Thursday, April 24, 2008

Post about the NKOTB Interview from Bert from Q100

Bert from Q100 just posted this on the message board:

Hey All,
This is Bert from the Bert Show on Q100/Atlanta. I thought NKOTB would be cool if we shared some inside info with you guys before we put it on the air. It took her twelve hours but our Producer, Tracey Peluso, DID track down your boys today! And they were totally cool with talking with us on the radio. Some highlights? There WILL be a lot of choreography on stage during the tour. Jonathan says he's the most out of shape and is having a tough time keeping up with the others. It was DONNIE that turned down doing a reunion at VMA's back in 1999. Lot's more that I'm sure you guys will have fun with. Bottom line? All the guys were completely cool about being surprised by this radio producer that flew 3000 miles to meet them. We're playing the entire interview, it was about 15 minutes, at 7:15am tomorrow morning (April 25).

Bert Weiss
The Bert Show


Anonymous said...

Tracey's last name is actually KINNEY ... she got married last year.

Anonymous said...

kinney (or KINNEY) is her married name, peluso is her professional name. i'm guessing that bert, the guy who posted that, is well aware of which name is which what with *working* with her on a daily basis.