewers a good taste of what’s to come in the new crime series.

“I think it’s a great introduction. It shows average people in extraordinary situations driven to the point of murder and how their lives begin to disintegrate,” says Thorpe.

This isn’t the first time McIntyre has tried his hand at acting. The youngest member of the boy band, now 40, had a regular role on “Boston Public,” appeared in such shows as “CSI: NY” and “Dancing With the Stars,” and has done stints on Broadway.

McIntyre is also set to join NKOTB’s upcoming summer tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.

Here’s hoping “Step by Step” will be included on that setlist.

Dancing For Hope Postponed

Update from @jordanknight on Twitter:
***Weather Alert*** Dancing for Hope Charity Event has been moved to next Saturday, Feb 16th!!! Same time same place!!

Track listing for New Kids on the Block album 10 has posted the track listing for NKOTB's new album "10":

We Own Tonight
Remix (I Like The)
Take My Breath Away
Wasted On You
Fighting Gravity
Miss You More
The Whisper
Jealous (Blue)
Back To Life
Now Or Never
Survive You

10 comes out April 2nd! (International dates may vary). Click here to pre-order!

Jordan Knight training for The Package Tour

Jordan is busy getting in shape with trainer Mike Boyle at MBSC for the upcoming tour with NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.

Check out some photos of Jordan working out here.

Here is an article from the Boston Globe:

“Step by Step” is still easy enough to sing, but, at 42, Jordan Knight doesn’t find the song quite so simple to dance to. So as he and his New Kids on the Block bandmates Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight prepare to hit the road for another tour, Knight’s getting back in shape. Or trying to. Tuesday, the singer was in Woburn sweating with trainer Mike Boyle, a former longtime strength and conditioning coach at Boston University who now operates three fitness clubs. “When you look at what these guys are asked to do, it’s similar to an athlete,” Boyle told us
afterward. “My area of expertise isn’t dance or performance, but what I do is applicable in terms of warming up and stretching.” NKOTB announced last week a plan to tour with fellow boy bands 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. In addition to helping train Knight, Boyle has a business relationship with him, making sure the singer is doing “The Right Stuff” at FitWorld, a gym Knight owns in Cranston, R.I. But a member of NKOTB isn’t the first celebrity to consult with Boyle, whose clubs are in Woburn, North Andover, and Haverhill. A few years ago, he helped Jennifer Garner get taut and toned for the Peter Berg action flick “The Kingdom,” and he worked with country singer Jo Dee Messina. “I had an epiphany after watching her perform,” Boyle told us. “I was, like, ‘Wow, this really is like an athletic event.’ ”

Joey McIntyre on Anderson Live

Rashida Jones was interviewed on Anderson Live and they talked about her being a New Kids fan. Then they showed a clip of Joey giving her a video message. Here is the video clip.

Boston Globe interview with Jordan Knight

Here is an interview with Jordan from about the new NKOTB album, Jordan's work in the local community and more.

New Kid On The Block's Jordan Knight calls Milton 'The Promised Land'

Feb 6, 2013 09:00 AM

By Dave Eisenstadter, Town Correspondent

As one of the New Kids on the Block, Jordan Knight has loved touring in places like Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dublin, Ireland, but he still considers the town of Milton 'the promised land.'

'I love Dorchester, I'm a Dorchester guy, but when you grow up you have dreams, and Milton is one of those places you dream about,' Knight said while sitting in East Dedham Square's Abby Park on Tuesday.

In a quiet corner of the restaurant, Knight spoke about NKOTB's upcoming tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, as well as the group's recently released single, 'Remix (I Like The).'

'We've been touring since 2008 since our reunion and we kind of learned' teaming up with other acts from the same genre of music ' pop/R&B ' and the same era, it really worked,' Knight said, mentioning the band's previous tour with the Backstreet Boys.

When the New Kids toured with the Backstreet Boys in 2011-2012, fans talked about the two bands as rivals and didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be a great experience for both groups, Knight said.

The newest tour, called The Package Tour, was announced on ABC's 'The View' on Jan. 22. It includes May 29 and 31 shows at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., as well as June 2 and 3 shows at TD Garden in Boston.

Knight enjoyed the announcement on 'The View,' describing the audience's excitement as the group announced who they would tour with.

At the same time as he praised some of the boy bands of the 90s era, he had criticism for similar acts today.

'Boy bands these days, they're lazy; they just stand around and sing,' Knight said. 'Come on, get up and dance! They're not coming from that old school.'

New Kids on the Block were inspired by New Edition and The Jacksons, Knight said.

Performing is different for Knight in 2013 than it was in the '80s and '90s, when New Kids on the Block first made their mark. Concerts would begin, fans would start screaming, and cameras would flash nonstop.

'Back then it was kind of like what Justin Bieber is going through now ' Bieber Fever ' but it was like New Kids Fever. If we were sitting here 25 years ago, they'd have to lock the front door,' Knight said.

The New Kids stopped performing for more than a decade, and Knight said he appreciated the second chance to sing and dance with the group again.

Social media has likewise changed the way group members have interacted with fans one-on-one, allowing them to get to know faces, thoughts, and personalities, he said.

'We'll go on stage and people we know will be in the front row, and we'll give them a wink,' Knight said. 'It's a lot more personal now for me.'

NKOTB's forthcoming album, '10,' their 10th American release, features songs from Danish producers known as DEEKAY. The first single from the album, 'Remix (I Like The),' was released on Jan. 28.

'I don't know what's in the water over there in Denmark, but those folks, they know how to make records,' Knight said. 'It's incredible pop music and also so soulful. They have this cool Euro-rock thing, and it's like Coldplay and U2 all mixed together.'

When not touring or working with the band, Knight describes himself as a homebody.

'I just hang out with my family; I go bowling every other week here in Milton,' he said. 'I don't even leave Milton.'

He also contributes to the community, acting as assistant coach for his son's hockey team and volunteering contributions for educational writing software now used in Milton Public Schools.

He is also acting as MC for a charity event Friday, Dancing for Hope, supporting the St. Mary's Center for Women and Children in Dorchester. The event is at 7 at the Royale Boston on 279 Trement St. Tickets are $30 - $125. For more information, visit

Knight thanked his fans and the people of the Boston area.

'No matter where we are in the world, we let people know we're Boston boys and we're proud of it,' Knight said.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joey McIntyre's scenes from "Motive" episode

Here is a montage of Joey's scenes from the episode of "Motive" that he guest starred in.

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Update again: Here is one clip:

NKOTB in Chicago on July 18

The Package Tour has added a second show in Chicago on July 18 at the Allstate Arena. Tickets go on sale 10AM 2/16. Block Nation VIP Package pre-sale begins 2/7 at 10AM CT!

Watch Jordan Knight on Fox 25 Morning News

Jordan was interviewed on Fox 25 morning news in Boston this morning. Here is the video clip:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Watch clip of Joey McIntyre on "Motive"

Here is a clip of Joey McIntyre singing "Hit me with your best shot" on the Canadian TV show "Motive".

Video courtesy of yikes77

Second Toronto Show Added

NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men have added a second Toronto show on July 28. Pre sales start today. Check out for details.

Package Tour coming to Brooklyn

NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men have added a new show to their tour: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on June 16! Tix on sale 2/16 at 10AM.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NKOTB News for February 3

If you are in Canada, don't forget Joey will be on "Motive" tonight on CTV. The series will air in the US this summer on ABC.

Zimbo posted some photos of Donnie going over his lines on the set of Blue Bloods last week. Click here to view!

Jordan Knight and two fans got the opportunity to present check for 10,000 Euros to Dancing For Hope courtesy of The BiLLe Celeb Charity Challenge.

Danny and Jon answered some questions on the NKOTB Facebook Page. Here are the responses:
Nee Tucker: If you had the opportunity to use a back to the future style time machine what year would you choose and why? "I'd stop in every year. So much to see and so many amazing people to meet. There is not one particular" -Jon 
Sarah Needham! Who or what did you have posters of on your walls when you were kids? - none! My parents wouldn't let me have any! -Danny

Rolling Stone posted this new photo of the New Kids on the Block:

Here is a trailer for Joey's movie "The Heat". (Joey is not shown in this trailer though).

In case you missed them... here are a bunch of videos Donnie shared on Twitter over the past few weeks:
Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Donnie Wahlberg talking about Boston's Finest

Donnie is interviewed about growing up in Boston and the his upcoming show "Boston's Finest" in this video clip.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

NKOTB Show in Anaheim on July 13

The Package Tour has added a new date: Anaheim, CA, July 13, 2013 at the Honda Center.

General on sale 2/16/13 at 10AM PST!

VIP Packages on-sale 2/7 at 10 am PT!

Block Nation and VIP Nation presales: TBD

Pre-Order New Kids on the Block album "10"

NKOTB's new album "10" will be released on April 2 and it is now available for pre-order.

Click here to order!.

Second San Jose Show Added, Date Changes for Chicago and Minneapolis

Due to overwhelming demand NKOTB has added a second San Jose show on 7/12/13! Tix on sale 2/2/13 @ 10am local venue time. (there is no presale available).

Date changes:

Chicago Allstate Arena 7/12 is now 7/19!

Minneapolis Target Center 7/13 is now 7/20!

All tickets previously purchased will be honored at the rescheduled dates.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Win a trip to see NKOTB in Napa, California has announced that the New Kids on the Block will be making an appearance at the "Live in the Vineyard" concert event in Napa, California that takes place April 5-7, 2013. Here is the info:

We're excited to announce that we will be performing at a special private acoustic event for contest winners at Live In The Vineyard in Napa, California in April.

This special winner-only event is kicking off today! The only way to get tickets to LITV is to win them! We'll be performing at Sutter Home Winery and you can register for chances to win at, and watch our site and LITV for all the partner radio stations, sweepstakes and chances to win! Good luck - we hope we'll get to see you there!

Behind the scenes of NKOTB's press day

Just Jared posted a behind the scenes video of NKOTB's Press Day:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?