Friday, August 31, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight on Chum FM

Jordan did an interview with Roger, Darren and Marilyn on Chum FM in Toronto this morning.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on Jordan Knight Live and Unfinished in Canada

Jordan sent some updates by Twitter about his upcoming shows in Canada. Here his schedule for the month of October (click on image below for larger version).

He also says the pre-sale for all shows except Halifax will be tomorrow at 1PM at VIP tickets will go on sale in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NKOTB News for August 29

NKOTB were featured briefly in this week's Wanted Wednesday video:

There will be a charity softball game - "Batting for Betty" - on Sunday October 21, 2012 in Boston to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They also have a raffle in which you can win prizes such as an autographed softball by Danny Wood, a Danny Wood CD signed by Danny, a copy of "The Block" signed by all five members of the New Kids on the Block, autographed photos of Jonathan and Joey and more. Click here to enter the raffle. (Update: contest has ended)

Here's a clip of Donnie filming Blue Bloods!

MTV News interviewed the New Kids on the Block about what the future of NKOTBSB is and the upcoming NKOTB album!

Video courtesy of BlancoDiddy

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

NKOTB News for August 27

Jordan Knight will be on the series premiere of "Sugar Stars" tonight at 10:00PM EST on the Canadian Food Network.

According to The Futon Critic, Donnie will be the Rachael Ray show on an upcoming episode this fall (no date set at this time).

In honor of Remember Betty being recognized as a National Team By Susan G. Komen For The Cure, they are selling limited edition tshirts.

The T-shirts will only be available through September 30th and the price is $20 each (+ $4 flat shipping). Visit to order.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

NKOTB News for August 25

Here is a longer version of Donnie and Bridget's appearance on Access Hollywood Live:

Video courtesy of suzi98babe

Donnie and Joey talk about the latest boy bands singing and dancing in this article from MTV News.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jordan Knight Canadian Tour Dates

Here are Jordan's Canadian Tour dates that he announced on Twitter.  The venue info is coming soon.









Access Hollywood talks to Donnie Wahlberg

Access Hollywood talked to Donnie about sporting a moustache when he was on tour with NKOTB. Here is the article:

Donnie Wahlberg Talks Sporting A ‘Stache When Not Playing A Cop On Blue Bloods

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Donnie Wahlberg plays the brave – and clean-shaven – New York City detective Danny Reagan on the CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” but off duty this summer, he was sporting a moustache in his other job – as a member of New Kids on the Block.

“I wear a moustache in the off season. No connection to Tom Selleck,” Donnie said on Access Hollywood Live on Friday in New York City, referring to the famously facial-haired star who plays his police commissioner father, Frank Reagan, on the show.

After Access Hollywood Live co-hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover brought out Donnie’s Twitter photo showing his NKOTB bandmates, all sporting moustaches, the actor and singer explained how the unique moment came about.

“When I was on tour, I was wearing a moustache and a lot of the Backstreet Boys fans – New Kids and Backstreet Boys were touring in Europe and around the world — the Backstreet Boys fans were a little younger than [our] New Kids fans, and when I wore the ‘stache on stage they kind of got freaked out,” Donnie said. “On Twitter, a lot of fans were teasing me about my ‘stache, so my bandmates donned fake moustaches and we Tweeted this picture.

“Mine’s real,” he noted though. “The other ones were drawn on.”

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Donnie’s sister, Erin Reagan-Boyle, who handles cases in the District Attorney’s office on “Blue Bloods,” said she fully approved.

“I think they all look good with [moustaches],” she laughed.

“Blue Bloods” returns Friday, September 28 at 10/9c on CBS.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NKOTB News for August 23

Here are some videos of Donnie filming a scene for Blue Bloods on top of one of New York's double decker buses:

Part 1:

Video courtesy of HegeTH

Part 2:

Video courtesy of MiyaPark

CBS posted some photos from some upcoming Blue Bloods episodes.

Danny and Joey have recently won BiLLe's Celeb Charity challenge in which they raised money for Remember Betty/Susan G Komen and the Alzheimer’s Association! This week Jordan is in the running to win money for his charity (Dancing for Hope/St. Mary's Center). Go to to vote. One random voter will also get a chance to meet Jordan if he is the winner.

Mixtape Festival tweeted that they hope to have the NKOTB meet and greet photos uploaded in about 2 weeks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NKOTB News for August 22

MTV News asked members of New Kids on the Block, The Wanted and 98 Degrees some trivia questions about the other boybands. Check out the video below:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Jonathan made some new friends at Mixtape! Check out this article from BroadwayWorld

European boy band The Wanted (Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes) and New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight went to see Aaron Carter in The Fantasticks last night, August 21. Check out a photo of the whole gang backstage below!

Jonathan Knight of NKOTB, Aaron Carter, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness, and Nathan Sykes of The Wanted

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MTV News interview with NKOTB

MTV News interviewed the New Kids on the Block about what the future of NKOTBSB is and the upcoming NKOTB album!

Video courtesy of BlancoDiddy

MTV News talks to Mixtape Festival artists about who they want on their mixtapes.

MTV News interviewed artists at the Mixtape Festival and asked them what artist they would put on their Mixtapes.

Click here to watch!

Update: MTV News also posted this short interview from around that time: 

If last week's inaugural MixTape Festival proved anything, it's that boy bands are back and here to stay. Mixing the old with the new, boy-band nostalgia reached new heights after the Wanted, 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys shared the stage for the first time.

But after the good news came the bad when supergroup NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys) closed out the festival, telling fans it may have been the last time two groups share a stage for quite some time.

But when MTV News caught up with New Kids on the Block, they said they weren't ruling out a possible get-together down the line. In fact, Jordan Knight said he hopes there will be "a long, long string of shows" with the Backstreet Boys.

"We had too much fun and we wish them the best," Joey McIntyre added. "Kevin [Richardson]'s coming back. I think they're working on a record. This door is wide open, our relationship is like a barn door. It's just blown to pieces."

"NKOTBSB, it's like another group," Donnie Wahlberg said. "Every now and again we say, 'Hey, New Kids was fun, let's go do NKOTBSB' because that's our other band."

Well, now that they are taking a time-out from NKOTBSB, New Kids are now focusing on releasing their own material, their first since 2008's The Block.

"We are actually walking into the studio as we speak," McIntyre said. "We're excited to make some new music and keep it fresh for us and the fans."

Wahlberg added, "Joe's on a songwriting frenzy."

Their last album, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 Charts, featured a host of collaborations including Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo and the Pussycat Dolls, but according to McIntyre, their latest effort is collaboration-free.

"No guests, no guests -- that's the name of the album, no guests allowed. Except for our fans," McIntyre joked. "We really can't afford any guests," Wahlberg added, laughing. "We have a low budget."

All kidding aside, according to Knight, NKOTB will "for sure" have the album out in 2013.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Listen to Danny Wood on KRZ

Danny Wood did an interview with Rocky & Lissa on 98.5 KRZ to talk about the Mixtape Festival, the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and more.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

ABC 27's interview with NKOTB

Here is another news story/interview with NKOTB from ABC 27.

The New Kids on the Block still have enough of the "Right Stuff" to make crowds of women scream like it's the late '80's.

"Instead of going through a mid-life crisis, you become a pop star," singer Jordan Knight said. "It feels great."

The group performed twice over the weekend at Hersheypark Stadium as part of the Mixtape Festival. The two-day event featured a variety of artists including Backstreet Boys, the reunion of 98 Degrees, LL Cool J, Kelly Clarkson, The Wanted, and The Fray.

"It's like the mix of a great chocolate bar," NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said. "You take the ingredients, you mix them all together, like a S'mores even, mix all these wonderful ingredients together and you come up with something delectable."

The New Kids on the Block are hardly "kids" anymore. They now range in age from 39 to 43 but still perform a lot of their original moves.

"We don't do too much, but I think we wear the choreography well if I could be so bold," singer Joey McIntyre said. "But we still have a blast. It's the best workout in the world, really."

In addition to the role of reemerging pop stars, four of the Kids are also fathers.

"I think we do a good job balancing that," group member Danny Wood said. "We work a certain amount of time of the year and we're with our kids for the most part the rest of the year. An event like this I was able to bring one of my daughters. Joe (McIntyre) has his son with him."

In fact, McIntyre brought his 4-year-old son on stage Saturday night to sing part of the group's hit "Tonight."

The New Kids on the Block have been together for nearly three decades and they have no plans to stop performing anytime soon. In fact, they delighted die-hard fans with a little secret they left behind in Hershey.

"We're kind of staying away from the limelight a little bit to put together a new album," Knight said.

"You let it slip," McIntyre exclaimed.

The New Kids on the Block also played the Backstreet Boys in a softball game at Metro Bank Park on City Island Sunday morning.

NKOTB News for August 20

E! News will be airing footage from this weekend’s mixtape festival in their sightings segment! E! News airs at 7pm and 11:30pm and repeats tomorrow at noon (check your local listings for when it airs in your area).

Jordan said "Canadian dates are shaping up!!! stay tuned!!" on Twitter.

Here is a video of Donnie dancing around during Carley Rae Jepson and LL Cool J's sets and also dancing stage with the Backstreet Boys while they were performing "Get Down".

Video courtesy of yikes77

Here is an inning from the NKOTB and BSB softball game:

Video courtesy of chelle61110

Jonathan plays with Joey's son Griffin at the softball game:

Video courtesy of jenralee12

Here is a nice video of Donnie's home run in the softball game:

Video courtesy of johnsvidz

Donnie and AJ also gave speeches at the end of the game (Videos courtesy of johnsvidz)

Here are some nice videos from meeganhollywood:
98 Degrees join NKOTB for Hangin Tough

98 Degrees join NKOTBSB on stage

The Wanted join NKOTB on stage

Jonathan and the rest of guys sing Happy Birthday to Donnie

Joey and Kelly Clarkson's performance

Sunday, August 19, 2012

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #8

Here is a news article about the Mixtape Festival:
Here are some more video highlights from fans who attended...

Video of 98 Degrees joining NKOTBSB on stage. (Video courtesy of Imelda Tjahja)

The Wanted join NKOTB on stage. (Video courtesy of Imelda Tjahja)

AJ and Brian helped Joe finish Please Don't Go Girl (Video courtesy of Imelda Tjahja)

They made Jonathan sing "Sweet Jonathan" again at the after party (I think that is Aaron Carter on stage with them?). (Video courtesy of lycogirl03)

Here are some Mixtape Rock and Jock softball clips. Even Lumpy was on the field! (Video courtesy of lycogirl03)

Video about the NKOTB vs BSB softball game from CBS 21

CBS 21 posted a news story about the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys softball game at Metro Bank Park today.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #7

The New Kids on the Block won the softball game over the Backstreet Boys by a score of 9 to 4!

Photo from Danny Wood

Even the guys like the get their photos taken with celebrities:

Here is a photo of NKOTB with The Wanted:

Here is a photo of Danny Wood with Carly Rae Jepson:

Here is a photo of Donnie Wahlberg with LL Cool J. (Donnie said they are talking about possibly doing a NCIS LA & Blue Bloods crossover episode!)

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #6

The Wanted made a surprise appearance during the New Kids on the Block performance last night. They performed the song "Glad You Came" Here is a video from KatieNKOTB

Here is a video clip of Friday's after party from yikes77:

Here is a video clip of Saturday's after party featuring Jordan and Joey dancing to "Pony" from lenetterzz.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #5

Some highlights of the NKOTBSB show I've seen from the Twitter list were:
  • Donnie joined the Backstreet Boys during the song "Get Down"
  • Brian and AJ joined Joey onstage while he was singing "Please Don't Go Girl"
  • The Wanted joined NKOTB on stage and performed "So Glad You Came"
  • 98 Degrees joined NKOTBSB on stage and Donnie said "All is well in the boy band universe"
  • NKOTB wore Backstreet Boys shirts and BSB wore New Kids shirts for the finale.
Here is a photo of New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees all on stage together from ATL_ChandaKing

Here are a few more videos from yikes77 from last night's show...

Watch clip of NKOTB on ABC 27

ABC 27 WHTM did a news segment about NKOTB at the Mixtape Festival. Here is the video:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

I guess they edited out this part...

Photo from Ali Lanyon

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #4

MTV News posted an article: "98 Degrees Make Surprise Appearance With New Kids At MixTape Festival"

Here is another video of Joey and Kelly Clarkson's performance from KatieNKOTB

Here are some videos from yikes77:
The intro video, and NKOTB performing "One Song" and "Summertime"

"Dirty Dancing" and "The Right Stuff"

Here is a video of "Cover Girl"  from sftbllpunk2010:

Friday, August 17, 2012

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #3 (Joey McIntyre makes surprise appearance during Kelly Clarkson's performance)

I thought this one deserved its own post. Joey McIntyre joined Kelly Clarkson on stage and did a duet of the song "Don't You Wanna Stay". Here is a video clip thanks to FutureMrsJonKnight:

Update - here is a longer version of Joey and Kelly Clarkson's performance thanks to yikes77:

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #2

Here is NKOTB's set list from Mixtape Festival tonight. Thanks to KnightCamSTL for updating us Twitter

One Song
Dirty Dancing
The Right Stuff
Didn't I Blow Your Mind
Valentine Girl
If You Go Away
Please Don't Go Girl
Step By Step
Cover Girl
Happy Birthday (Jonathan sang!)
Tonight (Joey brought Griffin out on stage)
I'll Be Loving You Forever
Hangin Tough (98 Degrees joined them onstage)

Here are some early videos that are already online:

NKOTB Intro and One Song performance (video from TheJennifersassy)

Donnie thanks the fans at Mixtape (video from TheJennifersassy)

NKOTB at Mixtape Festival update #1

NKOTB will be on ABC 27 news at 11PM in Harrisburg tonight.  Here is a photo from news reporter Ali Lanyon.

ABC 27 posted an article about the interview on their website as well: 

The New Kids on the Block still have the right stuff. Baby.

They are performing at the Mixtape Festival at Hersheypark Stadium this weekend. The event features other popular artists like Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and LL Cool J.

The New Kids are playing both Friday and Saturday night at the event, which is their only appearance in North America this year.

"Hershey's a great's a no brainer," singer Donnie Wahlberg said of returning to Hershey to perform.

During an interview with abc27 Daybreak anchor Ali Lanyon, the band revealed exclusive news that they are working on a new album, which is set to drop in 2013.

Throngs of women of all ages donned New Kids on the Block t-shirts and screamed at the sight of the five band members backstage.

The New Kids now range in age from 39 to 43.

"Instead of going through a mid-life crisis, you become a pop star," singer Jordan Knight said. "It feels great."

The Mixtape Festival will continue Saturday in Hershey. Tickets are still available at the door, which open at 3:30.

Organizers expect 15,000 people will attend the two-day event.

The New Kids on the Block will also challenge the Backstreet Boys to a softball game at Metro Bank Park on City Island on Sunday morning. Doors to that event will open at 9:30 a.m.

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's videos from Mixtape Festival

Donnie sent out a few TwitVids from Mixtape today. Watch the clips below!

Video courtesy of theblockargentina

Listen to Jordan's interview on The Ralphie Radio Show

If you missed Jordan Knight on "The Ralphie Radio Show" yesterday, you can listen to the interview here.

He talks about Mixtape, the 98 Degrees reunion,  plans for the future with NKOTB and more.

Happy Birthday Donnie Wahlberg

Happy Birthday Donnie Wahlberg!

Photo courtesy of Sami Gayle on Twitter. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Listen to Jordan Knight radio interviews tonight

Jordan doing some interviews to promote the Mixtape Festival tonight. Here are the links to listen

Interview with Ralphie on 97 BHT tonight 7:20PM EST (this is the same as the 92 Pro FM one I tweeted about earlier).
Click here to listen live!

Interview with Maxwell on Q102 tonight at 8PM EST.
Click here to listen live!

Jordan Knight to tour Canada this October

Jordan will be performing some shows in Canada this October! Here is what he has said on Twitter.
Canada...October is our month!!
JK: Live and Unfinished.... Is NOT finished until it sweeps across Canada!!
Live and Unfinished will NOT be finished in Toronto! Or Montreal... It will keep moving West until it hits the Pacific ocean!
Sadly... These will be the last JK: Live and Unfinished shows in N. America... EVER!! So make sure I see you there!!

Watch part 2 of Joey McIntyre's interview with Perez Hilton

Joey talks about the NKOTB cruises and more in part 2 of his interview with Perez Hilton...

Here is the transcript:

Perez: So after the [Mix Tape] Festival are the boys taking a break? Is NKOTB going on a cruise?
Joey McIntyre: That’s in May. You’ve got to check that out man. It’s not even – you’ve seen some of the buzz.
Perez: Do you spend the whole time on the cruise?
Joey McIntyre: Yes. It’s one big family! It’s hard to explain, but there is so much joy on the boat. People say ‘What do you hide? How do you get around?’ No, it’s like these fans have, you know, been with us for so long that it’s like [they’re our] family. And I’m at the point where yeah, if I need five minutes I’m going to take it. You know what I mean? But we give 150 percent because these are the greatest fans in the world, and it’s a blast. It’s a four day cruise and it’s nuts. I know [what it sounds like].
Perez: NO! I think it’s cool!
Joey McIntyre: At first we would joke about it. But that first time we got on the lido deck it was like Spring Break. It was just crazy, and it was ON for four days. You have to come one of these days. We’ll helicopter you in.
Perez: These females [on the cruise] are a little bit older. They still like to get wild?
Joey McIntyre: DUDE! First of all, they look great. They get ready for this cruise!
Perez: I’m not saying that they don’t look great! [I’m saying] they’re probably in their forties….
Joey McIntyre: Not all of them. Not all of them.
Perez: Late thirties…
Joey McIntyre: Yeah, but they have so much fun. It’s a getaway. It’s defiantly NOT a girls night out, it’s a girls weekend out. Where they just want to have a great time. We pull out all the stops, surprises, we have theme nights and singing.
Perez: You perform every night?
Joey McIntyre: Not every night. There is a group concert, but then I do a solo show, Jordan [Knight] does a solo show, Donnie [Wahlberg] does a special… you have to be there to really believe it show.
Perez: Like a Magic Mike type show??
Joey McIntyre: Close! Magic Mike plus Tom CruiseMagnolia, equals Donnies’ show on the cruise.
Perez: (impersonating Tom Cruise) Respect the cock!
Joey McIntyre: But very loving, and very nurturing and very sweet at the same time. I don’t know how he does it.
Perez: And you’ll do that again next year, most likely?
Joey McIntyre: Most likely, yes.
Perez: Is there a plan? Like, [do you say] ‘Okay, we have been reunited for a long time.’ Since 2008 was it?
Joey McIntyre: Yeah.
Perez: [You ask yourselves] Do we want to do it five years and then take a few years off? Is there a plan?
Joey McIntyre: Well, the plan is to have fun, number one. Cause if we don’t have fun, it’s gonna show up [on stage] and we want to make it fresh and exciting. In 2008, 2009 we came back on our own. We did some cool things in between that, and then [going on tour with] The Backsteet Boys is a whole other thing — it was great. Hopefully we can keep it fresh. We’re starting to actually make some more music because we’re happy with the record we made in 2008, so we’re getting back to the studio.
Perez: I have an idea for you guys.
Joey McIntyre: Yes
Perez: You should do like, a Sexy Jams album. Like, sex songs.
Joey McIntyre: Like, (singing) “Let me lick you up and down?”
Perez: YES!! Those fans would eat that up!
Joey McIntyre: You’re kind of… (gestures mind waves) you’re feeling it. You’re picking up on something.
Perez: It could be covers — and some original songs – but I just want… Pony, that Ginuwine song Pony! (Singing) “Ride it, my pony!”
Joey McIntyre: Exactly. Okay. If you see that you can claim the idea, but I just want to tell you that you’re just picking up the vibes.
Perez: Well that’s very exciting. You heard that here first. And if you’re the [Mix Tape] Festival get wasted and show your titties!
Joey McIntyre: (Laughing) You don’t have to do that!

The Boston Globe article about NKOTB book

The Boston Globe talked to author Nikki Van Noy about her upcoming NKOTB book. Here is the article about what inspired her to write the book.

A new New Kids book drops in October

A simple Monday morning tweet from Donnie Wahlberg started the campaign for Boston writer Nikki Van Noy’s new biography of New Kids on the Block. Allston resident Van Noy, 34, did the research for her book last year after being granted access to all of the local guys and their parents. She said she was inspired to write the book after publishing a similar title about the Dave Matthews Band and realized that the New Kids on the Block had a similar interactive relationship with their die-hard fans. Van Noy says she’s hasn’t always been an extreme New Kids fan, but she does appreciate them very much. They also make good interview subjects. “They have a blunt, Boston way about them.” Of course, Van Noy won’t pick a favorite New Kid. She likes Jordan Knight as much as Joey McIntrye and the rest. “My favorite was always the last one I had interviewed,” she said, laughing. “New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters” will be released by the Simon & Schuster imprint Touchstone on Oct. 2.

Listen to Jordan Knight's interview with B104

Jordan did an interview with B104 to talk about the Mixtape Festival. Listen to his interview below.

Update: interview has been deleted

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with Perez Hilton

Joey was interviewed by Perez Hilton. Here is part 1 of the interview!

Here's the transcript:
Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Joey McIntyre. You know, we're in a very exciting time right now. Boy bands are officially back!
Joey McIntyre: They are. It's nice.
Perez: Why do you think that is?
Joey McIntyre: Well, it's about right if you look over the history, like a timeline, like the stock market, they say you should invest because it's always going to go up. So, I don't know, every 10 years, and it's been about 10 years since *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and all those guys so…
Perez: Well, it's been more! They started in the middle of '96 to '97. It's been like 15 years! It's been a long time!
Joey McIntyre: (laughs) Maybe it's been longer than that, that's right.
Perez: Although, and I love The Wanted, and I like One Direction too. I do! Their music has beaten me over the head and I surrendered to What Makes You Beautiful, but they don't dance like New Kids or Backstreet or *NSYNC.
Joey McIntyre: I don't understand that. The girls don't seem to mind that though.
Perez: But then when you see them in concert, it gets a little bit boring because they don't dance.
Joey McIntyre: Coming from the school of Boston and we looked up to New Edition and the line of Jackson 5 and The Temptations, that came along, it's almost like you're not a boy band unless you dance.
Perez: That's what I think.
Joey McIntyre: I'll talk to The Wanted. They're coming to the festival so I'll sit them down and I'll, "Come on guys."
Perez: Dancing makes for a great show. The Wanted are performing at a festival that you're headlining at, called Mixtape at Hershey.
Joey McIntyre: Hershey, Pennsylvania. You've ever been there?
Perez: No, but is it a theme park?
Joey McIntyre: (laughs) It's not like next to the merry-go-round. It's separate.
Perez: But, I think that would be more fun!
Joey McIntyre: You would love it. Hershey Park is where Hershey's chocolate was made and there's a museum and a ride, but there's also this huge amusement park–
Perez: I love roller coasters.
Joey McIntyre: It's so much fun. We've played a couple times before. It's a good central location for a lot of cities, in the northeast.
Perez: Everybody knows about the Mixtape festival. When is that coming up?
Joey McIntyre: That's this weekend.
Perez: This weekend! Are tickets sold out?
Joey McIntyre: It's an outside festival. We'll get you in there!
Perez: We'll get this set up tomorrow. It's this weekend. We're building excitement! We're hours away!
Joey McIntyre: We're the cherry on the top.
Perez: And The Wanted is performing? Who else is going to be there? Kelly Clarkson?
Joey McIntyre: Friday night.
Perez: Big pop festival! I love it! Pop is back too! The biggest sound of the year is Call Me Maybe.
Joey McIntyre: Yeah…That's in a class by itself, isn't it?
Perez: That's like a pure pop song though.
Joey McIntyre: From 1995
Perez: I love it because for the past few years it was a lot more dance-singing. But, also Kelly Clarkson with her song Stronger. That's another pure, down-the-middle pop song, which it hadn't been like that for a while.
Perez: Boy bands are coming back, but one thing that hasn't are girl groups. And I love girl groups. The last one was the Pussycat Dolls and there really hasn't been a successful girl group since then.
Joey McIntyre: It's time. You must have–
Perez: I want to put together a girl group, but a different kind of girl group. I want to oput together a girl group - I want them to dance and I want them to feel very multi-cultural so they should be all different ethnicities and I want a fierce fat black girl. That's not been done before!
Joey McIntyre: I think we can do that! I think we can work that.
Perez: Email me! If you want to be in a girl group, but I want them to be young, 18-19.
Joey McIntyre: Wow. Well, you gotta have some longevity…you want that really innocent, before they just get drained out, you know–
Perez: Well, I don't want bad girls. I want good girls.
Joey McIntyre: Really??
Perez: Noo! Like The Spice Girls!
Joey McIntyre: Alright. You want good girls and you want to watch them do bad– (laughs)
Perez: Like Britney. I guess. Do you think Britney will do well on X Factor?
Joey McIntyre: Ummm…
Perez: (laughs)
Joey McIntyre: I mean, you can never count Britney out. The more people say she's this, she's that, she keeps coming back with great music and she does her thing. Now, she's not the most talkative, she's not known for her sound bites, but Paula Abdul, you know, but that's what kept it exciting.
Perez: Is acting regularly something more along the lines of what you'd like to be doing?
Joey McIntyre: Absolutely. I just finished– Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids–
Perez: Yeah, yeah, funny, funny lady.
Joey McIntyre: –and Sandra Bullock are doing a–
Perez: A film? You're in it?
Joey McIntyre: — I am in it. I play one of Melissa's crazy Irish, Boston Irish, brothers.
Perez: Ooh, I'm excited about that!
Joey McIntyre: Yeah, it was a blast. And Paul Feig is the director, from Bridesmaids.
Perez: Oooh! This is going to be a big hit I think!
Joey McIntyre: I think so! But you know, knock on wood!
Perez: Everybody loves Sandra Bullock! Everyone loves Melissa McCarthy! Everyone loves Joey McIntyre!
Joey McIntyre: Exactly…

Listen to Jordan Knight on Kiss 99.3FM

Jordan was interviewed on Kiss 99.3FM in Hershey and he was asked about his son becoming a teenager soon, what he thought of the movie "Ted" with Mark Wahlberg, what type of phone he prefers and more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NKOTB News for August 14

Here is the completed video for Donnie's birthday put together by DW's Bday Project/MissTattoo

On Location Vacations posted some new photos of Donnie and other members of the Blue Bloods cast while they were at Astoria Park in Queens, NY...

Here is another great video of Donnie and Jennifer filming a scene from MiyaPark on the set of Blue Bloods:

Publisher's Weekly did a review of the book "New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters". Click here to read the review. Also, Nikki says she's giving away some advanced copies with a mini-scavenger hunt at Mixtape Festival. She will be tweeting some clues out later.

Jordan will be making an appearance on "Sugar Stars" which is on the Canadian version of the Food Network. According to their Twitter page, the cast makes a sweet table for Jordan. His episode airs August 27 at 10PM EST.

Singer/actress Rachel Crow recently met Jordan and she shared her photo with him on her Twitter page.

In case you missed it, tickets to the NKOTBSB softball game on August 19 are now available. Check out this post for more details.

Here are a couple news articles about Mixtape Festival:

Get tickets to the NKOTB and BSB softball game

Tickets are now available for the NKOTB softball event on Sunday at Metro Bank Park.

More info:
Rock 'n Jock Softball
Back Street Boys/New Kids on the Block
Location: Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club
1 Championship Way, City Island, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Gates @ 9AM. Game at 10:15 AM.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

NKOTB Fans Make 'Remember Betty' No. 1 Komen Team

Remember Betty is now the number 1 Komen Team! Here is an article from Hispanic Business:

New Kids on the Block Fans Make 'Remember Betty' No. 1 Komen Team

There is something to be said about the power of fans.

New Kids on the Block fans have done something very special to honor one of the members' mother.

Danny Wood lost his mother, Betty, to breast cancer in September 1999, and ever since the New Kids got back together in 2008, he took actions to keep his mother's memory alive.

Wood began a partnership with the Susan G. Komen For the Cure around 2008. He asked fellow New Kids if they could sell a special breast cancer tank top at concerts to raise funds. He got the OK, and sales alone reached than $200,000. He also raffled off his Harley Davidson to raise even more funds for breast cancer research.

Wood also set up "Remember Betty" campaign, which has turned into something the singer could never have imagined. Fans worldwide have created Remember Betty teams since about 2009, following Wood's avid dedication to finding a cure for the disease.

He then turned to one particular fan, Abbie Vicknair, to help him lead and organize teams via social media outlets.

"It's hard to say no to a New Kid, especially one you've loved for over 20 years, but it's absolutely impossible to say no to a son who misses his mother as much as Danny misses Betty," Vicknair said. "We started working together in February 2011 and the new website launched in April 2011, with the Twitter account launching shortly after that."

Because of the heavy participation of the New Kids fans nationally, Komen officials announced that Remember Betty was going to be a national team.

"It blew me away," Vicknair said. "To see Betty's name listed along major corporations, ones that are household names, brought a sense of validation to all the hard work that Danny and the fans have done.

"It's difficult, because we're not always taken seriously as a community," Vicknair continued, "but gaining national team status is something that shows everyone that we're serious about our role in the fight against breast cancer."

To date, the Remember Betty team has raised more than $846,000 for the fight against breast cancer.

Thanks to Wood's hardwork and New Kids fans around the world, it was announced this week that Remember Betty is the No. 1 Komen National Team.

"I miss my mother everyday but what we have accomplished together is truly amazing!" Wood tweeted on Aug. 9. "I love you mom! I hope you are proud of me and all the BH's helping fight breast cancer."

If you are interested in joining a Remember Betty team, visit any of the team's social media sites:

Twitter: Remember Betty

Remember Betty Facebook

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NKOTB News for August 8

Blue Bloods filmed at a park in New York city recently and here is another nice behind the scenes video of Donnie on the set from MiyaPark.

WireImage has some photos of Donnie and Jennifer Esposito on the set of Blue Bloods. View the rest of them here!

Corbin Bleu will be in an upcoming episode of Blue Bloods. He will portray a cop who accidentally shoots and kills an innocent man, resulting in major emotional distress. (Source: TV Fanatic)

The Hingham Patch reports that Wahlburgers is giving their Facebook fans the opportunity to create their Burger of the Month.

And speaking of Wahlburgers, Steve Carell likes their food so much he would choose it as his last meal on Earth!  (Source: BON APPÉTIT)

According to a Tweet by Remember Betty, they are only $158 away from being the number one National Team for Komen! Check out their website to find a race to participate in.

The Backstreet Boys are also giving away a pair of Side A VIP tickets to the Mixtape Festival.  They said to follow them on Twitter and they'll announce how to win tomorrow.

Have questions about Mixtape? There is some updated info on these resources:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Win Side A VIP Tickets to Mixtape Festival

NKOTB is holding a Twitter contest to win VIP tickets to the Mixtape Festival. Here is how to enter:

  • Step 1 - Tweet #NKOTBmixtape with the lyrics of a @NKOTB song.
  • Step 2 - RT and favorite this tweet. #NKOTBmixtape
  • Step 3 - Follow @MixtapeFestival and @NKOTB. #NKOTBmixtape
  • Step 4 - Make sure you can get to @MixtapeFestival.  No transportation is provided.
  • Step 5 - You can't win if you already have VIP tickets - but play along anyway, alright!? #NKOTBmixtape

That's it!  They will pick a winner tomorrow

Mixtape Festival Itinerary

The Mixtape Itinerary has arrived! Here is the schedule:

Friday, August 17th

1:30pm: VIP CHECK IN
3:30pm: GA DOORS
5:20pm-5:35pm: AARON CARTER (South Stage)
5:35pm-6:00pm: DJ CHEAPSHOT (North Stage)
6:00pm-6:30pm: STEEL PANTHER (South Stage)
6:30pm-7:00pm: CAROLINA LIAR (North Stage)
7:00pm-7:30pm: DJ PAULY D (South Stage)
7:30pm-8:45pm: THE FRAY (North Stage)
8:45pm-10:00pm: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK (South Stage)
10:00pm-11:15pm: KELLY CLARKSON (North Stage)

Saturday, August 18th

1:00pm-3:00pm: MEET and GREET w/ NKOTB @ VIP TENT
3:30pm: GA DOORS
5:00pm-5:30pm: THE DAN BAND (North Stage)
5:30p-5:55p: THE READY SET (South Stage)
5:55pm-6:40pm: THE WANTED (North Stage)
6:40p-7:15p: CARLY RAE JEPSEN (South Stage)
7:15pm-8:15pm: LL COOL J (North Stage)
8:15p-9:00p: 98 DEGREES (South Stage)
9:00pm-11:00pm: NKOTBSB (North Stage)

Sunday, August 19th

Batter up SIDE A and SIDE B ticket holders!  The battle for MixTape softball supremacy is ON!  Get ready for our Rock n' Jock Softball with NKOTB and Friends!  Root root root for your home team!  Now batting......

Location: Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club
1 Championship Way, City Island, Harrisburg, PA 17101

9:00am: VIP CHECK IN
10:00am - 12:00pm: GAME TIME

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NKOTB News for August 5

NKOTB tweeted they are giving away a pair of Side A VIP tickets to Mixtape Festival and the details will be announced tomorrow. They said to make sure you follow @MixTapeFestival on Twitter

Here are some more videos from the Blue Bloods set:

Video courtesy of MiyaPark

You can't really see Donnie until the third video, but here is some behind the scenes clips.

Videos courtesy of Ben7seven7

According to OLV, Blue Bloods is filming around Worth and Mulberry St (around courts) in NYC and around Vesey St and Noth End Ave in NYC tomorrow.

Jonathan shared this photo of him and a chicken on Twitter today:

And just for fun, vote for NKOTB on Parade's All-Time Favorite Boy Band Poll.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

NKOTB News for August 2

If you got tickets for Mixtape Festival, the VIP tickets have been sent out and GA tickets will be sent out next week. VIP itineraries for Mixtape Festival will be coming shortly according to their Twitter page. Be sure to check out their FAQ's and this blog post by Yikes77, especially if you bought a VIP ticket from another person.

Joey is back in the studio with Gabe Lopez and Brent Paschke.  They are working on "some cool new NKOTB songs". Here is a photo of Joey working hard in the studio that Gabe shared yesterday.

Star Feine has posted a few photos of Donnie on the Blue Bloods set. 

In other Blue Bloods news, Entertainment Weekly reports that Peter Hermann has been cast as Bridget Moynahan’s character's ex-husband in the third episode of Blue Bloods airing this fall.

Update on Boston Blue

The Boston Herald published an update about Donnie's project "Boston Blue":
But headed to the Hub soon is “Boston Blue,” the eight-episode unscripted TNT series produced by Dorchester homey — and “Blue Bloods” star — Donnie Wahlberg. 
Word is, a production office will open any day now to service the day-to-detail details of the docu-drama that follows the men and women of the Boston police’s gang unit. The production will take at least three months, we’re told.