Monday, August 11, 2008

Donnie Blogs about the Earthquake

Donnie posted this new blog at

Donnie and Danny’s earthquake adventure!
Hey all!!!!
Quick thing-
I’ve been in LA for a while… Been in a few earthquakes.
The one last week hit while we were in rehearsal…
And I realized after it hit….
That I need a camera phone with video…
See I’m used to earthquakes….
Danny Wood, however, is not used to them.
If you all could see Danny running to a doorway when that sucker hit…
Man I wish I had a camera!!!
Funny s*#@!!!!!!!
Sorry Danny…
I’d have you in my corner in most any dangerous situation in life…
I guess an earthquake is not one of them.
Though I have to admit….
My first earthquake….
I didn’t run for a doorway….
I ran outside the front door!!!
Good times.
Much Love,
Donnie W

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