Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Talk Back with Joey McIntyre

We are about halfway through Joe's US summer tour, and here are a few of the question and answer sessions from his shows so far! 

Thank you to everyone who shared their videos! 

If you know where to find other ones, let me know!

San Antonio - clip where he talks about "5 nights in Brooklyn" (Thanks to Teresa

San Antonio (clip) (Thanks to Kristy

Click here to watch!

Dallas (Thanks to Rachel): 

Dallas (Thanks to Alex): 

St. Louis night 1 (Thanks to Shari)

St. Louis night 2 (Thanks to Shari):

Minneapolis (Thanks to Pam)

Minneapolis (Clip) (Thanks to Shelly)

Milwaukee (Clip) (Thanks to Nichole)

Milwaukee (Clips) (Thanks to Krista)

Detroit (Thanks to Tonya)

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