Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jonathan at Deborah Gibson Party

Here are some photos of Jonathan at Deborah Gibson's party. Thanks to Bertha for sending these to me.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Donnie NOT attending event in Kentucky

Donnie posted this twitter about that Kentucky appearance:

Ya man will not be in Kentucky this weekend. I'd love to see the derby live- but I will not be there. I'm too on FIRE for that state now.

Friday, April 24, 2009


From Donnie on Twitter:

Get ready for some fun.... Today is only stage one. A small hint of the fun we will have in the next few weeks! Are you all ready???

Are you all committed?????

Stage 1 may seem strange- but hang in there with me because that is the point!!!!!! Its all a little bit TWISTED!!!!!!

I don't care about no tweetstats!!! you know me better. I am sending a link asap. It is the first step to a very "twisted" 2 week plan.

Step 1- click on the link that follows these instructions and watch this very twisted video that I found......

Step 2- watch it again and really look at how twisted it is....

Step 3- share the link with, or send the link to, or tell AT LEAST 3 people or friends to watch it as well....

Please follow those instructions. Step 4- will come over the weekend! Remember- this is only the beginning of our twisted little game!!

Update: Video that went with this post is no longer available

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Donnie in Louisville on April 30th

Update: 4/27: Donnie will NOT be making an appearance at Sully's Restaurant Saloon in Louisville on April 30th

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice House of Blues video

Here is a nice video of the guys performing "Sexify My Love" at the House of Blues last week. There is a little summer tour spoiler at minute 3:04

Youtube video courtesy of chazico

Monday, April 20, 2009

Party with Danny on his birthday

Danny sent out a twitter message that there will be an appearance by him (and probably the rest of the guys according to the flyer) at LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach, FL on Thursday, May 14, 2009 from 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM EST

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post #1000!

Just noticed this blog is about to reach a milestone... I logged onto blogspot and saw I have made 999 posts on this blog, so here is the 1,000th post!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog (287,825 hits and counting!) and making a success:)

Joey's new song

(Spoiler alert!) Here's a clip of Joey doing a new song at the show in LA last night

Youtube video courtesy of melidm

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jonathan to make appearance Deborah Gibson event

This is unofficial, but according to Deborah Gibson's website, Jon is scheduled to make an appearance at the "Evening of Electric Youth" event at 7PM on April 28th at La Boheme in West Hollywood

Thursday, April 16, 2009

After Party in Hollywood announces An after party after the show in Hollywood on April 18th:


8430 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 848-5100

Donnie interviewed by

Here is an interview with Donnie Wahlberg from

By Greg Pratt

Oh, sure, it’d be easy to write this one off. But there’s more than meets the eye here: after all, when a teen boy band get back together after a 15-year hiatus and are playing arenas, something big is up. Armageddon? A comeback disc, The Block, full of songs written to such a degree of catchiness it sounds as if machines have constructed and performed them? A music industry in flux and an economy in crises combining to leave people wanting to have fun, comforting music? I have no fucking idea, but Donnie Wahlberg, taking a bit of a break from his acting career to hit the road with New Kids On the Block, is reaping the benefits. Yup, this boy band from decades past is back, and, somehow, they’ve made it work.

What are you up to?
Just getting ready to do the daily routine: soundcheck, meet about 300 fans, stretch out, get dressed, get ready, go on stage. Sounds easy to meet 300 fans in a day, and while it is joyous, most times it takes a toll on your lower back leaning to hug 300 people in a day.

But, no complaints, right?
No, I’d rather get swept back from hugging people than getting kicked in the balls [laughs].

Right. So why did you decide to reunite now?
[Pauses] I don’t know. I guess it’s hard to say. First and foremost, music was a big part of the inspiration. I think everyone in the group, deep down inside, knew there was a chance one day we may do it. But I don’t think anybody was giving it much consideration. The only thing I ever thought serious about was not giving into any of these quick flash-in-the-pan reunions, for a “bands reunited” TV show or anything like that. I refuse to take part in that, even a True Hollywood Story, I would never participate. Much like when we younger, it was other people trying to force their agenda on us and telling the story, really, to service themselves and not to consider us and who we are first. I initially heard a song, when I was shooting a movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino…

Which must have been great…
Yeah, I’m sort of at this zenith in my acting career, working with two of the greats — ever — and holding my own and having a great time. Most people would think that being at the bottom and being down and out is when a reunion would be a great time. For me, I think it’s the opposite. I always thought the better I was doing, the more appropriate it would be to get back together with the guys.

Do you feel like you guys got too much bad press in your first run?
I certainly don’t think we’re the best band in the history of the world but I certainly don’t think we were the worst. We were certainly over-praised a lot, in many instances, but I think we were under-appreciated equally as much.

You mentioned when you guys were younger, people pushing their agendas on you. Do you look back and feel that you were taken advantage of because you were younger? Well, I wouldn’t say taken advantage of. Obviously we were put in a position to do really spectacular things. I can’t give you a woe story, like we were robbed by everyone and swindled and stuff like that. That’s not really what happened. So many people just threw another idea at us and another idea and they all throw it with the mindset that this doesn’t last forever. It’s not an incorrect thing to say, either. “This won’t last forever, guys, get all the money you can while you can.” It’s just that we didn’t always feel that way. You know, we’re on a plane flying to Tokyo and they need T-shirts in Kmart in the next two minutes, somebody’s gotta approve it. If we’re not there to do it, someone’s gonna do it… so many things were just overlooked. We thought, if the group runs its course and we’re just a teen band that never does anything else, so be it. We’ll make a few less million bucks and try to maintain some dignity. But it was hard to do that throughout the course of the group. It was hard to stay on top of that stuff.

Do you feel you did end it with dignity the first time around?
I do. We went out on our terms; we made possibly our best album, in ’94, Face the Music. We felt great about it. We were performing at a high level just to smaller crowds, but we felt we were really at our best. That, at the end of the day, was a beautiful thing to experience. We always preached that it’s not about the success and how many records you sell; it’s about being good to your fans and giving it your all. We always preached that, but it’s easy to preach that when you’re playing to 70,000 people in one night. But to be playing for 1,000 people and giving it your all after being that successful, I really felt proud of the group at that point. And had that not happened, I probably would not have ever gotten back together with the group.

Do you want more musical credibility? Is that something as a band you wish you had more of?
Well, you know, credibility, what is it? The more time passes, the less credibility matters in the world. We judge people’s credibility on these days. What I’ve found is the more you look for credibility, the less you recognize the people who do appreciate you. Our most well-received album from the critics was our smallest-selling album; that’s not to say that it’s a disappointment. Look, sure, everybody wants to be respected and appreciated but I’ve learned it’s really about self-respect. When I get off the stage every night, I know I left it all out there for the fans; I gave them everything I’ve got. One thousand miles away from my kids, my personal career is on hold to do this, to make music and perform again, to really try to put a final chapter on this the way we want to do it.

Who are your fans now? Is it 15-year-old girls like it used to be, or is it the same girls it was before, 15 years later?
Certainly for the most part it’s the old fans grown up. I thought 30-to-40-year-old fans we’d have locked up, that would be our audience. What I didn’t realize was there were so many fans who were five or six years old who loved us when we came out the first time. Those fans are 25, 26, 27, 28 years old now. They are a huge portion of the crowd.

So can fans expect more albums and tours?
We’ll see. We’ll go out in the summer and after that we’ll have to figure it out. I know that… [pause] Well, we’ll see. I really can’t say right now, I have no idea.

What about your acting career, you kind of have that on hold right now while you’re on the road?
Well, I executive produced and starred in a pilot for an American network, TNT, and I’m going to go shoot that series after the summer touring. So I’m still doing all my other stuff, just managing it around the New Kids. I guess I’ve got a hell of a part-time job with the New Kids.

Jordan and Danny on twitter

They finally joined twitter!

Article from

Here is an article from Thanks to Tyneda for the link. 
The Kids are back 
By Mike Devlin, Canwest News Service
The concept of boys singing and dancing to music written primarily by others was not pioneered by New Kids on the Block. But in terms of cultural impact and historical relevance, it might as well have been.

The Boston-bred group, back together after a 14-year layoff between albums, is widely cited as the pre-eminent teen act of the 1980s. At one point, their audience approval ratings threatened even those of Madonna and Michael Jackson, the era's two biggest pop stars.

The New Kids had danceable tunes, a parent-approved message and good-looking members, which resulted in album sales in the neighbourhood of 80 million copies. For a period of two years, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg were stars of the stage and kings of the road, netting $100,000 per gig from merchandise sales alone -- the equivalent of an additional $15 from each ticket holder.

And yet, despite of the group's trail-blazing past, Wood was casually uninterested in talking about the glory days. "It's not like we were frozen in time since 1990," Wood said curtly during an interview with Canwest News Service, in a thick Boston accent.

Wood, 39, might not be the best spokesman for the group. He isn't one of the big three -- Joey, Jordan and Donnie -- nor does he appear to play an integral role in the group. However, a YouTube video finds Wahlberg name-checking Wood as "the soul of the group." Big words indeed coming from Wahlberg, the acknowledged New Kids leader.

Wood, who was unaware of the video, had this to say about his best friend's comment: "I don't know why he said that. But I think it's because I'm the stability. I'm dependable and reliable." Soulful, even.

New Kids on the Block is currently on tour, hitting some Canadian dates. This is the dawning of the age of the New Kids Version 2.0, and Wood, who has four children of his own, said the band is feeling stronger than ever.

"I don't think stamina is an issue. Last week we did five shows in a row, and at one point on this tour we do six in a row. I don't think we even did that back in the day. We don't have no issue with the stamina -- everyone is in good shape. It's more the sacrifice of it. We all have families and kids in school. That's the part that kind of stinks."

Recording sessions in 2008 resulted in The Block, the group's sixth album and first since 1994's Face the Music. It was an immediate success upon its release, hitting No. 1 in Canada and No. 2 south of the border. Times have changed considerably since the New Kids last tasted fame, but the Internet has made things easier, not more difficult, on groups of their ilk, Wood said.

"Last night in the second row, there was this girl who had a button with my face on it and she was crying. She was 16 years old, so obviously someone had to tell her about us. The good thing about how the music industry is now, you can get to people's music really fast. The younger generation might like one of the new songs we have, but they can go back and listen to all our older stuff."

What helped the group back in the day was one of the smartest marketing campaigns in history, a blitz of memorabilia as unnecessary as anything George Lucas has put his name to.

New Kids sleeping bags, dolls, food, clothing -- you name it, Wood and his buddies were on it. Some of it was even too much for the band, Wood said. They won't make the same mistake this time around.

"I always remember this stuffed animal doll that we had," he said. "It was horrific. It was this two-foot tall doll that didn't look like us. It was kind of creepy. We actually got them pulled out of stores when we saw them, that's how bad they were."

Canadian tour dates include: April 9, Winnipeg; April 11, Saskatoon; April 14 Victoria

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Donnie D Records Launch Party

I don't have a lot of info on this yet, but there will be a launch party for Donnie D Productions on May 3rd in Boston (exact location to be announced). Very few tickets (200-300) will be available (by invitation only??). Keep checking Joe Politics on Twitter for the details and how to get tickets to this event.

New Blog From Joe

Joe posted a new blog at

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Often when we are performing the slow jam medley, I think of all the
legends that came before us- Temptations, 4 Tops, Jackson 5, New

At that moment in the show, the lights are dim, mostly spot lights so
it’s very moody and I think of all the tours and road shows that have
come before us. There is something so special about the sound and
moves of those groups- the whole thing really takes me back to the
soulful 60’s and 70’s- a classic time of showmanship that is a lost art.
It’s a privilege to, in our own way, carry that torch.
I wonder, in this day and age of instant everything, will the flame go
out or will we be lucky enough to see it passed along.

Danny Wood on Reunions, Fans, and Stardom

Here is an article from the Santa Barbara Independent:

NKOTB’s Danny Wood on Reunions, Fans, and Stardom
The Indy’s Lisa Engelbrektson Gets Under the Skin of a New Kid

By Lisa Engelbrektson

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Midway through the North American leg of a tour to support their recent comeback effort, Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB to those in the know), spent a few minutes talking shop before abruptly, and angrily, hanging up on The Independent. Before the volatile ending, however, Wood had a few enlightening things to say about getting back together with the New Kids, life between the group’s dissolve in 1994 and now, and the boys’ largely female fan base. Just don’t ask him what it was like to experience public scrutiny (allegations in ’92 of lip-syncing, which were later denied, come to mind), because according to Wood, the past is inconsequential.

So how is the New Kids’ reunion going so far? “I think a year ago we did a reunion tour,” Wood explained. “Now that we went to Europe and are back with a new record, I think the reunion is over. We’re back.”

The five founding members of NKOTB, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, and Wood officially rejoined forces in April of 2008 and now find themselves back at it after a breakup that technically lasted about five years longer than the group’s official career. “Musically, it’s the same as it was before,” said Wood. “Everyone does their own thing, but better.” While some of the boys cut solo records, launched acting careers, competed on Dancing with the Stars, or stayed out of the spotlight entirely during the time off, one has to wonder what it is that’s making things work now. “Maturity,” Wood explained. “And the 15 years apart.”

Though Wood himself has taken on a solo career, he didn’t do so until recently. “I’ve been keeping busy. I have four kids and some other businesses,” he explained. “I’m involved with Halcyon Jets, where I’m VP. It’s a private aviation company. … It’s fun. I’ve been involved since the beginning.” But don’t assume the boys on the block tour via Halcyon. “We tour on busses,” Wood pointed out. “It’s more comfortable and we sleep better.”

It’s fitting, perhaps, because one of the most famous images of the New Kids is of their tour buses, always surrounded by female fans who would wait hours for the band to pull into parking lots all over the nation. And so far their fans don’t seem to have grown out of the custom. “We pulled up [in Lousianna] at 9 a.m. this morning and girls were already here,” said Wood. “It’s fun; the girls are calmer.” In fact, Wood had nothing but praise for group’s largely female fan base. “We have some younger fans, [but] the core is between 25 and 35. Older fans are bringing new fans along, and the younger audience is liking our music. We run into a lot of older fans who are now independent women, successful, and in positions of power. It’s very cool.”

After such a complimentary nod to the women who, as girls, bought their albums, concert tickets, lunch boxes, posters, dolls, and other miscellany merchandise, it was somewhat surprising to hear just how quickly Wood’s mood went south from there.

Considering the stigmas attached to the boy band enterprise, it’s certainly no small feat that the New Kids have reemerged so prominently some 15 years after their split. Still, one has to wonder about the backlash associated with such a reunion and how music critics as a whole are reacting to the “new” New Kids.

But instead of addressing the issue, Wood became irrational, demanding to know why I hadn’t read the Washington Post’s article on their recent show at Madison Square Garden. He vehemently claimed that the band is being taken very seriously in the music arena, and was then cut off by his publicist. So much for shining a light on what it’s like to grow up under a highly critical public eye. In the eyes of the New Kids, the music, the fans, and the adoration has stayed the same—and the media, for all intents and purposes, can make of it what they will.

The New Kids on the Block will open the Santa Barbara Bowl’s 2009 concert season this Friday, April 17, at 7 p.m. with special guest Jabbawockeez. Call 962-7411 or visit for details.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Top @'ed Tweeps

Look who are the most popular Kids on Twitter (Source: I think it's time Jordan and Danny start twittering too:) NKOTB News Blog is also now on twitter: I'll try to send updates on there as well for those who want updates on their cell phones.

Latest from Danny

Danny has a new blog at

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in awhile, but this tour has been moving at such a fast pace. My daughters and Dad got to come out and see 5 shows in a row. They had the time of their lives. They are road warriors and love every part of being on the road. I can’t put into words how much it has meant to me to be able to share this experience with all my kids. This would not be possible without you guys. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Love always

NKOTB going to Australia?

Could the guys be going to Australia? Here is a quote from Joey on Twitter:

Aussies!!! Damn I don't want to get in trouble but I think we are coming down under for real. YOU made it happen. Ssshhh!

Thanks to Joanne for the update

Monday, April 13, 2009

Joe posted a new blog on

Joe posted a new blog on

Monday, April 13th, 2009

How ’bout a good ol’ fashioned blog.

This feels like using a rotary phone compared to twitter. Wow! I can
actually finish my thought here and not be sweating to death trying to
get it all in in a hundred and forty characters. Aaahhhh, this is nice.
Hmmm… Let me take a moment and collect my thoughts- what a novelty.
Well, let me see… We had another amazing show in Saskatoonia
( that’s what I like to call it- I add an (ia) to it).
I was hit by a recurring thought as I looked into the eyes of a girl
in the front row. How will I ever explain to each of you what it means
to be able to do what I do for such an audience? It’s such a blessing.
It pushes me to do more. To want more. To be all the things I think I
can be. And I thought of how I ‘get off’ on meeting people that to me
really ‘get it.’ There is a diverse group of people that we attract
and it mirrors the diversity of this group. And when you find those
moments with people when you are on the same page- whether its a look
or a comment or a joke or a story- and you really connect… Well, it’s
like sex to me. It’s that good. And it turns me on and it makes me want
Now put that in your twit and smoke it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jordan interview on WSNX

Here is an interview with Jordan on WSNX (Grand Rapids):

Youtube video courtesy of playhouseradio

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joey on Twitter

Official and real this time:)

Winnipeg Free Press talks with Joey

Here is an article from the Winnipeg Free Press

Joey McIntyre is on the road again, but not with Dancing with the Stars.

"I'd like to get that a little lower down on the resumé," McIntyre says, laughing, in a phone interview from his Los Angeles home. "Not that I'm not proud of it. I have a great sense of humour about it. I learned a lot from that show."

Yet in a career that includes a leading-man stint on Broadway and a role on TV's Boston Public, it's not the thing for which he most wants to be remembered.

No worries.

That undoubtedly will be New Kids on the Block, the boy-band-that-begat-all-boy-bands that is once again inspiring screams on a well-received reunion tour stopping at the MTS Centre Thursday evening. Without Dancing with the Stars, it might not have happened, McIntyre says.

"The manager for that tour, Jared Paul, is our manager now," he says. "It's how we started working together. I saw how he worked and how he put that tour together. I thought he was capable and knew the animal enough that if we wanted to make it happen, he could facilitate it. That was definitely part of turning the ignition."

Now that the engine is running, McIntyre says that the experience is fun, if occasionally weird. At 36, McIntyre is about 10 years older than many of the original fans who are returning to see him and other no-longer-kids Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood. Teenagers learning about the group from Click Click Click and the Ne-Yo collaboration Single off the 2008 reunion album The Block are also in the mix.

"We've had a hit video with a lot of airplay, so there are these young teenage fans," McIntyre says. "I see these teenage girls looking up, screaming, and it's trippy. It's a range of emotions.

"It can feel rock 'n' roll and it can feel weird at the same time. It depends on the moment. I don't know if our fans are brainwashing the next generation or they really like us, but they seem to be having a good time."

That goes for the Kids on stage, too.

"Yeah, it is fun," McIntyre says. "I think our fans our happy and even the critics had to give it up a bit, too."

Whether it's rehearsing for a tour or putting together an album, being in the New Kids has always involved diplomatic compromise, McIntyre says.

On stage, "we didn't want to run around like banshees, like we did in the day. But we didn't want to sit on stools and sing the songs. So there's more choreography now than back in the day. There were arguments and stuff, but we really hit the right vibe.

"There were plenty of days when it was like, 'Oh man, how's this gonna come together?' Because we're all the bosses, you can't really bark at the boss."

That relationship goes back to the group's formation, which was organic compared with the boy-band formulas at work from the 1990s to the new era of Disney-spawned pop stars.

"We're special in the sense that it wasn't this big cattle call," McIntyre says. "It wasn't American Idol; it wasn't Making the Band.

"We all have a lot of character but as performers, to come together and be on the same page is the biggest challenge. The more you do that, the more you're going for the same goal, the bigger the payoff. We were able to do that in a big way."

So does McIntyre feel a sense of déjàvu when he watches the screaming fans of Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus?

"My son is only 15 months, so I don't have any kids that would be following it. As far as the hysteria is concerned, I can identify with that. I don't know any of their songs."

On the business side, however, Jonas Brothers' reality is vastly different, he says.

"We had 10 Top-10 records, but a lot of people said it flew under their radar because our audience was so young. Now, it's like the media has changed the way it's marketed. People respond much differently now than they did in 1989."

Will there be another New Kids album and tour?

"This could very well be the last hurrah, which would be great," McIntyre says. "But we enjoy the process and I think we love to do what we do. Personally, I would never close the door."

-- Orlando Sentinel


New Kids on the Block

. Thursday

. MTS Centre

. Tickets: $79.50, $55.50 and $39.50

Fox 11 (Green Bay) Segment

Here is a news story about the Green Bay Show from Fox 11

Update: Video has been deleted. Does anyone have it saved?

Jordan on 101 WIXX

Here is an interview with Jordan on 101 WIXX (Green Bay, WI)

Youtube video courtesy of JLeppard101WIXX

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

New blog from Jon

Check out Jon's latest blog

Sorry to all for my lack of posting a blog in such a long time. Spring is here and I’m loving being able to get outside in the fresh air. It has been a cold long fall and winter being cooped up indoors under artificial lights and surrounded by cement walls! Looking forward to the summer tour and the outdoor venues. Literally it will be a breath of fresh air!! Catch me on my twitter account…if you’re missing hearing from me. I will do my best to come up with some more interesting blogs soon. Nothing really new to report out here. Sleep, ILAA, Show, Bus, Repeat!!!!


Donnie on Kiss 107.5 in Des Moines tomorrow

From Donnie's latest twitter:

Here with Chance from Kiss 107.5 in DesMoines- Iowa let's get it poppin!!!!!!! See the interview tomorrow on Kiss!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jonathan chats on Twitter

Here is a transcript of Jonathan's Twitter chat from last night: I found this on the message board So thanks to CSI_FingerPrintChick for saving the text.

What did I get myself into? 1,026 followers strong! Hope you all enjoy this! Off to bed and off to Ohio. 11 shows one day off. Sleeeeeeeepy!
about 2 hours ago from web

@noodleblue Would love to come down under! We are working on it! Phee!!!!
42 minutes ago from web in reply to noodleblue

@Pussymeowyfurs Who told you I was still up?
35 minutes ago from web in reply to Pussymeowyfurs

@Chi_twnzfinest We were all tired. And seriously its me? Delicious..... sounds like I'm a steak LOL
31 minutes ago from web in reply to Chi_twnzfinest

Wow this is creepy. Does everything I type show up?
29 minutes ago from web

@JennyJS I don't know how yet, and Im color blind so I thought it was blue........
27 minutes ago from web in reply to JennyJS

oh shit..... this is insane
26 minutes ago from web

@Shonda1976 i thought when you hit the little arrow thing it just went to that person. Hi everyone! don't think I'm gonna do this every night
24 minutes ago from web in reply to Shonda1976

just a special treat cause I'm in a great mood
24 minutes ago from web

still cant figure out the direct message thing HELP
20 minutes ago from web

@sweetpea1036 I cant figure the direct thing so anyway! Yes the stars were awesome don't tell anyone but it chocked me up.
17 minutes ago from web in reply to sweetpea1036

I cant follow all you. I would be doing this 24/7 Forget the direct crap for now ill figure it out later
15 minutes ago from web

HELP! When I read something by the time I try to answer its like three pages past. This feels like that Z100 thing!
7 minutes ago from web

Well I will figure it out later, just want to thank all of you for being so great. I really never thought it would be so cool reuniting
6 minutes ago from web

Never thought it would be this big!
6 minutes ago from web

Everyone of you is always thanking us BUT this is really all your doing and I can only say I need to keep thanking you!
5 minutes ago from web

South Africa? Wow that's somewhere I've never been and would so love to go. You got a guest bedroom??? LOL
20 minutes ago from web

Yes im in the front lounge of the bus. We have satellite internet so it goes in and out depending where we are
19 minutes ago from web

This stuff isn't showing up on Donnie's page right?
17 minutes ago from web

After party in Ohio NO that's Donnie's thing not mine I like my quiet time after the shows
16 minutes ago from web

live anywhere? That's tuff I like being close to my family so I wont be going to far but there are millions of cool places in this world
14 minutes ago from web

Starbucks needs to pay me for the promotion they get. Several things depending on time of day or mood White mocha, vanilla latte HorC
12 minutes ago from web

Favorite part? Definitely not B stage its scary out there sometimes. So many people inches from your face
10 minutes ago from web

Saw my dog the other day for the day off. She is really old, blind, deaf I felt guilty leaving her at home so i bought her her own house
8 minutes ago from web

She is with friends until i get home if the poor thing lives that long
7 minutes ago from web

Solo never! I hate being put on the spot. It's awkward enough being up there with four others
7 minutes ago from web

my anxiety isn't as bad as everyone thinks.. it was fine during the early days got worse when I left NK and is way better now
5 minutes ago from web

when you do something everyday you begin to get over your fear. When the tour started i was ready to puke the first night now its just fine
4 minutes ago from web

Ladies I'm SORRY but i got to get to bed......long day again tomorrow! don't know if ill do this again but it was fun YOU ALL ARE THE BEST
2 minutes ago from web

Jonathan on Twitter

Jonathan is now on Twitter: Thanks to Amigirl78 for the link

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Donnie's new project

Donnie has yet another thing to keep him busy. He has a new record label "Donnie D Productions". Jimmy Marsh (J Stone from the North Side Boys) has joined the label.

New 2009 Merchandise has new T-Shirts available.

Full Service Tour on sale dates and times

Here is a list of on sale dates (taken from NKOTB on MySpace).

I think some of these have pre-sales already going on. Some VIP packages are available now as well.


PUBLIC ON SALE DATE/TIME (all times local)

Friday, April 3

9:00 am:

Saratoga Springs, NY

10:00 am:

Charlotte, NC

Raleigh, NC

Scranton, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Clarkston, MI

Saturday, April 4

10:00 am:

Uncasville, CT

Cincinnati, OH

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Some fun videos

Here are some fun videos from recent shows:

Youtube video courtesy of kbeaudry74. Thanks to Bertha for the link.

Youtube video courtesy of carolynaaa28

Youtube video courtesy of lauratml

Walk of Fame Petition

Some fans started a petition for the New Kids on the Block to get a star on the Walk of Fame. Click here to sign the petition. Thanks to Beate for the info.

Ticket prices

To get an idea of ticket prices for the upcoming tour, here are the ticket prices for Cincinnati.

Pavillion: $95.00

Pavillion: $75.00

Lawn: $36.00

Thanks to Sarah for the info.

Food Drive at the Green Bay

If you are going to the Green Bay show, some fans are holding a food drive. See the photo below for more details. Thanks to Christina for the update

May 8th Today Show Appearance has officially announced the May 8th Today Show appearance: 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Article and Video from CNN

Here is an article and video from CNN: Thanks to Becky for the link.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Twenty years ago, when the New Kids on The Block were wearing their hair almost as high as their fame, the music business was a vastly different animal. There was no "American Idol." No such thing as a download, legal or otherwise. People collected posters, not ringtones.

Having wrapped one successful tour, the New Kids on the Block will begin another trek in May.

Having wrapped one successful tour, the New Kids on the Block will begin another trek in May.

But it appears something has carried over from that distant era. Something loud, something jumpy, something ready to roar: Blockheads (or to those not familiar with boy band lingo, fans of New Kids on the Block).

As a "look who's laughing now" to those who thought reuniting for a new album and tour was a ridiculous idea, the group's past followers came out in droves last year to see Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood give some new choreography a whirl at concert venues around the world.

"I think a special thing happened out there on the road," Wahlberg said. "I think the fans came back not quite knowing what to expect but determined to have a great time. And we came back not quite knowing what to expect [but] determined to have a great time and determined to put on a great show. And I think we all got there and became teenagers again. It was pretty cool." 

So cool that the band has announced a whole new set of North American concert dates they're calling the "Full Service" tour. The 34-stop trek kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 28 and winds up in Houston, Texas, on July 18. Tickets go on sale Friday.

But before the tour, New Kids on the Block will hit the high seas -- along with boatloads of Blockheads -- for a three-day concert cruise in the Bahamas in mid-May.

  • "The cruise is the one area where we've completely lost our minds," Wahlberg said. "We're going to have to answer to thousands of fans on the boat. It's going to be insane."

But perhaps not as insane as things might've been if this were still the '80s. The band members -- now 40ish, and all but one of them fathers -- concede that they've mellowed considerably, and so has their 30-something female fan base.

"We didn't just go completely bonkers and stop being adults," Wahlberg said of the 2008 tour. "The fans didn't hang out in front of the hotel, singing songs for 20 hours straight. They just got hotel rooms and hung out in the lobby and met us for drinks at the bar."

Cheers to that.

New Kids on the Block recently hung out with CNN and talked about surprising the skeptics, the boy-band stigma and how the music business has changed in the 15 years since they disbanded. The following is an edited version of the interview.

CNN: What's the biggest change you've noticed in the music business?

Joey McIntyre: The music business has changed incredibly. There used to be 50 record companies. Now there's only three, and it's just getting smaller and smaller. But then again, you have the Internet, so anybody who has music can get it out there.

Jordan Knight: We also come from an era where getting on stage and performing, really honing the craft of performing on stage, was important. So lucky for us we have that background, and even though record sales are down, concert ticket sales are up, and that favors us, because that's what we mainly like to do. We like to perform.

CNN: When you left the spotlight, bands like 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys moved in and flourished. Was it difficult for you to watch them take the torch and run with it?

Donnie Wahlberg: I found no bother in other boy bands taking the spotlight for a number of reasons: A, I was not interested in that spotlight myself. B, it was their time. C, we weren't even in a band anymore. I was doing other things ...

McIntyre: It sounds like a comedy skit where we're furious over it!

Wahlberg: Yeah, like "Damn it! Why are they being so successful?"

McIntyre: "We've got to find a way to ruin it!"

Wahlberg: When we came out, there was MTV, and that was it. And there wasn't room for another band like us. ... And when we went away, the music business changed. Suddenly, there were all these different avenues and outlets. ... So you could have three, four, five boy bands, and they could all be very successful. And that was more fascinating to me than anything else.

Anybody who was as successful as those guys were -- be it Backstreet or 'N Sync -- it takes so much hard work to be successful. I can only respect [that]. We had a backlash on us, so to come out as a boy band after us and to have the perseverance to succeed and overcome a lot of doors that were closed from people hating on us ... they deserve credit for that. And we deserve credit now for coming back and overcoming hurdles that are there now for us.

CNN: What are the biggest hurdles?

Wahlberg: The whole concept of us coming back, honestly, was met with skepticism by a lot of people. ... All the record companies thought when (other boy bands) were thriving, that was the time that we should come back. But it was their time; it wasn't our time. ...

The fact that 90 percent of the people who discussed this with us thought it was crazy or thought we'd do a barnstorming tour at best, that in itself is a hurdle, because we had to walk away. We had to all make a commitment to do this. We all had things in our lives that we were doing, that we were committed to. ...

But we believed, and fortunately the fans believed and came back in bigger numbers than we ever imagined and made a lot of people look wrong. It even surprised us.

CNN: Boy bands traditionally get a bit of a hard rap, don't they? You're often dismissed as overly choreographed, a little bit cheesy.

Wahlberg: I think it's easy to criticize things that you maybe don't quite know the story on. But the reality is, we're in the music business. John Mayer might be able to play the guitar better than any of us ... but we all signed record contracts. We've all made a decision to make our career in this business. So to scoff at people because they do something different or don't do what you would do is silly.

Fortunately, we haven't really found that this time around. I think people have come to understand that maybe we're a little bit different ... a little bit more of a grass-roots band than people ever gave us credit for. We weren't picked out of thousands of people. It was a very real story, how we came together.

CNN: Which one of you has changed the most?

Knight: I don't think any of us have really changed. We've matured; we've mellowed a bit. We have more wisdom, but personality-wise, we're all the same and it's good to see. And that's what made us in the past, and that's what makes us now.

Danny Wood: I think the change you would see (is when) each of us (is) individually at home with our kids and our family lives. But when we get together, it's all still the same.

Wahlberg: Jon has a British accent now. Danny won't take commercial airliners anymore. Jordan only greets fans with gloves. (They all laugh.) It's a joke!