Sunday, March 8, 2009

New blog from Joe

Here is a new blog from Joe

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

If you saw the groups emails back and forth
about last nights show and the rest of this tour you
would see how much we care about our shows.
And it’s all cuz you care like you do. We have a lot of fun
figuring it all out and finding new ways to surprise and entertain you.

We kicked it off in Hildago and the crowd was up!!!
They were the first to see some new changes…
a little early to make comments, but for now I can say that
it’s good to feel engaged and open to the living breathing thing
called the stage.

I had a lot of laughs as usual and I am pumped to be back in
the States and Canada again. It’s gonna be an exciting spring.
Seems like we-us 5 and you guys- wont know what’s coming next
and I like that… for the most part :)


I gotta be honest and tell you I got really pissed before my medley
last night cuz my hat wasn’t back stage and I didn’t wear it. So I was
doing phantom hat moves- don’t laugh. But once again, you get
out there and you throw your heart out and you guys are right there
with me. I look forward to sharing that music with you. Hat or no hat,
it was exciting shit… did I just swear?

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