Monday, July 31, 2023

Joey McIntyre solo merchandise now available online

If you missed out on getting merchandise at a Solo Joe show, he now has two shirts and a tote bag available on his website (! 

Here is the direct link to the online store!

Note: these are pre-orders. The note for the bag says: "Expected ship date is August 31, 2023.", so the shirts might also not ship for a while!

Joey McIntyre's Interview with 99.9 the Q

Joey was interviewed by 99.9 the Q's Rebecca Romo about his upcoming show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent. They also talk about him wanting to do 50 shows for his 50th birthday, the "Christmas Tree Shops" closing, and he is tested on knowledge of Boston slang words. Listen to the interview below: 

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Donnie Wahlberg at Wahlburgers

Friday, July 28 was the third year anniversary of the Wahlburgers opening in St. Charles, IL and Donnie visited the restaurant that is also known as the “Blockhead Clubhouse” and spent some time visiting with fans! 

He even went live briefly during his visit. He is a video of his live recorded and shared by Jaelynn (@ddubloverx)

Here are some highlights shared on the Wahlburgers STC Instagram

Here is a video courtesy of "Skyler TubeHD - Disney on the Spectrum" on YouTube:

Also check out these Instagram profiles for more footage: 




Thursday, July 27, 2023

Joey McIntyre's interview with TV Line

Joey did an interview with TV Line where he talks about dying his hair for his role in Dawn and more!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Donnie Wahlberg makes a guest appearance at Joey McIntyre's concert

Donnie made an appearance at Joey's solo show last night! Donnie joined him for a special version of "Cover Girl" and "The Right Stuff"!  Here are some videos from the concert and the VIP question and answer session afterwards! By the way, it sounds like Donnie will be attending Joey's Cape Cod show as well!

Friday, July 21, 2023

NKOTB Cruise 2023 themes announced

The email with the cruise themes has been sent out this morning! Here it is for easy reference: 


We are so excited that the NKOTB Cruise 2023 is almost here, and no cruise would be complete without your theme nights. Check out this year's themes below. 


Dress to impress, on our traditional formal night, but do so in honor of THE BLOCK!  Go original version with burgundy & orange or go deluxe with navy & royal blue!  Go all out or simply add a splash of the colors of the iconic album covers from The Block!


No theme brings us all together more than our annual GPS party!  Show off where you are from — while showing off what makes us all one!  It’s a cruise tradition that only gets better!


This is the night to really show off that amazing Blockhead creativity!  Recreate, or celebrate, any album cover of any musical genre, in any way that you want.  Grab four BH friends and recreate the Hangin' Tough?  Put on a white suit and grab a stuffed kitty cat and do THRILLER?  Be as creative, or as simple, as you want.  It's Halloween night meets a celebration of the music of our lives!


Due to popular demand (after NKOTB’s iconic Houston Rodeo appearance) we have no choice but to bring the cowboy & cowgirl energy back to the cruise!  So round up your posse, and get ready to save a horse, as we ride with our favorite cowboys!  

Jonathan Knight and the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

Jon and Kristina were briefly in episode 1 of "The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge". I believe in this week's episode they will be competitors and they will be renovating the main bedroom suite! The show airs on Sunday night on HGTV.  Here is a video from last week's episode: 

Here is a behind the scenes video from HGTV: 

Entertainment Tonight did a segment going behind the scenes of the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge. Here is the part that Jon and Kristina were in. If you want to watch the full video, click here!

As a part of the show, they made real Barbie/Ken dolls modeled after the contestants! Here is Jon and Kristina: 

Alison Victoria shared this photo and video clip that includes Jonathan and Kristina: 

In other Jonathan news - it looks like Jon is busy filming season 3 of Farmhouse Fixer. One the episodes will feature a special guest: Jon and Harley's puppy Oliver!

Check out Jonathan's Instagram for a few more recent posts!

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Some Donnie updates

According to this article, it looks like Blue Bloods season 14 premiere date might be delayed until early 2014 due to the actors and writer's strike. 

Since Donnie has some extra free time, he has been attending some concerts including Usher (in Las Vegas) and Big Time Rush (near Chicago)! Here are some highlights from his Instagram stories!

Donnie was also able to catch the Red Sox play closer to his current home near Chicago!

And he posted a few of his famous "words of wisdom": 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Talk Back with Joey McIntyre

We are about halfway through Joe's US summer tour, and here are a few of the question and answer sessions from his shows so far! 

Thank you to everyone who shared their videos! 

If you know where to find other ones, let me know!

San Antonio - clip where he talks about "5 nights in Brooklyn" (Thanks to Teresa

San Antonio (clip) (Thanks to Kristy

Click here to watch!

Dallas (Thanks to Rachel): 

Dallas (Thanks to Alex): 

St. Louis night 1 (Thanks to Shari)

St. Louis night 2 (Thanks to Shari):

Minneapolis (Thanks to Pam)

Minneapolis (Clip) (Thanks to Shelly)

Milwaukee (Clip) (Thanks to Nichole)

Milwaukee (Clips) (Thanks to Krista)

Detroit (Thanks to Tonya)