Sunday, April 23, 2023

Jon Knight on TV tonight and other Jon updates!

"Rock the Block" is done, but good news - you will get to see Jon on TV again tonight! He will be appearing on "Hometown Takeover" tonight on HGTV at 8/7c!

Here's a photo Jon shared on his Instagram yesterday: 

Home Town Takeover’s new season begins tomorrow night! On HGTV. So happy I was able to lend a hand to @dave.marrs and @jennymarrs on this special project.

Yesterday was Harley's birthday, and Jon posted this photo of them celebrating his birthday in the Bahamas!

Today we celebrate 50 years around the sun… and 15 years of giving me the best years of my life. I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU. #loveislove. #husbands

I'll post more on my next Donnie post, but I have a suspicion that all the New Kids were in the Bahamas this weekend!

Check out Jon's Instagram for some more new photos including ones of the inside of his barn, getting his garden ready, and him with his adorable puppy, Oliver!

In other Jon news, Keith Bynum shared this photo of Jon and other people who worked on the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge 

If you missed the behind the scenes episode that aired on Monday, posted an article highlighting some of the surprising things that were revealed in that episode. 

Kristina made a post on Instagram highlighting some of the exterior of their "Rock the Block" house. 

She also shared this photo showing a behind the scenes of getting the last area staged: 

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