Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More details on New Kids on the Block tickets

Here is a message posted by the admin over at

NKOTB FANS! The wait is over, our INITIAL tour dates have been announced!!! A word about them (since we are always reading your reactions and it seems as if you have doubts, questions, concerns, etc.) RELAX!

Here's the skinny:

-AMEX PRE SALE = for cardholders only and for a LIMITED time only! If you are a card holder, you will be allowed to purchase tickets with your AMEX , visit for more information.


-VIP TICKET PACKAGES = We will be offering a once in a lifetime opportunity, ALL details will be revealed on FRIDAY 5/2, so be sure to check back at for more information. THIS IS NOT PART OF THE AMEX PRE SALE.

-TOP TICKET PRICES *EXCEPT VIP PACKAGES* WILL BE $75/ticket. You are seeing a lot of brokers out there trying to capitalize on your excitement and the hysteria. Fact is, they don't have tickets, since they haven't gone on sale!


Z103.5 and Click Click Click

I just listened to Z103.5 to hear "Click Click Click" go in the "Head 2 Head" challenge, but the New Kids must not have released the song to the radio station since they played the half New Kids/half Nasri version that has been circulating the internet for the past few weeks. So as far as I know the complete New Kids version has not been released anywhere yet.

Update, 6:30PM: NKOTB won for the 3rd night in a row!

New Kids On The Block first single "Summertime" to be released on May 13th

Even though "Click Click Click" is getting airplay in Canada, according to the Interscope Records website, the first official New Kids on the Block single will be "Summertime" and it'll be released on May 13th.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NKOTB tour dates announced!

Just got this email from

VIP TICKET PACKAGES will be available starting Friday May 2.

Sat 9/20/08 Montreal, Quebec
Venue: Bell Centre
On Sale: Noon 5/10/08

Sun 9/21/08 Toronto, ON
Venue: Air Canada Center
On Sale: 11 am 5/12/08

Tue 9/23/08 East Rutherford, NJ
Venue: Izod Center
Pre-Sale: 10 am 5/5/08*
On Sale: 10 am 5/12/08

Wed 9/24/08 Uniondale, NY
Pre-Sale: 10 am 5/5/08*
On Sale: 10 am 5/12/08

Fri 9/26/08 Boston, MA
Venue: TD Banknorth Garden
Pre-Sale: 10 am 5/5/08*
On Sale: 12 pm 5/12/08

Sat 9/27/08 Atlantic City, NJ
Venue: Borgata Hotel and Casino Event Center
On Sale: 10 am 5/17/08

Sat 10/4/08 Chicago, IL
Venue: Allstate Arena
Pre-Sale: 10 am 5/5/08*
On Sale: 10 am 5/10/08

*Pre-sale Offered Exclusively To AMERICAN EXPRESS cardholders

Click Click Click played on Canadian Radio station

I found out through the forum that radio station Z103.5 in Toronto, Canada played "Click Click Click" last night on a special they call "Head 2 Head". On Monday the New Kids on the Block were up against Kelly Rowland's new song and 90% of the listeners who voted picked "Click Click Click" as the song they like better. And tonight it was up against Jordin Sparks' new song and won by 63%. So that means it'll be on the radio again tomorrow night at 7PM (Eastern time).

Friday, April 25, 2008

Danny's Interview with Q100 now on their website

Danny Wood's interview with Q100 is now on their website! 

Edit 12-20-2021 removed dead link. Does anyone have this interview saved?

NKOTB Interview with Q100

Videos courtesy of New Kids News

Danny Wood on Q100

Some highlights from Danny's interview:

The first single will most likely be "Summertime"
About 7 shows will go on sale in the next couple weeks. Cities that are most likely to be included are New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago.

Danny on Q100 right now update coming soon...

Boston Globe reviews some tracks from the new NKOTB album

Here is a new article from the Boston Globe:

Do New Kids still have the right stuff? Producer offers a listen to group's latest tunes
Globe Staff / April 25, 2008
RedOne can sing "Hangin' Tough" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" as well as the next New Kids on the Block fan. Growing up a musical omnivore in Morocco, the up-and-coming producer says he liked everything from Bob Dylan to heavy metal to boy bands. But when it comes to the Boston group's forthcoming reunion album, RedOne is more interested in looking ahead than back. But whichever way he looks, he is excited.

"The whole album is full of good music that people will embrace," he declares ecstatically more than once during a visit to Cybersound studios on Newbury Street last week, where the Globe got an exclusive sneak preview of several new New Kids songs. And RedOne isn't just partial to his tunes; he calls tracks by fellow producers Emmanuel Kiriakou and Nazaree "beautiful" and "amazing." For those who remember the New Kids as, well, kids, "they are definitely going to surprise some people, I think," he says.

Born Nadir Khayat, the producer moved from North Africa to Sweden in his late teens to work his way up in a Swedish pop music scene that helped create sounds for Britney Spears and 'N Sync, among others. He has done remixes and production work for Shakira, Akon, and Christina Aguilera and, after his stop in Boston, was headed to New York to put in his two cents on the ever-gestating Michael Jackson album.

Like a kid hopped up on his favorite candy, RedOne sings along, conducts, and air-drums to his collaborations with main New Kids music man Donnie Wahlberg. RedOne was in town to put the finishing touches on the songs, recorded over the last several months in various LA studios, for presentation this week to the band's new label, Interscope.
He invited us in to hear several songs that are vying for a spot on the disc, due later this summer. The final track list has not been set.

"Looking Like Danger" If you didn't know this was a New Kids song, you'd be hard-pressed to guess, thanks to up-to-the-minute production. A wailing siren and a heavy, descending synth line give way to a tingly, high-hat-driven dance beat, as a spoken-for protagonist laments a temptress who looks like an angel "but the devil comes out when you dance with me." While a certain boy-band film clings to the harmony vocals, the killer hook should have Justin Timberlake nodding in approval.

"Big Boy/Big Girl" (featuring Lady GaGa) If they're not considering this one for a single, they should. An uptempo dance track that sounds like a boy-band cousin to Kanye West's "Stronger," "Big Boy" has got a heated groove that's all fuzzy staccato synths and clattering drum beats. Newcomer Lady GaGa gives as good as she gets, flirtatiously wailing alongside the boys. In a sly wink at the now-30-something female New Kids fans, the song tells the tale of a man and woman who've known each other since adolescence, appraising each other with adult eyes and liking what they see.

"Sexify My Love" RedOne calls this work-in-progress a "grown song." Indeed, if there are any lingering doubts about their status as men, this midtempo seduction track will lay them to rest, as the guys propose trying "every position we can dream of" in multiple locations with a lady friend. The salacious come-ons are softened by shimmering harmonies and ethereal faux strings.

"Summertime" Although RedOne didn't produce this, he gave us a taste of his mix of the reported first single. Of the tracks we heard, this is the least sizzling, most typical of the group's earlier, fresh-scrubbed incarnation. With a laid-back, reggae-tinged rhythm, some sweet, almost doo-wop vocals, and a group chant, it gives off a late-season barbecue soundtrack vibe.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

f2R Variety's radio show has been rescheduled

This is an update on an earlier post about the NKOTB themed radio show that was originally going to air tonight (not to be confused with the Q100 show tomorrow - that is still a go!)

May 1st from 12-2 AM May 2nd (USA Eastern Time)
May 2nd from 6-8 AM (USA Eastern Time)
May 8th from 12-2 AM May 9th (USA Eastern Time)
May 9th from 6-8 AM (USA Eastern Time)

Post about the NKOTB Interview from Bert from Q100

Bert from Q100 just posted this on the message board:

Hey All,
This is Bert from the Bert Show on Q100/Atlanta. I thought NKOTB would be cool if we shared some inside info with you guys before we put it on the air. It took her twelve hours but our Producer, Tracey Peluso, DID track down your boys today! And they were totally cool with talking with us on the radio. Some highlights? There WILL be a lot of choreography on stage during the tour. Jonathan says he's the most out of shape and is having a tough time keeping up with the others. It was DONNIE that turned down doing a reunion at VMA's back in 1999. Lot's more that I'm sure you guys will have fun with. Bottom line? All the guys were completely cool about being surprised by this radio producer that flew 3000 miles to meet them. We're playing the entire interview, it was about 15 minutes, at 7:15am tomorrow morning (April 25).

Bert Weiss
The Bert Show

Tracey got them! But we have to wait until tomorrow

Tracey got them! They just played a clip of Donnie saying hello but, we have to wait until tomorrow to hear the whole interview!

Here's the website if you need it again: The morning show is on from 5:30 to 10 Eastern time.

They snuck out the side door and...

now she is chasing them to another building...

Joe and Donnie also spotted

Tracey says she saw Joe and Donnie too... hopefully they leave the restaurant soon...

Danny Wood possibly spotted at a restaurant

Tracey thinks she saw Danny at a restaurant, but can't tell if the others are there from where she is sitting. So for now she is just waiting to see if she can catch them as they leave the restaurant. 

Update on Tracey's quest to get an interview with NKOTB

Q100 just checked in with Tracey. So far no luck, and she was told by a hotel receptionist that one of the events on the itinerary was postponed to next week. But, there are still a few more events on her list, so she’ll keep trying. 

(I found the above photo of Tracey and Jordan on from when Jordan was promoting a concert in Atlanta a few years ago... hopefully after today she'll have a new photo with all 5 members!)

Danny Wood's new album now available at iTunes

Danny Wood's new album is now available at iTunes for $9.99. Click here to get your copy!

Radio show with a New Kids theme to air tonight

I got this announcement from a mailing list:

f2R Variety will be having a very special 2-Hour New Kids On The Block Day Show!
Beka will be interviewing special guests associated with NKOTB, including original members of Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, Perfect Gentlemen, and Homework. Not only will they share stories and favorite memories, but also you will hear what they're doing today! Other special guests include Stray from Straycat Promotions and NKOTB Security Guards. In addition, you will hear fan questions and favorites from around the world!

The show airs at:
April 24th from 12-2 AM April 25th (USA Eastern Time)
April 25th from 6-8 AM (USA Eastern Time)
May 1st from 12-2 AM May 2nd (USA Eastern Time)
May 2nd from 6-8 AM (USA Eastern Time)

You can listen online at

New Kids Update from Q100

Tracey from Q100's "The Bert Show" is now in Los Angeles trying to track down the New Kids on the Block for an interview. The New Kids have a full schedule today and she has their itinerary. So they may have an interview by tomorrow's show. (Here is the link to listen live:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Z100 Zootopia Tix Just Released!

This was just posted on



Apparently the New Kids on the Block are in LA. Yesterday a fan posted on the forums that an Atlanta radio morning show was sending one of their members to LA to try to track down the New Kids for an interview. So the station must have been tipped off about their whereabouts. Now, this morning there was a post that a fan spotted Jonathan and Jordan at the Starbucks in the 3rd Street Promenade in LA yesterday (April 22).

That radio station mentioned above is Q100 and you can listen live on their website The morning show is on from 5:30am to 10am eastern time.

Update: 8:47am - Q100 says that they were told when and where the New Kids were doing a photo shoot and that was how the morning show producer, Tracey, was going to track them down. However, they canceled their photo shoot, but they are still sending her to LA to try to get an interview.
Another Update: 10:55am - The fan who met Jordan and Jonathan last night said they had a camera following them around for a TV show documenting the time from the reunion announcement up to the Today show concert. No word on when it'll air or what station it'll be on.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New blog from Jonathan at

Jonathan posted a blog at

Blog from JONATHAN!
Are you ready?………..That’s the question we asked you. Am I ready?……..that’s the question I asked myself since talk of a reunion! These past week’s responses have me now saying “absolutely!” The warm reception given to us at the Today Show and the posts on convinced me that this was truly the right choice. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought there would be so much love and support from all of you 20 years later. I am so grateful that I was able to have such an experience in my twenties. Now as I countdown to forty (Yikes!), here we go again. I look forward to seeing the world again……….. this time through the eyes of a man! I am so excited and can’t wait to see you all in person. Keep coming back to our site, here you will find more blogs from us, and, get the latest news and information.
All the best!

Donnie Wahlberg Sightings

Here are a couple of Donnie sightings from the Boston Herald

Celtics superfan Donnie Wahlberg is all smiles as the Celtics enjoyed a comfortable lead in the 4th quarter last night (April 20)

From over the weekend:
Seen around town: New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg put his feet up at the Park Plaza the other day, and later posed with the hotel's marketing man Greg Clark . . .

Friday, April 18, 2008

NKOTB fall tour will be "at least 40 arena dates in the US"

A member on posted a promotional sheet about the new greatest hits album. It says the fall tour will be "at least 40 arena dates in the US". The sheet also listed the track list of the greatest hits album (which will be available on May 13th):

Step By Step
You Got It (The Right Stuff)
I'll Be Loving You Forever
Cover Girl
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)
Please Don't Go Girl
This One's For the Children
Valentine Girl
Let's Try It Again
Hangin' Tough
If You Go Away
Baby I Believe In You
Call It What You Want (The C&C Pump It Mix)

Bonus Tracks:
Games (The Kids Get Hard Mix)
My Favorite Girl
Dirty Dawg (Greg Nice Remix)
Step By Step (12" Club Remix)
*track list subject to change

Thanks to Julie32 for letting us know!

Article: New Kids single doesn’t quite Click Click Click

Here is a new article from the Boston Herald

New Kids single doesn’t quite Click Click Click

By Lauren Carter and Jed Gottlieb Friday, April 18, 2008

Once you get over the weirdness of hearing new New Kids on the Block material in 2008, well, you never really get over that.

But hoopla aside, “Click Click Click,” which appears to be the first single from the man band’s forthcoming summer reunion album “Back on the Block,” shouldn’t leave a huge impression beyond a sigh of relief for fiending fans.

On Tuesday, the song was leaked on the Internet. By yesterday, it had been taken off legitimate Web sites at the insistence of the group’s Universal label, though it can still be found streaming online with a little persistence.

Fans will have to wait until May 16 to see the 40-something Kids in action when they give their first public performance in 14 years on the “Today” show.

Boston will get its fix of Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny two days later at the sold-out KISS 108 Concert at the Tweeter Center, which also features Sean Kingston, Wyclef Jean and Boys Like Girls.

So should you go clicking in search of “Click Click Click”?

Well, the sound of the love ballad is decidedly now (What, you were expecting “Hangin’ Tough 2.0”?) with an atmospheric synth line and a drum track that borrows some tips from Ne-Yo’s people. But it’s the laid back vocal work that tells us what we really need to know.

“I don’t deserve you girl,” Jordan croons before declaring that he wants to take a mental shot of this moment. Suddenly it feels like we’re back in 1989 again.

Which isn’t exactly a bad thing. At least not to the 70 million former teens that snapped up the Boston boy band’s albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

NKOTB in Boston filming a TV segment

Here is a quote from The Boston Herald
[Tracked Down] New Kids on the Block biggie Donnie Wahlberg, in town to film a NKOTB TV segment, taking in the final Celtics season game at the TD Banknorth Garden.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New CD "Coming Home" by Danny Wood now available

Danny's new album "Coming Home" is now available for pre-order at Waterfront Records. Edit 12-20-2021: removed outdated link. Click here to order this album!

Here is the track listing:
1 Don’t Settle For Less
2 Coming Home
3 Little Miss Single
4 No Hero
5 Runaway
6 You
7 Fade Away
8 One of A Kind
9 My Angel
10 Your Last Day
11 Push
12 Dream Away
13 Untouchable
14 More Like You
15 Let Him Lead
16 Beautiful Bad Girl (Bonus Track for Australia)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NKOTB on Best Week Ever

I heard that NKOTB was on this week's episode (#1401) of Best Week Ever on VH1!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The latest New Kids on the Block youtube clips

Another YouTube show mentions the NKOTB reunion: (If you want to just see the New Kids story, fast forward to 4:28)

Edit: 12-21-2021 video no longer available. 
This is older (from 1994), but here is a video clip that features members of the New Kids on the Block from the BBC Saturday morning children's show "Live and Kicking". Videos uploaded by putthetellyon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Video from CNN

Entertainment Journalist Kiki King joins CNN to discuss New Kids on the Block's planned tour and new album. This isn't the one from "Showbiz Tonight". It appears to be on the British version of CNN. I saw this posted on the Jordan Knight UK site.

Edit 12-21-2021: link is no longer active 

CNN Showbiz Tonight transcript

If you missed Showbiz Tonight, here is the transcript:

I'm still looking for video, let me know if you find one.

New Blog from Donnie

There is a new blog from Donnie on the website. Here is what it said...

We just finished The Today Show and I can’t believe how incredible the fans were today!!! The LOVE was crazy!!!! If anyone watched on TV…Believe me it was COLD and WET!!! So, to have so many people come out for hours and hours to support us was very humbling. We are really lucky to have our fans behind us after all this time.
That said…
I do have mixed feelings about appearing on the show.
Obviously the response was great and I am happy for that. I was, however, very frustrated that we could not lead with our new music first!!! We’ve been working so hard on this album and I am personally so proud of what we’ve done.
I can only say this-To all the loyal fans out there…To all the folks who are not fans but maybe curious…And even to the skeptics…This album will be well worth the wait.
We obviously want this experience to be great for ourselves, but it is really important to us that it is a great experience to all of our supporters. The only way we can repay you is to give you the best that we have.
So for now…You will not see me again until you have heard NEW MUSIC!!!!!
Thanks for all the love!
~Donnie W.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Kids on Showbiz Tonight

Rumor is the New Kids will be featured on Showbiz Tonight on the "CNN Headline News" channel this evening

Thank you from NKOTB

This video was posted on their website:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Note from Joey

Joey posted a new note on his website:

I'm gonna take a wild guess that if you are coming to this site, you've probably heard the news about "The Block." This is official. Nice to finally let the cats out of the bag. Last Friday was a trip to say the least - In one rain soaked moment, we were instantly reminded of the very special connection we have with our fans. As I think you can tell, we are having a good time; otherwise we wouldn't be doing it.

Behind the scenes, there's alot going on- music mostly, finishing up the album, photo shoots, putting the live band together, choreography of course, picking a first single and talking about a video. All important things that sometimes get five different opinions. But usually after a couple of black eyes and loose teeth, we work it out.

Needless to say, I'm excited to see it all roll out. And if we're excited, I trust you guys are too. It's been cool to bump into people wherever I go, who share their stories and tell me they can't wait for the tour and to hear the new music. Timing is everything and it sure feels right. I think we- meaning you and us- are at a place where we can really enjoy this.

Let's soak it up. - jm

In other Joey news, the Boston Herald is reporting "that New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre won the Phoenix Film Festival’s award for Best Breakthrough Performance for his lead role in the made-in-Boston flick “On Broadway.”"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No NKOTB at Sox Game

Looks like it was just a rumor... Steven Tyler from Aerosmith sang God Bless America.

Rumor: NKOTB to appear at the Red Sox Game today?

The New Kids are rumored to be at today's Red Sox Game to sing "God Bless America". I would think they would have posted this appearance on if it was true, so I don't know how accurate this is...
Anyway, the game is at 2PM (Eastern). I don't know if the singing of "God Bless America" (usually mid 7th inning) will make it on TV, but if you're in Boston or the surrounding areas, it airs on TV on NESN. Or if you're around Detroit (the team the Red Sox are playing) it airs on FSND.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Z100 Interview

Edit 12-21-2021: they have since removed the interview from their site, but I’ll leave this post up for the photo of Joey and Jordan playing foosball. 

Clips of New Kids on TV

Here are some more clips of New Kids on TV

Here is a youtube video courtesy of mcbustedx of the New Kids on Fox 25 in Boston

Here is a youtube video courtesy of sameese79 of the New Kids on E!

Reminder: Z100, ET, and the Insider

Just a reminder, from what I've heard the New Kids are supposed to be on Z100 at 5PM today (airing a previously recorded interview), and are also going to be featured on Entertainment Tonight and the Insider today.

Blog from Danny

In case you missed it, Danny posted a new blog at

Monday, April 7th, 2008
Blog from Danny Wood!
I want to start off by saying I am so thankful and feel blessed to have this opportunity again. I feel like I have won the lottery twice. We finally have the chance to give all you guys what you have always deserved. I am also so excited to be able to share this experience with my kids. My children can finally see what everyone has been talking about over the years. To them I am just Pops; they are all very excited. It is also great to reconnect with the guys and share in this amazing ride. You guys have been so supportive over the years with everything we have done individually, I hope this is a way we can repay all of your efforts.
LoveDanny Wood

New video from "The Insider"

There is a new video featuring the New Kids on the plane from NY to Boston and their Kiss 108 interview. 

Video courtesy of NKOTBvideo

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Update about Rain Nightclub appearance

I asked around at to see if anyone heard about this, and a member said it was called off because too many people were there.

New Kids at Club Rain?

I'm finding this out after the fact, but the New Kids were rumored to be at Club Rain in Boston last night. I have not heard if they were actually there or not. Did anyone go?

New Kids radio interview with Z100 on Monday

The New Kids did a radio interview with Z100 in NY on Friday, but it will not air until Monday at 5pm (Eastern). You can listen online at

News Clips about the New Kids

Some local Boston TV stations did news segments about the New Kids on the Block reunion! 

Here's one from CBS Boston:

Video courtesy of NKOTBvideo


Edit 12-21-2021: WHDH video clips no longer available. 

Article from The Boston Globe

Here is an article from The Boston Globe:

Around the block again for New Kids, fans

Boy band reunion hits area in May

Michelle E. Smith, 29, of Haverhilll, showed off her New Kids souvenirs. (Globe Photo / Cheryl Senter)

By Meredith Goldstein and Sarah Rodman Globe Staff / April 5, 2008

They're financial analysts, lawyers, and guidance counselors now, but when the news of a New Kids on the Block reunion tour broke, it all came back: the breathlessness, the palpitations, the need to wait in line and empty their piggybanks to buy tickets.

Of course, the New Kids - Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight, and Danny Wood - aren't exactly "kids" anymore, either. The youngest of the bunch, McIntyre, is 35, and the oldest member, Jonathan Knight, is 39.

"I have a big group of friends who have been e-mailing me left and right," operations analyst Tara Hennessey, 34, of Randolph says of the reunion. "We're already talking about it and thinking if we know anybody that can get us tickets."

To some, a reunion of the Boston-bred New Kids on the Block sounds like a publicity stunt for an aging boy band looking to reclaim some of its youthful fame. But for fans who watched yesterday's "Today" show, a New Kids comeback is the realization of a long-held dream. After a 14-year hiatus, the group will release a new album this summer and go on tour this fall. But first it will return to its old stomping grounds: the Tweeter Center on May 18 for the sold-out Kiss Concert.

As 33-year-old Kristin St. John, a Hyannis native who now lives in Washington D.C., put it, the New Kids reunion is "almost like a bit of a closure."

Meanwhile, other like-minded fans arrived in droves yesterday to a rain-soaked Rockefeller Plaza for the "Today" show announcement in New York, many holding up signs proclaiming their undying love. Two women held a placard announcing they had driven "all the way from Somerville."

To put it in context for New Kids novices and skeptics, yes, this reunion is a big deal. And not just for Boston. At its commercial height (1989-1992), New Kids of the Block sold 70 million records as well as buttons, T-shirts, lunchboxes, and even marbles with their images inside. And like the Beatles and the Jackson 5 before them, the band briefly had its own animated series. In 1991, Forbes named the fivesome the highest-paid entertainers of the year, besting Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson, thanks to a record-setting pay-per-view concert and sold-out stadium shows.

Yesterday, it was a worldwide phenomenon all over again with fans posting messages and tribute videos on YouTube that included desperate pleas for the group to include places like New Zealand, Japan, and Hungary on its tour schedule. In another sign that the band could reach international fame again, major label Interscope Records (home to Gwen Stefani and Timbaland) will be releasing the new album, with veteran manager Irving Azoff (the Eagles, Christina Aguilera) guiding the comeback.

The news is especially sweet for local fans. Michelle Smith, a 29-year-old guidance counselor at Haverhill High School, says she and her colleagues "were like giddy high school kids" when they heard about the reunion.

She fondly remembers being a star-struck teen and persuading her father to drive her and their Costa Rican exchange student to Braintree to loiter in front of Wahlberg's house in hopes of securing an autograph. On Thursday, Smith was even able to find "the box," her collection of New Kids paraphernalia. In it, as she had hoped, was her Danny Wood doll.

St. John is equally tickled and mortified at the memory of interviewing the group for a Barnstable cable-access show when the band played a concert at her high school in 1989. Her mother enjoys showing the tape of the interview to guests. St. John says with a laugh, "I don't blush; I'm beet red on that thing." Now an advocacy coordinator for the Arthritis Foundation in D.C., St. John says she is already planning to travel back to Boston to see her adolescent heroes.
Mark Lamberti, 29, of Somerville will be in line, too, when tour tickets go on sale. He became a New Kids loyalist in 5th grade when he bought the band's Christmas album on tape, which, of course, included "Funky, Funky, Xmas." When he heard about the reunion, the financial analyst was thrilled. He even told off the haters in his office who questioned the need. "I'm like, those guys are awesome. I'm all about them," he says.

Like Lamberti, most fans confessed to having never stopped loving the boy band, even after the great New Kids backlash of '94, when the quintet tried to toughen up its bubblegum image to appeal to an aging fan base gravitating toward hip-hop. Smith says she still wanted to dance to "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" at her wedding a few years ago. "He said no," she said, referring to her husband.

And while the excitement has returned for fans, as with all boy bands, critics are also weighing in.

Nancee Jenne, who at 60 was never much of a New Kids enthusiast, still was fired up enough to post her doubts on a message board. She questions why Wahlberg, in particular, would want to revisit a past he seemed determined to shed to be taken seriously as an actor. Since New Kids on the Block, Wahlberg has scored roles in films such as "The Sixth Sense" and the "Saw" franchise and the TV series "Boomtown." "For people that are changing fields like he has, I think they really have to work to earn people's respect," says Jenne.

Even diehard fan Hennessey admits to initially wondering "what [are] they thinking?" but says she doesn't mind if it means she can relive her childhood for a night.

"I'll feel like a teenager again," she says, already envisioning herself in the arena. "I think that's what the consensus is with all of the 30-something women: 'I can go back to my youth for a couple of hours.' "


While the "Today Show" cameras were off...

Here are some "behind the scenes" videos of the New Kids at the Today Show from skyguy74 on youtube!

Brief Interview with Joey on WCVB (Boston)

While looking for reunion news, I found this video of Joey talking about "On Broadway" with Boston TV Station WCVB Channel 5

Edit 12-21-2021: video has been taken down, but I’ll leave this post up for the photo above. 

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kiss 108 Interview and photos now up!

Here is the interview the New Kids on the Block did with Kiss 108:

Videos courtesy of couthie

Kiss 108 posted 351 photos! They'll also be adding the video on Monday. Edit: deleted dead photo link

New Kids On the Block Concert Schedule has posted the first 3 concert appearances:

May 16, 08 New York NY USA The Today Show

May 17, 08 East Rutherford NJ USA IZOD CENTER

May 18, 08 Boston MA USA Tweeter Center

New Kids on the Block will headline Z100/NY Zootopia, May 17, 2008 at The Izod Center, 50 State Route 120, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

Tickets go on-sale to Z100 ZVIPs only on Friday, April 11th at 4pm. To sign-up, log on to Z100, Keyword: ZVIP.

Photos from Kiss 108

I took some screen shots of the radio broadcast today:

They're on kiss 108 now!

Here's a screen cap from their web cam!

Access Hollywood Interview

Access Hollywood posted an interview with the guys on their website!

Update: original video has been deleted, but this one was from around that time: 

More photos

Today Show recap and what's coming up later today

Whew... That was a busy morning. So, on the Today Show they said they'd be back on the Today Show on May 16th and touring in the fall. During the second segment they played a clip of one of their new songs called "Summertime"

Update: Here's the video!

Video courtesy of pugtales77

And it doesn't end there. Be sure to watch "Access Hollywood" (check your listings) and listen to Kiss 108 ( at 5PM eastern for a radio interview.

Also, Getty images has some photos from this morning. Check them out here!

NKOTB on the today show video clip

Here's the video of NKOTB on the Today Show on announcing their reunion:

Video courtesy of pugtales77

NKOTB to perform on May 18th in Boston!

Donnie was just on Kiss 108 and confirmed that they will be performing at the Kiss 108 concert on May 18th in Boston!

Here is the interview Donnie did with Matty in the Morning:

Video courtesy of couthie

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

E! Online and Nasri's version of "You Got My Heart"

Here is a new video from E! Online - Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here is a song by Nasri called "You Got My Heart"... Could it be the same song?