Saturday, February 26, 2022

Skate Social with NKOTB and BBTT Mystery partially solved!

An email was sent out to Block Nation members this morning inviting members to enter to win passes to skate with the New Kids on the Block!

Note, this event takes place near New York City and if you win it does not include travel expenses.

Here is the link to sign up for Block Nation (I don't know for sure if you have to have already signed up prior to the email going out this morning to get in on this contest). The deadline to enter is tomorrow at Noon.

Also, if you look close the skates say "Bring Back the Time", so now we know what BBTT means! 

I think #NKOTBT is kind of like they did with "NKOTBSB = New Kids on the Block/BackStreet Boys" and it means NKOTB/Throw Back Thursday? Just guessing on that one.

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