Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Donnie Wahlberg on the Drew Barrymore Show

Donnie and Bridget Moynahan were interviewed on the The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about Blue Bloods and more!

Part 1 (see video below)

Click here for Part 2!

Watch Jonathan on Today's Hoda and Jenna

The video from Jonathan's appearance on Hoda and Jenna has been released! He talks about the newest season of Farmhouse Fixer and shares some easy DIY ways to create decorative moss balls, a butterfly sanctuary and more. And of course they also talk to him about the New Kids On The Block's The Magic Summer Tour! 

Watch Danny Wood's interview with WFSB 3

Danny was interviewed on "Great Day at 9a" on WFSB 3 to talk about New Kids on the Block Day, the upcoming tour, the new album, and more. He also mentioned that his son just welcomed twins! Congratulations to the Wood family!

Joey McIntyre interview with Q102 in Cleveland

Joey talked to Q102 in Cleveland about the Magic Summer Tour and more! Check out the interview below!

Monday, April 22, 2024

New Kids on the Block to release a new song on NKOTB Day

There is a new message from Joey on the New Kids on the Block's hotline with a preview clip of a song off the upcoming album "Still Kids". They will be releasing their song "A Love Like This" on Wednesday, April 24th in honor of the 35th anniversary of "New Kids on the Block day". 

If you were not able to catch it on the hotline, here is a recording of it: 

Donnie's interview with The Nerds of Color

Donnie was interviewed with The Nerds of Color to talk about Blue Bloods, what he thinks about the show possibly ending, and more! 

Jonathan Knight to appear on the Today Show tomorrow

In addition to Donnie on Drew Barrymore, here's another show to add to your DVR schedule: Jonathan will be on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna tomorrow!

New trailer for Farmhouse Fixer and Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp

People Magazine posted a new article and trailer for the new season of Farmhouse Fixer and the spin-off "Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp"! Click here to watch!

Jonathan Knight Reveals Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 'Is Going to Be a Bit Intense' in New Trailer (Exclusive)

The teaser also features his brother and fellow NKOTB bandmate Jordan Knight, who will appear with Jonathan in the summer special 'Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp'

From uncovering hidden underground wells to moving a fully-constructed home to a new location, Jonathan Knight has faced many challenges while restoring properties on the first two seasons of HGTV's Farmhouse Fixer. 

In a new trailer for season 3, premiering exclusively with PEOPLE, however, it appears his biggest challenges are still ahead. 

"Old homes are riddled with risk: risk of age, risk of crazy obstacles, risk of the unexpected, risk of blowing your budget. But without risk, there's no reward," Knight says in the video teasing the upcoming season, which follows him and his designer partner Kristina Crestin as they renovate historic houses around New England.  

The tricky renovations involve tackling one of their oldest houses (and uncovering "demon trap folklore") from the 1700s; returning to a home connected to the Salem witch trials after a broken pipe damaged their earlier work; and battling the elements to renovate a lighthouse keeper’s home on a remote island accessible only by boat.

"This year is gong to be a bit intense," says Knight, 55, of the eight episode season, which premieres Tuesday, April 23. But, he declares, "The biggest risk is not taking a risk at all." 

For Knight — who first catapulted to fame in the late '80s as a member of the New Kids on the Block with bandmates Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and younger brother Jordan — his home design life has become a family affair. 

The trailer also offers a preview of Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp, a special series premiering this summer that documents Knight's journey of buying and renovating a dilapidated cabin — and features brother Jordan, husband Harley Rodriguez and other members of his family.

In the clip above, viewers can see the brothers cautiously entering the rickety old cabin in the woods, knocking down shaky walls, and dealing with unexpected problems like dangerous black mold. "I'm starting to think to myself, 'What have I done?'" Jonathan says in the video.

This isn't the first time Jordan has appeared on the network with his older brother. Last year, the pair teamed up on Rock the Block's Kitchen Showdown and starred together on Farmhouse Fixer's second season during a renovation of a home owned by their family.

Although Jonathan is no stranger to working with members of his family — he and Jordan have been recording and performing together with NKOTB for decades — he told PEOPLE in 2022 that having them involved with his restoration and design work took some adjustment.

"It was a little weird at first," Jonathan, who first began renovating and flipping homes in 1994, told PEOPLE. "I'm so used to doing things that are New Kids related with my brother but then, all of a sudden, we're talking about kitchen sinks and stuff. But it was pretty cool to have him and the family on the show."

This summer, Jonathan will swap his hammer for a microphone as NKOTB hits the road for The Magic Summer 2024 Tour, a nostalgic nod to their record-breaking stadium tour in 1990. They will be joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Paula Abdul on a string of North American dates at mostly outdoor amphitheaters and venues, beginning at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on June 14 before wrapping up in Noblesville, Ind. on Aug. 25. 

Donnie Wahlberg's weekend in St. Charles and Boston

Donnie had a busy weekend. In between prepping for the Magic Summer Tour with Kevin Maher, he stopped by Wahlburgers in St. Charles on Saturday and attended a Celtics game in Boston on Sunday! 

Here are some highlights from the "Blockhead Clubhouse":

Donnie and Vic perform "Ice Ice Baby" (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie leaves a message on the New Kids on the Block hotline (from nkotblisa) - click here to view!

Donnie wishes bartender Alex a happy birthday (from amber.xo.jm)- click here to view!

More photos from Donnie's phone - click here to view!

Donnie got up early and flew to Boston to catch the Celtics play Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs! Here are some photos he shared: 

Joey was watching from home and saw Donnie on TV!

Donnie also stopped by an Italian restaurant "Strega by Nick Varano" after the game!

Speaking of the Celtics, Donnie also narrated this video for the team:

Friday, April 19, 2024

Donnie on the Drew Barrymore next week (plus listen to Donnie's latest hotline message)

As you may have heard on Donnie's recent Hotline message, he mentioned that he filmed an episode of the Drew Barrymore show. Well, the show airs next Tuesday! Click here to find out where and when it airs in your area!

PS: Here's the hotline message if you missed it:

Joey to guest star in a Chicago-based tv show and more!

Last Friday Joey posted this story on his Instagram saying he went to a performance of "Choir of Man" in Chicago. 

He later posted that one of the reasons he was in Chicago was because he was doing "a guest spot on one of those Chi-shows!". He didn't specify which one. I'm guessing it could be "Chicago Fire", "Chicago P.D.", or "Chicago Med"!

Joey just posted a new video sharing his initial thoughts about Taylor Swift's new album: 

It's been awhile, but Joey recently posted a little bit on Twitter after about 6 months off. I noticed he has since deleted some of his posts (including a poem he wrote about the "check"), but here's a photo he shared: 

Here are some other highlights from his Instagram stories: 

Joey also had an encounter with musician Aryk Crown. Here's a photo from Aryk's Instagram

Here is a compilation of some of Joey's video stories including a clip of Aryk playing a New Edition song, him and Griffin watching the Women's NCAA basketball championship game, and his thoughts about the eclipse. 

In case you missed it, here are some other recent posts about Joey since my last "catching up with" post:

New photos of Donnie on the set of Blue Bloods

Lots of new photos of Donnie on the set of Blue Bloods have been posted! 

Click here for more!

Did you see this cute video of Donnie and his puppies posted by @nkotb? 

Donnie posted this to his stories last night: 

Here are some other recent highlights:

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Joey McIntyre's interview with Pop Culture Unplugged

Joey was interviewed by Pop Culture Unplugged w/ Elias to talk about the new album! He was also asked about Broadway, what advice he would give to his younger self, what he and his family do for fun, and more!

Friday, April 12, 2024

Blue Bloods - Shadowland preview clips

There is a new episode of Blue Bloods tonight! Here is the summary and some preview clips: 

Danny and Baez investigate a homicide involving voodoo with the help of Baez’s old partner. Also, Eddie and a fellow officer team up with Captain McNichols when they suspect a prestigious school is employing discriminatory admission practices; Erin is confronted by a middle-schooler who claims Erin sent her brother to prison; and Frank tries to help Garrett’s neighbor when her car is held as police evidence.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Donnie Updates!

Last Friday night Donnie attended the Celtics game with his son Elijah, Kevin Colfield, Patrick Petty, Victor Popovic and others. Donnie posted this on his Instagram stories on Friday: 

Then he flew back to St Charles for the weekend: 

When he is not filming Blue Bloods, Donnie has been working on the Magic Summer tour! Last weekend he had choreographer Kevin Maher at his house to help prepare for it. On Monday, they took a break to watch the eclipse and make a cute video, which Donnie posted on Instagram: 

Donnie responded to a comment and mentioned that he and Jenny are developing new shows, but probably not reality shows: 

Donnie and Jenny had a date night last weekend and they painted each other: 

Then he flew back to New York to film Blue Bloods on Monday night. 

Here are some new photos of Donnie shooting episode 12 from this week: 

Speaking of Blue Bloods, check out some more new photos of Donnie found on Instagram... 

This is from one the actors in last week's episode, Alexandre Huynh

See a video as well on his post!

Here is one from Randall Trang who was also in last week's episode: 

This one is from a young actress named Adriella Goncalves. She will be guest starring in episode 11: 

This one is also from a guest star MC Mel (I think this is from episode 11 as well):

Jenny has been doing some press and TV shows lately for the Masked Singer, and she talked a bit about Donnie in these clips: 

US Weekly: "Jenny McCarthy Says Donnie Wahlberg is an 'NKOTB' Hoarder"

The Kelly Clarkson Show: Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg Reveals Favorite NKOTB Growing Up — It Wasn't Donnie!