Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview Access Hollywood

Joey was interviewed by Access Hollywood and he talks about McCarthys, Boston, balancing being an actor and musician and more.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Watch Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood on NBA TV

Donnie and Danny where interviewed by NBA TV while they were in Las Vegas last weekend.
Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Watch Joey McIntyre in “The Hotwives of Orlando"

Joey was a part of "The Hotwives of Orlando" a Hulu TV show parodying "The Real Housewives" and you can now watch the first two episodes online for free here.

Get "One More Time" by Nick and Knight on iTunes

The single "One More Time" by Nick and Knight is now available on iTunes!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Listen to Nick and Knight's single "One More Time"

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter debuted their first single "One More Time" on Check it out below:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Video footage from the NKOTB Party Plane

Here a a video from the New Kids on the Block featuring footage from the party plane to Vegas on Southwest Airlines.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Updates on Wahlburgers TV show and restaurant

Wahlburgers has been nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program"!

In other Wahlburgers news, Boston magazine interviewed Paul Wahlberg and he talked about what the plans for the expansion locations and more. Click here to read that article.

NKOTB Party Plane to Vegas in the Media

Photo from Jordan Knight's Instagram

Here are some links to articles, photos and videos taken on yesterday's party plane to Las Vegas: 17 Totally Unbelievable Photos From The NKOTB Party Plane New Kids on the Block Party Plane: The 10 Greatest Moments From Onboard

Jordan Knight's interview with the Las Vegas Sun

Jordan was recently interviewed by the Las Vegas Sun. Here is the article:

WWII buff and ‘laundry snob’ Jordan Knight of NKOTB is still hanging tough

By Don Chareunsy

Quintessential boyband New Kids on the Block — brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joe McIntyre, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg — are far from being kids now, but they’re still “Hanging Tough” after a nearly 30-year music career.

In fact, all of them are in their 40s now, and some are husbands and fathers.

“New Kids on the Block: After Dark” is at Axis at Planet Hollywood today through Sunday for four concerts in the theater that’s home to Britney Spears’ residency “Britney: Piece of Me.” The four shows are the only North American dates for NKOTB this year.

Frontman Jordan Knight chatted about Las Vegas, World War II and laundry ahead of “NKOTB: After Dark.”

“How’s the weather there? It’s really hot, isn’t it?” Knight asked when he got on the phone for the interview Monday afternoon.

“It’s really hot. It rained, too, so it’s humid,” I replied. “Get ready.”

“Oh, boy,” Knight said.

Speaking of hot, why is the show titled “After Dark”? That could be a dangerous title here in Las Vegas with many meanings.

I’m not quite sure yet. We really like to keep our shows spontaneous. We want to be appropriate, but we also adapt to the situation and the venue. We want to make these shows uniquely Las Vegas, especially since these are one-off. But we’ll be a little naughtier than normal.

My understanding is that these four shows at Planet Hollywood this weekend are the only in North America this year for you guys. Is that true?

Yes, it’s true. We try to tour every two years, so we’re coming off a year off. It’s four dates at Planet Hollywood. It’s our chance to say hi to the fans and keep the party going.

Why choose Las Vegas?

We can camp out there and not travel too much. Our fans travel to see us, just like the residencies in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the spot to do it.

I know you’re familiar with Las Vegas. This will be my fourth time seeing NKOTB in Las Vegas in six years. What is it that you love about Las Vegas?

Well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? That’s brilliant! People let their hair down, act differently and show their wild side. We are all so busy and serious. But we don’t go too crazy. We’ll let our inhibitions go in “After Dark.” We will, and we hope the fans do, too.

Which song in your large catalog of hits do you enjoy performing the most?

We haven’t performed “Click, Click, Click,” in a long time. That’s a fun pop song. “The Right Stuff” and “Hanging Tough” get fans the most riled up. They love it, we love it, and everyone goes crazy. I love “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” because it was our first No. 1 song. “Cover Girl” because Donnie sings the lead. It’s a fun song, a great pop song.

“Hanging Tough” has never been one of my favorite songs, but it’s a lot of fun to perform, and fans love it. Did I answer your question? That’s a lot of songs!

How does it feel to still tour with NKOTB in your 40s and after a nearly 30-year career?

It feels awesome. The music business is like a love affair with music and fans. You can go on and on. It’s like old married couples walking through the park who are still in love 20, 30, 40 years later.

We cherish it; it’s a beautiful thing. We’re still growing with our fans, and we enjoy surprising our fans. We live to keep the romance alive with our fans.

Your concert with Backstreet Boys a few years ago at Mandalay Bay Events Center was one of the loudest I’ve ever reviewed. Your longtime fans, and especially the women, still really love you guys.

It’s serious stuff, man! Even though it’s been 25, 30 years, you might think our shows are subdued, that we’re over-the-hill and on a cruise playing shuffleboard and basking in the sun. It’s still rock-star status and mayhem with our fans. It’s amazing — people are up all night partying.

Any plans outside performing during your four-day gig in Las Vegas?

I do like to gamble a little bit. Blackjack. But I’m pretty conservative and will sit at a table for two hours. That’s really fun to me. We’ll be partying after our shows with our fans at nightclubs. We’re throwing pool parties during the day. We’ll be pretty busy doing everything.

How about a return to solo music?

I released a solo album in 2011, “Unfinished.” I toured and performed at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. I’m going on tour with Nick Carter soon; we kick off Sept. 2. We’re performing at House of Blues in November. I’m really excited about this because it will be my first time doing duo work.

You just reminded me that I saw your House of Blues show, too. I’m apparently your stalker.

That’s great (laughs)!

Who are some of your favorite artists you’re listening to right now?

Prince and Michael Jackson. They’re the pinnacles. I was just listening to some of their stuff today. They are so many great artists out there. But I love the classic artists, the ones I grew up idolizing — Prince and Michael Jackson.

Tell me something longtime fans would be surprised to learn about you.

I’m a World War II buff. I watch a lot of documentaries. Not many fans know that. And I do my own laundry. I don’t like my wife to touch my laundry! My mom, either. No surprises — I don’t want a shirt to come back shrunk. I’m kind of a laundry snob.

Future plans?

I like to take it year by year. I might do another solo album. I’m not sure. There will be another tour with New Kids in North America. I also own a health club in Rhode Island and want to put more time and energy into that and expand it.

I’m excited about Planet Hollywood this weekend. Keep coming, and we’ll keep on performing!

“New Kids on the Block: After Dark” is at the Axis at Planet Hollywood at 8 p.m. today through Sunday.

Don Chareunsy is senior editor for arts and entertainment of the Las Vegas Sun.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Watch NKOTB interview with NESN

NESN's Billy and Jenny of Dining Playbook interviewed the New Kids on the Block about their favorite local restaurants in the Boston area and more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Watch clip of Donnie Wahlberg and Jonathan Knight on The View

Here is a clip of Donnie and Jonathan on The View from last week when they announced the Las Vegas party plane contest.

Video courtesy of Deena Dietrich

Joey McIntyre not appearing at 4th of July Spectacular

Steven Bognar of WBZ channel 4 posted on twitter:

BREAKING: @TheBostonPops 4th of July Spectacular moved to TOMORROW (7/3) due to weather threat #wbz

BREAKING: @NKOTB's Joey McIntyre and cast of Phantom of the Opera will NOT be part of TOMORROW's @TheBostonPops 4th Spectacular #wbz

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Listen to Danny Wood on The Ticket Miami morning show

Danny recently talked to The Ticket Miami morning show in which he talked about basketball, The World Cup (and cheering for Portugal and the USA), the NKOTB cruise, the shows in Las Vegas, dealing with rumors back in the day and more!

Watch Wahlburgers 4th of July Special

If you missed the 4th of July Wahlburgers special on Sunday, you can watch it here.  Also, "Wahlburgers: Season 1" will be available on DVD on July 22!
Here's a clip of the New Kids on the Block on the show:

Joey McIntyre to appear at July 4th Boston Pops Concert

Update 7/2/14: 
Steven Bognar of WBZ channel 4 posted on twitter:

BREAKING: @TheBostonPops 4th of July Spectacular moved to TOMORROW (7/3) due to weather threat #wbz

BREAKING: @NKOTB's Joey McIntyre and cast of Phantom of the Opera will NOT be part of TOMORROW's @TheBostonPops 4th Spectacular #wbz

Original post:
According to the Boston Globe, Joey McIntyre will be appearing at the July 4th Boston Pops Concert on the Esplanade.

If you're not there in person, you can watch it live on WBZ-TV (in Boston) starting at 8 p.m. or you can watch to the broadcast live at or