Monday, February 11, 2013

EW interviews Joey McIntyre

Joey talked to Entertainment Weekly about his role on 90210 and more. Here is the article.

Joey McIntyre talks ’90210′ role, possible NKOTB reunion on ‘Blue Bloods’

Image Credit: Scott Humbert/The CW
Joey McIntyre has portrayed an inner city English teacher on Boston Public, a police officer on Psych, and a shady gunshot victim on CSI: NY, but for his guest role on tonight’s 90210, the New Kids on the Block triple threat has chosen a role that hits a little closer to home. He plays Rand Gunn, a music manager called in to help Dixon (Tristan Wilds). “He’s kind of a guy that comes in to save the day,” says McIntyre.
But this is 90210, so naturally things don’t go entirely to plan. “There’s a real reveal toward the end of the episode with one of the main characters that kind of scares him away,” teases McIntyre. But, he hadds, “Who knows? I might get called back to save the day again.” If nothing else, he’s made a friend on set in Wilds, who got his break on The Wire. “We were talking about how young he was on that show,” McIntyre recalls. “I was very famous as a teenager and going through a lot at that age, too, so we kind of [connected] on that.”
Having been in the music biz for nearly 30 years, McIntyre had plenty of inspirations to shape his performance. One in particular: New Kids’ manager Jared Paul. “He’s a young guy, he’s really smart,” says McIntyre. “He’s got a lot of analogies and, like, puns that he uses. I tried to work in a couple of puns… and used his energy a little bit.”
Looking forward, McIntyre has eyes on another role — guest starring with NKOTB bandmate Donnie Wahlberg on his CBS drama Blue Bloods. Before the show starts filming again, McIntyre and Wahlberg will tour alongside 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in this summer’s The Package Tour. McIntyre admits he hasn’t wasted a minute talking up his first on-screen collabo with Wahlberg. “He’s actually going to be flying back and forth [from the tour] toward the beginning of next season,” he says. “I wrote him an e-mail recently — I was just busting his chops — saying, ‘It’s going to be tough for us flying back and forth when I’m the first guest star.’ He’s, like, ‘I’m going to get on it right now!’”
Catch McIntyre as the New Kid on 90210‘s block tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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