Friday, April 11, 2008

New Blog from Donnie

There is a new blog from Donnie on the website. Here is what it said...

We just finished The Today Show and I can’t believe how incredible the fans were today!!! The LOVE was crazy!!!! If anyone watched on TV…Believe me it was COLD and WET!!! So, to have so many people come out for hours and hours to support us was very humbling. We are really lucky to have our fans behind us after all this time.
That said…
I do have mixed feelings about appearing on the show.
Obviously the response was great and I am happy for that. I was, however, very frustrated that we could not lead with our new music first!!! We’ve been working so hard on this album and I am personally so proud of what we’ve done.
I can only say this-To all the loyal fans out there…To all the folks who are not fans but maybe curious…And even to the skeptics…This album will be well worth the wait.
We obviously want this experience to be great for ourselves, but it is really important to us that it is a great experience to all of our supporters. The only way we can repay you is to give you the best that we have.
So for now…You will not see me again until you have heard NEW MUSIC!!!!!
Thanks for all the love!
~Donnie W.

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