Monday, April 6, 2009

Donnie on Kiss 107.5 in Des Moines tomorrow

From Donnie's latest twitter:

Here with Chance from Kiss 107.5 in DesMoines- Iowa let's get it poppin!!!!!!! See the interview tomorrow on Kiss!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please tell Donnie that I saw his show in Moline, IL last week, and it was FABULOUS! It had been my dream for nearly 20 years, and my eyes are still sparkling! I've even planned the next concert to Chicago in June, but wanted to do a VIP package-Bummer though, it is SOLD OUT! I'm very sad, now! Still believe they are the best band ever-and the show was so awesome! Thanks! Tell Donnie, I hoped we rocked it for him! Wish I was in Des Moines "tonight", literally!
Angela Langstraat, Washington, Iowa

PickyNykki said...

I went to website and all they had were pictures. Wonder when this interview will be posted.