Monday, February 28, 2022

Joey McIntyre to guest star on The Goldberg's on March 16

Exciting news from Joey! He will be making a guest appearance on the ABC show "The Goldberg's" on Wednesday, March 16 8:00PM!

NKOTB News for February 28

Photo from Jonathan’s Instagram story

Don’t forget to watch Jonathan and Jordan on “Rock the Block” tonight night at 9 on HGTV! For those outside of the US WeNeedJordanBack on Instagram will be streaming it live!

Donnie just posted another preview clip of "Bring Back the Time" on Instagram!

Here are a few interesting tidbits from Donnie on Instagram! He says there will be even more new music from the New Kids on the Block (besides "Bring Back the Time"). He also mentions he will see Mike Bivins "at the New Edition show". He didn't specify which one and of course this could just mean he will be in the audience enjoying a show instead of performing for once 🙂

If you live near Indianapolis, the local Remember Betty group is hosting an event on March 19 and they will be giving away prizes including an autographed hat from Danny Wood (you must be present to win). Click here to get your tickets!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

New NKOTB Song "Bring Back the Time" to be released on March 3rd

It's official, New Kids on the Block will be releasing a new song called "Bring Back the Time" on Thursday, March 3rd at Midnight Eastern time! The song will also feature fellow Mixtape 2022 artists Rick Astley, Salt-N-Pepa, and EnVogue. They will also be debuting the video for the song on Thursday morning! Check out a 15 second preview clip of the song below!

Skate Social with NKOTB and BBTT Mystery partially solved!

An email was sent out to Block Nation members this morning inviting members to enter to win passes to skate with the New Kids on the Block!

Note, this event takes place near New York City and if you win it does not include travel expenses.

Here is the link to sign up for Block Nation (I don't know for sure if you have to have already signed up prior to the email going out this morning to get in on this contest). The deadline to enter is tomorrow at Noon.

Also, if you look close the skates say "Bring Back the Time", so now we know what BBTT means! 

I think #NKOTBT is kind of like they did with "NKOTBSB = New Kids on the Block/BackStreet Boys" and it means NKOTB/Throw Back Thursday? Just guessing on that one.

Friday, February 25, 2022

NKOTB to appear on Good Morning America next Thursday

The New Kids on the Block will be appearing on Good Morning America next Thursday morning! According to this DVR screen shot from BlancoDiddy on Twitter, they will also be performing with Salt-N-Pepa, EnVogue and Rick Astley!

Donnie Wahlberg goes behind the scenes of Blue Bloods on Instagram Live

Donnie joined Unique Natasha on Instagram today live from the set of Blue Bloods. He talked a bit about hiding his tattoos when filming, a bad dream he had about the NKOTB cruise, spreading the love, and he stayed on live while he filmed a scene with Marisa Ramirez on the set of Blue Bloods! He also said there will be "a lot going on" next week and "the BH family will be so happy" and there will be a "sneak preview" of BBTT tomorrow!

Click here to watch! (Donnie joins about 16 minutes in)

BBTT with NKOTB next Thursday

Donnie shared this on his Instagram this morning! What do you think "NKOTBT" and "BBTT" means?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

NKOTB News for February 24

One of our guys has been absent from the public eye recently, so when a new photo of him surfaces, it's front page news!

Photo courtesy of  InspireNexton

That time @jonathanrknight and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block came to Nexton to participate in a different kind of “block” all together #rocktheblock A few Nexton folks were lucky enough to grab a pic! See them on the season 3 premiere of HGTV’s Rock the Block this Monday at 9 pm!

If you’re watching, jump onto our Facebook page and join our episode 1 discussion hosted by @blacksouthernbelle_bsb!

Here are some other recent New Kids on the Block highlights...

In case you missed it, if you were not already booked on the 2020 cruise, your chance to get on the 2022 NKOTB cruise starts tomorrow!

Danny updated his avi on his social media accounts:

Joey is still in rehearsals for The Wanderer

Photo courtesy of Jill Menza

Sharing this magic moment❗️around #sonnypaladino piano at #thewanderermusical rehearsal with #diondimucciofficial #stevievanzandt #joeymcintyre #kennethferrone #kristamhibbard #papermillplayhouse #nkotb

Here's a couple social media posts from Joey:

Donnie approves of this guy's successful attempt to make the Wahlburgers “Donnie Burger” at home!

This was posted on Kristina Crestin's Instagram yesterday:

Jonathan posted some new photos over at Instagram!


Better Late Than Never Series: Donnie Wahlberg on Harry Connick Jr's show

Donnie made an appearance on Harry Connick, Jr's show in 2017. Here are a few clips from the show...

Donnie and Jenny talk about Face Timing when they're on the road:

Donnie talks about carrying around small dogs.

Donnie talks about NKOTB now and back in the 80's and 90's. Harry and Donnie Wahlberg remember an early encounter before they were both famous.

Donnie and Harry go face-to-face in the stare down, dance-off and runway walk!

Videos courtesy of Harry Connick, Jr on YouTube

Donnie's video before the show:

NKOTB Cruise 2022 update

Here is an update about the New Kids on the Block cruise... more cabins go on sale tomorrow!

Block Nation: 10AM (code sent to your email)
Past Guest Presale: 12PM (code sent to your email)
General On Sale: 2PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Jordan Knight interview with Phantom Gourmet

Jordan was interviewed by Phantom Gourmet in their feature about Novara Restaurant in East Milton Square. They show some of the food and what the inside of the restaurant looks like. They talk to Jordan about his role in the restaurant, what Jordan thinks about the food, and what Jordan wants customers to say about the restaurant.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Wood Works with Danny Wood: Bison Stew

Danny shares his recipe for Bison Stew in this week's episode of The Wood Works! It makes a great recipe during the cold winter months... even if you live someplace warm like Danny does!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Jonathan Knight's interview with The Morning Show Cánada

Jonathan was interviewed by The Morning Show Cánada in early 2021. He talks about how he became passionate about old farm houses, why his horse is named "Canada", and he is asked to give musical advice for HGTV Canada host Scott McGillivray.

 Video courtesy of Nkotb Peru

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Joey McIntyre in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

As Joey is gearing up for his role in The Wanderer, it reminded me of some of his other roles. Joey was in the production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank, CA from November 22-December 10, 2017. Here is Joey's announcement about him joining the cast: 

Here are a couple photos of Joey and cast members: 

Here is a clip of Joey encouraging people to see the show: 

Here are a few other links!

Review, plot summary and photos from the play from StageSceneLA

Here is an interview Joey did from Billboard

If you cruise down Riverside Drive in Burbank, Calif., you can’t help but notice the marquee in front of the newly renamed Garry Marshall Theatre (rechristened this year to honor his memory). Beneath the title of the current show, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, is the leading man’s name: Joey McIntyre — and the news that he is only in the show as Pseudolus for three weeks (with his run ending Dec. 10 when original cast member Paul C. Vogt returns from playing Amos Hart in an international tour of Chicago).

McIntyre starred in the film adaptations of the musicals The Fantasticks and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. His stage musical credits include Tick, Tick…BOOM! and Wicked. The New Kid on the Block talked to Billboard about his earliest musical theater memories, going from pop music to Stephen Sondheim and if more stage work is in his future.

What is your earliest memory of musical theater?

Coincidentally, my earliest memory of the theater was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I lived four blocks from the Footlight Club, the oldest community theater in America. It’s a beautiful 250-seat theater in Jamaica Plain [Massachusetts]. My mother and sister were in the show. The actor who played Pseudolus had this can of peanuts, and when he opened it, snakes would jump out. My friend and I would sit in the front row. My first job in theater was to collect the snakes.

You joined New Kids on the Block when you were 12. Before that, did you have a chance to appear in any musicals?

Theater has been so important to me and my family over the years. Mom performed in church and at the Footlight. Dad came up in Boston politics and that can be a song and dance show. I love sports but I grew up in the theater, starting at age six. I learned about music by being on stage. I was in shows like Oliver! and The Music Man. There’s nothing but joy in the theater. There’s an openness to everything. Historically, the gay community has always been very involved in theater and as a kid you notice that people can be what they want to be. There’s a warmth in the theater. Then you sing a song and people clap for you. What’s better than that?

You’ve appeared at the Garry Marshall Theatre before, in 2006 when it was known as the Falcon Theatre. What was it like to work with Garry when you were starring in his stage production of Happy Days?

It was really a joy. He created Happy Days and I watched that show when I was growing up. There’s nothing cooler than the Fonz and Richie Cunningham. To play the Fonz and work with this legend who did everything from Dick Van Dyke to Pretty Woman was like a master class. Garry was a sweetheart and his spirit is still alive in his theater. He was a regular human guy and he opened up to me about the ups and downs of life. Everyone who worked in that theater had a connection with him.

Paul C. Vogt, who is playing Pseudolus in this current production of Forum, had to step out of the show for three weeks and you were asked to step in. How did that come about?

When I first saw the line-up of shows for the current season, I texted Joe [Joseph Leo Bwarie, director of Forum] and told him I would have auditioned for the role. Then Paul stepped out and Joe called me and asked if I could learn the show in two weeks. It was a tall order but I took the challenge. It was a chance to learn and grow.

What is it like to go from pop music to Stephen Sondheim?

Sondheim is complicated. Every syllable, every idea is connected to something else. Any songwriter could learn a lot from Sondheim. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a huge fan. The way he wrote Hamilton, with his pop background, he emulated Sondheim. I’ve always enjoyed interpreting songs. Most of the time, pop singers are going for the acrobatics, which isn’t my forte. I’m confident about how I deliver a song. I’ve never been bashful about tying emotion to the song.

What is your favorite moment in Forum?

I get to sing the opening song with the company [“Comedy Tonight”]. Then I sing “Free.” Pseudolus is a slave who wants to be free. It’s a great song and it kicks off his trajectory, his arc. I also love singing “Pretty Little Picture.” It’s early Sondheim with such descriptive lyrics: “In the ocean an island waits, smooth and sandy and pink, filled with lemons and nuts and dates.”

I’m working with a great cast, we have a beautiful set and the costumes are gorgeous. I’ve been touring with New Kids a lot, so I haven’t done much theater lately. It’s wonderful doing something again and again. You ask yourself, that worked last night, why not tonight? You can try things out, just being in the moment. You try different techniques. You swing and sometimes you miss, but when you hit a home run in the theater, it’s electric.

Do you want to do more theater?

I think so. I’m moving to New York. I put that out in the universe, so it’s not a coincidence I’m doing a musical before I head back. I want to be in that world again. I’ve driven down Beverly Boulevard [in Los Angeles] enough.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Danny Wood's interview with Ethan Farmer

Danny was interviewed by Ethan Farmer (not the same "Ethan Farmer" who played bass in NKOTB's backing band) in 2020. He is asked about life during the time the New Kids on the Block were broken up and what made them want to get back together. They also talk about how he deals with disagreements with the other members of NKOTB, about how Danny deals with criticism, what his favorite thing about being in the group is and more!  

Friday, February 18, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg on the Jenny McCarthy Show

I came across this short interview of Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg on the Jenny McCarthy Show from the spring of 2020!  They talk about their "House Party" video and the virtual cruise of 2020. They also reminisce about high school days, hanging around bad crowds, and how Jordan got Donnie out of trouble when Donnie accidently spray painted graffiti on someone else's work.

NKOTB News for February 18

Wahlburgers has opened a new location in Sydney, Australia and Donnie recorded a short video message about it!

This might just be a part of Jonathan's Farmhouse Fixer show, but Jonathan recently posted a few photos from his kitchen with camera crews present!

Last night Jonathan posted these photos. The first one is of him, Harley, Kristina Crestin (the designer from Farmhouse Fixer), and Jonathan's business partner Scott Harmon. It was captioned "Had some special guests in the farm kitchen this week. We cooked up a time honored family recipe."

This one from February 1st was captioned "On this week's episode of “Gathering Farm To Table”…. JK"

If you like collector's editions, Record Store Day will be releasing a special limited edition vinyl of Debbie Gibson's "Lost in Your Eyes, The Duet with Joey McIntyre" on  April 23rd!

In other Joey Mac news, it appears he is still in NY (from his latest IG story)...

and he recently started playing "Wordle"...

I can't guarantee that they are going to use these same themes, but here's what the themes for the canceled 2020 NKOTB cruise were (image from arcsart22 on Twitter). 

Oh and one more thing... Check out Donnie's response to one of my Instagram stories... (the screenshot I shared was from his Instagram stories back on September 5th). The parts that Donnie added were his shrugging emoji and "#BBTT" at the bottom.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: Watch Donnie Wahlberg on Sway In The Morning!

Donnie was interviewed by "Sway In The Morning" in the summer of 2017! He talks about growing up with a racially diverse setting, his musical influences, incorporating hip hop into what the New Kids did and becoming more "pop" over the years, being the "boss" of the NKOTB, helping Marky Mark start his career and more! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: NKOTB on Howard Stern

The New Kids on the Block were interviewed by Howard Stern in 2017. Some of the things they talk about are starting out with Maurice Starr, playing in prisons when they first started out, Donnie talks about keeping the spark alive in this relationship with Jenny McCarthy. Donnie's mega-fan "High Pitch Eric" makes a guest appearance. Howard asked them what they did after NKOTB broke up in 1994, how they still get along so well today and more!  They also perform an acoustic version of "The Right Stuff"!

Click on the video for the audio version:

Audio courtesy of Blockhead Zone on Facebook

Here are a couple short video clips from the show:

Videos courtesy of The Howard Stern Show

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Joey McIntyre at the first day of rehearsal for The Wanderer

Joey is already in rehearsals for "The Wanderer"!  Here is a Tweet (with photos!) sent out by  Paper Mill Playhouse!

Danny Wood's Chicken Casserole

If you're looking for healthy meal ideas, Danny's got a recipe for you! This week he makes a Chicken Casserole! Check out the video below!

Monday, February 14, 2022

NKOTB News for February 14 - NKOTB in NYC, Joey McIntyre's idea and more

The big news today was the announcement of the rescheduled cruise

In other news, Donnie and Joey pretty much confirmed the rumors that the New Kids on the Block were all together this weekend in New York City - apparently working on something to do with "BBTT"! 

Joey posted a short video of him wishing his wife Barrett a happy Valentine's Day while on a walk in NYC this morning...

And speaking of Joey McIntyre in NYC, I was going to wait to see if anything more came out of this, but since Joey hasn't posted anything about this in the past few days I figured I'd share what we know...

These tweets Joey sent last week are hinting at a Joey and Eman concert in New York this April! This April marks the 20th anniversary of their performance at Joe's Pub and the recording of the album "One Too Many: Live from New York". I noticed as of now, there are no scheduled performances of "The Wanderer" on April 4th and 5th. But Joey will already be in town!

(Click on images below for larger versions)

Here's the first tweet...

Then he re-tweeted a couple fan reactions...

And he tried to figure out the exact date of the anniversary...

And that is followed up by these tweets!

In honor of Valentine's Day, CherieIsAwesome put out a new NKOTB mashup featuring "Didn't I Blow Your Mind" and Valentine Girl": 

NKOTB Cruise 2022 Announcement!

The New Kids on the Block Cruise previous scheduled for 2020 is happening!  The rescheduled cruise is October 20-24, 2022!  Here's the info from NKOTB's Instagram

CRUISE RESCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 We are excited to announce that we have finally been able to  As promised, all 2020 guests active at the time of the cancellation will have the FIRST opportunity to rebook their original cabins with 2020 prices on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Should additional cabins remain available, they will go on-sale on Feb 25th.

We’re also thrilled to announce that for the first time ever we’re spending two days at the private island, Half Moon Cay. WE CAN’T WAIT!

For more info including all Carnival Cruise Lines Health and Safety Guidelines head to the link in our bio. 🤖❤️

Click here for the official NKOTB Cruise website!