Sunday, April 23, 2023

NKOTB members spotted in the Bahamas

Last Thursday, Donnie posted this photo of him on a plane but didn't specify where he was going...

He had been quieter than usual on social media, so I figured he was maybe just taking some much needed time off and going on vacation. 

Then on Saturday he posted a note on Instagram saying "excursion with four friends 🤖". 

Last night he revealed that he was in Nassau, Bahamas when he posted a few things in his stories...

So then I was thinking, it's possible that the "four friends" he referred to earlier were Victor, Tara, Kevin, and an untagged person. But then Jon posted this photo: 

He tagged the location as "Rosewood Baha Mar", so I clicked on that, and saw it was a resort in the Bahamas! Then I clicked on the resort Donnie had tagged and saw that it was also called "Baha Mar".  So maybe those 4 friends are the other members of NKOTB after all! 

And just now as I'm writing this post, I see that Harley just posted some photos and a video. You can spot Jon, Donnie and Jordan, as well as Tara, Victor, and Evelyn on a boat!

Here's a freeze frame from the video above: 

Here's a couple of other photos Harley shared

Update: I'm hearing the guys will be performing a private concert there (I'm guessing tonight - see the comments on my Instagram post). If anyone has photos or videos that you can share, please share them!


Unknown said...

My friend is there at the resort for business with her husband. Texas Roadhouse work trip with a NKOTB concert.

NKOTB News said...

I just saw your comment (I don't know why it doesn't notify me when a new comment is posted). Thanks for letting me know!