Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New CD "Coming Home" by Danny Wood now available

Danny's new album "Coming Home" is now available for pre-order at Waterfront Records. Edit 12-20-2021: removed outdated link. Click here to order this album!

Here is the track listing:
1 Don’t Settle For Less
2 Coming Home
3 Little Miss Single
4 No Hero
5 Runaway
6 You
7 Fade Away
8 One of A Kind
9 My Angel
10 Your Last Day
11 Push
12 Dream Away
13 Untouchable
14 More Like You
15 Let Him Lead
16 Beautiful Bad Girl (Bonus Track for Australia)

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Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to Nasri's songs on his myspace and he is amazing. He is actually the reason the NKOTB is getting back together. Go check him out and have a listen you will love his music.

My favorite song is "NOT THE SAME"

He also co-wrote the new song Click Click Click and “summertime” for the NKOTB.