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Jon, Danny and Joey meet the fans

Word is Jon, Danny and Joey met the fans waiting in line for the Today Show! Jordan and Donnie are rumored to be coming later tonight, so if you're in the area, stop by!

Tomorrow's Today Show Appearance Postponed

I've heard that the Today Show appearance has tentatively been postponed until Thursday due to hurricane Gustav... I'll update if I hear more.

Update: This was posted at
TODAY SHOW APPEARANCE POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE GUSTAV REPORTING. Due to the unfortunate, and unpredictable weather patterns in the Gulf of Mexico, the New Kids on the Block's performance at the Today Show Courtyard on Monday September 1st has been POSTPONED. Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, as well as all who have families in those areas. We are looking at dates to reschedule, and will make SURE our fans are the first to know. Apologies to all. -THE BLOCK

Longer clip of "Close to you"

Here is a new song "Close to you" by the New Kids on the Block:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

E! NKOTB Together Again Special

Here are the videos of the E! NKOTB Together Again Special courtesy of KatieNKOTB

Friday, August 29, 2008

CNN Interviews NKOTB

Here is a short interview with the guys from CNN

Video courtesy of nkotb4everfan

Fans React to Burbank Meet and Greet

Youtube member chrystal6880 interviewed some fans at the Burbank meet and greet. Thanks to Crystal for the head's up.


Click here to watch a short interview with the guys on E! (Don't forget tomorrow is the special half hour show about the New Kids on E!)

TMZ's coverage of the Burbank Meet and Greet

TMZ's coverage of the Burbank Meet and Greet... Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Fans are already lining up for Monday's Today Show!

A video from the "Today Show" showing fans who are already lined up for Monday morning's appearance!

Video Blog from

Here is a video blog from

Media coverage of the Burbank autograph signing

KTLA (Los Angeles) did a short story on yesterday's Burbank autograph signing. Youtube clip courtesy of yikes77

The Daily Record Article: "The Right Stuff"

Here is an article from The Daily Record 

The Right Stuff
Aug 29 2008 By Rick Fulton

New Kids Reckon They Still Have What It Takes To Make A Return To The Big Time

THEY may not be very new any more and are three decades from being children but New Kids On The Block are back and causing quite a stir.

Sinking their own cash into the comeback is already paying dividends for the group, who, back in the Eighties, kick-started the rise of boybands began by The Monkees in the Sixties and reaching a peak in the Nineties with Take That, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.

Two weeks after announcing their first US arena tour in nearly 15 years, the band, Donnie Wahlberg, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood, have sold more than 300,000 tickets, selling out additional shows at a rate of 6000 tickets a day.

Their first New York date sold out in just six minutes, Toronto in four minutes and a string of home town gigs in Boston in under 10 minutes.

On Monday, they release new single Summertime in the UK with album The Block out on August 8.

While the band, who had a string of hits such as Hangin' Tough, You Got It (The Right Stuff) and Cover Girl, are back, they are thrilled that they've re-connected with the fans, who are now grown-up and many now have kids of their own.

Donnie, who turned actor after the band split in 1994 and starred in films like The Sixth Sense and TV epic Band Of Brothers, admitted: "The true partnership in this reunion is not really us, it's us and the fans.

"We put up our own money to do this. We made a big commitment, but we needed our partners to come along, and that's the fans. They've put their faith in us to come back and do this the right way."

It's not the first time a reunion has been mooted. Back in 1999 MTV tried to get them back for the VMA, but Jonathan refused and in 2004 Joey, Danny and Donnie refused to reform for VH1's Bands Reunited.

But with Take That's comeback and the Spice Girls' worldwide tour, the band that started the dominance of boybands in the late Eighties, seemed an obvious moneyspinner.

The band were formed in Boston in 1984 by producer Maurice Starr as a white version of New Edition. The group was built around a then 15-year old Donnie, who built things up with his brother and his friends.

While New Kids were manufactured, this time around they wanted to do things on their terms.

Before the comeback, they went into the studio and recorded tracks with acts like Ne-Yo, Akon, Pussycat Dolls and Timbaland before they felt that the new music lived up to they hype of a comeback. So why now?

Donnie shrugged: "There's no real answer to why it's the right time. I think the right trigger occurred this time, which is the music.

"Leaping back into this for the sole purpose of making money or for nostalgia purposes wouldn't resolve any of my issues in my music life.

"There's a certain satisfaction I get as an actor that I hadn't achieved in my music life.

With some arm twisting, you could have got most of the guys to do it, but I don't think you could have got all of us to do it without music, and I certainly wasn't going to go down that road.

"I just know that, to walk away from what I was doing, it has to be for the right reasons. It has to be enjoyable."

While divorced father-of-two Donnie, 39, has become a successful actor, Jordan Knight, 38, who is married with two kids, had minor solo success with his 1999 single Give It To You. His brother Jonathan, a 39-year-old bachelor, turned his back on fame and became a real estate developer, admitting on the Oprah show he was clinically depressed after the band split.

The youngest kid in the band Joey McIntyre, now 35, has balanced Broadway success in shows such as Wicked with solo albums. He's married and had his first child last year. Finally there is 39-year-old Danny Wood, a divorced dad of four, who has had little solo success and even tried to create a new band with Dane Bowers from Another Level, Bradley McIntosh of S Club 7, Lee Latchford-Evans of Steps and Jimmy Constable of 911 for the MTV show Totally Boyband.

The subsequent band Upper Street's debut single The One charted at No.35 and the band soon split.

Like Take That, a reunion for most of New Kids couldn't come at a better time.

The first gig on their comeback tour is on September 18 in Toronto with UK gigs pencilled in for next year.

Although Donnie loves the fact the screaming girls, who are now calm mums, now invite the boys for a drink in the hotel bar rather than trying to get into their rooms, he does have regrets.

He said: "I have less hair now, but it's a good thing, because I had too much then. I wasn't sure what to do with it and one of my big regrets is looking at those hair dos."

Boston Globe Interview with Donnie Wahlberg

Here are some questions and answers with Donnie from the Boston Globe

Wahlberg: All about the music
August 29, 2008

After igniting a fan frenzy with the announcement of their long-awaited reunion this spring, the New Kids on the Block are excited to finally have new music to talk about.

"The Block," out this coming Tuesday, is full of sex appeal, wistfulness, and plenty of designer beats as the group blends its youthful proclivity for harmony-laden odes to the ladies with considerably more mature songs that move from the beach to the dance floor to the bedroom.

We recently caught up with Donnie Wahlberg by phone from Los Angeles, where he was busy prepping for the band's upcoming tour. Although harried, he was elated to talk music - he co-wrote nine of the album's 13 tracks - and humbled by the fan reaction. - SARAH RODMAN

On being the leader of the band: "I don't want to say I'm the guy. As much work as I put into the album, it all could be for naught if it's not all five of us. I'm smart enough to know that."

On teaming up with R&B star Ne-Yo for the new radio hit "Single": "There was just a certain song we all felt was missing from the album. It was something that could play in the clubs but was not braggadocio. It was something that was elegant and mature and yet very contemporary and had a little street swagger to it. [Interscope Records head] Jimmy [Iovine] . . . heard the song and identified it right away. I didn't know that Ne-Yo would be willing to share it with us, but he was really excited to do it."

On "2 in the Morning," a ballad about a disintegrating marriage: "It is the most personal song that I have ever written. I've never gone through a divorce before. That song really unleashed me. Working on that song I was going through a really hard time and the words are so true. That was maybe the second song I wrote for the project, but I really dialed into something right there. I'd never used writing as therapy. I wrote some stuff on [Mark Wahlberg's] albums and on the last New Kids album that expressed anger and this and that, but not from a place of such vulnerability. Once I tasted that and saw how therapeutic it could be, that's when I really started to go."

On the racy double entendres of "Full Service," a collaboration with friends and fellow Boston boy-banders New Edition: "Everyone got the spirit and they're known as guys who are humble and make love songs, but make love songs from a real sincere place and that's what we do. So that song, while it may sound a little dirty, is still about taking care of someone else's needs before your own."

On the recurring theme of maturity in songs like "Grown Man" and "Big Girl Now": "I have to tell you I don't even think it was subliminal; I don't think it was that deep. When I write a song, I don't really write it from a concept first. It usually comes very organically. I didn't sit down and say I want to write a song called 'Summertime,' but it will really be a metaphor for the fans. I just listen to the music and I just start humming melodies."

On what to expect from the tour: "We're doing everything: singing, dancing, explosions, video screens. You name it, we're doing it. Fans are flying in from all around the world to see these shows; we're not going to let them down."

Boston Globe Article: Back on the block

Here is a new article from the Boston Globe

Back on the block
Boston's reunited boy band tries its luck with new album out Tuesday
By Sarah Rodman, Globe Staff August 29, 2008

MANSFIELD - The New Kids on the Block are wrestling. This is not archival footage from the late '80s or early '90s of the teen-pop heartthrobs as frisky youngsters airing on a TV screen. This is the freshly reunited group of fully grown men live and in person . . . putting one another in headlocks.

It isn't entirely clear if they are mugging for the photographer snapping a few shots backstage at the annual Kiss 108 summer concert or just, you know, wrestling, like men who've known one another since grade school are prone to do.

"When we found out we were going to do [the Kiss concert], I was just tickled pink. Because there's just so much history here for us," Joey McIntyre says during an early morning group interview after the body slams have subsided.

Indeed, the quintet played the hometown radio show several times during its "Hangin' Tough" heyday, back when the superstars hawked lunch boxes, set young girls swooning, and sold 70 million albums. The New Kids were slated to return to the show before the members amicably parted ways in 1994 as exhausted and rich 20-somethings eager to explore life beyond synchronized choreography.

"We felt like if we did that show, it was going to open up another whole chapter and we just decided to close it there," says McIntyre, who's still babyfaced at 35 and takes pains to point out that only he is tickled pink and that Danny Wood would never use such a phrase. Wood, who at 39 has morphed into the group's most muscle-bound and tattooed member, laughs and shakes his head in agreement. "The best thing for me," pipes up Jordan Knight, retaining his resident dreamboat status at 38, "is that my son's going to be able to come and see what his daddy does onstage in our hometown."

Knight's son isn't the only one curious about NKOTB version 2.0. Since announcing its reunion on the "To day" show this spring, the group has booked a sold-out arena tour - with stops at the TD Banknorth Garden on Sept. 26 and 28 - and watched its comeback single, the breezy "Summertime," hit the Top 40.

On Tuesday, the quintet will release "The Block," its first album of new material since 1994's ill-fated "Face the Music." The second single - a silky, ultra-contemporary club jam called "Single" featuring hotshot songwriter-performer Ne-Yo - began its chart ascent (at No. 86) last week.

Clad in muted blacks and grays - later they will change into sharp black suits and, eventually, Celtics jerseys for the show - the men sit on a couch backstage, completely at ease both with one another and back in the center of the maelstrom. When McIntyre reports that there have been no big arguments since the reunion began nearly a year ago, Jonathan Knight immediately barks playfully "Shut up!" (It's one of the very rare instances in which the 39-year-old "quiet one" voluntarily speaks during the interview, although he, like the others, does much nodding and laughing.)

Even though a successful reunion required all five members, the unspoken leader of the newly reformed group is clearly Donnie Wahlberg. Wahlberg was the chief contributing songwriter on "The Block," financed the start of its recording, and was the driving force after years of being the primary holdout.

Some have wondered why Wahlberg would choose this moment to return to the fold when his acting resume has blossomed to include roles in such critically acclaimed big and small-screen projects as "Band of Brothers," "Boomtown," the upcoming film "Righteous Kill" with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and the commercially successful "Saw" franchise. Wahlberg, who exudes a funny combination of round-the-way earnestness and rebel bluster, is not a fan of this skepticism.

"If people think that I'm that smart and that talented and that great, why would you then turn around and discredit what I did before?" he asks with a touch of exasperation detectable behind his shades. "It's not like I have a chip on my shoulder, but it probably did fuel me a little bit. In other words, I didn't gloat. I never felt like, 'Yeah, right on, I'm great and the New Kids aren't.' It was more like I'm that same guy from the New Kids. And if you think I'm a hard worker and really talented now, why would you think I was a complete idiot at the age of 21?"

Everyone cracks up at this, even Wahlberg, remembering the easily documented idiocy of his youth. "In some ways I was," he says with a wry smile. "But I still had the same instincts and drive and passion, and part of me does want to show that to people. That this is not a mistaken footnote in my career, it's a big part of it and it means a lot to me. And I'd like to redefine this for a lot of people, what the New Kids was."

Wahlberg's passion was not lost on the heavy-hitters the group enlisted to relaunch the brand, including the management company of industry veteran Irving Azoff (Eagles, Christina Aguilera), producers like Timbaland and Polow Da Don, and Interscope Records. (Wahlberg, in fact, gave the label its first million-seller as the songwriter-producer behind his brother's group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. "A little ditty called 'Good Vibrations,' maybe you've heard of it," jokes McIntyre.)

"We're still young and we're still very in touch with what's going on music-wise," says Jordan Knight, who also released a solo album with the label. "So we wanted to be teamed up with a company that's at the top of their game and who has a radio staff and a promotions staff and knows what they're doing."

"We're investing a lot in this: time, energy, and resources," says Martin Kierszenbaum, president of A&R for Interscope. "There's a lot of things to do in this world. And we wouldn't be doing that if we didn't believe in them long-term."

Kierszenbaum was particularly impressed with Wahlberg's business acumen and songwriting. "He had a great sense for melody and he would pick great collaborators," he says of "Block" co-writers and producers such as Akon, Nelly, Teddy Riley, RedOne, and longtime group friend Eman Kiriakou.

"Anybody who scoffed or wasn't really interested we didn't really try to twist their arms. We just said, OK, we'll go on to something else because we believe in it," says Wahlberg. And the members say there was plenty of scoffing, from producers to choreographers to bodyguards who didn't want to be associated with the credibility-challenged former boy band.

"Yeah, there was some snickering, but the more people got exposed to them, the snickers were going away," says Kierszenbaum, a guilt-free New Kids fan. "And there's a lot less snickering now, now that Madison Square Garden is sold out."

"There's always the possibility that someone who has had that lightning success will capture interest with a reunion," says Geoff Mayfield, director of charts and senior analyst at Billboard magazine. He expects "The Block" to score well out of the gate. "It's not going to ship a Lil Wayne number, but it's going to ship a respectable number for today's marketplace. And that puts them in good shape to at least debut top 10, probably top five if they have the kind of sell-through that I think they're going to." But in order for the band to avoid the slide that most reuniting acts face, Mayfield says, "It's got to connect and if someone thinks you're just doing something just to do it, it won't work."

So far it's working for fans Alexis Lomen and Kim Carlton, both 31, of St. Paul, Minn. The women have been comically documenting their excitement about the New Kids reunion on the blog Project NKOTB. They plan to attend at least four shows on the tour and were in the throng of nearly 8,000 who mobbed a recent appearance by the guys at a Best Buy in the Mall of America.

They agree that "Summertime" was a little too cutesy and retro for 2008: "I was happy to hear new music, but I was like, really, can we do something a little more progressive?" Carlton says with a laugh. But they give the thumbs-up to the sleeker "Single" and think it bodes well for the album as a whole. "If they're trying to get a broader audience than what their fanbase was the first time around, I think that's probably the way to do it," says Carlton.

Although they giggle about their "dorkaliciousness," neither woman feels any shame about their resurfacing New Kids love. "They were such an important part of our lives in that time period that I've never been embarrassed about it," says Lomen, who as an Emerson student in the mid-'90s went on a guided tour of the guys' homes and Wahlberg's favorite Stop & Shop thanks to a local friend. "I never felt the need to justify something that was important to me."

That pride, says Wahlberg, is the ultimate goal for him and his band. "It would be nice when this is all said and done if we could look back at this second incarnation and say, 'That was cool, that was a great album, and a great tour,' " Wahlberg says. "And it would be nice if the fans could do that, too, and say, 'You know what? We weren't dumb kids after all. We really invested our time and our love and our energy into something that was worth it.' "

Sarah Rodman can be reached at

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NKOTB on "The Daily 10"

NKOTB will be on "The Daily 10" on E! tomorrow (Aug 29)

Another party at Fluid Lounge in Toronto on September 21

This was posted on

Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 10:00pm - 3:00am
Fluid Lounge
217 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON
Phone: 4165936116

Rachel Ray Show is looking for New Kids fans to be show

This was posted on 

 National daytime talk show is looking for NKOTB's biggest fan! Were Jordan, Jonathan, Joe, Donnie and Danny your obsession? Are you ready to spill the beans on your fanatic behavior? How far have you gone in your love for NKOTB? We want to hear your story! If you are over 18, live in the United States, and are willing and able to come to New York City to share your story, then email your story and contact info to by August 29th. We will choose 3 lucky winners to fly out to the show and share their story with the world. We will also feature 7 other fans from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) or other nearby areas who are willing to come by and share their stories with us. So hurry and get your stories to us before the deadline! You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I heard the New Kids may actually be on Access Hollywood today, not tomorrow, so if you get a chance, check it out. 

 Also, I know you all will buy "The Block" when it comes available next Tuesday, right? I really want to see the guys be #1! But, if you're dying for a little sneak peek, someone posted all the songs. Just promise to buy the album legally when it becomes available:)

"Stare at you"

Beautiful song!

Access Hollywood tomorrow?

I heard the group may be on Access Hollywood tomorrow (Aug. 28)!

Even more songs!

These are awesome!! Love this album so far! Sexify My Love

One Song:

Big Girl Now!

Wow I'm getting excited for this album!!!!

Full Service!

A Full Version of "Full Service" is now on youtube too!

Full version of "Click Click Click"

Only 6 more days until "The Block" is available! In the meantime, here is a real New Kids version of "Click Click Click" from youtube (it's the first one that I've found that is not half NK's/half Nasri):

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Full Length Versions of "Grown Man" and "Put it on my Tab".

Some Clear Channel stations have added full length versions of "Grown Man" and "Put it on my tab" to their websites. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Donnie Blog - August 25th

Latest Donnie blog from

Are you READY?
You aint ready……
GET READY!!!!!!!
GET READY!!!!!!!!
The album The tour The love The face time…..
PS- I expect a lot of hugs!!!!
As Always- Your Man!!!!
~Donnie W

TRL Date change

They have changed the date for the New Kids on MTV’s "Total Request Live" to September 4th.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Donnie on Hot 99.5 - (Did I already post this one?)

Donnie did a radio interview with Hot 99.5 (Washington DC) this past May, but I just came across it today, and I don't think it is one I already posted...

Frankie J does a remake of a New Kids song

Frankie J does a version of "Please Don't Go Girl":

Friday, August 22, 2008

NKOTB Ringtones - The Block Preview

AT&T has ringtones of songs from "The Block" available now. They have included clips of the songs, including the tracks that were not in yesterday's youtube samples such as "Officially Over", "One Song", "Don't Cry", and "Looking Like Danger". 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greatest Hits Debuts at #22 on Billboard Charts

The latest Greatest Hits CD that was released last week debuted at #22 on Billboard Charts

Donnie's video on

Donnie is a spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month. Donnie appears in a video on the Life Insurance Awareness website, Donnie's sister, Debbie died without insurance, so he wanted to spread the word. 

Video courtesy of Nykki72

New items in the NKOTB Store

If you haven't checked out the Store in a while, they have added some new items, including a Hangin' Tough T-Shirt and "The Block" CD Bundle

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New TV Appearances from posted the list of upcoming TV Appearances on their site:

Today Show Courtyard performance - LIVE September 1st
The View - LIVE September 2nd
MTV’s Total Request Live - LIVE September 2nd
CNN Showbiz Tonight - September 3rd
CW11/NYC Morning Show - LIVE September 5th
Fox & Friends - September 9th

NKOTB coming to the UK!

New Kids on the Block will perform live at the HMV Store on Oxford St, London on September 8th at 1PM! Afterwards, they will answer fan questions and sign copies of their CD "The Block".

The address is:
150 Oxford Street
London, W1D1DJ

Also, I hear the New Kids will also be on Capital Radio on September 8th as well.

Meet and Greet in Long Island on September 3rd

Another meet and greet has been added for Long Island on September 3rd... here are the details from

September 3rd at 7pm
2465 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY 11554
(516) 579-6769

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Photos From the Music Video for "Single"

New Kids on the Block and Ne-yo have filmed their music video for "Single" inside Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coverage of Donnie's Birthday from TMZ

Check out Donnie and Joe in this short clip from Donnie's b-day party on from TMZ: 

Video courtesy of NkotbAngel

Coverage of Donnie's Birthday from Entertainment Tonight

Check out Donnie, Danny and Joe in this short clip from Donnie's b-day party on the Entertainment Tonight's website. They mentioned that they are filming the video for "Single".

Video courtesy of Nykki72

Thursday, August 14, 2008

NKOTB on Walmart Soundcheck

New Kids on the Block are featured on Walmart's "Soundcheck". It includes a performance of "Summertime", "Click Click Click" and an interview.

Video courtesy Nykki72

NKOTB on "The View" on September 2nd

The New Kids will be in "The View" (on ABC) on September 2nd!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jordan's interview with Magic 93.1

Here is Jordan's interview with Magic 93.1..

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Blogs from Danny and Joey

The guys have been busy over at

Here is Danny's latest blog:

Just wanted to check in with everyone. I also wanted to thank all the people who showed up at The Mall of America performance on August 8th. Once again, it is a day I will never forget. One of the many days in this journey that continues to surprise me and leave me in shock.

We started the day flying on a private jet, a Citation X, which is the fasted non-military jet in the world. This was more than special for me because my company, Halcyon Jets, provided the plane. It was such an amazing ride, and lots of laughs on the plane.

Gary Arnold from Best Buy was there to greet us when we got to the mall. We would like to thank Gary for making the whole event possible and so special. All the people we met before we hit the stage were great.

Then we performed and the crowd was awesome. You guys continue to amaze me. Your support means everything. We got to do “Single” which we are all excited about. Then we got to meet some of you, which was the best part of the event. Everyone keeps thanking us, but honestly, you deserve the thanks. Without the fans none of this is possible.

Then we got back on the jet to L.A., more rehearsing for tour preparation. What an amazing time. The new memories keep growing. Until next time……….

P.S. Donnie’s account of my reaction to the earthquake is 100% accurate. I am used to hurricanes not earthquakes.

Joey's latest blog: (this includes a video of his nephew, Liam dancing to "Summertime". The video has been deleted; does anyone have it saved?)

Please welcome to the stage the hard rockin’ heart breaker from Boston, Mass., my nephew, Liam Mac!


Additional Tracks for Deluxe Version of "The Block"

According to iTunes, the deluxe version will include the following additional songs:
  • One Song
  • Don't Cry
  • Officially Over
  • Looking Like Danger
Also, if you order it from iTunes, it'll come with a 5th additional song "Close to you"

New Kids on the Block interview in Heat Magazine

There is an interview with the New Kids on the Block in the current issue of the UK magazine, "Heat".

Monday, August 11, 2008

VH1 Special on September 28th

According to Market Watch, VH1 will be having a New Kids special on September 28th. Here is the article:

New Kids On The Block Return to The Block

Last update: 6:09 p.m. EDT Aug. 11, 2008

NEW YORK, Aug 11, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Pop supergroup New Kids On The Block are back. Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight return on September 2, 2008 with The Block, their first album together in almost 15 years.

Featuring the first single, the hit mellow jam "Summertime," the album also features collaborations with some of the biggest names in pop music. R&B superstar Ne-Yo appears on "Single," the follow-up to "Summertime." Other collaborations include "Grown Man" (with The Pussycat Dolls and uber-producer Teddy Riley), "Put It on My Tab" (with the ubiquitous Akon), "Big Girl Now" (with NY dance-pop diva Lady GaGa) and the much-buzzed about "Full Service" (with fellow supergroup New Edition).

NKOTB will support The Block with a sold-out tour that starts on September 18 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and continues through the end of November. NKOTB are also gearing up for an exclusive 90-minute live event, "New Kids On The Block: A Behind The Music Special Event" premiering on VH1, September 28 at 8PM (ET/PT). In a first-of-its-kind production, the special will celebrate the history of the New Kids On The Block while also documenting their inspired 2008 reunion in their own words. Interspersed throughout the special will be live reports from Boston, counting down until VH1 airs a live broadcast of the first three songs from the world renowned groups sold out concert at the TD Banknorth Garden in their hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

A virtual media frenzy followed the group's official reunion announcement, including word that the band had signed to Interscope Records for the new album. Fans got a sneak peak of the guys at their first public performance together in 15 years live on NBC's 'TODAY' Show on May 16, 2008. The reunion of all five members of the famed 90s group that sold millions of albums and sparked a worldwide phenomenon was enthusiastically embraced by one of the largest crowds of screaming fans the show has ever seen.

A phenomenal fan base has always been one of the cornerstones of the group's success. After the initial announcement of the reunion on live television, the website was overwhelmed with traffic causing a temporary system crash. The webmasters worked quickly to get the site back online with all the news and photos. Fans are encouraged to sign up for more information at

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK sold more than 80 million albums worldwide -- including back-to-back international #1 songs, 1988's Hangin' Tough and 1990's Step By Step -- and a series of crossover smash R&B, pop hits like "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Cover Girl," "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)," "Hangin' Tough," "I'll Be Loving You," "Step By Step" and "Tonight." The group shattered concert box office records playing an estimated 200 concerts a year, in sold out stadiums throughout the world. They still hold many of these records to date. They were Forbes highest paid entertainers of 1990, beating out Michael Jackson and Madonna. The band boasted an extensive and highly profitable merchandise line which included everything from lunch boxes and sleeping bags to comic books, marbles and dolls.
SOURCE Interscope Records

Clip of "2 in the Morning"

In the background of this video by Vixengirl you can hear the song "2 in the Morning"!

Donnie Blogs about the Earthquake

Donnie posted this new blog at

Donnie and Danny’s earthquake adventure!
Hey all!!!!
Quick thing-
I’ve been in LA for a while… Been in a few earthquakes.
The one last week hit while we were in rehearsal…
And I realized after it hit….
That I need a camera phone with video…
See I’m used to earthquakes….
Danny Wood, however, is not used to them.
If you all could see Danny running to a doorway when that sucker hit…
Man I wish I had a camera!!!
Funny s*#@!!!!!!!
Sorry Danny…
I’d have you in my corner in most any dangerous situation in life…
I guess an earthquake is not one of them.
Though I have to admit….
My first earthquake….
I didn’t run for a doorway….
I ran outside the front door!!!
Good times.
Much Love,
Donnie W

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Media coverage of NKOTB at Mall of America

Kare11 did a news segment about New Kids on the Block's appearance at the Mall of America:

Video courtesy of Nykki72

Here is a video from the event:

Video courtesy of StormChasingVideo

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Meet and Greet Opportunities



August 28th at 7pm
Best Buy
1501 N Victory Pl
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 845-5121


September 2nd at 6:30pm ** THE BLOCK RELEASE DAY**
Best Buy
529 5th Ave # A
New York, NY 10017
(212) 808-0309


September 6th at 1pm
Newbury Comics ** GRAND OPENING**
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
North Market Building
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 248-9992


Official Track Listing for "The Block" just posted the official track listing for "The Block"

1. Click Click Click
2. Single (with Ne-Yo)
3. Big Girl Now (featuring Lady Gaga)
4. Summertime
5. 2 In The Morning
6. Grown Man (featuring Pussycat Dolls and Teddy Riley)
7. Dirty Dancing
8. Sexify My Love
9. Twisted
10. Full Service (featuring New Edition)
11. Lights, Camera, Action
12. Put It on My Tab (featuring Akon)
13. Stare at You

New Blog from Donnie (August 7)

Donnie posted this at

A word from DonnieHey All,

This blog is mostly to the LA/West Coast fans but, since a lot of you are so CRAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYY and are coming to many shows around the country, I figured I better write this to all of you….

The LA Clippers have asked us to switch out our second Staples show to The Nokia Theater across the street. Same date. Same night. Same time. Pretty much the same amount of seats. Same parking structures. So no big deal…. Right?

Or is it…..?

Now being Celtics fans we are not in the business of helping out other NBA teams… But since the Cetlics won the Championship… We do feel a bit of pity for the rest of the NBA.

That said…. we have agreed to let them have the date.

The negative…..?

Can’t see any.

The positive….?

The Nokia Theater is a much more intimate venue for us to play in for the final stop on our US part of the tour. This will give us a chance to finish in an environment that is much closer to all of you!!!!!!

In fact… It is more FACE TIME friendly!!!!!

And you know how I feel about face time!!!!!!!!

Either way….

Nobody can stop the party that is gonna reign down on LA on Thanksgiving eve… no matter if we gotta play in a high school gym!!!

It is gonna be OUR night TOGETHER!!!

Judging from all of your comments….

I am not gonna get any sleep on this tour….

And guess what….

I don’t want any sleep!!!!

I’m coming for you!!!!

Much Love-

Donnie W

Another Today Show appearance on September 1st

According to the Today Show Website, the New Kids on the Block will be back (along with Ne-Yo) on the Today show on Monday, September 1st!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Venue Change For Los Angeles Show on Nov. 26


Please note that the date on Nov. 26th has been moved from the Staples Center to the Nokia Theater in order to resolve an LA Clippers home game scheduling conflict. All tickets purchased for the Staples Center will be honored at the Nokia Theater. Please stand by for more details. See the below note from the LA Clippers.

“We want to give a big thank you to the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK for being true LA sports fans. The group was asked to move a scheduled concert date from the Staples Center to the Nokia Theater to resolve an LA CLIPPERS home game scheduling conflict. The guys graciously agreed to help the LA Clippers. We look forward to their sold-out show at the Staples Center on October 8th and their new show at the Nokia Theater on Nov. 26.”

Video of NKOTB On Access Hollywood

If you missed tonight's Access Hollywood episode, you can watch the video below!

Video courtesy of Nykki72

Walmart Soundcheck Performance

The New Kids on the Block gave a performance on July 25th in Burbank, CA for Walmart's Soundcheck series. The video of this performance will be available on Walmart's website on August 15th. also added a bunch of photos from the performance here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Radio interview with a NKOTB fan

WCCO in Minneapolis interviewed a New Kids fan. You Tube video courtesy of wallykater

New Kids on Access Hollywood Tomorrow

I've heard that the New Kids are supposed to be on Access Hollywood tomorrow (Wednesday, August 6th). Check your local listings for time and station.

Greatest Hits Album

Another NKOTB Greatest Hits album is coming out on August 12th. You can pre-order it here. VH1 also has a preview of the album here

Article from

Here is an article about New Kids fans from

The New Kids on the Block are back, but a group of smitten admirers never left them. Together, they're 15 again

By Ross Raihala

There's clearly some happy news being shared in this corner of a suburban sports bar. Ten women shout and squeal with the intimate excitement of lifelong friends who've gathered to celebrate an engagement or pregnancy.

As it turns out, they're not eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new kid. They're waiting for five of them — the recently reunited boy band New Kids on the Block, who make their first Twin Cities appearance Friday at the Mall of America.

"This is like a New Kids on the Block Anonymous meeting," said Peggy Huot, a 32-year-old social worker from Woodbury. "We can all laugh and tell our stories, and people actually get it."

For several months, this group has gathered regularly to discuss and dissect a musical act that reached its peak during the first Bush presidency. And the kicker is that, back when there still was snow on the ground, these ladies were complete strangers. They met online, through an NKOTB message board.

Like Huot, most of the women are in their early 30s, the key age for the NKOTB demographic who spent their early teens memorizing the dance steps and lyrics to hits like "Hangin' Tough" and "Step by Step." Some in the group are single, some are married, some have kids. Some work in the corporate sector, some work from home. None would have met if not for the New Kids.

"That was part of what made it so special before, sharing it with your friends," said Tiffany Brand, of Golden Valley. "You really have to get together with people who enjoy it fully. Other people don't understand."

Huot added, with a laugh, "My other friends all think I'm nuts, but now I have these guys, so I don't care anymore."

During these meetings, these women — they call themselves the TC Blockheads — show off all their old NKOTB memorabilia, from carefully compiled, decades-old scrapbooks to posters and board games and buttons. They decipher every new rumor or sample of a new song that hits the Internet. They playfully argue over their favorite New Kid. (Joey McIntyre, the youngest New Kid, claims the most fans, and, yes, they still call themselves "Joey's Girls.")

Elizabeth Anselmo makes a three-hour round trip from New Ulm, Minn., to meet with the Blockheads. She's got the full support of her husband, who, like most of the significant others attached to these women, has absolutely no desire to see the New Kids himself.

"I have two small kids at home, and I work from home, so I have zero social interaction with people outside of my immediate family," Anselmo said. "For me, it's not only the chance to gush about how much I love Joey. It's also just being around other people and being social. I was fortunate enough to marry a Joe, but he's my at-home Joey. Now I get to have time talking about my New-Kids-on-the-Block Joey."

But Anselmo doesn't have the steepest fuel bill of this group. That honor goes to Trish Montalbano, who drove from Greenville, Wis., for her first Blockheads meeting. "It's worth traveling five hours to get somewhere where people get me," she said.

Katie Incantalupo, of St. Paul, has kept all of her NKOTB treasures safe in plastic tubs. "I get a kick out of reorganizing them," she said, "making sure nothing is wrinkled and looking through it all when my husband's not home. I live such a professional, corporate life during the week. This is definitely a release where I can just be silly and reminisce and be myself. Not that I'm not myself at work, but this is a different part of me."

Huot said that, for her, it's about being 15 all over again: "It's OK to be totally crazy and just hang out. I never had this before, not like this. When I was still in school, I was the only person who liked the New Kids."

Reliving their childhood is a common theme among the Blockheads, but with one important distinction. This time around, thanks to pricey VIP ticket packages, they actually have the opportunity to meet their heroes up close and personal. Plus, now that they're adults, they can afford to blow a little more dough on the experience. Most of the women are seeing multiple shows and plan to travel together to Milwaukee to see the New Kids the night after they play St. Paul.

But for all this blossoming sisterhood, the Blockheads don't want too many people to know about those VIP tickets or, for that matter, the group's Friday gig at the Mall of America. After all, the more NKOTB fans who come out of the woodwork, the less face time everyone gets with their heroes.

"New Kids fans are really sneaky," explained Incantalupo. "Like for this mall show, I don't think they're all fessing up to the fact they're coming. I think we're going to get a ton of people who come in from out of town to see them, but they haven't admitted it yet."

There's also the fact that few of the Blockheads expect this reunion to be permanent.

"I don't think they're going to be like Cher, where she keeps doing it and doing it," Huot said. "That's why I'm going to so many shows, living it up and enjoying the hell out of it. This is probably it. They're a boy band, they're not the Rolling Stones."

Even after the New Kids call it a day for the second time, the Blockheads said, their newfound friendship will remain. In addition to the group meetings, they've already started to splinter into smaller groups who catch the occasional lunch or happy hour together. And they're even starting to discuss matters that — gasp — don't directly involve Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan.

"A friend of mine asked whether or not we'll still see each other after the concerts are over," Brand said. "I know we will. For sure."

Pop Music Critic Ross Raihala can be reached at or 651-228-5553. Read more about the local music scene on his blog, "The Ross Who Knew Too Much," at


Who: The New Kids on the Block

When: 5:30 p.m. Friday (performance and autograph signing)

Where: Mall of America, Bloomington

Also: The group will play the Xcel Energy Center Oct. 21. Seats are $77.50, $57.50 and $37.50 through Ticketmaster

Monday, August 4, 2008

Colby O'Donis to join New Kids on selected dates

Colby O'Donis has been added as an opening act for the shows from September 23 to October 4th

Message from NKOTB

This was posted at the website

Hello fans!

We hope you've been having a GREAT summer! We wanted to thank you for all of your support at our site and of course, right here. It sure has been exciting, hasn't it!? We can't wait for you to hear the new album, THE BLOCK, out 9/2/08. SINGLE w Ne-Yo is just starting to heat up @ radio, will be available on iTunes 8/12.

A few words regarding some of your questions about our touring plans outside of the US/Canada. We obviously appreciate and love our fans around the world and really hope to make it to you in 2009. That's all we can say. PLEASE don't email management these questions, but trust that if it will happen, you'll be among the first to know.

Hope to see you on tour soon, and get ready for some big announcements. Keep it locked at for more info!

See ya soon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Kids back in Germany in September?

According to Tini at, the New Kids will be back in Cologne, Germany on September 13th for a concert put on by Guinness World Records.

Clip of "Big Boy/Big Girl"

YouTube member Danirashleigh posted another short clip from the Preview Party, I think this must be "Big Boy/Big Girl"!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Blog from Donnie

Donnie posted this at

Hey All….
What’s good?!?!?!
I wanna talk music for a second…
Summertime was a special song from us to you….
Thank you for embracing it with such love.
It means the world to us.
Summertime was only an invitation…
An invitation to all of you…
An invitation to the party…
Our new “SINGLE” featuring NE-YO is coming to radio as you read this!
If you haven’t heard it…. WATCH OUT!!!!
If you haven’t heard it… FIND IT!!!
Turn your radios ON!!!!
Get on the web!!!!
It’s time to raise the bar.
And guess what….
This is only the begining!!!
Our album is done!
Ready for all of your ears!!!!
We are so proud of it!
We want to make you all proud too!!!
I hope you are ready for it….
I hope the world is ready for it…
Much Love As Always-
Donnie W
PS- No MJ or Madonna duets…. Sorry.
However… I am sure that you will agree that NE-YO, AKON, NEW EDITION, PUSSY CAT DOLLS, POLOW DA DON, and LADY GAGA (who killed on So You Think You Can Dance Lsst Night) will be more than adequite!!!!
HA!!!!!! HA!!!!!!
GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for you all….
We are gonna party like never before!
Love Ya!!!!!

Clip of "Full Service"!

Here is a clip from the CD Preview party, and I believe that is "Full Service" (the song with New Edition) playing! YouTube Video courtesy of Danirashleigh