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New blog from Donnie

Donnie's latest blog from

Monday, March 30th, 2009
Hey All-
What can I say?!?!?!
This tour is crazy.
The fans are crazy.
The crowds are crazy.
What can we do to make the summer tour bigger and better???????
You want more?
You get more!
You want Full Service?
You get Full Service!!
We are going to take it higher!!!!
Ladies let your hair down....
Fella's get yo sh*t straight....
Baby momma's get a sitter....
(Oh yeah- hit ya man on the Twitter!!!!!)
2009 is our time!!!!
Summer of 2009 is our time to give back to you.
We will not be stopped!
I'll sleep next lifetime!
Get at me!!! Face Time is real.
As Always Your Man-
~Donnie W
Top to Bottom- the Full Service Festival is gonna be all new and you
best prepare to get your mind blown!!!!!

Clowning w/ Donnie Wahlberg @ the Waffle house

Clowning w/ Donnie Wahlberg @ the Waffle house

Youtube video courtesy of joepolitics1

Official Tour Dates!

Thanks to everyone who sent me an email about this... For more information on when tickets go on sale and where to buy them, visit
If you missed them the first time around, now's your chance to catch the New Kids on the Block live on stage. The group is launching the Full Service Tour, which kicks off May 28 in Atlanta. Starting April 3, tickets and VIP packages – which will include backstage BBQs with the guys – will be available. (Special $10 lawn seats will also be available for a limited time.)

Joining the tour are America's Best Dance Crew winners JabbawockeeZ, as well as other surprise guests. "Full service! You want it, you're gonna get it," member Donnie Walhberg says in the band's vlog.

Dates for the Full Service Tour are below. There are also still a limited number of cabins available for their cruise, which sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas on May 15.

For more information, check out

Dates for NKOTB's Full Service Tour:
May 28: Atlanta (Lakewood Amphitheatre)

May 29: Birmingham, Ala. (Verizon Wireless Music Center)

May 30: Tampa, Fla. (Ford Amphitheater)

May 31: West Palm Beach, Fla. (Cruzan Amphitheater)

June 2: Charlotte, N.C. (Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)

June 3: Raleigh, N.C. (Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion )

June 5: Virginia Beach, Va. (Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)

June 6: Camden, N.J. (Susquehanna Bank Center)

June 7: Washington, D.C. (Nissan Pavilion)

June 10: Scranton, Pa. (Toyota Pavilion)

June 11: Pittsburgh (Post-Gazette Pavilion)

June 12: Wantagh, N.Y. (Nikon at Jones Beach Theater)

June 13: Holmdel, N.J. (PNC Bank Arts Center)

June 14: Buffalo, N.Y. (Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

June 16: Saratoga, N.Y. (Saratoga Performing Arts Center)

June 18: Uncasville, Conn. (Mohegan Sun)

June 19: Boston (Comcast Center)

June 21: Toronto (Molson Amphitheatre)

June 23: Cleveland (Blossom Music Center)

June 25: Detroit (DTE Energy Music Center)

June 26: Chicago (First Midwest Bank Amphitheater)

June 27: Cincinnati ( Riverbend Music Center) 

June 28: INDIANAPOLIS (Verizon Amphitheater) 

July 1: St. Louis (Verizon Wireless) 

July 2: Memphis, Tenn. (Mud Island Ampitheater) 

July 3: Wichita, Kans. (Hartman Arena) 

July 7: Seattle (White River Amphitheatre) 

July 9: San Francisco (Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord) 

July 10: Irvine, Calif. (Verizon Wireless Ampitheater) 

July 11: Las Vegas (The Pearl) 

July 12: Phoenix (Cricket Wireless Pavilion) 

July 15: Denver (Fiddler's Green) 

July 17: Dallas ( Center) 

July 18: Houston (Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion)

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Info About Summer 5* Packages

I Love All Access posted what will be included in the 5* tour package this summer... They have a few additional perks:

* » A ticket in the first 10 rows!
* » Meet and greet - photo op!
* » Entry to Full Service Backstage Raffle!
* » Pre-show Summer BBQ!
* » Fan testimonial booth (record a message for the band!)
* » Exclusive access to Band Memorabilia display!
* » 5 Star souvenir laminate
* » Exclusive NKOTB Summer gift bag!
* » Crowd-free merchandise shopping!
* » Parking
* » Discount coupon to the NKOTB online store!

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Unofficial Summer Tour Dates

These dates are listed on the message boards, not sure what the original source was, but here you go:

May 29: Birmingham, AL Verizon Wireless Music Center Presale 4/1/09
May 31: West Palm Beach FL
June 2: Charlotte NC Verizon Amphitheatre
June 3: Raleigh, NC - Walnut Creek
June 6: Camden, NJ
June 7: Bristow, VA
June 10: Scranton, Pa
June 11: Burgettstown, Pa
June 12: Wantaugh, NY
June 13: Holmdel, NJ
June 14: Darien Center, NJ
June 16: Saratoga Springs, NY
June 19: Mansfield, MA
June 26 : Tinley Park, IL
June 27: Cincinnati - Riverbend Music Center
July 1 : Maryland Heights, MO
July 7: Auburn, WA
July 12: Phoenix, AZ

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More rumored summer dates

More rumored dates... should just the release the whole list already...

May 29: Birmingham, AL Verizon Wireless Music Center Presale 4/1/09
June 2: Charlotte NC Verizon Amphitheatre
June 3: Raleigh, NC - Walnut Creek

Autographed jerseys for auction

Here's an auction you might be interested in. Thanks to Bertha for the update.

New Kids on the Block Autographed Jersey Auction
NBA Maine and the New Kids on the Block are working together to help raise money for the Maine Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure by auctioning off autographed jerseys worn during the concert at the Cumberland County Civic Center on Wednesday, March 25 to help raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Update: auctions have ended.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on Cincinnati and another rumored date

It's good as official: Radio station Q102 announced the New Kids are coming in concert on June 27 at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati.

Also, here is another rumored date:

Sun, 05/31/09
08:00 p.m. Cruzan Amphitheatre
West Palm Beach, FL New Kids on the Block Presale @04/08/09

Concert June 27 in Cincinnati?

Rumor is there is a concert scheduled for June 27 in Cincinnati. interviews Jordan

Here is a short audio interview with Jordan from And here is an interview with him from their website. Thanks to Bertha for the head's up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
By Mark Bialczak
Staff writer

It didn't take long for Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jon Knight to feel back home in front of screaming New Kids on the Block fans.

"Our first show back was money," the Jordan portion of the Knight brothers says during a recent phone interview in Greenville, S.C., where NKOTB will go onstage later that night.

That's because they took this reunion seriously from the start.

Their last CD before 2008's "Block" was the 1994 release "Face the Music." In the interim, McIntyre and Jordan Knight released solo material, and Wahlberg expanded his acting horizons.

The studio work went well, Knight says, with the five singers embracing current pop and hip-hop stars Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga, Akon, Teddy Riley and Pussycat Dolls for vocal contributions.

He says they added to the NKOTB's pop vibe without changing it.

"We would have done the same sound without the actual artists being featured on our record," Knight says. "(But) I think it does lend some credibility in young people's minds. 'They're mixing it up with the best that today has to offer.' It adds more in people's heads that we're on top of our game."

After the studio work, they began putting in time rehearsing for the live show. "A couple of months," Knight says. "We had time to come up with the show, find our rhythm, come up with who will take lead where in the songs."

He says audiences appear pleased to be reacquainted with the men and their hits, which included three that made it to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart "I'll Be Loving You Forever" and "Hanging Tough" from 1989 and "Step By Step" from 1990.

"I think our group is successful for a reason, and it's because we have a natural rhythm with each other," Knight says. "We all have different roles that weren't preconceived or made up. It's a natural flow to what our group is. We all fell back to our old roles. What made it work for us then works now, too."

Then, New Kids on the Block filled the Carrier Dome for a show in November 1990.

Knight apologetically reports that he doesn't recall that night specifically.

But he does remember that he'd rather perform in a 6,500-seat arena such as the Onondaga County War Memorial on Thursday night than in a huge stadium, sold-out or not.

"I wasn't really fond of playing huge places like that," he says. "You felt a disconnect with the crowd, and the sound was horrible, and I don't think people got what they paid for, and I don't think we were getting what we should have for putting out everything up onstage for two hours. I would rather be in an arena or theater than a stadium."

The theaters have been filled by fans who were there 20 years ago, and a new generation, Knight says.

"I am surprised that the younger generation has kind of latched on, and they think we're cool, like their mothers and aunts did," Knight says. "Then I think: 'When I was young, I loved the older groups.' It's not far-fetched, as long as a group keeps its sound fresh or young. A couple of days ago, I was playing 'Four Minutes to Save the World,' Justin (Timberlake) and Madonna and Timbaland. To me, it doesn't matter how old Madonna is."

And in the arena, they will have no shame about being five guys approaching 40 who call themselves New Kids on the Block.

"None whatsoever," Knight says. "We got asked that same question when we were all turning 20 years old. 'What are you going to call yourself now that you can buy a drink at the bar?' It's a sound. New Kids on the Block. It's who we are. The Beach Boys never changed their name."

Mark Bialczak can be reached at or 470-2175. His blog "Listen Up" is at

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Keep up to date with Donnie

Donnie is now sending Twitter updates at You can sign up to get his updates online or your cell phone.

I tried adding the feed to the right side of this blog so I don't have to post updates every time Donnie posts, but it doesn't appear to be working when I view the page. Does anyone see it?

New Video From Donnie

I'm not sure about the origin of this video (, but it was up on youtube this morning:

Youtube video courtesy of joepolitics1

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New Kids singing a country song?

News has been a bit slow lately, so here are some youtube videos from the Nashville show sent to me by Bertha:

Youtube video courtesy of ceilifairy 

Update- the second video of them singing a country song has been deleted. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Donnie blogs about Nashville

Donnie wrote a new blog:

Hey All-

Okay, I gotta be real right now……




And all you upcoming cities on this tour….

Last night-



I don’t know how the rest of these cities are gonna compete with crowds like Tulsa and Nashville……

For real.

All I can say is- if anybody can match them…

That will be one ELECTRIC-ASS BUILDING!!!!!!

Oh yeah- did I mention that we got the most incredible fans anywhere?

Nothing can stop them.

They are an army!!!!!!

Shit man….. We are going on a cruise with 2,000 of them!!! Can you imagine the insanity?!?!?!

Let some of them pirates try to take over our cruise ship- we won’t even have to put up a fight!!! Why? Because our fans will beat the s@#t out of them for us!!!!!

We got an army behind us. This is crazy!

What a crazy ride this last year has been.

And you know what….

It aint over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The party continues!

We will not let you all down!!!

Too much to be down about now….

Screw that. We going all the way til we can’t go another inch.

Get ya mind….. Nevermind…. Y’all got your minds right!

Hell- I gotta keep mine right! Yeszir!

As Always Your Man-

Donnie W

Mix 106.5 interview part 2

Mix 106.5 left off the second part of their interview with Jordan... it's short, but here it is:

Update: Video has been deleted. 

Listen to Jordan's Mix 106.5 interview

You can listen to Jordan's interview with Mix 106.5 (Baltimore).

Update: Interview has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved? 

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New Kids on Today Show again?

Heard this was posted on the Today Show website - it's not there anymore - but it said that NKOTB will be on the show again with a "special guest" on May 8th

Jordan on Mix 106.5

Here is a short interview with Jordan Knight on Mix 106.5 (Baltimore)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donnie blogs from Tulsa

Donnie posted a new blog at

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Hey All-
I'm telling you right now.......
TULSA was on FIRE tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn!!!! Who knew it could be sooooo hot!!!!!
And on a Monday night??????????
Tulsa was not only one of the best crowds of this tour- they were one of
the best crowds EVER!!!!
I didn't want to leave the stage.
(Well.... I never do..... But for tonight was crazy).
It was that incredible.....
They had me like the Energizer Bunny and sh*t!!!!
TULSA layed down the gauntlet tonight.
BRING IT LIKE TULSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For real.... Let's keep this party going!!!!!!!!!
This crowd made me realize more than ever....
As bad as sh*t is in the world right now....
We were not all brought here again, all these years later, by accident.
This is OUR TIME!!!!!!
We gotta take advantage of it....
WE HAVE TO!!!!!!!
TULSA set the tone....
The party continues.
As Always..... Your Man,
~Donnie W

Danny Interview with NewsOK

Here is an interview with Danny from NewsOK

I’m at Tulsa’s BOK Center, where dance group JabbaWockeeZ just finished their well-received 25-minute dance routine.

Now, the hyped-up crowd is awaiting the main event, the reunited New Kids on the Block. The last time I saw these guys was also in Tulsa, 19 years ago at Skelly Stadium.

I told Danny Wood of NKOTB in our recent phone interview that my first concert experience was that 1990 New Kids show in Tulsa. Here’s the expanded version of my Q&A with Wood; I interviewed him on the phone from his home in Miami:

Q: I must tell you I’m pretty excited about the show in Tulsa, since the first concert I ever went to was a NKOTB show in Tulsa.

A: Oh, that’s awesome.

Q: So I’m pretty pumped up about it because there’s some nice symmetry for me. So how has the touring been going?

A: It’s been awesome. It’s been beyond anything I ever expected or anticipated or even had in my head that this reunion could be. And for it to be now going on the second leg of the U.S. tour and then we’re gonna do a summer leg of the tour, too, it’s just amazing. You know, it’s an incredible experience.

Q: It sounds like you guys have gotten some amazing support from your old fans from back in the day?
A: Yeah, I mean, the core of the fans is probably from 25 to 35 and you know, they’re the ones who grew up listening to us. But also they’re appreciating the new record, “The Block,” and you know they’re also bringing maybe their nieces and nephews and they’re reuniting with old friends. So it’s definitely like a girls’ night out, you know, everyone getting together like a party.

Q: So what are the crowds like at the shows then?

A: You know, It’s the core of the fans, 25 to 35, but then there’s a younger generation of fans. I mean, my daughters are 9 and 10 and they went from being Jonas Brothers fans to New Kids fans. So there’s some younger kids there, there’s parents bringing their kids to the show, you know, to show them what they grew up listening to. So it’s pretty diverse.

Q: Are they pretty enthusiastic? Lot of feedback from the crowd?

A: Ah, yeah. I mean, that was the kind of shocking thing where they’re probably louder than they were before. The show opens up and it’s just hysteria. But now it’s grown women jumping up and down and screaming instead of teenagers.

Q: You guys are obviously grown men performing: What is like touring now, playing the arenas now and touring now? How is it different than it was back in the day?

A: Well, back in the day it was like a speeding train. You know, it was moving so fast, so (there) was not much time to enjoy it. And this time, we’re all taking the time to enjoy it and really appreciating it. But it’s a lot easier this time because all of us, we’ve learned from all of our mistakes, and now we’re surrounded by all great people working for us. And we’re in control of everything that goes on.


Q: Is it harder touring now when you have family and other obligations?

A: That’s the only difficult part is being away from my kids. I rely a lot on iChat on the computer. And you know, being in the U.S., they’re able to come out and they’re gonna visit a couple times on the tour.

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: I have 9- and 10-year-old girls and 16- and 17-year-old boys.

Q: So that’s four total?

A: Yes.

Q: That’s a great crowd right there. Little bit of space between the two sets?
A: Yeah, yeah, no, they’re awesome. They’re awesome. That’s the best part is being able to share this with them. I never thought they’d be able to see me back onstage doing it.

Q: What did you do in those intervening years besides have four kids?

A: Well, you know, that took up a lot of my time. I was raising them, and I’m also part owner and vice president of a private jet company called Halcyon Jets. So I went into the business side of things, and I also recorded a couple of solo albums.

Q: Did you ever imagine in those intervening years that this would reunion would happen? Did you have in the back of your mind that it would be possible?

A: No. In fact, I had the opposite in my mind, that we would never get back together is what I thought.

Q: Was there some reason you were so sure it wouldn’t happen?

A: It’s just - 15 years. What boy band gets back together after 15 years, you know what I mean? (with a laugh) It just didn’t seem realistic most of the time. But when we started hearing music and really started focusing on making a good record first, then everything started to make sense.

And when we all got back together the first time and everyone looked good: No one was fat, you know, no one let themselves go, that was good, too. Everyone was in shape and looking good and ready to do it.

Q: How has your music changed? Obviously, you released your new album last year, “The Block,” and how has your music changed? And how has your approach to your music changed?

A: On the record, the approach was pretty much the same as before except we were kind of dictating what songs we did, we were dictating who we wanted to work with. But the approach is still the same: You get in the studio, you do the work, you sing your part and you leave.

Q: How do you feel the music has changed? Do you feel like it’s more mature? Do you feel like it’s more modernized?

A: Well, yeah, we definitely set out to make a contemporary record. We weren’t gonna make a retro ‘80s record or something. We wanted to make a contemporary record that would appeal to our fans because they’re listening to current stuff, you know. So we wanted to make a record that, you know, was contemporary.

Q: Was it important when you’re working on a new record to not come across as some sort of novelty but to make music that would sort of fit in with what the Top 40 stations are playing at the time?

A: We never have plans like that in our heads. We listen to music. We would listen to songs being submitted to us, and if we liked them, we did them and if we didn’t, we didn’t. You know what I’m saying? We never thought, ‘Who’s gonna play it? What audience are we gonna target?’ You first want to make record that you’d listen to, that as a collective unit we would all listen to. So, that’s goal No. 1.

Q: It definitely came across as something that was more mature and definitely it seemed to have more of a kind of hip-hop sound on some of the tracks than some of your older songs. So that wasn’t something that was deliberate, that’s just what you guys liked?

A: Yeah, well, we grew up on hip-hop, and you know, hip-hop now is pop music. So, it’s kind of hard to go into a middle zone for pop music and you know, we just started hearing songs, and that’s the stuff we all wanted to do.

Q: I thought it was interesting and good that you guys had updated that way, because hip-hop has become pop. They have merged a lot more since you guys weren’t making records?

A: Yeah.

Q: Did you guys keep in touch during those intervening years?

A: I’ve always kept in touch with Donnie; me and him have been friends since first grade. But the rest of the guys: I saw Jordan a couple of times over the years. I saw Joe I think once or twice in that whole 15 years, and I think I saw Jon once.

Q: So is it great for you guys to be back together because obviously you were a big part of each other’s lives?

A: Yeah, it’s great. Yeah, it’s like being brothers, you know what I mean? It’s like rekindling old friendships, you know. It’s been easier to work together this time around because we’re all mature. We all got families, it’s all real lives we have that are a lot more important than being up on stage. So it’s been a lot easier this time around.

Q: It sounds like you’re just more grounded than you were when you were kids?

A: Nah, we were grounded then. We had good families, and you know, it’s pretty obvious we were pretty grounded back in the day because none of us got into any crazy trouble like you see some of these teenage stars get into. That didn’t happen to us. But we were pretty grounded then, it’s just we were on a ride that was going really, really fast.

Q: Yeah, it always did kind of amaze me that you guys never did anything to make people embarrassed that they’d been your fans. You never did anything crazy like that. As crazy as your ride was, it always kind of amazed me that none of you ever went wacky like a lot of young stars do. So I always thought that was good.
A: Yeah, that was our upbringing with our parents and also growing up in Boston. It’s the kind of city that builds character.

Q: Was it essential to you guys that all five members come back together to have a reunion?

A: Yeah, yeah. We wouldn’t have done it any other way. The fans, you know to this day, they all still have their ‘favorite favorites.’ There’s a reason why we were so successful and part of the reason is the five different personalities, the five different guys. It wouldn’t have been the same if it would’ve been four of us or four guys and add a new guy or something crazy like that. It just wouldn’t have worked for us.

Q: And musically, did you think it wouldn’t be good either, because you sang together so well?

A: Yeah, I mean, it translated into all sides of it, the stage, the studio, even some of the business things. You know, we needed all five guys.

Q: Are you happy that you guys are back together? It sounds like it’s working out better than you even imagined. Are you looking to continuing to tour and make music for the foreseeable future?

A: I am beyond happy. This has gone beyond anything I ever imagined would happen. And we’re getting ready to start this next part of the tour, and I’m planning for my kids to come out, you know, a week into the tour and to visit for four or five days. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that. And, you know, our hope is that we finish out touring into the fall and then take some time off and then get back together in 2010 and maybe make another record or do another tour or do something - but definitely to keep this going.

Q: At the show, can people expect to hear new and old music?

A: Oh, of course. We do all the old hits. It’s not the kind of show where you go see some self-absorbed artist and they do their whole new album and do a couple old songs. We do all the old songs and then we sprinkle in the news songs.

Q: So it sounds like you’ve got the balance there with the new and old songs?

A: Well, we had to with people waiting 15 years. You had to give them what they want.

Q: So it sounds like your kids are gonna spend their spring break visiting you on the tour?

A: Absolutely. And the summer too. You know, when we’re on tour in the summer, they’re gonna be along for the ride.

Q: I imagine that’s an awesome family experience for you guys?

A: It doesn’t get any better.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to your core fan base that has come back some strong in support of you?

A: The same thing we’ve been saying all along is thank you. They’re the best fans in the world. They’ve been so amazing. They’re so loyal, they’re so supportive, and we try to return the favor by putting on a great show. So I want everyone to come down and enjoy the show.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

NKOTB's top 10 lists of their favorite songs

Here is a list of the guys favorite songs from the Official German website. Thanks to Inge for the head's up.

Jonathan Knight

They are great songs that I grew up with. Great personal memories.

1) “I feel for you” - Chaka Khan- One of the all time great soul singers.
2) “Sexual healing” - Marvin Gaye- Is there anyone sexier than Marvin Gaye? Always puts me in the mood.
3) “Genius of love” - Tom Tom Club- A funky tune.
4) “Burn Rubber” - Gap Band- Makes me want to dance!
5) “Let it whip” - Dazz Band- Dazz band does it right.
6) “Give it to me baby” - Rick James- It’s Rick James! Enough said.
7) “Somebody's watching me” - Rockwell- Thank god no one was watching me dance to this song while driving through Boston when I was younger.
8) “Between the sheets” - Isley Brothers- The perfect place for listening to the Isley Brothers and coincidentally my favorite Isley Brothers song.
9) “Baby come to me” - James Ingram- I could listen to James Ingram 24/7.
10) “Never too much” - Luther Vandross- My brother and I loved us “the voice.”

Donnie Wahlberg

1) “Rebel Without A Pause” - Public Enemy (Relentless, it fires me up).
2) “Shook Ones PT 2” - Mobb Deep- (Hypnotic, dark, and game changing).
3) “Beautiful Day” - U2 (Reminds me to appreciate small stuff).
4) “I Wish” - R. Kelly (That song is special)
5) “Stairway To Heaven” - Led Zeppelin (Greatest song ever made)
6) “Rock Box” - Run D.M.C. (The song that inspired me to be in music)
7) “Songbird” - Fleetwood Mac (Breaks my heart every time I hear it)
8) “Made You Look” - NAS (One of the all time best MC's at his all time best)
9) “Rock The Casbah” - The Clash (Makes me move)
10) "Big Yellow Taxi" - Joni Mitchell (Because "Joni Mitchell never lies")

Jordan Knight "Quiet Storm Mix"

1) “Whenever whatever wherever” – Maxwell (Maxwell got crazy skills)
2) “Only for one night” – Luther Vandross (They don't call him "The Voice" for nothing. Wooo!!!!!)
3) “You’re my lady” - DeAngelo (This song is stank nasty and beautiful at the same time.)
4) “Stop look listen” – Stylistics (Old School, Stylistics kill me. The song writing and arrangements on these old records can’t be beat.)
5) “Do me baby” - Prince (This song does half the work for you J)
6) “Lady in my life” - Michael Jackson (The vamp at the end...Wow… you just want it to keep going and going and going.......)
7) “Night and day” - al b sure (This song is a natural tranquilizer)
8) “Let's chill guy” (Teddy makes the synths sing on this one.)
9) “Secret garden” - Quincy jones (This song has the best mix of singers. El Debarge. James Ingram. Barry White.)
10) “Funny how time flies” - Janet Jackson (I used to fall asleep listening to Janet speak French to me with this record.)

Danny Wood

1) "Come Away with me" - Norah Jones (It's one of the sexiest songs ever written.)
2) "Big Poppa" - Notorious B.I.G (He is the greatest mc ever.)
3) "High and Dry" - Radiohead (An amazing song from one of an incredible group.)
4) "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" - U2 (I can relate to this song in so many ways, it hit me in my soul the first time I heard it.)
5) "No Ordinary Love" - Sade (The groove and melodies in the song are irresistible.)
6) "Guerrilla Radio" - Rage Against the Machine (Perfect workout song.)
7) "Microphone Fiend" - Rakim (Classic hip hop at its finest, I grew up break dancing to this.)
8) "If it Isn't Love" - New Edition (Growing up in Dorchester these guys were my idols.)
9) "You and I Both" - Jason Mraz (This is the one artist me and my kids all listen to together and love. We will see him in December in concert.)
10) "My Angel" - Danny Wood (I wrote this song in loving memory of my mother. Help in the fight against Breast Cancer. Go to )

Joey McIntyre

1. “Rock the Casbah” – The Clash (Why? It rocks.)
2. “Tiny Dancer”- Elton John (Why? Cuz its 6 and half minutes long and it feels good.)
3. “Maybe Tomorrow” – Jackson 5 (Why? Jackson 5... nuf said.)
4. “I want to know what love is” – Foreigner (Why? Unabashed ballad rock.)
5. “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey (Why? Right to the heart, baby! Right to the heart.)
6. “Betcha by golly wow!” - Stylistics (Why? Cuz we've been singing it a lot backstage)
7. “Single” – New Kids on the Block & Ne-Yo (Why? To me it’s a classic romantic song set over a modern hot thumping track.... oh, and we sing it.)
8. “All the Way” - Frank Sinatra (Why? If there was one song to hear and one song I could sing, this would be it.)
9. “God Speed (sweet dreams)” Dixie Chicks (Why? Cuz I’m a softie.)
10. “We are the Champions” – Queen (Why? Cuz I wish Freddie Mercury could have lived forever)

New blog from Joe

Here is a new blog from Joe

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

If you saw the groups emails back and forth
about last nights show and the rest of this tour you
would see how much we care about our shows.
And it’s all cuz you care like you do. We have a lot of fun
figuring it all out and finding new ways to surprise and entertain you.

We kicked it off in Hildago and the crowd was up!!!
They were the first to see some new changes…
a little early to make comments, but for now I can say that
it’s good to feel engaged and open to the living breathing thing
called the stage.

I had a lot of laughs as usual and I am pumped to be back in
the States and Canada again. It’s gonna be an exciting spring.
Seems like we-us 5 and you guys- wont know what’s coming next
and I like that… for the most part :)


I gotta be honest and tell you I got really pissed before my medley
last night cuz my hat wasn’t back stage and I didn’t wear it. So I was
doing phantom hat moves- don’t laugh. But once again, you get
out there and you throw your heart out and you guys are right there
with me. I look forward to sharing that music with you. Hat or no hat,
it was exciting shit… did I just swear?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shreveport Times interview with Joe

Here is an article/interview with Joe from the Shreveport Times

'The fans dictated this'

By Donecia Pea

Before *NSync, Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees were sending female fans in a frenzy, New Kids on the Block dominated the boy band scene.

Following the model of R&B acts like New Edition, New Kids on the Block burst onto the music scene in the late 1980s with the debut single "Please Don't Go Girl."

The heartthrob group went on to score a number of hit singles including "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "I'll be Loving You (Forever)," "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)" and sold at least 80 million records worldwide before splitting up in 1994. They also shattered concert box office records, playing an estimated 200 concerts a year, in sold-out stadiums throughout the world, while beating out Michael Jackson and Madonna as Forbes highest paid entertainers of 1990.

New Kids on the Block reunited last year with a new album "The Block" which is already making waves and they continue to sell out concerts. They'll bring their show to the CenturyTel Center on Tuesday.

The Times recently had a chance to chat with Joe McIntyre via phone from his Los Angeles home where he resides with his wife, Barrett, and their 15-month-old son.

Q. Does it feel like déjà vu being on stage together again?

Joe: It's sort of like you have a job to do every night, but it's fun. It's a blessing and you don't see it, but sometimes it just hits you and I think the fans really get a kick out of seeing us together again.

Q. Are you surprised at the fan reaction out there? I mean, I have several grown co-workers who were immediately jealous just knowing I was talking to you. Does that surprise you to still get that level of reaction from your fans even though they're all grown up now?

Joe: (Laughs) Yes, absolutely, we don't take it for granted. This whole journey could have stopped a long time ago. It could have just been an album or a couple of songs. The fans are the ones who dictated this. They really stepped up and made the world notice and it came from there. Timing is everything and the cool thing is our fans, like the folks in your office, are grown now. You look back at that time with great fondness and we're so busy with our lives that this is like a great break, a chance to get away. And that all has to do with timing and it's great. The fact that we can have a normal conversation with our fans instead of running away from them down the street is pretty cool.

Q. Why did you all decide to reunite? Whose idea was it?

Joe: We were all thinking of it, obviously. Jordan and I have been performing over the years and I've done a couple of movies and a bunch of stuff, but being on stage, Jordan and I were used to it. It's what we do. Donnie was doing his act, but he was talking about it and getting into the studio is what made him excited. Jon's totally out of the business and thought it would be something new and different. Danny is on board, living in Miami with a life of his own. But I think what brought us together was the challenge, the challenge to write a new chapter. A lot of things. The reason we left in the first place is we wanted to do some stuff individually. When you grow up half your life in a band you want to be independent at some point and call your own shots and I think we did that and lived a lot of life and the idea of coming back together to rewrite another chapter and have the last word in our history is challenging. We like each other and respect each other, so the idea of working together was pretty fun.

Q. What's the biggest difference performing together this time, compared to before? Was there anything that you all had to relearn?

Joe: Yeah, 90 percent of the choreography is new. So, yeah we were in rehearsals for quite awhile, for months putting it together, piecing it together. Of course, we have a bunch of songs we do from the new album. So it's a brand new show, basically. I think it's just cleaner, more professional this time. We're not kids anymore jumping around like crazy. I mean, there's still some of that, which is fun and it feels like you're a kid again and there's nothing wrong with feeling young and we use that. But right now, I think we strive for that showmanship, that kind of show that we grew up admiring from New Edition and we'd look at Jackson Five and the Temptations and how they really delivered a show to the people and included them, making it about hem as well. I don't think there's a lot of that going on right now. I think we've brought that back to a certain extent. You gotta know what your gift is, your talent is and do your best to make that happen and I think we've done that on the road and with this tour.

Q. What's the strangest or funniest fan reaction you've had so far on this reunion tour?

Joe: I mean it's not crazy. What may be crazy for someone who's not around it, we've seen before. We haven't seen it all, but I'm sure we've seen pretty close to it. I think the fans get really enthused. We meet a lot of them before the show at these all access events and they sing, some of them change the lyrics or try to get backstage after the show. They'll have costumes on. You gotta love their enthusiasm.

Q. You have the new album "The Block," right? How would you describe it compared to what you did in the past?

Joe: (Jokingly) You mean you don't have it? (He laughs) Yeah, it's been out for awhile. We had our first single, "Single," which is a top 20 hit and the album debuted at number one (on the Billboard Top Pop Album chart). "Single" was a Top 40 hit and a big video for us and the next one is called "Two in the Morning" and a video to be released this week. It's done really well. We could always do better, but as far as the record industry and exposure, we're always trying to push it to the next level.

Q. Anything else you want to say to your fans?

Joe: I love you all and God bless you.

Guys arriving at Jimmy Kimmel

Here is some behind scenes footage of the guys going to Jimmy Kimmel.

 Videos courtesy of Jessica Thais

Valley Town Crier Interviews Jordan

Here is an article/interview with Jordan from The Valley Town Crier

NKOTB's Jordan Knight: It feels like the good old days and a fresh new day
Jordan Knight Q&A

Jordan Knight, one of the front men from The New Kids on the Block, will be performing this Saturday, March 7, at Dodge Arena as part of the Borderfest celebration in Hidalgo.

Jordan proved to be a suave and well-spoken man, with a self-deprecating sense of humor and an unexpected thoughtfulness. He was honest and candid and it was heard across the interview. While usually I'm a pretty cool when it comes to interviewing someone, I found him as charming as I did 20 years ago when I was a big fan.

Question: How does it feel to be back performing as a group again?
Answer: It feels like it s the best of both worlds. It feels like the good old days and a fresh new day. It’s a lot of fun up on stage; we just get such a rush from the crowd. It just makes you feel validated like what you did in the past is really worth something, just makes you feel really good.

Question: How is life on the road? Is it as it was when you all first started 20 years ago?

Answer: I think life on the road is pretty much the same. I am married and have two kids, so it’s kind of hard to be away from them. They do visit me on the road. My son is in school, so it is hard to pull him out from his schedule. But we are soaking it all in a little more. We are not as frantic as we were before. We take it in and we don’t take it for granted.

Question: How do you keep yourself busy when you are on the road? Do you read, listen to music?

Answer: I do all that yeah, I like to read. Currently I am reading “The Reader” and then I watched the movie.

Question: Was the movie the same as the book?

Answer: I visualized it first as I read the book, then it was good to see the movie because it brought it to life. It was a great movie.

Question: What about music? Is there a particular artist you listen to?

Answer: Not really, I keep playing Ne-Yo and Kanye West. Does are the two that are caught on my playlist right now.

Question: What is your favorite song to perform while on stage?

Answer: All the songs are fun. Every song and every performance add something cool about it. I do like performing “Dirty Dancing,” “Baby I believe in you,” and “Give it to you,” those are very, very fun. I also love performing, “I’ll be loving you forever,” and “If you go away.” We have a new song we will perform at the beginning of the show this weekend.

Question: What has been the coolest thing a fan has told you during this tour?

Answer: We get a lot of compliments, but a lot of people say that our music has gotten them through the tough times. That they would lean on our music and us as entertainers when things were going bad then can kind of forget about things and listen to our music. That is why we really do it, to provide happiness to people and help people.

Question: What can fans expect to see this weekend when you perform?

Answer: We are going to do all of our old hits for sure. There will be a lot of songs that everyone grew up with "that were New Kids fans" they are going to hear those songs. We are going to do all the choreography with new twists and its going to be action packed. We are going to get the crowd involved, we want to make sure people live there happy and we want to make sure everyone is loud, excited, dancing, having fun and maybe shed a few tears.

Question: After the tour ends, do you all plan to go back in the studio and record another album or will you go your separate ways?

Answer: We don’t know. We might to another album; we just may do another album. Like we have all said before, the door is always open to do anything together.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 interview with Jordan Part 2

Here is part 2 of's interview with Jordan:

Video courtesy of alternageek

Danny on KJ 103 in Oklahoma

Danny was on KJ 103 in Oklahoma this morning.  Check out the interview below!

Donnie Wahlberg talks about the 2 in the morning video

Donnie Wahlberg explains the "2 in the morning" video. He says there are 2 versions of the video and we'll see the second one soon.

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Lost NKTV video

Looks like this was NKTV, but it was deleted, but it's on youtube now:

Youtube video courtesy of yviebear

NKOTB on Jimmy Kimmel

Here are some video clips from Jimmy Kimmel last night!

Videos courtesy of Old School NKOTB

Here is a short clip of the rehearsal from NK TV:    

Video courtesy of Yvette Patten

Here's a video from Danny's point of view:

Video courtesy of alternageek

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jordan Interview with

Listen to part 1 of an interview with Jordan from

Video courtesy of nskco10

NKOTB on "Top 50 Pop Tunes With Attitude"

New Kids On The Block were on a tv special "Top 50 Pop Tunes With Attitude". It looks like this was filmed last September in the UK.

Update: Videos have been deleted. Does anyone have them saved?