Thursday, February 24, 2022

NKOTB News for February 24

One of our guys has been absent from the public eye recently, so when a new photo of him surfaces, it's front page news!

Photo courtesy of  InspireNexton

That time @jonathanrknight and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block came to Nexton to participate in a different kind of “block” all together #rocktheblock A few Nexton folks were lucky enough to grab a pic! See them on the season 3 premiere of HGTV’s Rock the Block this Monday at 9 pm!

If you’re watching, jump onto our Facebook page and join our episode 1 discussion hosted by @blacksouthernbelle_bsb!

Here are some other recent New Kids on the Block highlights...

In case you missed it, if you were not already booked on the 2020 cruise, your chance to get on the 2022 NKOTB cruise starts tomorrow!

Danny updated his avi on his social media accounts:

Joey is still in rehearsals for The Wanderer

Photo courtesy of Jill Menza

Sharing this magic moment❗️around #sonnypaladino piano at #thewanderermusical rehearsal with #diondimucciofficial #stevievanzandt #joeymcintyre #kennethferrone #kristamhibbard #papermillplayhouse #nkotb

Here's a couple social media posts from Joey:

Donnie approves of this guy's successful attempt to make the Wahlburgers “Donnie Burger” at home!

This was posted on Kristina Crestin's Instagram yesterday:

Jonathan posted some new photos over at Instagram!


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