Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Blogs from Danny and Joey

The guys have been busy over at nkotb.com

Here is Danny's latest blog:

Just wanted to check in with everyone. I also wanted to thank all the people who showed up at The Mall of America performance on August 8th. Once again, it is a day I will never forget. One of the many days in this journey that continues to surprise me and leave me in shock.

We started the day flying on a private jet, a Citation X, which is the fasted non-military jet in the world. This was more than special for me because my company, Halcyon Jets, provided the plane. It was such an amazing ride, and lots of laughs on the plane.

Gary Arnold from Best Buy was there to greet us when we got to the mall. We would like to thank Gary for making the whole event possible and so special. All the people we met before we hit the stage were great.

Then we performed and the crowd was awesome. You guys continue to amaze me. Your support means everything. We got to do “Single” which we are all excited about. Then we got to meet some of you, which was the best part of the event. Everyone keeps thanking us, but honestly, you deserve the thanks. Without the fans none of this is possible.

Then we got back on the jet to L.A., more rehearsing for tour preparation. What an amazing time. The new memories keep growing. Until next time……….

P.S. Donnie’s account of my reaction to the earthquake is 100% accurate. I am used to hurricanes not earthquakes.

Joey's latest blog: (this includes a video of his nephew, Liam dancing to "Summertime". The video has been deleted; does anyone have it saved?)

Please welcome to the stage the hard rockin’ heart breaker from Boston, Mass., my nephew, Liam Mac!


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