Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Some Donnie Wahlberg updates

Donnie is done filming Blue Bloods for season 13! He posted this on his Instagram this morning: 

Donnie will be on the cover of the April 10-23 issue of "TV Guide"!

It looks like Donnie may be attending another D-Nice event at Carnegie Hall on July 12! Donnie posted this on his stories this morning: 

Right now it's just a "save the date". Tickets will be on sale soon. Visit D-Nice on Instagram for details. 

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the New Kids on the Block announcing their reunion on the Today Show. Donnie shared his thoughts in a post yesterday, but here is a another post he shared in his stories: 

A familiar song came on the radio and Donnie shared a clip of him listening to it:

Over the weekend, Donnie and Marisa Ramirez attended a birthday party for their friend Regina. He shared this on his stories: 

The party took place at Riviera Waterfront Mansion and they posted some additional photos of Donnie: 

Spellers won a couple of awards at the Phoenix Film Festival! 

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