Friday, April 28, 2023

Jonathan Knight to be a Keynote Speaker at LGBT Executive Networking Night in Boston

Jon will be making an appearance at Boston Spirit magazine's LGBT Executive Networking Night on May 17! It takes place at Marriott Boston Copley Place Ballroom from 6 to 9 p.m. 

There is a $15 admission fee (cash/check only) at the door to attend, but you need to RSVP here!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Joey McIntyre announces 2 shows in London!

Joey is coming to London!!

June 23rd and 24th 

Islington Assembly Hall.

BN Presale starts Thur. 4/27 10am BST - link to buy tickets here!

Public on sale - Fri 4/28 10am BST

VIP Upgrades On Sale – Thur. 4/27 11am BST

Update: watch a video of Joey talking about the shows: 

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Watch "The Making of the Mixtape Tour" documentary and more

If you didn't get a chance to watch the documentary that was a part of the Veeps online concert last January, NKOTB posted it on their YouTube channel as a part of their NKOTB Day celebration!

In addition, they added a couple of other videos including clips from the Houston Rodeo and the Mixtape Show in Philadelphia. Click here to visit their channel!

They also added some audio versions of their live show in Philadelphia, which you can listen to here!

Here is a video of them backstage at their show in the Bahamas wishing the fans a happy NKOTB Day!

Monday, April 24, 2023

New Kids on the Block perform at the Texas Roadhouse MP Conference

In yesterday’s post I shared that the guys were spotted in the Bahamas. Turns out they were not just there for pleasure, but they had to work a bit while they were there too. Last night they played a private show there! 

Shortly after my post yesterday, Joey posted a tropical photo in his stories. 

Then, in a comment on my Instagram post, someone said that they were doing a private concert there. 

I’ve been combing social media and finally came across some posts from captain_kaos_, who was hired to do the lighting. He posted these short clips from the show: 

He also posted a photo of the stage in which you can more clearly see the signs: “Texas Roadhouse MP Conference”! (I believe MP is “managing partner”). 

Jon the posted a couple of photos with someone from Texas Roadhouse: 

How it started Vs How it ended! @Sfaulk001 of Texas Road House

Donnie shared this photo of him and Jordan: 

Update (just as I was ready to publish this post): Some even better video clips are out, thanks to Rebecca on Facebook! Here's a few of her videos, visit her profile for more photos and clips. 

Here is a photo of the the set list from Rebecca: 

Here's another one from Tiffani on TikTok! 

@tiffani_vasquez @nkotbofficial thank you for putting on an amazing show at @bahamarresorts in the #bahamas for the @texasroadhouseofficial and @bubbas33official MP conference! And thank you #donniewahlberg ♬ original sound - Tiffani-RealtorMomofLubbock

Sunday, April 23, 2023

NKOTB members spotted in the Bahamas

Last Thursday, Donnie posted this photo of him on a plane but didn't specify where he was going...

He had been quieter than usual on social media, so I figured he was maybe just taking some much needed time off and going on vacation. 

Then on Saturday he posted a note on Instagram saying "excursion with four friends 🤖". 

Last night he revealed that he was in Nassau, Bahamas when he posted a few things in his stories...

So then I was thinking, it's possible that the "four friends" he referred to earlier were Victor, Tara, Kevin, and an untagged person. But then Jon posted this photo: 

He tagged the location as "Rosewood Baha Mar", so I clicked on that, and saw it was a resort in the Bahamas! Then I clicked on the resort Donnie had tagged and saw that it was also called "Baha Mar".  So maybe those 4 friends are the other members of NKOTB after all! 

And just now as I'm writing this post, I see that Harley just posted some photos and a video. You can spot Jon, Donnie and Jordan, as well as Tara, Victor, and Evelyn on a boat!

Here's a freeze frame from the video above: 

Here's a couple of other photos Harley shared

Update: I'm hearing the guys will be performing a private concert there (I'm guessing tonight - see the comments on my Instagram post). If anyone has photos or videos that you can share, please share them!

Jon Knight on TV tonight and other Jon updates!

"Rock the Block" is done, but good news - you will get to see Jon on TV again tonight! He will be appearing on "Hometown Takeover" tonight on HGTV at 8/7c!

Here's a photo Jon shared on his Instagram yesterday: 

Home Town Takeover’s new season begins tomorrow night! On HGTV. So happy I was able to lend a hand to @dave.marrs and @jennymarrs on this special project.

Yesterday was Harley's birthday, and Jon posted this photo of them celebrating his birthday in the Bahamas!

Today we celebrate 50 years around the sun… and 15 years of giving me the best years of my life. I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU. #loveislove. #husbands

I'll post more on my next Donnie post, but I have a suspicion that all the New Kids were in the Bahamas this weekend!

Check out Jon's Instagram for some more new photos including ones of the inside of his barn, getting his garden ready, and him with his adorable puppy, Oliver!

In other Jon news, Keith Bynum shared this photo of Jon and other people who worked on the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge 

If you missed the behind the scenes episode that aired on Monday, posted an article highlighting some of the surprising things that were revealed in that episode. 

Kristina made a post on Instagram highlighting some of the exterior of their "Rock the Block" house. 

She also shared this photo showing a behind the scenes of getting the last area staged: 

Friday, April 21, 2023

Win tickets to NKOTB's BlockCon and the NKOTB Cruise

The New Kids on the Block posted a contest to win tickets to BlockCon, the NKOTB Cruise and more going on Monday (NKOTB Day)! Here's what they posted

Blockheads, we’re getting ready to make this year’s #NKOTBDay the biggest celebration yet! And to celebrate YOU, we’re going to give away a Mega NKOTB Day Prize Bundle! Prize includes:

1. Two tickets to BLOCKCON (with all the VIP Amenities)

2. One CABIN for you and a guest on the #NKOTBCruise

3. An NKOTB merch pack

4. $1500 travel voucher to help get you to/from these events.  


1. Starting THIS MONDAY - NKOTB DAY 4/24 - Post a photo or video to your IG feed that shows your favorite NKOTB memory

2. Tag @nkotb

3. Include the hashtag #NKOTBDay

4. Deadline to post is Tuesday 4/25/23 at Midnight (11:59pm)

Thursday, April 20, 2023

New Blue Bloods episode "Family Matters"

There is a new episode of "Blue Bloods" tomorrow tonight!

Here is the plot summary: Danny and Baez investigate a case of grand larceny tied to feuding crime families when the gifts are stolen during a mob wedding. Also, Frank clashes with Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) when an influx of immigrants arrive in the city; Erin questions whether her district attorney campaign is compromising her day job; and Eddie enlists Jamie’s help to bust a drug dealer responsible for fentanyl overdoses in order to comfort a grieving grandfather (Larry Manetti).

Here are some preview clips (note: they didn't preview any scenes with Donnie this week)

Here are some photos of Donnie from Showbiz Junkies

Remember Betty Fundraisers

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of local Team Betty fundraisers. If you don't already know, Remember Betty is a charity founded by Danny Wood and is named in honor of his mother, Betty. Remember Betty helps minimize the financial burden associated with breast cancer for patients and survivors. 

Team Betty Los Angeles is hosting an event this Saturday! The event is free, but you can make a donation when registering. Click here to register!

Team Betty Indiana is hosting an online Spring apparel sale of Remember Betty merchandise. All proceeds will benefit Remember Betty. Click here to order!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Donnie Wahlberg at the Celtics game and other Donnie updates

Yesterday Donnie posted a photo of himself and Jenny on a plane and captioned it as "love eternal": 

Later in the day he revealed where they were going: The Celtics game!

Here is another photo of them at the game from Brian Babineau:

Here's another one from Donnie/Cincoro:

Donnie and Jenny played around with a filter that made them appear older:

Then he and Jenny got back on the plane home!

In other Donnie news, he stopped by the Wahlburgers in St Charles earlier this week. 

Here are a few other recent stories from Donnie in case you missed them!

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Joey McIntyre updates: New album based off of his Carnegie show, and more!

After Joey's show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, he did a Q&A session and he mentioned that he would be recording the set list that he did at Carnegie hall! He said he will release it as a limited edition vinyl, but will be available digitally as well. He also said he might include a couple of new songs. Thank you to Rafeef for capturing the video below: 

He was also asked about whether or not he would return to play the part of Johnny if "The Wanderer" goes to Broadway. He said it depended on if the schedule worked out between that and the New Kids on the Block tour schedule. Thank you to Jennifer for sharing this video, and Rafeef for capturing it: 

Prior to his show, Joey posted a few things on his social media leading up to it!

He posted a couple of photos of himself and Eman in San Francisco from when they performed at Great American Music Hall in the past. 

Then he posted some more when he arrived in San Francisco:

He posted a few things after the show: 

Oh this looks familiar 😉 (hopefully he doesn't mind the spoilers being posted):

After his show, he switched places and became a fan in the audience at a concert of one of his favorite performers, John Mayer. 


He shared this after his 15 meditation on Monday:

Joey ran the Boston Marathon the year of the bombing. He shared what he had written 10 years ago when it happened: 

Casting Director Chad Eric Murnane-Fuselier shared this video of Joey wishing him luck with his new venture: "Murnane Casting".